MLM Recruiting- What is YOUR MLM Recruiting Plan?

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In your MLM Recruiting Plan…

Do you have a recrruiting plan for your MLM business?

Do you have ANY kind of Plan for your recruiting for your home business?

What would BE a good plan when recruiting in network marketing?

Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine, suggests to approach  recruiting like dating.

He stated that you need to figure out what your ideal match or business partner would be like, what exact qualities do you want in your new business partner and seek out  prospects with those attributes.

Secondly Darren suggest to list in your  MLM Recruiting plan the key initiatives your new prospect will  have to  accomplish when they join your team and know this before you go out and look for them.

Next, and I Love this suggestion…..write down in a  detailed job description what kind of person would be best in your organization.  This is a great exercise because  it will get you really clear about what specifically you need and what success in your business looks like.  It will give you a roadmap for what needs to be done once they join your MLM business .  He goes on to say to write a Mission Statement and what it is going to take to
achieve thisMission.

Some of the advantages about creating An MLM Recruiting Plan

…are  that it will help you clearly identify who you are looking for. If you don’t know who you are looking  for you will not know it when you run into them.  It is more efficient to find someone who already has the key attributes you are looking for then to try to train someone to learn these qualities.

Another great idea for your MLM  Recruiting Plan

…is to list all the attributes, attitudes and mindsets one needs to work to be successful in your business.

Know that you are looking for, a sharp individual who is  a friendly outgoing person and who has the desire to  help others achieve success, then you can ask other people if they know anyone who has these qualities and that you would appreciate if you can send them your way.  This will enable you to  get free referrals to recruit into your business.

Here are some suggestions for  attributes you can seek in individuals for your MLM Business


Self start

Professionally polished

Love to be of service to others

A leader

Someone who is a good presenter or public speaker

When you talk to these referral,  you can start out the conversation by saying –  “I was told that you are a self starter, very sharp and assertive individual who is always looking to make more money or what every attributes you are seeking and start your conversation from there.”

People would love to share how they have these great characteristic and it opens the door to find out if they have a need or desire for change in their lives and to be a part of your business.
Some people do suggest using use the “FORM Technique” to really get to know this person and uncover what their needs and desires are.

Having  an MLM Recruiting Plan in place as another tools for find success in this

Well as always I hope that this helps and I look forward to getting to know more about you in the future. Please share your thoughts on this idea below and if you think this
will be helpful for other  please pass it on to your mlm network marketing home business professionals.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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