MLM Training- How to Answer “What are You Selling” and “What Is It?”

mlm home business

mlm home business

MLM “What Are You Selling” Question.

Do you ever get the question of “what is It” when you are talking to someone about your home based business?

Are you taken back when they ask “What are you selling” when working your network marketing business?

Do you ever hesitate when asked questions that you do not know how to answer effectively?

There are only two types of groups:  People who effectively answer the questions they get, and people who do not.

Which group do you want to be in?

That is the reason I wanted to address these questions. Someone emailed me recently and asked how do you answer these questions without sounding like an amateur, and i wanted to give you my opinion as I have gotten them myself thousands of times.

There is NO “magic answer” but I believe that you can answer these 2 questions powerfully if you know how. I struggled with these myself when I first got in and and I can tell you it was very uncomfortable for me not knowing what to say.

Do how do you answer these 2 questions?

Suggested Responses to the question “What Is It?”

 “That is a great question!  It would take me about ten minutes to tell you about it.  All I can tell you is that it’s a business that has changed my life. I would like for you to listen to a brief conference call/CD/DVD / watch an online video/ featuring one of our top people who is crushing it in our company. She’s an expert and says it better than I ever could! (Give them the online video url, website, CD, DVD, landing page infor, etc)


 “You know, that is a great question… but I would rather you see it through your own eyes than mine.  That is what I am looking for… an honest, unbiased opinion.  We’ll talk after the conference call, Luncheon, appointment, etc). Is that fair?”


 “It is the most amazing thing- It is a product that <  benefits >   that I can actually market out of my home. Have you ever run across a company called < name of your company >


 “I’ll let you decide that… here… listen to/look at this CD/DVD.”

Suggested Response to “What are you selling?”

 “I actually am not looking to sell you anything, as this may not be for you.  I only would like to get your input on something in the < industry >  that I think is amazing and has helped me and many other people.  You will definitely learn something and you might know someone who could benefit from something like this as truly the products are amazing.”

These are ways that you can answer these questions and move ahead in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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