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MLM Mobile Recruiting and Marketing- Thursday Night Oct 27th LIVE!



mobile mlm recruiting

mobile mlm recruiting


Have you heard about the Mobile Marketing frenzy getting ready to hit?

Are YOU planning on being a part of that wave?

Did you miss the Internet Marketing and Social Marketing wave?
Do NOT miss the NEXT WAVE:

Mobile Recruiting with MLM Marketing!

We are doing a webinar Thursday October 27th, starting at 8 pm EST called Mobile Recruiting University.”

It will teach you ALL you need to know to start taking your recruiting and list building MOBILE. if you own an MLM home business you do NOT want to miss this.

It will teach you:

  1. MLM List building over your mobile devices.
  2. QR Codes and how to recruit with them.
  3. “Tap to Call” texts.
  4. SMS texting to recruit.
  5. Mobile business cards and how to use them.

Plus Much MORE!

Go to:

This is a GAME CHANGER and there will be some powerful surprises as well!

To register:  Mobile ME!

blessings….doug firebaugh

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11 MLM Recruiting Tips- MLM Recruiting Secrets No One Will Tell You

mlm recruiting tips

mlm recruiting tips for home business

11 MLM Recruiting Tips.

 Have you ever wondered what the REAL mlm recruiting tips are that REALLY work when you are with someone?

Are you willing to keep your mind open and GROW a little here?

These 11 recruiting tips are GOLD as they Will tell you what you will NOT learn elsewhere, and yes, online recruiting is great. But Offline recruiting is getting to be HOT again, so here are some tips that I KNOW will help dramatically improve your online and offline recruiting in your network marketing home business.

1) “When with a prospect, when meeting with them locally, keep your body language open.”

I have found that many times, we have a tendency to cross our arms, as well as our hands, or even cross our legs, because we are nervous and often come across as guarded. Folks, it sends a totally wrong silent message to the prospect that is sitting in front of you.. It makes the prospect more guarded and often more nervous.Whatever you do, keep your limbs open and a smile on your face, and tell the prospect silently but powerfully that you are glad they are there.

2) “When you are talking to a prospect on the phone, simply match their pace of talking. This will do wonders makng the prospect more comfortable.”

If you have put someone in the funnel online, and then get them on the phone, when someone is a slow talker, slow down your talking a bit. But on the other hand, if they are a more rapidfire talker, speed yours up a little bit. This is what is called  “mirroring” the prospect, and draws them towards you quickly and quietly. Psychologically, matching their pace of speech feels ten times more comfortable to the prospect in your MLM recruiting efforts.

3) “When you call the people on your warm market list, have only one name in front of you at a time. It will  intimidate you a whole lot less, as well as it can totally focus you on your recruiting efforts.”

Here is a tip: When you are calling someone, keep the name of the prospect you are calling written down on a card. And have that card – and NOTHING ELSE – sitting in front of you. And as you talk with them then take notes of what they are saying, so you can remember. If you are making a call, and see only one name to call in front of you, you will not get overwhelmed with a long list of  numbers sitting in front of you. Plus you will be solely and totally focused on the mlm prospect. You can also use your computer as well to do this. It is a great way to keep on track and improve your recall of the talk.

4) “If you are doing a public meeting, look directly into the eyes of who you are talking and is sitting in front of you. Don’t look past them and talk over their heads. Keep your presentation personal and warm.”

When doing a public presentation, many times we have a tendency to focus more on the presentation, than the prospect. You can keep the prospect “with you” by one little secret: Look in their eyes when you are talking, no matter how large the group is. And then move on to the next person in front of you and talk to them, looking into their eyes as well. Touch everyone you can with your eyes if at all possible.

Here is a Million Dollar Secret: Hold a conversation WITH the crowd, don’t just do a presentation. TO the crowd.

5) “When doing any type of a  public meeting, start using the prospect’s/guest’s name. You need to introduce yourself to the prospects before the meeting begins, or have them wear name tags and call their name out during the presentation.”

Nothing in the world keeps the audience more focused than calling out their names in a Network Marketing recruiting presentation. The prospects  will all take notice and sit up and be especially attentive, as they realize that ….you may call on them! This even works ONLINE as you read the name of the attendees. This little tip keeps the crowd focused, and more importantly–listening- for THEIR OWN name to be called out and recognized in front of the whole crowd.

6) “No matter what- NO EXCEPTIONS: NEVER carry your own issues and life problems into a recruiting event -online or offline. You are NOT there for YOU–but there to provide a SOLUTION for THE PROSPECT’S problems.”

You may not be aware you are doing this–but any kind of Negatives  -spoken or unspoken from you -will quickly and absolutely shut down a prospect. Many home business professionals do it. Here is a secret: Stay UP, Stay Totally Optimistic, and always answer about how things are in your life: GREAT! Remember: The prospect has his/her own life challenges, and has come there looking for powerful life changing solutions, not more problems. Hello.

7) “When you are making a phone call or doing a presentation of any kind–Always be polite and tell them why you are there, or why you are calling.”

“Here is what I said for years- and I made over 100,000 phone calls: The reason I am calling…” It is a very powerful, professional and super clarifying phrase. Another great phrase is: “The reason I brought this up…” It  is a great statement to transition someone into more of a recruiting focused conversation. “The reason I wanted to share this with you is I have run across something that truly is amazing” is one of the greatest ways to come totally from a place of help and service.

8) “Even if the prospect wants the call or conversation to go longer, never ever let any telephone call go past 15 minutes….no exceptions and no matter what.”

Understand the psychology behind this rule. If the call or conversation goes longer than 15 minutes, you are quietly sending the signal that it takes a lot of time and a lot of words to do this business. You MUST show respect for their time, and make yourself as well a lot more productive when recruiting. Set another time to call them back if they show an interest. And here is another secret: No matter what–Don’t come across as you are NEEDY and you just happen to have a lot of time on your hands. Come across as VERY BUSY, VERY ENGAGED, and you have other calls to more people to make.

9) “Whem you are meeting someone- online or offline –never let an appointment or presentation go past 45 minutes….no matter what- NO EXCEPTIONS.”

If an appointment or presentation goes past 45 minutes,, you are saying to the prospect that it takes a TON of time and EFFORT to succeeed in thus  business. I personally never had an appointment EVER go past 30 minutes and rarely 20. I made them value MY TIME as well as theirs. Even if they wanted to enroll right them and there, I always asked for more time with the prospect. “I would love to fill out the paper work and get you enrolled…but I am going to have to take a few more minutes to get that dine…is that ok?” If you show that you value their time, they will totally value your presentation.

10) “If you are online or offline doing a presentation, make sure you understand This ONE THING: They are looking to find out how your business is going to bring VALUE to their life and family. It is ALL STARTS WITH VALUE.”

I have a question for you: If you were shopping for a new pair of shoes, would you ever buy a pair of shoes if you saw no value in them? Of course not as it would be a waste of money. NOTE: The home business prospect will not take action either without seeing VALUE in your offer. Put VALUE Front and Center: “How this brings a lot of Value to you is…” “What this truly means to you and your family is….” “How this business will improve your life and income  is…” “The Value to your family’ future and lifestyle would be…” Use what we call “Value Building Phrases” in every presentation and conversation- online of offline.

11) “The Rule of BWPA: Be Where People Are. You MUST network where people are, NOT where you happen to  feel more comfortable going.”

Million Dollar Tip for working offline: There are more number of  prospects in one offline Networking meeting at the Chamber of Commerce meeting then 25 movies you will ever take the time to go see. You MUST take the time to fish where the whales are, not where the minnows swims and plays. It is just common sense: recruiting smaller minnows is easier and they can make great wholesale customers. But lets get REAL:  Big Enormous  Whales don’t get tossed and lost with every daily change of the tide.

BONUS TIP:   “If you are looking to build a business and team FAST–don’t just recruit your prospects. That is how most lose their people. DO THIS: Powerfully Connect their heart to the Amazing Possibilities of your business…. and then sit back and  let them recruit themselves. Paint a Picture in their mind of where you are going to take them”

Million Dollar Recruiting Secret: All recruiting is and ever will be, is connecting the prospects focus and  heart to the Hope and Possibility that they CAN live and enjoy the lifestyle they have always dreamed of for them and their family. Your job is to help them create  it with your Network Marketing products and company. It is that simple.

These are 11 MLM Recruiting Tips that I believe will help you in your MLM Home business team building efforts.

LinkedIn Recruiting- 2 professionals a DAY? HOW?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Mobile Recruiting: Recruit 5 people a Day from your Phone. HOW?

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Network Marketing Training- 5 MORE Google Panda MLM Fixes Part 2

mlm panda upates

mlm network marketing panda updates

Has Google Panda Updates hurt your MLM Network Marketing website rankings?

Has it hurt your search results for your home business?

I did a post on Google Panda updates this past week and how they have impacted all the MLM Network Marketing websites around the profession. There were 5 things that I suggested after much research that would help in your “panda recovery” of the logarithm adjustments. There are many reasons to feature Weather API to your website, Our API of always provides enough performance, no matter how many requests you submit. 124,000,000 search queries for “Weather” are processed monthly , and sometimes it relates to your business. How are you able to add it? the way to find the one which will suit your desired area? Is there a free tool online to create it? The answer for all this questions is Google’s Weather API. Google has an API that processed information about Weather temperatures and conditions for five days, the recent and 4 days forward. Like all others API that Google developed, it’s free. You can try for the best google search API.

I have still been researching it, as our site on certain keywords got hammered. Here are 5 more Google panda “fixes” or website corrections you may want to consider if you have been hurt in any way by this. Over 15% of ALL searches have been impacted by this August “tweak.” and that is HUGE in search.

Why did Google do it?

To get rid of “Fluff” content and scraper sites. But I must admit it appears to have not worked that well judging from the front page results I am now seeing that sites that little or no content and all they are doing is selling something- are ranking. The ranktrackify is an all-inclusive tool that lets you track your organic search engine rankings and get ahead in SEO. With the tool, you can monitor your keywords’ performance over time, get useful notifications of any ranking changes, and generate visual overviews as your website moves up or down the search engine results.

Go figure-LOL.

Here are 5 MORE Google Panda updates to get your Network Marketing website or blog back in the running on the front page of Google for your search terms:

1. NO scraped, spun, or unoriginal content.

Google has really clamped down on this. They have in their logarithms now a way that they can see if articles and posts are “spun.” Many marketers have been doing this for years diluting the integrity of many article directory sites as well as blog directories. I have always thought it to be somewhat questionable as it tries and manipulates the SE results.

Google slapped it down and is now going after the ‘spinners’ and we will see who wins.

2. Always link out to other posts as well as an authority site EVERY post.

Google likes to see you spread the love.And liking out to authority sites is one way of doing it. In your post or article, link out to sites that carry some weight in your profession and do it at least once every post. This will show Google you have done your homework and you are making sure that folks know you are going to prove a point by linking to other content that is related to your post.

3. Make sure that your links are high in the article and you use ANCHOR TEXT on your links.

This alone is something that could play heavily in the search engine results of your blog or website. I would suggest you link out in the first or second paragraph. This will allow people to start seeing that your content is researched and focused on quality answers and information.

And make sure that in your posts, that you use ANCHOR TEXT– “skincare tips” for example that will say what the article is about. Do NOT use the url of the site. Hyperlink it and then you will be more in line with what will work for Google.

4. No Keyword stuffing in your Title, or Article.

This is a HUGE NO NO now. You must use keywords but do not OVERUSE them. It will hurt your ranking and search results. This is something that really has been made important in the panda updates and August tweak.

I would suggest that you have about a 3-5 % keyword density. And BOLD the keywords to let the reader know what your article is about. This helps the reader have a more powerful experience with your post and article.

5. No Ads or Banners above the fold on your article or post.

If you run banner ads and links in your article or post- make sure they are BELOW the fold of the article. Google really has an issue with banner ads and link ads being first in your article. That is just the way it is!

These are 5 Google Panda Update “fixes’ that will help you repair and recover from the updates. Also LINKS still Rule. Do not forget that as you write your posts and articles for your network marketing home business blog or website.

Recruit 2 profesionals a day on LinkedIn? How?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Recruiting Tips- The Art of Seductive MLM Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recuiting



Have you ever seen one of those movies that the female actor gives the male actor- or even vice versa- a “come hither” look?

Have you ever rolled your eyes at someone trying the same thing in real life?

In your home business, before you freak out, I am going to show you how, when I actually researched it, found that network marketing recruiting actually is much like a seductive process- without the seducing.

We must take a look a the word “seductive.” You will see how it applies powerfully to your mlm recruiting efforts.

The word “seductive” actually has a root greek word meaning “irresistable,” “compelling,” “captivating,” “magnetic,” and “igniting.”

ALL of these words are the power behind recruiting in mlm and home business.

But we rarely look at recruiting as saying something “irresistable” or “captivating.”


Prospects that you are talking to, are often LOOKING for SOLUTIONS for their life and finances. 

I call it “Solution Based Recruiting.”

And there is NOTHING more compelling as well as captivating then someone who can SOLVE A PROBLEM for someone who has that problem.

The difference between the average network marketing recruiter and the successful mlm recruiter is this:

The average are focued on solving their OWN problems with this recruit. The successful are TOTALLY focused on solving the PROSPECT’S problem- no matter what.

And THAT alone makes the successful recruiter MORE appealing, MORE captivating, and MORE irresistible. The power that you have when you recruit is awesome- just like the power of someone who is being seduced in the regular way. But one is to help SOLVE a problem– and the other often leads to CREATING a problem.

How can we then use this “power” that is so appealing with our online prospects and off line mlm prospects? with any home based business, you must understand that HELPING and SOLVING are 2 of the most important actions we can take. If you understand that those actions can be life changing for many people, you will become a recruiting machine.

Instead of a “come hither” look, you need to have a “I can help” presence in your voice as well as body language.

Seduction often is about body language. So goes it with recruiting as well. YOUR body language must say that you understand where they are in life and you want to take them to a larger more powerful place in life.

Seduction often is about your WORDS. And especially online where your words are you SUCCESS CURRENCY. If it is online mlm recruiting, or social media, or even Local Geo Search, words can be tools that you use to get the prospect to move towards you. Those words MUST be focused on what the prospect life and lifestyle GAINS from just knowing you.

What can you say online or offline that will be irresisable as well as compelling and captivating?

Here are 3 Powerful Suggestions:

1. “If there was one dream that you have not accomplished in life yet, what would it be? Would you mind it if helped you achieve that?”

2. “I understand. Financial pressure can be brutal. If you do not mind me asking, would it be ok if I helped you get out of this financial place you are in right now?”

3. “I have a question for you. How can I help you achieve this dream of yours if i was willing to help you? Are you open to some ideas?”

MLM recruiting and seduction as far as process, is much of the same but totally different in many ways. But if we can take the process and learn from it in a unique and powerful way then you will learn that mlm home based recruiting is a power that can change lives as well as your home business.

Take these suggestions, and make them yours. Practice them and perfect them. Then you will have started the finae art of Seduction in MLM Home Business recruiting.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- 0ver 50 secrets for recruiting!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

LinkedIn – Recruit 2 professionals a DAY? HOW?

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MLM Training Tips- A $26,712.00 Reason to Talk to Prospects About MLM

home business mlm money

mlm money for home business


Have you ever been looking for a GREAT reason to go out and talk to people about your home business?

Do you ever wonder about the REAL reasons WHY people need -and the power behind that need – of a home business?

I have been doing a lot of research lately, and have found some interesting facts that ONE stood out like a sore thumb.

I do research so that I can better understand trends as well as statistics that paint a picture of the profession that we are in- network marketing.

And a lot of these stats in research are quite boring and a lot simply not what pertains to our profession. But one statistic EXPLODES the reasons why people are needing more money today as well as a home business.

Many people have great reasons to be looking for an alternative income for their home as well as family. I know people that are hurting and laid off here in Michigan. It is s tough time for a lot of folks.

Bur what if I could give you a reason to start a home business that is worth a solid $26,000.00 NOW?

For sure?

Would that be something that would help you in your mlm home business efforts for your network marketing efforts?

Many people when they approach people about their home business seem to focus on what THEY can gain from it, not the prospect. That is a loser of an idea as it is the prospect that should be focused on, understood, and start where the prospect is in their life journey.

Let me give you a how to that I believe can open up a LOT of conversations with people looking for more in their business and life.

I was listening to the radio and ABC news came on, and they were talking about on the show that a little over 50% of the US workers today — makes only a little over $26,000.00 a year.

And the average US government worker makes over $100,000.00 a year! (click to read report)

I nearly drove off the road as I heard that. Ok, I thought, let’s see if that is really true as I believe little I hear in the media.

But WOW!

 It was true.

Sadly true.

The average worker today makes a little over $26,000.00 a year- but that is HUGE for our profession as with that knowledge, we can arm ourselves with this information and hold conversations about it.

Whether online, on social media, mobile conversations, or face to face this is something that has proven to get people’s attention:

“Let me ask you a question: did you hear recently that over half of the US population makes only $26,000.00 a year? And the average government worker makes over $100,000.00 a year? Do YOU work for the government? No? How would you like to get a government sized paycheck with your own business and tell that 26,000.00 that it is just not enough?”

This is HUGE as it truly can focus people on the REALITIES of what is happening today in the US as far as income.

And with the MLM profession you truly can make a difference in their life, as well as lifestyle by comparing their income with the reality of the US government, and then let them know that amount is possible with their own business.

Engage this tactic and see  what kind of response you get. I researched it. I tried it. And the response I received was MORE than positive.

And I know you will get the same response for your MLM home business as well..

How do You Recruit 2 Business Owners a week using LinkedIn? Click here.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training Secrets- Google Panda Updates Come Down to 5 Things…

mlm training panda updates

home business mlm training panda

Have you been hit in your MLM Home Business with the infamous Google Panda updates that hit in August 2011?

Has your traffic to your mlm blog or website been cut in half like may have?

I have been researching a LOT about these updates and how they have impacted the Home Business Profession online and I am stunned at some of what I have heard from people. One site which was on the front page of Google, all white hat stuff, followed all the rules, and did everything great- got hammered and is now on the second page. And there is NO reason that we can find for his site to be hammered like this.

And it is all over the internet about sites losing 80% of their traffic. You read that right. 80% overnight.

Ok…if this has happened to your MLM Blog, what should you do honestly?

First off, do not panic. There are still tweaks coming from Google, thank God- if they are positive. But yet there are some things that you can do RIGHT NOW after researching that may make a difference in your blog’s SERPs.

Here are 5 things that you need to do with your mlm home business website or blog:

1. Get Rid of any and ALL Duplicate Content.

This is a HUGE change as any duplicate content will make Google SLAP you and your site. This was one of the biggest changes, and without getting too technical, if something is less than 80% original, then you may get penalized from that content.

Write ORIGINAL. Do NOT use “warmed over” article and posts. Even if your SEO pro says to. You will get hammered by Google for it. Duplicate Content = a lower ranking. Period.

2. Make sure that you have a TON of Fresh, Original Content that will make your site more appealing to the user.

Content is STILL King, but NOW it is FRESH ORIGINAL CONSTANT Content. Google wants to see a stream of original content that never ends and is HIGH QUALITY. Otherwise, it helps the user find what they are looking for. Many times a person will visit a site and not stay. This tells Google that the content may not be what they were looking for.

Make sure that you have FRESH daily content on your home business mlm blog and website. if you do not, your ranking could suffer.

3. Write SOLUTION FOCUSED Content.

Solve a problem and then tell them how to avoid it again. This will go far as far as getting your content in line with the new Panda regs. People are looking for SOMETHING when they come to your site, and that depends on the keywords they are searching for.  Make sure that you content and articles/posts HELP THEM FIND a Solution or answer.

What are they searching for? You can use the Google Keyword tool or wordtracker, or But find out what people are seeking, and then give it to them.

4. Make sure that you have Quality Backlinks.

In SEO backlinks ?r? th? single m??t precious resource. That’s wh? website promoters spend m??t ?f th??r t?m? hunting f?r links. Searching f?r link sources b? h?nd ?? n? longer ?n option. Wh?th?r ??u want t? research ??ur ?wn link profile ?r scan th? links ?f ??ur competition ??u need t? u?? backlink checkers f?r th??. That’s wh? backlink checking apps ?r? ?m?ng th? m??t popular SEO tools.  If you’re looking to get professional help with incorporating SEO in your business pages, feel free to check out Rankwatch backlink checker tool ?? ?l?? a v?r? helpful w?? f?r ??u t? determine th? number ?nd quality ?f backlinks ??ur competitors ?r? achieving. Th?? ??n help ??u understand wh?t ??u need t? d? t? improve ??ur results ?nd better target ??ur backlink building activities. Th? rankwatch company provides ??u a complete lookout f?r a good Backlink checker tool t? b? able t? check backlinks ?f ??ur competitors.

5.  Make sure that you are SOCIAL FOCUSED and Social Friendly and Active.

Google wants social activity. They want to see your site on the social sites, being talked about, and engaged in the social media arena. You can do this by making sure that your posts are “liked” and “Plused” and “tweeted.” This is CRITICAL. If you have a lot of social activity and encourage that on your site, then you should be ok.

GO SOCIAL should be your new focus!  And after seeing all the carnage that the panda updates did, it is critical that you do this.

After many hours of research, talking to our tech as well as other SEO experts, these are the 5 Main Things that I believe will impact Home Business MLM business Search Engine Rankings in the future with Google as well as Bing and yahoo.

Alter what you will and then CHANGE what you must. You will be glad you did and I will continue to update what needs to be revealed that will impact the MLM Home business profession.

The Panda Update Wordtracker Survival Guide

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training Secrets- The ONE Online MLM Recruiting Secret No One Teaches

mlm training secrets mlm training

mlm training secrets mlm secrets training


Here is one of the MLM Training Secrets that I believe will help explode your mlm online recruiting.

Have you recruited online and looked for Leaders?

Have you spent a lot of time online prospecting and finding all the wrong people?

Are you maybe thinking that mlm online recruiting is a bunch of hooey?


I have an mlm online training secret for you that I believe will help you, and at the same time, I have not heard anyone else teach it on any training.

I believe that if you apply this little secret, you will find that your mlm online recruiting will do a whole lot better, your home business will enlarge, as well as your network marketing paycheck.

Many folks teach that you need to recruit the numbers and I agree. You need TRAFFIC to your articles, posts, as well as blog and website. But there is an mlm training secret that again, I have not heard taught and I believe it should be if you are going to recruit online mlm.

Let’s ask this question:

What do ALL Leaders have in common?

They are looking to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN in their business, and take people with them along the way.

Most Leaders today want to be VISIBLE and VALUABLE to their prospects as well as team I think you would agree. And recruiting Leaders is one of the greatest MLM training secrets.

Ok, then where will you find them?

You will find them on Article Directories, Social Media, Youtube, Slideshare, Blog Directories, as well as forums and social bookmarking sites.

Here is an MLM training secret:

1. Go to an article directory and type in the keyword of your niche and search it.

2. Look at all the most read articles as well as new ones and notice the author.

3. Go to their social page or profile on facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter and find out what city they are from.

4. Google the author’s name and email:  “Tom Smith: Dallas, Texas; email address”

5. Find the email address quickly and email them about helping them find more leads for their company  – (through MLSP) or if they are happy with their current company- or if they have ever thought of a secondary revenue source for all the No’s they have gotten.

This is something we have taught for years.

We call it “email ninja” and you literally can find almost any email address out on the web with google if you know the city and the name of the person. Our Private Clients have found thousands of people’s emails this way, and it works.

 You may have to search a little more if it is a larger city, but it works. You want their PERSONAL email if at all possible and if it is on the web, google will find it.

There are other powerful ways to do this, but that is for Private Clients.

This is just one of the many mlm online recruiting tips and MLM training secrets that we teach for your home business mlm.

FREE ebook with over 50 secrets to social media recruiting!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Mobile MLM Recruiting Training- Recruit 2 prospects a Day from your PHONE

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MLM Mobile Recruiting – ACCELERATION: The POWER of Mobile MLM Recruiting

mobile marketing mlm recruiting

mlm mobile recruiting marketing


Do you use a cell phone for your MLM business?

Do you CARRY a cell phone with you in your home business efforts?

Are you aware of Mobile Marketing and Mobile recruiting for your network marketing business?


Mobile MLM Recruiting is getting ready to elevate the profession of network marketing to a level and SPEED that many never thought possible. That is one of the greatest parts of Mobile MLM Recruiting :


This will speed up your ability to recruit as well as build a business that was not possible this way ever 5 years ago.

How would you like to be able to:

  • Recruit twice as many people in half the time?
  • Recruit prospects that rarely answer emails but yet answer your texts?
  • Prospect 24/7 with mobile people that are always on the go?
  • Speed up the recruiting process with the use of your mobile phone and little more?

ACCELERATION is the fruit of Mobile MLM Recruiting.

It is amazing how FAST you can recruit using the Mobile Recruiting strategies. These are all part of a Coming Success Storm in recruiting. Everyone uses their cell phones. And especially for checking in on social media sites, checking email, as well as returning texts.

Texting has overtaken email as far as preferred way of quick communication. How would you like to take the speed of texting and integrate that with your recruiting for your home based business?

YOU CAN and WILL with engaging Mobile MLM Recruiting.

MLM Mobile Recruiting increases the pace and speed of your ability to communicate with prospects. You can literally mass text a group of prospects at will and have them look at your text within 2 minutes. That is amazing and all you do is do what you have been doing for several years- sending out a text message.

The Power of MLM Recruiting Mobile is the Power for ACCELERATION in your Recruiting and results. I am not saying this will replace your online mlm recruiting, or your social media recruiting, or even your offline recruiting. But what I AM saying is that you can integrate the MLM Mobile Recruiting Model with what you are doing online and offline to increase the spped.

Tom Cruise in the movie “Danger Zone” said, “I have a NEED FOR SPEED.”

That is the Power of MLM Mobile Recruiting:


If you would like to learn MORE about MLM Mobile Recruiting, I would encourage you to take a look at:

Mobile Recruiting University webinar!

This webinar will be held on October 27th 2011 and will prove to be amazing training on Mobile Recruiting for MLM. It will blow your mind as the new secrets that will taught there for Accelerating your Results as well as Recruiting! 

If you have missed this webinar, there is a Replay as well available. Just check this link:

This will INCREASE, ACCELERATE, and SPEED UP your recruiting, results, success, and mobility in your mlm home business!

blessings…..doug firebaugh

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