MLM Recruiting- How To Recruit Anyone in 30 Seconds- Part 2

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MLM Recruiting 30 Seconds.

If there were some phrases that would hit someone up the head and GET their ATTENTION , would that help your mlm business recruiting?

How would you like to be able to PULL people towards you within seconds?

In our Private Coaching, we have been teaching what we call “2 x 4 Phrases” for quite sometime. These are phrases and questions that hit a person like an imaginary 2 x 4 upside the head and heart. Theses phrases and questions have been time tested and work whether online or offline, does not matter.

Many people today are busy, and have been approached many times before. You may be one of those folks. I am. I get hit up all the time for the “new next big thing” and I generally listen as i want to hear the “pitch.”

Sometimes it is good- other times….not so good.

A Meeting of the Minds.

That is why one day we were talking in a mastermind meeting, and came up with the reality that we needed something DIFFERENT that would truly get people’s attention.

We chatted about what I wrote about in the Part One of this series, and we started to cone up with some interesting thinking, but not where it needed to be.

Then someone suggested we put ourselves in the place of the prospect and what would get our attention. BAM!  The energy shifted and we came up with over 25 “2x4s” that really hit the heart and created massive attention.

The 2×4 Phrases that PULL People IN.

I want to give you three of them that truly work, and I believe will help you with your mlm recruiting as well as your home business prospecting.

These “2x4s” focus on PULLING people towards you, and keeping them engaged in the conversation whether online or offline. They follow the path of Magnetic Conversation and work like crazy!

It centers around 2 words:


1. “I help people to love the life they are living more…”

2. “I help people to achieve in their life what they never thought possible…”

3. “I am an Elevator. I help elevate people’s possibilities in life and then achieve them.”

These are focused on ONE THIMG:

VALUE to the prospect.

And if you are writing copy for a landing page, or for an ad, focus on the VOLUME of VALUEthat your words communicate in your home business.

The More Volume of Value, the more magnetic your words become in your network marketing home business.

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Mobile Recruiting- Recruit 2 people a day over your PHONE!

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MLM Recruiting- The 3 Foundational Elements that EXPLODES Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business
mlm recruiting network marketing


MLM Recruiting.

How would you like to talk to someone or send out a message and within 30 seconds your prospect would be wanting more information about your home based business?

Would that make a difference in your success in your network marketing?

Here I am, it is Saturday night and has been a busy day with seminars. And I am excited about the incredible power of “Power Blitz Recruiting.”

What in the world is that you may be thinking…

Mobile Recruiting.

I think you would agree that we live in a microwave fast paced world. Mobile Marketing is starting to become more and more focused on. We recently did a webinar called “Mobile Recruiting University which teaches you how to not only quicken the pace of your recruiting, but also your relationship building. And of course, sponsor people from your phone and mobile devices.

Many leaders in our great profession have NOT connected to, let alone embraced this concept which I believe will transform the very core of how network marketing is done within the next 3 years. And of course, those that are embracing it NOW will be so far ahead of the curve, you will be saying to the crowd trying to catch up:


And rightfully so.

 Our research has indicated that Mobile Recruiting will become the most dominant force within the next 5 years as far as building momentum. Many cannot see that as they say that it will always be a belly to belly business.

I agree.

But HOW you get to the belly to belly conversation will change dramatically. I believe that home business recruiting will change in many ways as far as the APPROACH to it, but not the foundation of it.

Speaking of foundation, do you know what the Three Foundational Elements are in MLM Recruiting?


These 3 elements will determine 99% of your mlm recruiting success. These 3 elements will influence ALL you do in this business, and will create a LOT of  momentum in your home business, or no momentum if you do not follow the Success Path that theses foundational elements offer.

Consider these Foundation Elements a “stepping stone path” that walks you through the actual path of network marketing recruiting. It could be considered a “roadway” or a “trail” that you follow to get to the end of the recruiting rainbow. And it does not matter if you are practicing MLM ONLINE RECRUITING…or offline.

This Success Path works on ANY form of recruiting.

MLM Network Marketing recruiting has always revolved- and always will revolve- around three things:




Let’s take a look at each one quickly…


You MUST get the attention of your prospect and you do that – online or offline- by doing what I call “Creating a Disturbance.”

No, I am NOT asking you to go out and get rowdy!

Creating a Disturbance is where you are disturbing the prospect with a question, comment, or idea that takes them OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE and into your Uncomfortable Zone.

You are creating an “Emotional Touch” with your communication to MOVE THEM some way on the inside.

For example- focus on a COMMON PROBLEM in what niche you are working in and bring it up- with a question, or some kind of a comment, or a third party story of someone struggling with it and ask them if they can relate to that. And then Disturb them some more with telling of other people’s pain and how you can relate to the pain as well. AMPLIFY the problem.

THIS will get a LOT of people’s ATTENTION.


By creating a problem, you are disturbing them and taking them to a place in their mind of some form of anxiety. But you then say, “I have helped a lot of people with that and I can help you…let me share an idea with you…”

By offering a Solution, you are PULLING them towards you as they are looking for RELIEF from the anxiety that you have introduced to them with on a squeeze page, video, audio, social post, tweet, or article, or any other form of communication.


A strong CALL TO ACTION is a MUST in your mlm recruiting efforts. The CTA will PULL the person to relieve that anxiety in their life and DIRECT them to what they need to do- NOW.

Here is one of the strongest but simplest CTAs that exists:

“Here is what you need to do…NOW.”

This will direct them to the place or relief and solution that they so much want to find.

How would THAT feel knowing that sponsoring someone is only THREE STEPS AWAY in your home based business?

If you use these Three Foundation Elements in your MLM Recruiting, you will find that your home business will explode in your network marketing recruiting efforts!

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Are YOU Making this HUGE MLM Recruiting Mistake?

MLM Recruiting- Are YOU Making this HUGE Recruiting Mistake?

mlm recruiting network marketing

mlm recruiting no thanks


How would you like to take your mlm recruiting and prospecting through the ROOF?

What would it mean to your business if you could TRIPLE your recruiting ratio- OVERNIGHT?

Yes, you read that right. You can take your recruiting in network marketing to the moon by one simple tweak in your efforts.

Many home business professionals today are making a mistake that is doing 5 things:

1. Stopping people from listening any further.

2. Making people upset and not willing to even entertain the possibility of working with you.

3. Forcing your home business prospect to make a decision based on emotion and not facts.

4. Creating an environment that encourages the word NO and not the word YES.

5. Making you look like a foolish amateur and then amplifying that result.

Not a pretty picture for your multi level marketing huh?

I have seen a lot of good people that have tried to recruit and just absolutely blow it because they were making this huge mistake. I made it and you probably are as well. I can tell you that I have made just about every mistake in the book and not proud of it.

But I hung in there and finally got it to work.

But this only happened after I made the decision to fix what was broken and stop making stupid mistakes as I had been. What does a million dollar mistake cost you?

A million dollars.

And it cost me more than that. And it may be costing you more then that as well. I figured out something that really rocked my world as well as rocked my business. I figured out that I needed to stop DOING something. And I did. Cold turkey. And you need to as well.

What was it that I stopped cold turkey?


You read that right.

I stopped mlm recruiting cold turkey. I refused to do it anymore as that had become a thorn in my side, as the Apostle Paul would say.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING you say! Nope. I quit recruiting and never looked back.

And my business EXPLODED.

Ok…why did I quit network marketing recruiting?


It was not working. And I changed it and it started working. Hello.

I quit recruiting….and started HELPING PEOPLE.

Read that again.

Helping people.

2 Powerful words that will change your recruiting overnight. If you focus on HELPING versus RECRUITING…

Your whole Presence changes in your mlm recruiting efforts and people will sense about you that you are that to HELP not TAKE.

Do you get THAT?

Help….NOT TAKE. And that is why when I started asking one question my whole recruiting efforts exploded. People can sense if you are there to GET SOMETHING vs. GIVE something. Make them feel RELAXED and at EASE by not coming across like you are trying to recruit them whether online or offline. This question can relax and set people at east INSTANTLY…

What is the ONE THING I can help you with that would help change your life?”

How simple. How profound. Here is another question:

“How can I help serve your dreams?”


“Can I help you achieve those dreams you have been talking about?”

These are POWER Phrases that are MAGNETIC and do not come across like you are there to recruit them- but HELP THEM do in their life what they have not been able to do.

How simple. How profound.

I would advise you to QUIT RECRUITING in mlm and start HELPING people to explode your mlm home business recruiting success.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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