MLM Training- 5 Master Secrets of Basic Online Recruiting

Online MLM Recruiting Basics.

Do you use the internet for lead generation for your mlm home based business?

Are you using any kind of lead generation software with your network marketing business?

Are you prospecting online at all for your mlm?

Cold Marketing prospecting online is an amazing tactic if done correctly. There are 5 Powerful Master Secrets for Basic Online Recruiting for your home business prospecting you need to know.

Online Cold Market Recruiting is a powerful way to find leads on the internet. Some call it “Attraction Marketing” or “PULL Marketing” or “Funnel Marketing.”

If you are NOT omfortable with online recruiting, I would suggest that you learn it before ou spend any money on ads. There are HUNDREDS of secrets for Cold Market nline Recruiting, but here are some powerful Secrets that will help you  understand how to recruit online in the Cold Market.

1. You MUST “Tip the Scales” in your message or Offer.

If  you are going to ask for someone to spend some money for something, your VALUE must tip the scales DRAMATICALLY. They must perceive that your offer is more VALUABLE then the Cost of your offer. You can Tip the Scales with a side by side comparison and how the Value is so much more than the cost. You cna do this with testimonials. You can do this with Endorsements. You can do this with “Extra Added Bonuses.” There are many ways- just do it.

2. Your List MUST know YOU and Up front and Personal.

When you are mailing out to your list, they need to KNOW YOU. Know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite music, what you read, they got to know you truly care about them, and going somewhere and want to take a LOT of people with you. Where do you go on vacation? what foods do you like? What is your favorite music? Let them INTO your personal side, and your results will explode.

3. Focus your Message on what people want CHANGED, IMPROVED, SOLVED or ENHANCED.

People do NOT want to learn how to become an expert classical guitarist. They want to learn a few songs to impress people, get approval, put a smile on their face, or to get their attention. They are looking for the RESULTS and RESPONSE from people. It is the same thing with online  recruiting. They do NOT want to become an online marketing guru rock star I am the world’s best teacher- they  want to know how to drive leads to a page so they can convert them into prospects.

Think BABY STEP first.

Keep the focus on WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR where they are. Show them how they can drive 20 leads a day to their landing page- not learn how the PPC engine works on Google Adsense or facebook. Keep it SIMPLE, FOCUSED and show them how they can get the RESULTS they want to start with- NOT the technicals.

4.   Find Out what People want to Purchase in your Niche, and then SELL IT to THEM.

Find out what people are searching regarding your niche. You can us these tools:


Search the keywords and find the ones that are highly searched, and also lightly searched as well- both work. We like to use keywords with as little as 5000 searches as most  of these keywords will have no competing ads and you may be the only one!

Once you have found the keywords that people are searching for in your niche, then write your emails and copy around those keywords as well as posts on your blogs. On social media, talk about your FREE report, Mastery Guide, ebook, video with Tips on what the keywords are focused on. Make sure that your copy on your landing page points to the keyword solution they are seeking.

GIVE the prospect what they are looking for- SOLUTION tips and ANSWERS through videos and other communication. THEN once you have them opting in for your free offer, then you are starting to build a list based on what they are seeking and truly interested in your niche and offer.

5.   If you cannot create a Landing page, then have someone create it for you- outsource it.
Here are three suggestions for you to research to get this done:

Give them the copy, and then you will be given a landing page that will match what you need to start recruiting online in the Cold Market for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Online Recruiting- 5 Little Known Rules You CANNOT Break

online mlm recruiting network marketing
mlm online recruiting home business


MLM Online Recruiting.

Are there Rules that you must adhere to if you are going to recruit for your mlm business online?

What would it be like to discover some things that would ACCELERATE your mlm online recruiting?

Would that make a difference in your home based business team building?

Of course it would.

There are “Rules” that we have found over the last 7 years that truly must be adhered to if you are going to sponsor prospects online. I was working recently with a New Private Client in Boston, and she was focused very much on recruiting online.

Nothing wrong with what.

But HOW she was engaging online mlm recruiting was way off base.

She was breaking all the rules of mlm online recruiting.

According to our research we have done, as well as hundreds of thousands of leads that have been generated, there are certain Rules that apply if you are going to recruit online successfully.

I know.

There is online softwares that can help you. There is PPC. There is PPV. There is facebook ads, Google ads, bing ads, yahoo ads, classified ads, banner ads, emails ads, and the list seems endless.

But it does not matter WHAT you do, as much as HOW you do it. To be blunt, all these companies WANT YOUR MONEY. Hello. That is what they are in business for. But what about YOUR RESULTS and what is best for the prospect?

That is why I wanted to pen this post and give you “The 5 Rules of MLM Online Recruiting” for Home Business.

Are YOU currently engaged in online recruiting? Does recruiting online seem to be something of interest to you?

If so, then these 5 Rules may help you better understand WHAT will accelerate your recruiting online for your network marketing business.

Here are the 5 Rules if MLM Recruiting Online”

1. The Rule of AUTOMATION.

If you are going to succeed in recruiting online, you are going to need some automated software that will PUSH your message out into the internet. It does not matter of you are recruiting on social media sites, or recruiting on the internet with ads. You MUST have some form of automation for lead capturing.

That is where a landing page telling your story or a video you send them to will help. This is standard in mlm online recruiting. If you automate the process of recruiting, you will find that your success will be much stronger. I recommend if you are not a geek, and want to put up lead capture pages,:

Nvu software.

It is a great software and easy ti install and easy to use. And FREE.


You MUST be Highly Visible if you are going to recruit online in a world where most people are invisible.

How do you do that?

Be on social sites, forums, and search engines if you are going to recruit online. It is that simple. And you do that by putting together a SUPPORT TEAM that Will work with you and help you get your message out. Ask your friends to send out an email to their base. Ask them if they would endorse your offer. Ask them if they would feature one of your posts on their facebook page and then ask their friends to help.

We did exactly that recently with a new Client 3 weeks ago and she got 21 new leads – in ONE DAY.

It works. And you also need to automate your visibility. use PING.FM to do that.. It will KEEP you out in the social media sphere so people can see your posts and comments.

3. The Rule of FREE and Capture.

On your Landing page, you MUST give something for FREE. It can be an audio or an ebook or a report. But FREE is what compels the prospect to give you their name nd email so you can contact them.

BUT- you must have a way to capture their name and email. You can use aweber software if you choose, a great choice for that if you are somewhat familiar with setting up an autoresponder.

One of my favorite free lead capture tools is Google Docs, (yes Google docs) as long as you do not mind it being branded by Google and you are not looking for anything other than capturing the lead details..  You just choose the “forms” option and Google docs will help create and build you a form, even embed script to add it to your website and a Spreadsheet to capture the data.  That is something that most people do not know Google will do. Try it. It is free.

4. The Rule of STAY CONNECTED.

This is where you must stay connected to the prospect and you do that with good information on the subject that they opted in for, and you send it to them a couple of times a week. You can do this through a FREE autoresponder service: (Yes, it is FRE)


This will help you keep VISIBLE and CONNECTED to your home business leads that you have captured and in the process of recruiting online.

5. The Rule of TRANSITION.

There comes a point that you must TRANSITION the lead to a Presentation online. It can be a webinar or a chat room, or an Evergreen Webinar using Mike Filsaime’s software. It can also be a “Recruiting Blitz webinar” that we have talked about before in these posts. But if you do not get them to a webinar, you will probably NOT see them in your business at least for a while. You will need a webinar platform to do your presentations…

Here is a FREE webinar service:

Prospects need questions answered and solutions to life. That is why your webinar should be SOLUTION FOCUSED so it PULLS the prospect into wanting to attend the webinar. Send the invite out via your autoresponder and then give them a FREE gift for attending. Again the gift could be a host of things- including a FREE sample of your product you can mail them or give them a deep discount off the price.

These are 5 Rules for MLM Online Recruiting. I hope that these will give you some tolls as well as some insight as far as how to succeed if you have never done it before in recruiting online for your mlm home business.

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