MLM Online Recruiting- 5 Little Known Rules You CANNOT Break

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MLM Online Recruiting.

Are there Rules that you must adhere to if you are going to recruit for your mlm business online?

What would it be like to discover some things that would ACCELERATE your mlm online recruiting?

Would that make a difference in your home based business team building?

Of course it would.

There are “Rules” that we have found over the last 7 years that truly must be adhered to if you are going to sponsor prospects online. I was working recently with a New Private Client in Boston, and she was focused very much on recruiting online.

Nothing wrong with what.

But HOW she was engaging online mlm recruiting was way off base.

She was breaking all the rules of mlm online recruiting.

According to our research we have done, as well as hundreds of thousands of leads that have been generated, there are certain Rules that apply if you are going to recruit online successfully.

I know.

There is online softwares that can help you. There is PPC. There is PPV. There is facebook ads, Google ads, bing ads, yahoo ads, classified ads, banner ads, emails ads, and the list seems endless.

But it does not matter WHAT you do, as much as HOW you do it. To be blunt, all these companies WANT YOUR MONEY. Hello. That is what they are in business for. But what about YOUR RESULTS and what is best for the prospect?

That is why I wanted to pen this post and give you “The 5 Rules of MLM Online Recruiting” for Home Business.

Are YOU currently engaged in online recruiting? Does recruiting online seem to be something of interest to you?

If so, then these 5 Rules may help you better understand WHAT will accelerate your recruiting online for your network marketing business.

Here are the 5 Rules if MLM Recruiting Online”

1. The Rule of AUTOMATION.

If you are going to succeed in recruiting online, you are going to need some automated software that will PUSH your message out into the internet. It does not matter of you are recruiting on social media sites, or recruiting on the internet with ads. You MUST have some form of automation for lead capturing.

That is where a landing page telling your story or a video you send them to will help. This is standard in mlm online recruiting. If you automate the process of recruiting, you will find that your success will be much stronger. I recommend if you are not a geek, and want to put up lead capture pages,:

Nvu software.

It is a great software and easy ti install and easy to use. And FREE.


You MUST be Highly Visible if you are going to recruit online in a world where most people are invisible.

How do you do that?

Be on social sites, forums, and search engines if you are going to recruit online. It is that simple. And you do that by putting together a SUPPORT TEAM that Will work with you and help you get your message out. Ask your friends to send out an email to their base. Ask them if they would endorse your offer. Ask them if they would feature one of your posts on their facebook page and then ask their friends to help.

We did exactly that recently with a new Client 3 weeks ago and she got 21 new leads – in ONE DAY.

It works. And you also need to automate your visibility. use PING.FM to do that.. It will KEEP you out in the social media sphere so people can see your posts and comments.

3. The Rule of FREE and Capture.

On your Landing page, you MUST give something for FREE. It can be an audio or an ebook or a report. But FREE is what compels the prospect to give you their name nd email so you can contact them.

BUT- you must have a way to capture their name and email. You can use aweber software if you choose, a great choice for that if you are somewhat familiar with setting up an autoresponder.

One of my favorite free lead capture tools is Google Docs, (yes Google docs) as long as you do not mind it being branded by Google and you are not looking for anything other than capturing the lead details..  You just choose the “forms” option and Google docs will help create and build you a form, even embed script to add it to your website and a Spreadsheet to capture the data.  That is something that most people do not know Google will do. Try it. It is free.

4. The Rule of STAY CONNECTED.

This is where you must stay connected to the prospect and you do that with good information on the subject that they opted in for, and you send it to them a couple of times a week. You can do this through a FREE autoresponder service: (Yes, it is FRE)


This will help you keep VISIBLE and CONNECTED to your home business leads that you have captured and in the process of recruiting online.

5. The Rule of TRANSITION.

There comes a point that you must TRANSITION the lead to a Presentation online. It can be a webinar or a chat room, or an Evergreen Webinar using Mike Filsaime’s software. It can also be a “Recruiting Blitz webinar” that we have talked about before in these posts. But if you do not get them to a webinar, you will probably NOT see them in your business at least for a while. You will need a webinar platform to do your presentations…

Here is a FREE webinar service:

Prospects need questions answered and solutions to life. That is why your webinar should be SOLUTION FOCUSED so it PULLS the prospect into wanting to attend the webinar. Send the invite out via your autoresponder and then give them a FREE gift for attending. Again the gift could be a host of things- including a FREE sample of your product you can mail them or give them a deep discount off the price.

These are 5 Rules for MLM Online Recruiting. I hope that these will give you some tolls as well as some insight as far as how to succeed if you have never done it before in recruiting online for your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

LinkedIn Recruiting- learn to recruit 2 professionals a day-READ THIS.

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MLM Recruiting- The 3 Foundational Elements that EXPLODES Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business
mlm recruiting network marketing


MLM Recruiting.

How would you like to talk to someone or send out a message and within 30 seconds your prospect would be wanting more information about your home based business?

Would that make a difference in your success in your network marketing?

Here I am, it is Saturday night and has been a busy day with seminars. And I am excited about the incredible power of “Power Blitz Recruiting.”

What in the world is that you may be thinking…

Mobile Recruiting.

I think you would agree that we live in a microwave fast paced world. Mobile Marketing is starting to become more and more focused on. We recently did a webinar called “Mobile Recruiting University which teaches you how to not only quicken the pace of your recruiting, but also your relationship building. And of course, sponsor people from your phone and mobile devices.

Many leaders in our great profession have NOT connected to, let alone embraced this concept which I believe will transform the very core of how network marketing is done within the next 3 years. And of course, those that are embracing it NOW will be so far ahead of the curve, you will be saying to the crowd trying to catch up:


And rightfully so.

 Our research has indicated that Mobile Recruiting will become the most dominant force within the next 5 years as far as building momentum. Many cannot see that as they say that it will always be a belly to belly business.

I agree.

But HOW you get to the belly to belly conversation will change dramatically. I believe that home business recruiting will change in many ways as far as the APPROACH to it, but not the foundation of it.

Speaking of foundation, do you know what the Three Foundational Elements are in MLM Recruiting?


These 3 elements will determine 99% of your mlm recruiting success. These 3 elements will influence ALL you do in this business, and will create a LOT of  momentum in your home business, or no momentum if you do not follow the Success Path that theses foundational elements offer.

Consider these Foundation Elements a “stepping stone path” that walks you through the actual path of network marketing recruiting. It could be considered a “roadway” or a “trail” that you follow to get to the end of the recruiting rainbow. And it does not matter if you are practicing MLM ONLINE RECRUITING…or offline.

This Success Path works on ANY form of recruiting.

MLM Network Marketing recruiting has always revolved- and always will revolve- around three things:




Let’s take a look at each one quickly…


You MUST get the attention of your prospect and you do that – online or offline- by doing what I call “Creating a Disturbance.”

No, I am NOT asking you to go out and get rowdy!

Creating a Disturbance is where you are disturbing the prospect with a question, comment, or idea that takes them OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE and into your Uncomfortable Zone.

You are creating an “Emotional Touch” with your communication to MOVE THEM some way on the inside.

For example- focus on a COMMON PROBLEM in what niche you are working in and bring it up- with a question, or some kind of a comment, or a third party story of someone struggling with it and ask them if they can relate to that. And then Disturb them some more with telling of other people’s pain and how you can relate to the pain as well. AMPLIFY the problem.

THIS will get a LOT of people’s ATTENTION.


By creating a problem, you are disturbing them and taking them to a place in their mind of some form of anxiety. But you then say, “I have helped a lot of people with that and I can help you…let me share an idea with you…”

By offering a Solution, you are PULLING them towards you as they are looking for RELIEF from the anxiety that you have introduced to them with on a squeeze page, video, audio, social post, tweet, or article, or any other form of communication.


A strong CALL TO ACTION is a MUST in your mlm recruiting efforts. The CTA will PULL the person to relieve that anxiety in their life and DIRECT them to what they need to do- NOW.

Here is one of the strongest but simplest CTAs that exists:

“Here is what you need to do…NOW.”

This will direct them to the place or relief and solution that they so much want to find.

How would THAT feel knowing that sponsoring someone is only THREE STEPS AWAY in your home based business?

If you use these Three Foundation Elements in your MLM Recruiting, you will find that your home business will explode in your network marketing recruiting efforts!

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- with over 50 recruiting secrets!

FREE MLM Recruiting 101 webinar- Watch Now FREE!

blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- How to Recruit Anyone in 30 Seconds

mlm recruiting

mlm quick recruiting

MLM Recruiting.

What if you could actually start the mlm recruiting process within 30 seconds of a question being asked?

If you could have a powerful arsenal of “word bullets” that could be fired at will, in an online landing page or a face to face conversation, would that be something useful for your mlm home based business?


The Elevator Speech.

IN the marketing and sales world, there is a tactic known as “The Elevator Speech” which is a powerful tactic for telling what you do for a living. It has been around for a while and can actually be used in mlm online recruiting as well as offline recruiting.

It is focused on NOT what you do as a job or for a living, but focused on how you can HELP INCREASE ot IMPROVE  a situation or a company’s sales or results.

The 4 E’s of Home Business Recruiting.

It is the same on mlm online recruiting or offline recruiting. Your goal is to show them the “4 E’s of Home Business Recruiting:”

This is showing the prospect with your home business how you can:




4. INCREASE (ok,…this is not an E)

…their life, their lifestyle and income.

How would you like to take this success strategy and be able to use it on your mlm online recruiting landing squeeze pages as well as in any conversation you hold with a prospect? It is very simple to do and we have been doing it for years- even on our online marketing efforts with our company.

Most people would say, “I am a distributor with ABC company and we have skin care products…”


“I am a nutrition specialist that specializes in….”  You get the picture.

Nothing wrong with that. It works. But there is something that is more powerful.

The Magnetic Conversation.

There is a phrase that is so simple but yet after much research on our part, we have found it can revolutionize your mlm recruiting.

“I help…”

Simple. Profound. Powerful.

What if you could craft a phrase so powerful that it would PULL people towards you within seconds? we have been developing such a thing and we call it “30 Second Recruiting.”

If you use this strategy online or offline, it can create some amazing results in your mlm recruiting.

How does it work?

Your job as it is is- even as an entrepreneur, is not important to the prospect. What is important is the VALUE you bring to the prospect’s life and what you help them achieve and accomplish in their life.

You TOTALLY FOCUS on the prospect’s needs and life, not yours. What you get out of this is not important. What you GIVE the client is the critical part.

Here are some magnetic Questions to open up a conversation with:

“Ever wish you had more money to help with your bills?”

“Ever had one of those months that no matter what you did- you were just stressed out over the bills you had to pay?”

“Has it ever crossed your mind that there has to be something more for your life?”

“Has it ever crossed your mind you would like to feel better during the day?”

“Ever thought about looking 10 years younger?”

They usually say, “Yes, I have…as a matter of fact!”

This opens the door to what we call “The 30 Second Magnet” phrase:

‘I can help you solve that problem.”

“Ever wish that there was more money to spend on your family? I can solve that problem.”

“Ever wondered why you struggle so much financially? I can help solve that problem.”

There are other ways to say it as well. “I can help with that,” “I can assist you with that,” “I have a solution for that.”

If you use this “30 Second Recruiting” strategy, you will find whether you use it online or offline, that it will PULL the prospect towards you and get them CONNECTED to the possibilities that your company offers, and will explode your mlm recruiting results for your network marketing home business.

I will be sharing more over the next couple of days MORE on “30 Second MLM Recruiting.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”- 0ver 50 secrets!

FREE “Recruiting 101 webinar- Watch it NOW!”

blessings…doug firebaugh

How to recruit 2 people a day- everyday- on LinkedIn!

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MLM Online Recruiting- How to Recruit Local Craigslist Prospects

home business mlm online craigslist recruiting

home business mlm craigslist


Are you aware for your home business mlm that there are over 5 million people at any given time on Craigslist?

What would you do if you had 15-20 leads everyday for your network marketing business from craigslist- FREE?

There are millions of people that are trying to sell something they own, and in today’s economy, it grows daily. They are looking for connections via Craigslist.

Craigslist is one of those “hidden gems” in mlm online recruiting that many people seem to ignore. and if you understand how it works, and how you can prospect with it, it could explode your local mlm business and national.

MLM online recruiting and lead generation is a KEY element if you are going to have a successful home business using online lead generation. Craigslist is a perfect fit for any online lead generation success blueprint.

Craigslist is known for the ADS that it has, and these online classifieds are powerful tools to get your message out. But one of the most powerful tools it can be is a contact source for people SELLING things. People are selling their possessions to get more money.


Millions of people online selling things- to GET MORE MONEY.

THAT could be a perfect prospect for home business conversation thayt would show them how to catalyze more income coming to them via your home business.

What would that do for your MLM business?

It would rock your world potentially. And it would also help a lot of folks that NEED some additional funds and income.

How would you approach the person that ran the classified ad?


“I see that you are selling your car on Craigslist. If you do not mind me asking, I was wondering what was the reason?                 <  reason>   Well maybe I can help you in a way that selling your car never could. Would making 50.00 an hour make a difference? Let me take a second and share an idea with you that has really helped me get through some tough times financially…”

This is what we have taught our Private Clients to do, and they have met with some amazing people over the last 3 years. They have not only helped a LOT of folks that needed some additonal income, but also helped to reignite their  dreams as well.

What are you waiting on?

Start checking Craigslist on your local area, and start connecting with people and see how you can help them with your Home business mlm!

Please retweet this and post it on facebook!

Social Media and Network Marketing combined for Endless leads?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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How do you get 10 lead a day via Mobile Recruiting?

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MLM Online Recruiting – The ONE Power Secret of Craigslist Recruiting

mlm home business online craigslist recruiting

mlm online craigslist recruiting


In your Home business, have you ever used Craigslist to ever run an ad?

Have you ever even looked at Craigslist?

In MLM today, there are many online as well as offline recruiting strategies. I believe that you have to have a BALANCE and do both. That is why I train to use Craigslist as well as other social classified ad sites. They are not only powerful, but these sites get millions of views daily, and that is a LOT of traffic and prospects.

What if YOU simply knew a secret that is simple, easy, and WORKS to find prospects on Craigslist? What if you could have access to over a MILLION people a day and know what to say to them and how to recruit them?

That is the reason for this post.

We have taught to our Private Clients this strategy. And I am going to give you a glimpse of a recruiting tactic that can explode your online lead generation overnight. It happened to Lisa. Lisa lives in Colorado, and I have been blessed to work with her a lot in coaching. I showed her this powerful strategy (in more depth of course) and she CRUSHED IT the very first day she applied this secret.

Ok…what is it?


People run ads everyday on Craigslist. We know that. MILLIONS are looking for something on that site, including JOBS.

What IF…

You could start communicating with a lot of these people who are looking for some kind of a job and ask ONE powerful question?

This is the question that Lisa asked and the first day got 14 leads.

You read that right.

14 leads that she ended up recruiting 6 of them- in one weekend. Good huh? How would YOU like those results?

What WAS the Million Dollar question she asked?

“I see you are looking for some work. What are you looking exactly to do? Let me ask you a question. Are you keeping your income focus to that one thing or are your personal income options open to more lucrative ideas?”

There you have it. This is the Power Question she asked over and over to people that called her back when she contacted them, or when she called them directly.

This is a powerful online recruiting strategy for your mlm online recruiting for your home business.

Want to recruit a Professional DAILY on LinkedIn?

blessings…..doug firebaugh

How would you like to turn your cell phone into a nonstop recruiting machine?

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MLM Training Tips- 3 Quick Online Recruiting MLM Training Tips

mlm online recruiting

mlm online recruiting

Have you ever considered online recruiting or online marketing for your home business in MLM?

Have you ever wished you could find MORE leads that want to talk to you that you DO NOT CHASE?

For the last 2 years, our Private Clients have been CRUSHING IT with online recruiting.

They have had not only outrageous results in some many instances, but have picked up hundreds of new leads A DAY- FREE. There leads cost them nothing and the leads came to them.

Sound crazy? It is TRUE.

There is enormous traffic on the interet. And the traffic all are looking for the same thing. And your job is to let these people know you EXIST and want to connect with them.

At any given time, there are MILLIONS of prospects looking for something that you have:


You just must be what I call “The Three V’s of Online Recruiting.” And if you are these 3 V’s you will start to see like our Private Clients have, a major increase in leads that want to talk to YOU.

But you MUST be the Three V’s. What are they in MLM online recruiting?


You make yourself  VISIBLE via social networking comments and conversation, writing articles and blog posts, putting up videos on youtube and other channels, doing podcasts and syndicating them, doing webinars online that instruct, writing ebooks and reports, learning online marketing and recruiting tactics.

There are MILLIONS looking for you. But YOU must get in front of them and get their ATTENTION. That is ahy you must be the NEXT V.


The online trafffic that is looking for something must not only take a quick look at what your message, but also SEE VALUE in your message. It does NO GOOD at all to have a GREAT message and be Visible, if your message is not going to PULL THEM IN.

Valuable means different thngs to different people. But for online traffic it is a message that will help them enhance, enlarge, empower, elevate, and incease their life and lifestyle in some way. That is why you MUST have GREAT UNIQUE CONTENT that the lookers can see you know what you are talking about and are VALUABLE enough to consider as a CONNECTION for their life.


The online traffic is looking for Viability. Something THAT WILL WORK and WORK NOW. We live in a microwave society and people want everything NOW. You must show them that you are a Viable Resource and Messenger that can help them achieve their goals and dreams as well as solve the problems that they are looking to SOLVE.




If you embrace thee three concepts in your MLM Home Business, you will start to se not only a tremendous surge in leads, but also Success in your mlm network marketing business.

Get a FREE Social Recruiting ebook on How to Recruit with social media!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Learn how to become a Recruiting Machine on LinkedIn!

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The ONE WORD You Should NEVER Say!

MLM Training- Words that Turn your Conversation into a Conversion?

mlm home business network marketing conversion

mlm home business conversion

Are your mlm home business words working FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU?

Are you not getting the RESULTS you want with your words and presentations?

 It does not matter whether you are talking in a VIDEO, WEBINAR, or LANDING PAGE of FACE to FACE , your words are saying SOMETHING and DOING something.

But…what ARE they saying and WHAT are they doing?

Many online and offline marketers in network marketing seem to pay more attention to their BACKLINKS then their “word links.” You words “link” picture and emotions to what you are saying. What kind of pictures ARE they painting? If you have a squeeze page, and it is NOT converting- maybe your words are NOT working.

The Power of your words are amazing. But they can also be destructive. It will depend on what you say and the emotions that your words PULL. If you are on a video and using words that do NOT paint a picture, then odds are you will not have a converting video.

What ARE 4 words that will Convert?

1. FREE.

People LOVE free, and the more the better. This will also work face to face, as you give FREE samples or FREE trials. Also, you can give FREE consultations if you are in a skin care or nutrition company. You can also give FREE business “assessments” to a person’s business in network marketing. FREE is always a word that will convert a lead into a prospect.

2. NOW.

People love to be LEAD. Read that again. And again. People LOVE to be lead to a higher place in life, to a more powerful promise, and a more lucrative lifestyle. They want to be LEAD to their DREAMS.

But they want it NOW.

We live in a microwave society as you know. People have the attention span of a millisecond. So with that in mind, you use the word NOW. It is a subconscious trigger that people will respond to. We have used it for years and it WORKS.


Many people today are TIRED of the “same ol same ol.” Especially today. If you can get the reader to RELATE to the same tired worn out life, then you are going to move them towards you. “Tired” creates an emotion of “YES! I am!” And this also is a great word for “water in the face” reality check.

“Aren’t you TIRED of seeing other people EXPLODE their business, while all you do is struggle? Aren’t you TIRED of being Sick and TIRED of it?”

4. YES.

YES is a word that PULLS people towards you. Why? We live in such a NO WORLD, and when they see or hear the word YES, it psychologically PULLS the prospect towards you. Many people “say” YES but few POUR IT.

What do I mean? You must “pour” the word “yes” by combining it with:

“YES you CAN!”  “YES it WILL!”  “YES it DOES!”  “YES means YES!” “YES! Just  CLICK HERE!”

You are “pouring out the word” from a vial of possibilities and hope. You are “pouring” out possibilities and potential for their dreams to come true. And you are there to help them create that life that they never thought possible.


This word has proven to convert in all instances. It works on landing pages, conversations, videos, podcasts, and any other form of online and offline communication. “Partner Up” is a powerful word phrase that converts. “Partner in the process” is another word phrase that works. Prospects like the idea and picture that the word “partner” paints. Use it.

These are 5 words that will help you turn any kind of Conversation into a Conversion in your MLM home business.

LinkedIN Recruiting Training- are YOU recruiting Professionals?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Endless Prospecting and all Tactics Cost Nothing

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MLM Training- 2 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing will Fail

mlm online recruiting for home business

online mlm recruiting for network marketing

Is your online recruiting and marketing working like you want it to?

Are you recruiting the numbers that others say they are?  (Check for exaggeration folks.)

What do you think your challenge is if you are not getting the results?

Online marketing and recruiting is one of the most powerful and hugely effective ways to recruit and market today.

Many struggle at it though and there are reasons why. I was talking with Sheila today, she is with a home business company, and she has been marketing online. She said that she was really struggling and did not know what she was doing wrong.

I have been marketing online for 11 years, and have learned a few things along the way. So I asked her some of the typical questions about her funnel, her upsell, her communication within her pages, keywords, and the rest.

Then I asked her another question that seemed to leave her speechless:

Have you automated your home business?

She was clueless as far as that went. She had no idea of what I was talking about.

From that conversation I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 reasons why many home business marketers fail marketing online:

1.  Lack of Automation.

This is amazing. You can put your business on automatic pilot getting backlinks, visitors, comments, pings, and the like. All you have to do is understand these tools are available.

I would recommend one tool right off the bat:

This is a great tool for getting your work syndicated. I use it and it is great.

2. Lack of PASSION.

Online marketing REQUIRES Passion for marketing online. The only difference between those that CRUSH IT out of the park, and those that do NOT- is Passion.

I have listened to so many webinars and so many podcasts and interviews and read so many blogs on online marketing. I have spent thousands of dollars learning it. But the one thing that seems to distinguish the successful for  the not so successful is:


Crank it up. If you are going to recruit online, you MUST be Automated and MUST BE PASSIONATE about helping people online.

If you adjust these 2 things in your business, do not be surprised if your online marketing and recruiting starts to explode in your mlm home business.

LinkedIn Recruiting Training- do you know these secrets?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 5 Quick Things that will KILL your MLM Online Recruiting

online mlm recruiting

MLM Recruitng Online recruiting


Are you doing Online MLM Recruiting?

Home businesses today are focused a lot on online recruiting.

Funnel marketing is what many call it.

We have called it “Funnel Recruiting” for years.

And it is highly popular in finding prospects online. Many people in MLM are engaged with this type of recruiting and I encourage anyone to look at it. It can be a gold mine if done right.

That is the reason for this post.

Many people do NOT do it right.

Our Private Clients all use some form of online recruiting and sponsoring. They are coached how to do it, and then to take it offline asap. And they do, and do it very well. All are highly talented professionals.

But we have found there are 4 really powerful mistakes that can KILL your online recruiting dead.

And that often happens with people in network marketing and home business.

What are the Killers?

1. Too Much Pressure.

I cannot tell you how many folks I have talked to that have told me horror stories of folks being pressured to join a company by relentless marketers on the internet.

Folks, it is either for the person, or it is NOT.  Period.

Quit looking so desperate and let the person go after they have indicated they are not interested.

They are NOT who you are looking for.

2. No Autoresponder.

Automation is the ONLY way to go online. And if you are not IN FRONT of the people you are trying to recruit in their email, then odds are, they will forget about you.

Put an autoresponder together with Aweber, and then learn the system. it is a great system, And then STAY IN FRONT of your prospects while you sleep.

3. Unprofessional Image.

Being “Hip” is good to a point So is being cute.

But this is STILL a business. Come across like you are SERIOUS about your business and this is no game. Some folks trying to recruit people try to be “hip” and “cool.”

Cool doesn’t work for most.

It cools the prospect off. 

Be professional and have a standard of EXCELLENCE.

That is what Leaders do.

4. Not Following a System.

Systems are CRITICAL online and recruiting in a home business. If you are not using one, then odds are you are “winging it” at best in your MLM recruiting online.

SYSTEM stands for:  Save YouSelf Time Energy (&) Money.

There are many great recruiting systems out there, as well as your company may have one.


5. Not Taking It Offline.

There is the Golden Rule of TIO in Online MLM Recruiting:

Take It Offline.

This is how you become more HUMAN to the person and more REAL. If they connect with you IN PERSON or at least over the phone, odds are they will be 100% more loyal to you as a Leader in your MLM Home Business.

BONUS TIP:  Talking about How Great You Are, and NOT Them.

This is one of the biggest mistakes made. Keep your comments and online conversation focused on WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM, and not what you can get from them. Shut your mouth about you. Make it ALL about them.

If you are struggling online with recruiting- GET SERIOUS. Odds are you are doing more than one of these problematic actions.


Start systemetizing your mlm recruiting online for your Home Business.

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