MLM Training- 7 Ineffective Ways to Generate MLM Leads from Social Media

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7 Ineffective Ways to Generate MLM Leads From Social Media

Are you wasting your time on social media with your home business?

Are you frustrated with your results in your network marketing prospecting on social media?

Maybe you need to think and do something different for your mlm lead generation.

I cannot remember where I got this article, but whoever sent it to me did all of us a huge favor. This post is one of the beter ones I have seen about wasting time and effort in social media and what to do about it.

This article I KNOW will help you tighten up your lead generation in social media.


1. Not being where your target customers are.

It’s not important to maintain a presence on just any social media network in order to engage with potential and current consumers; you have to be where they actually are. If you are posting content and updates blindly to Twitter, but members of your target market aren’t present there, what’s the point?

The first step in effective use of social media for lead generation is to research and determine which social media sites your target audience is active on a regular basis. That way when you do share content and information, you can know you’re working to build awareness for your blog, product, service, and other types of content you offer on a regular basis.

Awareness is a key preliminary stepping stone for lead generation, since prospects likely go through a period of learning more about your business and deciding whether or not they should research your company further.

2. Not providing valuable content.

If you’re just pushing out content about your product and why it’s so “awesome,” more than likely, people will not want to share or engage with it. If someone is following your brand on Facebook, it’s probably to see what valuable content and offers you can offer them. Rather than product-focused content, focus on content rich with tips and tricks which can help to relieve your target customers’ pain points.

When you target the content you’re offering to the different marketing person as you have defined for your business, then your prospects will be much more likely to engage with your brand and therefore, more likely to complete a lead-capture form for a piece of your content. In short, providing targeted, useful content will help you generate more qualified leads who may genuinely be interested in what you have to offer.

3. Not using calls-to-action or sharing targeted links to landing pages.

I could have sworn the most effective use of social media for lead gen is the ability to share links to your content, blog, and cool offers? Don’t just say you have a great blog or that your fans should check out your awesome new ebook, link to it, and use an enticing call-to-action to do so. You’d be surprised how commonly businesses neglect to do this.

Furthermore, share targeted links. Don’t talk about how your followers should register for your upcoming webinar and link to your website’s homepage that has no mention of the webinar. Instead, link to a targeted landing page where visitors to register. Even better, target specific content to different platforms. Create special offers for Twitter followers that are different from your offers to your Facebook fans.

4. Not leveraging social media real estate.

When people visit your pages on social sites, they probably want to learn more about your brand and its offerings. On Facebook, you can provide as many links as you would like in the Info section. On Twitter, you can use the short bio to share a link that is integral to your
service. Same with LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and other platforms you may be a part of. Use that real estate wisely; it’s there for a reason.

While social media is a great platform to help you generate leads, you still want to create a connection between the educational content your prospects are downloading and the recognition that your business does more than give out free stuff. Make sure you’re effectively leveraging the real estate of your social media accounts to create that brand and product awareness, too.

5. Not integrating email and social media.

Email marketing and social media are great friends, not enemies. They work together well, help each other out to promote content, and share one another’s information on a regular and
consistent basis. You should promote your presence on social media sites through buttons on each email as well as share links to email opt-in forms for social followers to sign up to be a part of your email database.

When you combine the power of your lead generation tools, you’ll create a more strategic effort and a better chance of reaching and nurturing your potential customers through multiple fronts, allowing them to choose how they engage with you, consume information, and decide if they would like to move further down the sales cycle.

6. Not displaying highly visible social share and follow buttons.

So you have your website and blog and all this great content, but can people easily share it? Be sure to place easy-to-see and -use share and follow buttons on all your content in order to
increase its reach. The more your fans share your content with their networks,
the more potential new leads will see it!

7. Not analyzing the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

You may be on the latest and great social platforms, sharing awesome content, listening and engaging with your potential audience, and collecting that valuable lead information, but how do you determine if it’s working as well as you want it to? You should be regularly
analyzing how much traffic and leads you’re generating from each social platform you’re participating in as well as how valuable it is.

This will allow your team to evaluate its efforts and make adjustments if needed. For instance, you may want to spend more time engaging the community that tends to convert into more qualified leads. Or perhaps you’ve discovered that Facebook fans prefer different types of offers than Twitter followers. Use this data to perfect your future lead gen efforts in social media to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

These are 7 Ineffective ways to generate leads for your mlm network marketing home business with Social Media.

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MLM Social Media- Social Media PLUS Mobile Recruiting Secrets?

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In Social Media Recruiting…Don’t Forget AboutMobile.

Do you use your mobile for social media for your home business?

Are you planning on using your mobile device for network marketing recruiting?

How does social media and mobile work if you combine them for your mlm?

Here is an article that was sent to me about Social Media and Mobile Recruiting that I believe will open your eyes about the recruiting possibilities.

Here it is…


One topic that does not get a lot of attention within the social recruiting landscape is that of

I think mobile recruiting gets looked over for several reasons.

1. There is a perception that it is expensive and you don’t get much return.

2. Some think it gives job seekers nd prospects a less-than-favorable impression of the company using this method in the application or enrollment process.

3. Others just don’t know where to begin or what mobile can do for their recruitment efforts.

Why is mobile important in your social media strategy? For one thing, it’s everywhere…literally.

Here are a few stats:

• By 2020 mobile will be the primary means of connection to the internet

• The use of mobile extends the reach of the largest websites by up to 13%

• 87 million Americans have internet services on their mobile phone

• 53% (or more) of U.S. cell phone users text from their devices

• Lastly, there are more mobile devices than there are computers*.

Mobile can give organizations a way to separate their career opportunities from the rest of the pack. It extends a company’s recruitment message outside of traditional (and non-traditional) recruiting means. Mobile also gives you reach into the world of the ever elusive passive job seekers as well as the tech-savvy entry level job seeker.

How To

Mobile recruitment is not one tool or trick. There are many ways to use mobile in your recruitment efforts. Just like in choosing the right social media site, choosing the right
mobile tool is also vital to your success. Recruiters can recruit using apps, the .mobi domain platform, barcodes and scanning, SMS services or a mixture of these options. Let’s look at APPS.


The most recognized tool in mobile advertising / productivity today is that of the app. Once only an option on the iPhone, apps have become the go-to for pretty much all of the
smartphone platforms.

Today, users of Windows Mobile and Google Android phones have access to apps for their particular phones via apps markets powered by their respective phone platform. As you would imagine, there are a handful of job seeker tools offered at no cost on the iPhone platform. With over 8 million iPhone users in the U.S., it makes sense that all the attention for recruiting apps is for this phone.

Three of the most popular iPhone job seeker tools come from CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Snag-a-Job, and Craigslist who offer regular site functionality to users through the app portal.

However, due to the perceived cost of developing an app, only a couple of employers themselves have fielded recruitment apps. Three that come up in a simple apps search are from AT&T, Raytheon, and Deloitte. What we see is that these are all three very large companies that do a high volume of recruiting.

(You can develop your own home business recruiting system and app if you choose to featuring your recruiting videos and also your blog and website. Check with your company about what they suggest.)

Above I mentioned that there is a perceived high cost to develop an app. The question is probably more accurate that of an ROI argument. Does it take sense for a small or medium sized company to invest a lot of money to create a recruitment app if they only plan to hire / recruit 20 people in a given year? (Multiply that with a downline.)

Does your company have enough brand recognition that smartphone users are going to be compelled to download your app? These are better questions to ask when looking at an app strategy.

These are some powerful secrets for social media mobile recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- Are You Working Your Business or is It WORKING YOU?

mlm home business social mobile marketing

mlm home business social media

MLM Mobile and Social Media Recruiting.

Are you using mobile media or social media in your recruiting for your home business?

What are your plans on using mobile marketing for your mlm?

How do you use mobile recruiting in your network marketing efforts?

Sometimes adapting and engaging new tactics and strategies is the most difficult and
challenging requirement for a new or veteran distributor. You can get in “ruts” and patterns of working and thinking that often will work against you.

But how would you like to actually have for once, MORE QUALIFIED prospects to talk to
then you could ever contact?

How would you like to have MORE APPOINTMENTS than you could actually attend and they happen with your mobile?

How would you like to have MORE NEW VOLUME and RECRUITS than you ever have had in your business EVERY MONTH?


If you quit working your business…yes, you read that right.


And then…

Let your business START WORKING YOU.


You can and WILL- if you quit working your business…

And let your business START WORKING YOU.

What do I mean?

How would you like for your business to be on auto pilot while you sleep and when you
wake up every morning you have literally 10 – 20 new leads in your email and people wanting to be your friend and wanting to know what you do? It happens to us everyday.

That is your business working you.

How would you like for your business to open up doors to people and leaders that you
could never have met, and they are contacting you and wanting to connect-while you sleep?

Sound too good to be true?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to hold an event in your home and have people from all over the country attend your event- from New York to L. A. to Tampa to San Diego and you sign them up online? Then you have an archived version of that video that people from all over can view daily-while you are doing something else – and they ask to connect with you?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to have your own TV program or radio show talking about your business
and folks from all over the world watch it on their mobile device while you are with your family at dinner in a restaurant?

That is your business — working you.

Either you are working your business or your business is working you. That is really one of the best kept secrets to Success in network marketing…


  1.  It must create leads while you sleep.
  2.  It must create exposures in multiple places while you are with your family.
  3.  It must do your recruiting while you are busy doing something else.

Then, when you come back to your business, it has work for you to do already in motion with
new leads and prospects who want to connect with you.

 That is your business working you.

And if you do not know how to accomplish that, then let us show you how you can, with Home Business Social and Mobile Media FUSED.

It is a Combined Media Marketing Tsunami that is coming and it will be huge in a couple of years in network marketing and home business.

Let me be blunt:

Social and Mobile Media is something that you really need to embrace. Social and Mobile Media is in it’s infancy in Network marketing with the power of technology working for you to be able to recruit 24/7 even when you are asleep.

Combined- it is a JUGGERNAUT for prospecting and recruiting 24/7. Most people do not realize that 70% of ALL social media is now connected to on mobile devices.

You can be on TOP of the social and mobile media wave when it hits- or on the bottom – and get crushed. That is your call.

These are how you can get your business working YOU in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- 6 Powerful Ways to Approach People on Social Media

mlm social media home business

home business social media

MLM Social Media Conversation Starters.

Are you using social media for recruiting in your home business?

How do you approach people about your network marketing business in social media?

In your mlm, is social media even a factor?

Social Media is critical in today’s world of home business. That is why that you need
to be aggressive but polite in your efforts. Cold Market Social media is powerful IF done correctly.

It ALL starts with the CONVERSATION.

You must get the person’s ATTENTION and then move them to CONNECTION. Many people do not use effective ways to connect and start the conversation. But if you do not somehow get their attention FIRST- then you will not be able to turn them into a prospect.

A huge mistake many people make I have observed on social media, is that they “AMBUSH” the social media person. They want to pretend that they are connecting with you for social reasons, and then…..


Here comes the wave of communications telling you how you would be perfect for their business, that you would make a great distributor or consultant, and you get pitched out they waazoo on their most current deal- which changes almost quarterly.

How about this…

What if you could grab their attention by being honestly interested in THE PERSON and not just the business for them.  This would garner a whole new type of reply and results. If you choose to go that route, then you may be pleasantly surprised at how the prospect starts moving towards you.

BUT- it ALL starts with getting the social media prospect’s ATTENTION.

These are ways that you can move them towards you and accomplish that, one of the best ways to become popular in social media, for either personal or business goal, is by getting ton of subscribers on youtube, at the beginning you will need to start buying YouTube views until you reach the top 100 of the most viewed channels, then youtube system will start redirecting users to your content.

Here are 6 ways to comment and start a conversation.

1. “I love this video. Wow. I have a question. Do you have more videos like this? Please let me know.”                                                                            

2. “This really helped me. Thank you. Do you have more information like this? Please let me know.”

 3. “This series of videos I LOVED! I would like to interview you for my blog. When would that be possible?”

 4, “I have watched you and love what you are doing. You truly have a gift. Would like to ask you a couple of questions about  your work. When can we connect?”

 5, “I loved your webinar. I learned a lot. Would like to chat about possibly doing one for our team. When can we connect via phone?”

 6. “I see you are quite fond of fitness. I love to work out / network with others that do. I would like to chat with you sometime about your ideas for fitness and nutrition/ Skin care and beauty/ weight loss and diets/travel and fitness equipment as the URBNFit Yoga Ball that is great for training.

These are great ways to approach prospects in social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- Social Media is NOT a Replacement for Sales Strategies?

mlm social selling

mlm social media selling

MLM Social Media Realities.

Are you using social media in a marketing and sales driven home business?

Do you know the difference between the two for network marketing?

Why do you think that social media is THE way to develop leads for your home based mlm business?

Here is a GREAT article from SalesBriefs Training Letter on why social media will never replace the foundation of home buiness sales and home business marketing and sales strategies.

Hope this helps your home business!


Home Business Sellers, like any other group, are a target for marketers who pitch them “things” to help them get better results. What makes salespeople good targets is their natural propensity to seek out “silver bullets” to deal with processes they don’t like, and their deserved reputation as “early adopters.”

Just the right combination for the advent of “social selling.”

We have seen the impact the Social Web and Web 2.0 have had on the way people interact, but it doesn’t follow that social selling is driving the same changes in sales. Technology has always been an enabler, but from a business-to-business (B2B) sales standpoint, it has not changed the underlying nature or function of buying and selling, it has merely enhanced or enabled the way sales are executed.

Success is still very much about strategy and execution, driven by your market and your specific customers. You need to evaluate how you use social the same way you would with any other tools.

Does it bring you closer to the buyer?

Does it allow you to deliver your message and value in a way that helps buyers decide you are the provider to trust, partner with and have a relationship with?

 If so, then it needs to be part of the overall approach. If not, then as the saying goes: “A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

Social selling impacts people pitching in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sales space differently than B2B, which is my focus. Despite the hype, the B2C social selling successes have not been realized in the B2B space – in the process, this distracts people and resources from things they could be doing to make social pay.

The suggestion that traditional B2B sales strategies and tactics no longer work, and the notion that we need to abandon them for social selling or perish, is false, dangerous and a risky proposition for business owners.

What many people call social selling is, in reality, social marketing, which is why it’s more effective in the mass B2C market than B2B. While it has a role in B2B, it is a role, not the entire sales process, as some might suggest. There are definitely times when social helps a sale, just as there are times when social has no positive impact, or even hurts your efforts.

For example, social tools can enhance awareness – generating leads or casting a more targeted net, the early steps of engaging with a potential buyer. Coincidentally, the part of a sale many sellers neither like nor are good at is prospecting.

The perfect pitch for the wave of social-selling merchants is to offer a way to eliminate prospecting, but there are traditional steps you still need to take to initiate direct relationships.

The operative words in social media are “connect,” “follow,” “like,” or “friend.” In B2B selling, the focus is on direct contact: relationships, personal interaction, and occasionally intimate interaction between two people is crucial to success.

Many social sellers advocate “being found” rather than taking an active approach to prospecting and initiating first contact with potential buyers. Social media may enhance direct interaction and relationships required in B2B sales, but it cannot replace them.

Social-selling pundits who create the illusion that a seller’s role is to be “found” through the buyer’s use of social media, give them all the excuse they need not to perform a key part of their job: prospecting.

A simple question to start with is “how many of my customers are using social media to source the products or services I sell?” If few of your buyers are using social, very few will find you, no matter how well you do social.

Besides, being “found” works with buyers who decide to act on a need by going to the web. If they use search, they are less likely to be impacted by social selling. Even if they turn to their social sphere for peer input, traditional selling will play a major role in converting a connection to a direct interaction.

By the time that buyer is on the web it’s too late, you are competing with the pack. Use social media to identify, target and leverage trends, then execute a direct sale, and you will be there long before the social crowd.

A sound strategy to segmenting and targeting your market, then executing your plan with a combination of traditional marketing and social marketing, will take you further and faster than going strictly social. As with most trends, it’s not a question of one versus the other, but how to leverage the best of both.

Tibor Shanto ofRenbor Sales Solutions Inc

This is a grreat strategy for your network marketing mlm home business.

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MLM Personal Branding- HOW to Set Yourself APART from the Rest

mlm home business

mlm network marketing branding

MLM Personal Branding.

How do YOU brand yourself in your home based business?

What are the tactics you use for branding your network marketing business?

How would you like to learn how to set your mlm apart from all the rest?

WHAT IS Branding?

What is a good definition that will work for the home based business profession?

Branding is nothing more than “making your mark” in the business world, and then
being remembered for it.


A brand is more than a logo, slogan, or name. You want your brand to:

 Arouse Emotion.

 Ignite passion.

 Scream Reliability.

 Echo Meaning.

A brand is an actual unspoken “contract” with a person and a “promise” of performance, quality, and consistency in your products as well as what you do. You must
perform every time with quality, and with what the customer expects, and beyond

That is how a Brand works. YOU must obtain the expectations that people associate you with every time. If not your brand suffers.

A brand is NOT just a slogan or catchy phrase, but a VERB. It is what YOU ARE DOING
consistently in the marketplace with your products and with your own –what we
call your unique “UP3™”:

“Unspoken Personal Promise (of) Performance.”

 It’s the GUT LEVEL Feeling that people get about you and what they expect from you.

 How people perceive you – that is your brand.

What you personally promise to others that goes unspoken but yet they can depend on every time, all the time. THAT is how you build your brand and become known for something.

What do you market as a distributor? It could be skin care, weight loss, anti aging, travel, or you may market Information and Training Products.

And that is part of the brand that you need to develop if you market content. Let’s take information products for an example:  “Information Product Specialists for Home Businesses.”  You may have some of the most powerful training products in the world and you should see yourself not just as a partner, but a “Specialist” or “Strategist.”

Here are some ideas for Personal Branding for Branding you and your content you may have:

Training Products Specialist.

 Training Systems Strategists.

 Success Products Specialist.

 Home Business Success Strategists.

 Leadership Products Specialist.

 Wealth Development Strategist.

 National Recruiting Specialist.

 < Skin care, weight loss, travel etc>  Specialist.

 Home Business Training Strategist.

Or…for your Network Marketing Home business:

Nutritional Strategist.

 Travel Products Specialist.

 Legal Products Strategist.

 Skin Care Specialist.

 Personal Beauty Strategist.

 Personal Energy Specialist.

 Internet Products Specialist.

 Health and Wellness Strategist.

And the list goes on and on…..SET YOURSELF APART in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media – Are YOU Unknowingly Engaging in “Attack Recruiting?”

mlm home business socia media

mlm network marketing social media

Social Media MLM Recruiting.

Are you practicing “Attack Recruiting” for your home business?

What do you engage when on social media for your network marketing business?

Are you practicing “Attack Marketing” on social media sites for your mlm business?

“Attack Marketing” or “Attack Recruiting” is something that many people do- unknowingly. They are excited, and fired up because they want talk to people about their business,  but yet they turn many of their prospects off because they are not really recruiting them, bur ATTACKING them on social media sites.

I have seen this over and over, and it really does hurt your business in network marketing big time. And there are better things you can do when on social media sites then ATTACK the prospect.

But yet people do everyday.

There is a solution to it and that is understanding a simple  truth about social media when you are in the sponsoring mode. If you understand this secret it will help you accelerate your business and recruiting dramatically.

What is it?

There is a Reason why the First Word in Social Networking and Social Media is SOCIAL.

Many corporate recruiters as well as home business recruiters can get confused and totally go in a wrong direction.

They think that Social Media is “Attack Media” or “Attack Networking.”

What is THAT?

It is when you ambush your prospect or candidate by wanting to be someone’s new friend or connection-and then once you have connected with them,  ATTACKING them almost immediately with your message, product or business.

And NOT giving the relationship any time to start connecting and building rapport.

Most prospects resent that and will be turned off and many will unfriend you or unfollow you.

We see this all the time.

That is NOT the way to recruit in the Social arena. You FIRST create a Social conversation with the possible candidate, get to know them, and THEN start introducing the possibilities you offer as a corporate recruiter or home business recruiter.

Social makes it special.

Every candidate is special as they possibly may be the PERFECT candidate you have been looking for. But if you do not follow the social etiquette of ‘social first” on social networking sites, your Success will be limited at best.

Here is a 3 step social recruiting formula we have found that WORKS:

Focus on:

1.  SOCIAL FIRST. It is ALL about Social with the prospect initially.

2. VALUE Second. Be Valuable, Viable, and Visible.

3. Business IDEAS Third.  Ideas are great, but FIRST create the relationship.

Connect with the possible candidate and create a social conversation with them on several occasions with some Social Scripts.

Show you VALUE them as a new friend and connection and by  showing interest in their interests, and also helping them achieve what they are seeking.

That is when you start to mention some Ideas that SOLVE a problem the candidate has– like career placement or new income.

Part of the Social Scripts we developed were what we called “The GUSHER Questions.”

GUSHER as in STRIKING an OIL Gusher!

These were a few questions that we gently asked in conversation to find out the REAL
Problem they needed solving. Many times they went on and on talking about it.

But we CARED ENOUGH to ASK and wanted to HELP. This helped us understand
where they were emotionally, as well as what WE needed to focus on to help deliver the solution.

Helping them to find a new career or job, or help them start their own business is one
of the most powerful ways to SHOW VALUE with your new candidates.

SOCIAL FIRST- no exceptions.

This is how you can accelerate your recruiting and sponsoring on social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Twitter- 5 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Recruiting

mlm home business twitter

mlm network marketing twitter

MLM Twitter Recruiting.

Do you use twitter for your recruiting for your home business?

Do you know HOW to maximize twitter for your network marketing efforts?

Are there  twitter followers that you are wasting on your mlm business?

Twitter is an often misunderstood social site, and it really does matter in the social sphere when building a business. It has over 250 million users, and that is almost as big as the US. True, it is smaller then facebook, but twitter carries a powerful punch when it comes to marketing.

Follow Doug On Twitter

I read a LOT and I recently ran across on Social Media University a cool post on Twitter Tips- from Zoober Training – for business and wanted to share it with you as thought it to be useful. It has some GREAT tips for building a home business for twitter which are very applicable to direct sales, network marketing or party plan.

Check it out and LIKE THIS POST!

Twitter Tips for Businesses

Tip #1 – Make the most of lists

Organise who you follow into lists so you can easily see what the current
trends and topics are in the different segments that you target. For example,
you can create lists for:

  1. Existing customers
  2. Prospects
  3. Competitors
  4. Industry analysts/commentators
  5. Press.

You can keep up to 500 people/organisations in each list, making it easier to
filter the important tweets from the not so important and respond accordingly.
You can also then just send your tweets to those individual groups so your
social media marketing is targeted and personalised, just like marketing should

Tip #2 – Use the branding options

Regularly update the visual branding on your page so that it reflects your
company but also promotes the things about it that you want it to. Insert
campaign artwork, use graphics to highlight important company news and
coordinate the link colours used in the tweets with your brand colours. Regular
updates like this will make you stand out as a company that’s got a lot going on
and one to watch.

Tip #3 – Create Twitter landing pages

Don’t just link back to your home page or product/service pages all the time.
This will be really boring for everyone. Create value-adding landing pages that
make those followers glad they clicked. You can even have a permanent Twitter
landing page to link out to from your bio rather than just the company website,
where you can introduce the visitor to your company in a way that matches with
Twitter’s more relaxed and informal tone.

Tip #4 – Put your followers to work

Create a special offer for your followers to attract more attention for your
business along the lines of a loyalty programme. For followers that re-tweet
regularly, provide a free consultation, a free ticket to an event or a free
sample of your product. This way you’ll reach more Tweeters, with the added
bonus of the re-tweeter endorsing your brand.

Tip #5 – Think creatively

Social media offers businesses ways to interact with their customers in ways
never dreamed of before. Make the most of the new channels to do new and
creative things with your marketing – create games, videos and communities for
them to interact with. Don’t just bombard them with hard sell messages.

For more info:  Zoober Training

These are 5 Powerful Twitter tips for Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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Social Media MLM- Do YOU have Social Prospects on The Large List?

mlm social home business

mlm home business social media

MLM Training Social Media.

Are you keeping a list of prospects in your home business?

What do you include on that network marketing list?

Are you making a list to follow up on for your mlm home based business?

There are realities that must be talked about. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. That is the reason for this blog and this post. Our goal is to simply tell you the truth, and for you to understand the real truths of this business.

That is why that I want to give you some info that a buddy of mine and I put together, and it will help you understand one of the biggest realities of success in this profession:

Not Everyone You Talk to will be Who You Are Looking For- put those “In

 “In Development” is simply meaning you are in the process of developing that relationship and connecting with the prospect.

We all have heard the quote “This is a numbers game.”

Let me give you what is said in corporate recruiting:

 “This is a High Quality Talent search that is ruled by the Large List.”

 “The Large List.”

That is what you need to develop and maintain on an ongoing basis.

This is the list that all candidates are put on.

And if they are on this list, they are considered to be what we call “In Play.” A REAL possibility of recruiting them eventually.

The larger the list, the bigger the odds of placement for your client there is, and the bigger the possible income for you.

Most do not have The Large List. They have the Wish List and wish they could find the stars and the High Quality talent,  versus locating them and recruiting them.

But the Large List does not guarantee that everyone is High Quality or even who you are
looking for. That is why the Large List contains what I call “No Goes” and they must be identified and then put into what I call “In Development.”

This is where you are developing the relationship further to see if you can find those
hidden pieces of information you may have missed and also to develop the relationship.

 You should NEVER let a candidate go totally. Always keep a connection to them as they could prove to be very valuable to you in the future.


Potential future career placement.



More referrals.

Not everyone you are talking to is who you are looking for NOW. But keep them In Development and maybe you will find that they either KNOW who you are looking for, or they may turn out to be that.

Sometimes you just never know.

This is a REALITY of our profession, the mlm network marketing home busienss profession.

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MLM Training- How To Maintain Magnetic CONTROL when Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting home based business

MLM Training on Recruiting Control.

Are you too controlling in your recruiting for your home based business?

Are you too weak and not controlling enough in your network marketing recruiting?

What do you do to have control in your mlm recruiting?

Control is important in recruiting as it is part of Leading the prospect.


You can also be making a HUGE mistake made when recruiting for your home based business.

What IS a HUGE mistake made in recruiting for your network marketing business?


The Recruiter being TOO CONTROLLING and TOO DOMINATING in the initial connection and conversation.

Some Corporate Recruiters think they are in the marines. They seem to have an overbearing focus and attitude. They don’t hold a conversation with the candidate. They hold a presentation with the home business candidate. They tell the candidate what is going to happen and they come across like a total control freak.

“You must be IN CONTROL, but not controlled by control.”


This sometimes happens when a home business Recruiter wants to establish their power or authority from the very beginning.

And they blow the initial connection and conversation with the candidate right out of
the water.

A candidate wants to feel you are a controlled Leader, but not a controlling leader. There is a HUGE difference. Don’t come across strong armed or as if you are their marine commander.

In Social Recruiting, the mlm candidate is your PARTNER in the PROCESS of Finding a MATCH that WORKS. That goes for BOTH corporate recruiting as well as home
business recruiting.

NOTE:  In a home business, your goal is to find a potential “partner” that will explore some possibilities with you. Then you both decide in this pseudo “partnership” if your business is a MATCH for where they see themselves going in life. And you must decide if they are a match for who you are looking for in your business.

That is as bottom line as I can make it.

Here is what I said to every network mar candidate: “I am your partner in this connection process. I will recommend nothing without your best interest at heart and the company’s best interest as well. That is how a partnership works. Wouldn’t you agree?”

 Connect with a magnetic approach.

Be warm, but not cozy.

Be a Leader but not a commander.

Be a friend in the making but make them FEEL that is happening.

Be energetic but not anxious.

Be an encourager and an elevator to the potential candidate. Notice their skills that others have ignored. Make them feel glad they connected with you.

Be a connector but wait on the natural connection. You will know when that happens as you will feel it.

And be a spotlight for the candidate, not stand in the spotlight.

It is ALL about how you can serve them and help them find a MATCH that will be a destiny shaper in many ways.

This is a post that will help you balance control when recruiting foe your mlm network marketuing home business.

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