MLM Training – The 5-4-3-2-1 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing

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MLM Most Powerful Words for Communication.

Do you know what TRUE Success Power is in a home based business?

Do you know what words are the most powerful in a network marketing business?

How do you communicate with people in your mlm?

Power in a business can come from many things. In a home business, it stems much from the words that you say, write, and communicate in trainings and meetings. The words that you choose to use in what you articulate can make or break a business. Most do not pay as much attention to their words as they should.

Words themselves carry a power that can impact a crowd or leave them flat. I have seen this so much as people struggle to say what they desire, but yet they lose the power in their recruiting and prospecting.

And even team building. Leaders have a language all their own. Leaders say things differently then the average as they have a different view of life and business. Leaders come from a more powerful communication base then most, and they often say a lot- by saying a little.

The guidelines set forth by Australia-based agency Edge Marketing show that, the volume of words sometimes is not needed. Often it is the words themselves that carry a wallop with a Leader. I have seen some leaders say more in one minute then some can say in an hour. it is quite amazing. And I have seen other leaders say less in a speech then others say in a single question.

Yes, words can drive or derail your home business and often they do.

Are words that you choose important? Absolutely. I am a “wordsmith.” I love to write and read. And I try and communicate in ways that impact, not just inform. There are better writers out there, and we all learn from them. But I have learned that the less you say, often the more the impact and sway you have in a speech or training.

There are a series of “Most Powerful Words” that I learned quite a while ago that has served me well over the years, and I wanted to share them with you. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

Here are the “5-4-3-2-1 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing:”

1. The 5 Most important words in Network Marketing:

“You did a great job!”

2. The 4 Most Powerful  words in Network Marketing:

“I Believe In You.”

3. The 3 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing:

“You are Amazing.”

4. The 2 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing:

“You Can.”

The Most Powerful Word in Network Marketing:


5. The LEAST Powerful word in Network Marketing:


The most Powerful Sentence in Network Marketing:

“You have everything you need to Succeed massively in life-let me help you unleash that on the world.”

The Most Powerful Question in Network Marketing:

“Are you ready to start living the life that you have always wanted to – but never have been able to?”

These are some words that I have found to be extremely powerful in mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training – How to Get a Phone Appointment via Email Recruiting

mlm home business email recruiting

mlm recruiting email home based business

How to Get a Phone Appointment via EMAIL Recruiting.

Do you use email in your prospecting efforts for your home business?

Are you using it the way you MUST be using it to recruit for your network marketing efforts?

How are you using email in mlm?

I love sharing posts that I think rock, and this is one from Daniel Maclellan that is major HOT! Take notes as this is a great way to close on cold calling emails to prospects.



How to Ask for a Phone Appointment in an Email.


I explain to my sales team that asking people to call you back is a bit obnoxious–even if there is value and reason. When you do that your prospects  are left thinking, “Wait, you want me to call you? so you can pitch me? You want  me to stop doing my job and search for time in my calendar to give you so that you can sell me? Are you kidding?”

Using your strategy increases response rates for sure, but even great emails will sometimes fail. This is why I take a different approach.

I try to put as much of the onus on me as possible to connect.
Here are some ways that I do that.

Example 1: “I have time free on Friday, July 6th at 2:00pm. I’ll reach out to you then to discuss. I hope you’re able to take my call.”

With this closing statement, you’re:

  • Showing that you are not asking anything from them.
  • Carrying the labor of the continued conversation.
  • Passively trying to connect, not aggressively.

Example 2: “I’ll reach out to Mary to see if you have some time free to discuss next week.”

By suggesting that you’ll reach out to their executive assistant, you’re:

  • Showing that you’ve done your homework.
  • Following the correct protocol for the continued conversation.
  • Not asking anything from them and their busy schedule.

Example 3: “I have time free on Friday, July 6th at 2:00pm. Are you free at that time to talk?”

By closing this way, you’re:

  • Still asking them to do something, although it’s minimal. They just need to
    check one date/time in their cal.
  • Giving them enough time (at least a week out) to ensure that they’ll have a
    free spot on their calendar.

Sometimes I’ll offer two times a week out for them to choose from and then say, “Which date/time works best?”

By taking this approach, I’m applying a successful passive/aggressive strategy. I’m able to send 3 to 5 emails and make 3 calls without annoying the prospect…which isn’t easy.

Here are a few suggestion to increase your email cold calling success rate using this approach:

  • If I don’t reach them, I leave a voice mail and send an email stating, “I
    guess this didn’t turn out to be a good time. Let’s try again for Wednesday at
  • On the morning of my proposed meeting I’ll send an email stating, “As per my
    message, I’ll be calling you today at…I hope that we’re able to connect.
    Please let me know if that time doesn’t work.”
  • I’ll continue this for 3x per prospect, then back away. After the 3rd
    attempt, I usually say, “I guess this time frame is way too busy for us to
    connect. I’ll try again in the future. In the meantime, feel free to contact
  • I then move on to someone else in the company after the 3x.
  • I try to splice the attempts with value. Before the scheduled call attempt,
    I may forward them an article stating, “This company looks like they are going
    through the same thing as you…check out their approach”. Or on a VM, stating,
    “By the way, I am sending you an article that has some great marketing / success/leadership tips that  I know that will be a big help for you.”

This is a great mlm email training for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Mobile Training – 3 Powerful SMS Platforms for Mobile Recruiting

mlm mobile recruiting home business

mlm network marketing mobile

MLM Mobile Recruiting Tips.

Do you use Mobile devices to recruit for your home based business?

Is your network marketing efforts blended with any mobile recruiting strategies?

Are you up on the different mobile secrets to recruiting?

Mobile Devices have become incredibly popular worldwide today due to the explosion of smartphones. There are more people in the world with cell phones than toilets!

Are you taking advantage of this new evolving technology? I have done a lot of research and am surprised at the lack of awareness of mobile potential in recruiting in direct sales and network marketing.  Even with mobile advertising, it has so much potential it is staggering. But the majority of the distributors and consultants are not using mobile for recruiting at all.

Amazing considering that you can be one of the first to truly utilize this and be ahead of the curve.

Are you aware that everyday there are BILLIONS of texts sent to people? It is called “SMS” or “Simple Message System.” You probably have texted, and know what I am talking about. I use texting daily and more now than I do talking on the phone as it gives me a record of conversations and texts. It works well for business.

what if you used texting or SMS for recruiting in your business? It would be amazing as the average text is opened 90 seconds after it is received. By the way that is 97% of ALL texts are opened within 90 seconds.


So….what can you do to send an SMS message to people? I would suggest get an SMS platform and check it out as far as mass messaging. No, I am not talking about spamming people. I am talking about sending out SMS messages with tips and video links, to a lot of people, and even people that are looking for a home business.

There are 3 major SMS platforms that I have talked to a lot of mobile gurus about, and I wanted to share them with you to check out, and see if they would work for you. There is a cost to each per SMS message, but actually it is quite cheap- pennies. So it makes it highly affordable!

Here are 3 that I think you should consider using for mobile recruiting:

1. Twilio.

Twilio is one of the best platforms I have seen for mass messaging as the technology is stable and sound and powerful, and the cost is amazingly low. And they have great support as well as training if you need it. We have used it and it really does work well, and gives you a lot of flexibility as far as how you use t.

2. Lime Cellular.

This is another great option. They have a very powerful system for SMS and also for other things as well. Their pricing is very good and they have good support as well as some training for usage. They are growing wildly like Twilio is. Again we have used it and it works well!

3. Avid Mobile.

Lime Cellular is a cute name but they have a robust and powerful platform as well. They have a lot of features and also a powerful option packages for other services. It is a powerful and robust platform that a lot of people are using and it gets the job done amazingly.

These are 3 powerful SMS platforms that you can use for Mobile Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

PLEASE leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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MLM Training – The 7 Most Powerful Words to use in ANY Presentation

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mlm presentation home based business

MLM Presentation tips.

Do you do online or offline presentations for your home based business?

Have you ever done a social media presentation for your network marketing business?

Do you do at least 2 presentations a week?

There are many great tips that you can find for great presentation that rock. There are even tips now for MOBILE presentations that can change how you view your smart-phone. And of course, there are secrets that often are not told that can make a good presentation into an EXTRAORDINARY presentation.

I have done presentations in over 30 countries and have found that the appeal to the masses is the same now matter what language or culture. A home business is pretty much the same everywhere and the presentation is all a part of that culture.

Some people prefer to give online presentations via webinars and online chats like Google hangouts. Other prefer  a more “live” version and do it face to face or at least over the mobile phone.

No matter what you do, a presentation needs 7 words in it that will ROCK the presentation and make it HOT and impactful.

What are those words.?

1. YOU.

Simply, you need to say the word YOU often and say it in a statement as well as a question like  “Is this making sense to you?”

2. BEST.

This is a great word to use as it signifies that you are looking after the best and want the best such as “I only want what is best for you and your family.”


This is a trigger word as many people today lack the security that they are looking for in their life. You can ask a question like “You do want to make your family more secure don’t you just in case if anything should happen to one of your incomes?”


Option is a word that gets people’s attention. Most people today lack options in life and when you start talking about them it hits home. You can ask a question like, “How would you feel if you had some income options and did not have to totally depend on your job?”


This word is a level above all the others as it talks about a level most will never even dream of. make then dream. Ask them “Can you imagine living an Extraordinary life and with the people you love? How would that feel?”


This word paints a powerful picture when you are talking about living life and making an income. “Doesn’t it just make sense that you should be living life on your terms and not someone else’s’? It is your life and income. Isn’t it time to change that?”


This one is a biggie no matter where you are doing the presentation. Freedom is often one of the most powerful magnets in a presentation. “Imagine the freedom of going on vacation for 3 weeks and coning back and your check is up 20%! How would that feel?”


This one word can pull the attention if anybody. “Imagine having a lot of fun with friends and family, and getting paid for it. How would that feel?”

Double 7 Word BONUS: “What this means to your future is….”

These are 7 words that any presentation should have in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- How to “Success Frame” A Conversation Before It Ever Takes Place?

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mlm network marketing socia media

MLM Social Media Recruiting Tips.

Have you ever thought of how you could “frame” a conversation so that you can recruit someone for your home business?

Does the thought of positioning your network marketing conversation as a life changing conversation intimidate you?

Are you willing to consider some new ways that would make recruiting prospect EASIER in social media?

In our research, which has been going on since 2006 in social media, we have found many things that actually are quite surprising and interesting. There are folks that have recruited thousands off social media and then there are those that cannot recruit themselves for some reason.

We started looking at WHY these social media maniacs were recruiting so may people and found out that there were a few things that they were doing that others were not doing. And they knew that most were NOT doing it!

So we had to answer a question: What if it worked with anyone if they just learned it and mastered it? Well…that is what happened. There were some folks that we taught this “Framing”  of the conversation concept to and it worked. Their recruiting started to take off on social media and we wanted to share this with you.

We call it “Framing the Success PICTURE in Advance.”

You must FRAME in the prospects  mind the place that you can take them and are willing to go with them. it is a place that they cannot seem to get their by themselves.

Some folks call it Vision and the BIG PICTURE. Some folks call it a Destination or destiny. In social media, you need to paint with your words a vivid picture in what you can do for a person.

This includes creating a solution to their issues in life they want to change. This is actually the place where you are going to take them with your business and Leadership. Picture pages are the most visited pages in social media. Look at Pinterest, or now Instagram. All images and all the time!

OK. That makes sense to frame something as a picture sense it is the culture of social media. Then using that as a model and measure, let’s create s picture of where you are headed which need to be magnetic and quite  exciting, and what that picture has to offer anyone who will follow you to what could be considered “the promised land” where all their dreams can come true.

Does the picture have any kind of a name or anchor phrase that works? Does the picture you paint of your message move people emotionally or internally? Does it get them full of hope for their life and to where they can see that Success truly IS possible in their life?

Create and frame in their minds what I call a “Picture of Promise,” and then keep that picture in your Social Media Leadership front and center. It could be a skinny person, it could be an exotic vacation, it could be a new car or home, or a stress free life! It could be a host of things but the key is that you need to frame it that this is where you are headed and want to take  a LOT of people with you! It could be a beautiful complexion! The list is endless.

Maria, a great friend of mine, keeps a picture of what a person will look like IF–they learn about and start using her skin care system. She keeps this image FRONT AND CENTER on her social sites. She is not trying to sell anything except a possibility and HOPE. It is a Powerful picture of a Solution that leads to a powerful place of beauty and appealing skin. THAT is what you want!

This is a social media tip on framing your social media conversation for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- 5 Things that Super Star Recruiters Do the Average Do Not

mlm recruiting superstars home business

mlm network marketing recruiting

MLM Superstar Recruiting Tips.

Have you ever wondered what was the difference between a superstar recruiter and the average in home business?

Would you consider yourself a super star recruiter or average in network marketing?

What do you think are the distinctions in the mlm process?

There are MANY distinctions in how top recruiters do their job and the average. Today I want to cover 5 things that over the years I have noticed are there. It does not matter if you are recruiting on mobile, local, social, or online marketing. The recruiting strategies and principles are pretty much the same as afar as the approach to recruiting.

Many leaders think that their team will do the steps to recruiting and succeed. But there are other elements to recruiting that need to be considered as well. Just as a chef prepares the food a little different then say another chef, the superstar recruiter does the same thing. They have small differences that make a huge difference.

The most powerful thing about those that CRUSH the recruiting process is that they see recruiting a little bit different then the average. They see it as something that will drive VALUE into people’s lives and change them. The average seem to see that recruiting is how you build a business that will help them earn money. Nothing wrong with that. But that is not the focus of recruiting and that is why that superstar recruiters RULE in a home business.

What are the 5 key distinctions?

1. Superstar Recruiters practice “VALUE Driven Recruiting.” The Average practice Volume driven Recruiting.

Do you see that? Value is the FIRE behind the top recruiter. They want to being a powerful Value to the marketplace and find people that can do the same. They do not recruit- but they DRIVE the life changing Value into the marketplace in multiple ways.

2. Superstar Recruiters spend less time with their prospects.

They are too busy talking to a lot of people and they spend almost half the time with the prospect that the average do. Thee average seem to try and convince people their business is for them. the Superstar recruiter does not. They simply talk to people and find out if they are in a place in their life to appreciate the life changing value of their business.

3. Superstar Recruiters qualify the prospect for their time. The average do not.

The top recruiters in our profession know the Value of their time as they are Value driven. They will not spend a lot of time talking to unqualified candidates. They will make sure they are who THEY are looking for, and will not go on if the prospect is not.

4. Superstar Recruiters use ALL of the Available Markets for Recruiting as they keep up with the technology and marketplace advances.

Superstar recruiters recruit using social media, mobile media, and online marketing tools. They are not limited to what others think is the “right way” to do it. The right way to the top recruiters is what works and works huge.

5. Superstar Recruiters Listen almost 4 times more the  the average recruiter and ask 3 times as many questions whether online or offline.

This is critical. Questions are tools that need to be mastered and the Superstar Recruiters are masters at asking the RIGHT questions to move the prospect forward.

These are 5 critical differences between the average and Superstar recruiters in the mlm network marketing home business profession.

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MLM Training- 5 Master Secrets of Basic Online Recruiting

Online MLM Recruiting Basics.

Do you use the internet for lead generation for your mlm home based business?

Are you using any kind of lead generation software with your network marketing business?

Are you prospecting online at all for your mlm?

Cold Marketing prospecting online is an amazing tactic if done correctly. There are 5 Powerful Master Secrets for Basic Online Recruiting for your home business prospecting you need to know.

Online Cold Market Recruiting is a powerful way to find leads on the internet. Some call it “Attraction Marketing” or “PULL Marketing” or “Funnel Marketing.”

If you are NOT omfortable with online recruiting, I would suggest that you learn it before ou spend any money on ads. There are HUNDREDS of secrets for Cold Market nline Recruiting, but here are some powerful Secrets that will help you  understand how to recruit online in the Cold Market.

1. You MUST “Tip the Scales” in your message or Offer.

If  you are going to ask for someone to spend some money for something, your VALUE must tip the scales DRAMATICALLY. They must perceive that your offer is more VALUABLE then the Cost of your offer. You can Tip the Scales with a side by side comparison and how the Value is so much more than the cost. You cna do this with testimonials. You can do this with Endorsements. You can do this with “Extra Added Bonuses.” There are many ways- just do it.

2. Your List MUST know YOU and Up front and Personal.

When you are mailing out to your list, they need to KNOW YOU. Know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite music, what you read, they got to know you truly care about them, and going somewhere and want to take a LOT of people with you. Where do you go on vacation? what foods do you like? What is your favorite music? Let them INTO your personal side, and your results will explode.

3. Focus your Message on what people want CHANGED, IMPROVED, SOLVED or ENHANCED.

People do NOT want to learn how to become an expert classical guitarist. They want to learn a few songs to impress people, get approval, put a smile on their face, or to get their attention. They are looking for the RESULTS and RESPONSE from people. It is the same thing with online  recruiting. They do NOT want to become an online marketing guru rock star I am the world’s best teacher- they  want to know how to drive leads to a page so they can convert them into prospects.

Think BABY STEP first.

Keep the focus on WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR where they are. Show them how they can drive 20 leads a day to their landing page- not learn how the PPC engine works on Google Adsense or facebook. Keep it SIMPLE, FOCUSED and show them how they can get the RESULTS they want to start with- NOT the technicals.

4.   Find Out what People want to Purchase in your Niche, and then SELL IT to THEM.

Find out what people are searching regarding your niche. You can us these tools:


Search the keywords and find the ones that are highly searched, and also lightly searched as well- both work. We like to use keywords with as little as 5000 searches as most  of these keywords will have no competing ads and you may be the only one!

Once you have found the keywords that people are searching for in your niche, then write your emails and copy around those keywords as well as posts on your blogs. On social media, talk about your FREE report, Mastery Guide, ebook, video with Tips on what the keywords are focused on. Make sure that your copy on your landing page points to the keyword solution they are seeking.

GIVE the prospect what they are looking for- SOLUTION tips and ANSWERS through videos and other communication. THEN once you have them opting in for your free offer, then you are starting to build a list based on what they are seeking and truly interested in your niche and offer.

5.   If you cannot create a Landing page, then have someone create it for you- outsource it.
Here are three suggestions for you to research to get this done:

Give them the copy, and then you will be given a landing page that will match what you need to start recruiting online in the Cold Market for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Training – How to Start a Conversation with Strangers Scripts

mlm training on conversation scripts

mlm training home business recruiting scripts

MLM Conversation Recruiting Scripts.

Do you ever stand in line talking to people about your home business?

Do you ever stumble over you own words about your network marketing business?

How do you even START an mlm conversation if you are standing in line or on a plane?

There are many ways to start a conversation- online or offline. There is a RULE that you must understand:


It is all about how you communicate and ask questions to people. It is how you approach people in the social media space, and mobile space. It is ALL about the communication. And no matter what you have learned about personal development and leadership- if you are not communicating that MOVES PEOPLE– you will not succeed long term.

Conversations are critical whether face to face or online. Starting a conversation that is MAGNETIC is even better and we are going to teach you several things that will help you in breaking the ice and starting a conversation with anyone that you want.

It ALL STARTS with Opening Conversations with People.

With any business, communication is critical. When you are out and about and you meet
people, how do you open up a conversation? When you are standing in a line? There are many different ways, but here are some that have proven to foster Connection as well as Magnetism in talking with people.

If in a bookstore:

 “Excuse me, have you read that book you are holding? Have you read anything by his author? I have been thinking of getting it. Oh- excuse me, did not mean to be rude-my name is___________”

Standing in line:

 “How are you? How do you like standing in line? Do you work around here? What do you do? Tell me about it…Oh I am sorry…I did not mean to be rude. My name is___________”

In a store with sales/employee:

“How are you? Do you
own this place? How long have you been working here? You like it? What is your favorite part? What is your least favorite? I have a company and I am really impressed with you. I would love to chat sometime.”

On a Plane:

 “How are you? Where are you from? Wow! I just started building a business there. Tell me about your town. What do you do for a living? Tell me about it.  Do you know a lot of people in your town? Not sure…but you may know who I am looking for in your city…maybe you can help me.”

These are great conversation starters that will work amazingly in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training – The Recruiting Power of “Connection Influence”?

MLM Cold Market Recruiting Tips.

Do you ever recruit in the cold market for your home business?

Have you ever recruited people that you do not know in your network marketing business?

Are you open to learning some secrets to cold market recruiting for your work at home mlm?

Cold market recruiting is an art form in many respects, and can be one of the hottest ways to recruit-whether online or offline. Cold market recruiting requires only one thing;

A willingness to learn a process that can teach you how to connect and construct relationships with people that you do not know and end up recruiting them after a series of exposures. This is done everyday online with Funnel Recruiting and done offline with classified ads and cold calling. Either way works, and works well.

BUT- you MUST do this daily and without fail to give it time to work. And if you want to deal with TRUTH about cold market recruiting, then let’s take a look at how cold market recruiting works in a home based business.

Let us start with this ONE REALITY:

old Market Recruiting all revolves around one thing:

“Connection Influence.”

This is where you get the attention of a cold market prospect and through your initial Message Impact – online or offline conversation, you can connect with the prospect in some way to create Influence with them, and lead them to where you want them to go with you.

Read that again.


This is where you get the attention of a cold market prospect and through your initial Message Impact – online or offline conversation, you can connect with the prospect in some way to create Influence with them, and lead them to where you want them to go with you.

That is the secret to Recruiting in the Cold Market.

Connection Influence.

Powerful. Personal. Profound.

And if you develop it, you can recruit ANYONE in the Cold Market, no matter who they are, and what cold market they came from whether a PPC facebook ad or a social media stream, or a classified ad running in the Wooden Nickel.

There actually is a very powerful formula that we have taught for years-and we still train on it today as it works amazing in social media and online recruiting:

“The 3 I’s of Cold Market Recruiting.”

  1.     Impact. (You MUST get their attention)
  2.     Influence. (You MUST then get them to trust you and like you)
  3.    Involved. (You MUST get them doing something with you)

These are the 3 most powerful words for Cold Market Recruiting and they alone can make
you a superstar with your company.


 RESULTS in your Recruiting and Team Building.

It is the same with Team Building. What you say and do MUST create and Impact with them, and through that Impact grows Influence, and from that Influence, they become Involved and engaged in what you lead them to. That is how I have recruited or help recruit tens of thousands in the Cold Market.

You need to be equipped for the Cold Market in many ways, and that is the purpose of this Mastery
Post. If you take some of the tips in the next few posts on recruiting for your business Recruiting, your results should sky rocket quickly in your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE mp3 download – “2013 Recruitng Secrets”- over 25 secrets! With Doug and Diane Hochman!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The 8 Rules of Recruiting Small Business Professionals

MLM Rules of Recruiting Business Professionals.

Do you strive to recruit business professionals for your home based business?
Are you currently focused on business professionals in your mlm?
Do you think for your network marketing business that a small business owner would be good for it?
There are different “rules” of recruiting professionals in 2013, and if you know the rules, and recruit within them, you will find that sponsoring business owners is not as hard as one may think.
I recently did an article recently the Psychology of Recruiting Business Professionals which will help you understand what and how the business professional thinks.
There are certain things that one must adhere to, if you are going to be a powerful recruiter of small business owners. We have found through years of experience that there are 8 rules that we have found true for business professionals and the art of recruiting them.
Many distributors and consultants never try and recruit small business professionals because they think they are out of reach. That is not true. But odds are, many of them have been part of a recruiting process that did not go so well, as some of the rules were broken and turned the professional off of network marketing or a home business. This happens all the time unfortunately.
I had the great blessing of having thousands of small business owners in our group and they exploded a lot of the business we were able to build during that time We had in one leg over 2500 business owners and that leg was amazing. It was a professional leg that acted, thought, and recruited professional.
You can do the same thing if you follow the rules. What ARE those rules?
Here are what we call The “Rules of the Game- Recruiting Business Professionals :”
1) No MLM “ease” or verbiage.

 Many of the folks in a home business use a language that the professional does not understand. You MUST talk the language that a professional understand.
2) They expect PROFESSIONAL.

 Many distributors do not look or act professional. This is often a huge turn off to a business professional. Be Yourself, but make sure that you are professional in your demeanor and speech as that is what they expect and is their world they live in on a daily basis,
3) They are looking for RESULTS.

WHY should a business owner be talking with you? How are their RESULTS going to change? Show them how to increase and multiply their results, and you will increase the odds of recruiting them tremendously.

4) They expect it to be ABOUT THEM.
Make the conversation about the professional. Ask them the story of their Success. Ask them what struggles they had at the beginning. Ask them anything that will get them talking about themselves. This will endear them to you. Yes, many business professionals have egos.
5) Be Relaxed- NO PRESSURE at all.
If a small business owner sense that you are pressuring them, they will close down and end of discussion. There is no reason for pressure. Either they see it, or they do not. If they do not  NEXT!
6) Expect MULTIPLE Conversations.
There will be more than one conversation with a small business professional as that is the normal path they travel in business. Most business dealings are more then one conversation and odds are your recruiting them will be multiple conversations.

7) Focus on their expertise and help.
Small business owners has expertise. Ask them to advise you, and see if they can give you some tips on your success. Most professionals will do this. Ask them about marketing and leadership and Success secrets. This will build a powerful bond to you.
8) Talk to the personality.
Many business owners are DRIVERS. There are 4 kinds of business personalities: Driver, Feeler, Analyzer, and Socializer. Talk to the personality. Talk to the Driver bottom line, and little details. What will your  business do for their business? period. End of discussion. How will your business add to their income. TALK RESULTS with a Driver. Talk making a difference with Feelers. Talk details with Anlayzers. Talk FUN with Socializers.
These are 8 Rules that we have found work well in recruiting small business professionals in your mlm network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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