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MLM Training- THE Most Powerful Recruiting Tool YOU Can Use

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MLM Recruiting Tool.

Are you having trouble with the tools you are using to recruit mlm prospects in your downline?

Is there something that you could be using better in your mlm recruiting?

Is there a network marketing recruiting tool that you can use daily and become more effective and more powerful in your recruiting efforts?

Yes, there is.

And you can use this powerful tool to become a Recruiting Magnet and PULL people towards you easily.

The MLM Recruiting Tool that you can use are YOUR WORDS.

But more importantly, the POWER within your words that you can use in recruiting mlm prospects. But your words in your recruiting have a different focus as well. More of an internal focus as well, not just external.

Here is a home business truism that yoiu must accept for your mlm recruiting:

“The Power of Your Words can and will change lives. How about starting with your OWN?” 

Your words carry POWER in them.

The Power to CHANGE, TRANSFORM and ENLARGE people’s lives in your home business recruiting efforts.

But also change YOUR OWN LIFE. Your prospect can sense what you say to yourself as they will hear the quiet echoes of it in your words.

“I am going to be successful.”

“I am such a loser.”

“This is so hard i cannot do it.”

“I am going to CRUSH IT today in my network marketing business.”

Your mlm prospect can FEEL the words you say to yourself as they will be felt as either power or weakness, faith or doubt in what you are doing.

Your words you speak to your prospects carry that Power and what you say to them can offer hope and a new destiny for them and their physical appearance.

YOU can also offer yourself hope as you speak words to YOU.

I am going to be the TOP EARNER in my company!”

“I am building an amazing Team that will change millions of lives.”

“Everywhere I go, people want to hear about my products.”

“WOW! I am getting better everyday at talking with people and sponsoring them!”

“I am the most powerful Leader in this company and everything I do WORKS!”

It is called “RE-SCRIPTING.” You must rescript the programs in your brain and focus on what words that will MOVE YOU FORWARD– not holding you back.

It is called INPUT. What words that you speak you are INPUTTING into your mind and tellng your brain that is the direction your life needs to move.

It is called RE-PROGRAMMING. You have “programs” that you developed before you were 7 years old. These programs (or belief and value internal structure) often are generational, and like chians, hold you down in your beleif and what you think is possible for youir life. Your home business prospect will FEEL that in your words.

Speak words with POWER and you will build a Powerful business in mlm network marketing. Words either can PUSH YOU into Greatness, or push you out of your potential.

Your home business prospect is LOOKING to FEEL HOPE. Make sure that your words echo the POWER that they are looking for- not weakness that they are used to feeling.

Speak POWER into and over your home based business. Speak POWER into your destiny and ABP- Always Be Positive- in everything.

Are YOU Living in THAT ZONE? That Zone of Power and Success in your home business that can EXPLODE your mlm business?

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting – 7 Powerful Secrets to Building Million Dollar Relationships

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MLM Team Building.

What are the secrets of developing Million Dollar Relationships in your mlm network marketing business?

What would you do to be able to build ONE million dollar relationship in your home business?

Would those types of secrets ACCELERATE your mlm business?

These are questions that you should be considering with everyone that you talk to- offline and online. Most people are not recruited because these questions have not been considered nor thought of.

 The secret to building what are called Million Dollar Relationships can be found in the word RELATE:

 “Most people do not understand how to build relationships- especially online. It is not a difficult task but it does require a certain understanding. Let me use the word and acrostic RELATE as the key.

 I have developed relationships all over the world, and this formula worked for me every time.

 1. R stands for REACH out.

 You must REACH out to others and let them know that you are there to help. YOU take the initiative and be proactive. Even if they are an mlm prospect, you need to REACH out and connect with them.

 2. E stands for ENGAGE.

 Take the new contact and engage it. Take the initiative and find out their interests and how you can add value to those interests in some way.

 3. L stands for LISTEN.

 Listen to the prospect and what is important to them. Ask questions about them and SHOW INTEREST in them. Understand they will be more interested in you, if you show more interest in THEM. Find some CONNETION points of things that you have in common. In social media, ask questions about their comments, and about their videos. Then LISTEN to what they say.

4.  A stands for ANCHOR.

 You must find out what you have in common with the home business prospect and anchor that as a solidifier in the relationship. This is where the new friendship starts to “feel right.” This can be as simple as having a hobby in common.

5. T stands for TOUCH.

You must TOUCH the prospect’s heart. It does no good to speak to the mind- if you are not speaking to the heart. Touching the heart is critical-with your words, with your commonalities, with your emotions, and with your Hope and Belief in the prospect’s furture and destiny.

 6. E stands for ELEVATE.

 Continue to lift up, edify, encourage, and elevate the new budding relationship and person in all that you do. Encourage them in their business or profession that they work in. Send the new online friend notes and new information about their interests. And elevate the relationship until it is solid enough to talk offline if it is online.

 Here is a Billion Dollar secret that works:

 7. “It is easier to recruit a friend than a stranger. Befriend them, do not just try and recruit them.”

 Putting relationships FIRST will never allow you to be last in anything that you do. That is how life is.

 When you put someone FIRST before business and what you get out of it, you will always have friends that will put you first as well. Yes, there are exceptions, but those are not the majority.

 Do not give up if you have not done this in the past.

What you need to do is simply develop NEW RELATIONSHIPS and then allow them to blossom. With the advent of the social media and mobile marketing explosion which is still in it’s developmental phase, you have a virtual gold mine in new prospects that will never run dry.

It is endless and infinite.

Use these secrets to RELATING to people and watch your recruiting soar in your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 7 Ways that Fear of Rejection Stops You and What to Do

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MLM Fear Of Rejection.

Do you ever suffer from the fear of rejection in your home based business?

Has the fear of rejection ever made you STOP and think about talking to someone, skyping someone, texting someone, or even striking up a social conversation?

What has that cost you in your network marketing business?

Would you like to know HOW this happens and what to do about it?

Iit all starts on the INSIDE of YOU and your mind. I do not have time to get into the ROOT causes of fear of rejection, but I will say that it is developed overtime from your family culture and your friends that you hang out with and can be devastating to your mlm business.

I believe that you cannot change what you are not aware of.


If you are aware of something, then you can start the change process and let it start increasing your productivity and activity in your home business. That alone is worth the journey to get past the fear of rejection.

One of the things that I also know  is that a person needs to be made aware that something is harming their business.

The fear of rejection can be a silent killer that you have gotten used to and do not even know it has  ahold of you.

How does the fear of rejection impact you and your network marketing business?

Here are 7 quick ways that you can tell you are influenced by it, and how it shapes your thinking, influences your perspective,  and directs your actions:

1. Fear Of Rejection (FOR) can get you to start believing that FEAR stands for Forget Everything And Run.

Most of the network marketing distributors that get rejected once, get all down in the mouth, and give up.

Face what you fear and watch the fear grow smaller. A great book I recommend for facing your fear is “Feel  the  Fear and Do It Anyway.”

2.” FOR” can get your believing that the emotion of rejection reflects the sum total of your worth as a person.

Result? After being rejected, never take a risk again.

The words RISK and RISE contain the same first 3 letters. That is NO accident. Risk will always carry consequences, but you must RISE above the fear and create the POWERFUL consequences and results that will accelerate everything in your home business.

3. “FOR” can force you to play the rejection over and over again in your mind. This helps keep it fresh, alive, and a great excuse for not starting.

Fear of rejection in mlm can catalyze you having a large and ongoing pity party. Even though you’re the only invited guest, unless you hang around the same kind of fearful people.

Get rid of the party.

WIMP stand for “Woe Is Me Party.” That is exactly what FOR can turn you into. A wimp.

4. Take a tip from Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh and think: “Why does this always happen to me?

“Why, oh why, oh why?”

FOR can make you really good at it, as you practice being afraid to ask people for some help, or their time, or just a connection in social media.

Get rid of the pity party,. No one is going to care anyway. BUT- they will surely care if you help THEM get out of their own pity party by showing them how to take a hold of their destiny with YOUR home business.

5. FOR can get you believing that everyone knows you were rejected and made to look like a fool,  and all are looking at you and talking about you.

Well, that may seem to be happening, but it is not.

Pull yourself up out of the emotional pit you have dug, and realize that YOU are in control of your emotions, not others. Go out and ACT like a Leader you are, and not the putz that your emotions are trying to GET YOU TO BELIEVE.

Release the Greatness in you. Become who you REALLY ARE in network marketing. Dont’ believe the B.S. your emotions are telling you.

6. FOR can fill you up with B.S.

Yes, you rad that right.

B.S. That stands for Belief Systems. FOR can temporarily alter the belief systems you have about yourself and can stop you cold in your tracks…with fear.

Get rid of the B.S. and start KNOWING you are GREAT and a GENIUS at this business and life.

7. FOR can help you get stuck. A good way to do that is to stay focused on the rejection and never worry about moving forward.

Being stuck is a choice, not  destiny. get UN-STUCK.  Start moving. Take ONE small action. Then take another SMALL action. Then another. Then another. Then another. Until you have crawled out of that “place of stuck” and started moving again.

There is no “stuck” – strong enough, that a few small actions taken cannot get you out of.

These are 7 ways that the Fear of Rejection can influence you and stop your business, and 7 ways to break you out of it. I would suggest you look for these in YOU and in your group, and start breaking the fear of rejection off of people and your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- THE 6 Most Powerful Words In Network Marketing

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MLM Success POWER.

What are the 6 MOST POWERFUL words in an mlm home business?

What words would carry more truth and MLM Leadership power  in them then just about any words that you could ever say?

Would knowing these 6 powerful Leadership words help you in your network marketing business?

You know…lately I have been thinking about a LOT of things as people struggle in their network marketing business.

I have been getting so many emails and communications via social media and mobile communications that people are just “done.” They have been trying so hard and yet, they continue to get the results that they do no want.

 They are ready to throw in the towel and give up on their dream as they feel that it is not going to happen- especially with the economy and all.

They end up frustrated.

They feel defeated.

They feel like a loser.

They want to quit and move on and get out of the home business profession.

I understand….I was there several times and know EXACTLY how they feel.

Well, I am not going to get up on my soap box and start preaching a Success sermon, but I will share with you what my mentor said to me one time and he has produced well over 8 Billion with one team!

You read that right.


One day at a National Conference, he knew I was feeling quite down and ready to quit. He could see it in my eyes. and he had amazing instincts as well as wisdom.

He sat me down over a brief lunch, and told me he wanted to chat. He asked some questions and then listened. I poured out my heart and told him that I was just ready to throw in the towel and give up on my dream and my business.

Then he looked at me for a long time, with his gentle eyes and spoke 6 words that pierced my heart and very soul…

 These words were absolutely golden and so needed at a time that I nearly gave up on my work at home business.

 I hope that you keep focused and these words  and they help you as much as they helped me. They are GOLD.

 What did he say?

 “Those that LAST, end up FIRST.”

 This business, this home business profession is a lasting process- and it will try you, stretch you, and pull you in all kinds of directions. That includes mentally, physically, financially, and more.


 Much more.

 So read these 6 “Golden Words” every day and KNOW that you are going to CRUSH IT out of the park.

 I am so glad he shared those pearls with me, and I can share them with you.

 Truly, profound wisdom for a home business that is not growing like it should.

 It is NOT how FAST…

 But Did YOU LAST in your network marketing mlm home business?

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

FREE MLM Training mp3 download – “7 Biggest Mistakes in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”


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MLM Training- 5 Powerful Magnetic MLM Telephone Scripts

mlm telephone scripts for network marketing

mlm telephone scripts for home business


MLM Telephone Scripts.

Do you struggle with the telephone in your network marketing business-online or offline?

Are you open to learning some powerful telephone scripts that will rock your mlm home business?

What if THEY WORK?

I have been using the phone for a long time, and I now skype as much as I do talk on the cell. We do a lot of business overseas and it does become quite amazing the technology that is out there. I am sure that you use the phone daily, and probably use it as often as email-whether texting or talking.

Do you struggle on the phone sometimes in your network marketing efforts? I use to, and it was not pretty. I would sometimes get nervous as I would not know what to say, or even where to go in the conversation. But there were some things that we figured out that actually started working, and rocked my network marketing team and business.

If you think about it, here is what the home business prospects you talk to are actually saying to you silently: “I’ll only give you my focused attention if you can provide to me a powerful incentive to listen.”

I call these success incentives “Influence Magnets.”  They’re designed to move people (PULL people) towards you and to pay attention and  listen.

These “Magnets” can be used to influence your mlm prospects to possibly purchase from you, meet with you online or offline, hold a conversation with you, take the time to read any e-mail message you send, respond to your follow up voice mails, and even go to the length of even referring friends and family to you.

There are many mlm telephone secrets and scripts that we have, but there are 5 in particular that have really created some massive success with our Private Clients. and I wanted to share a few with you that may help you overcome something you may be struggling with. And if you are not, then it will accelerate your skill set!

Here are 5 MLM telephone scripts (Influence Magnets) that are Magnetic and will PULL people towards you:

1.  REFERRALS – As An Introduction / Voice Mail / E-Mail/ text/ skype/ social mail:

“I was referred to you by Mary Taylor and she suggested that I might give you give you a call. She thinks that we should connect and chat. ”

“Your name came up in conversation recently with Mary Taylor and she thought we should connect…”

“I was on facebook yesterday and your name came up with a mutual friend and she thought we should chat…”

2. Conversations you have had with others about others:

“I spoke with Larry Rawlings recently and he mentioned that you  may be thinking about…”

“I was talking to Marsha Lee a couple of day ago and your name came up…”

“I spoke to John Taylor recently about an issue that he suggested that possibly may be close to your heart.”

3.  For Live Events, webinars, and conference calls.

There will be distributors /consultants from ABC company that you know who are attending the seminar/webinar. They suggested that you may enjoy attending…”

We have already had 4 skin care practitioners sign up for our webinar, and we thought that this would be a great fit for the growth of your company…”

4. Commonalities.

“I noticed on your facebook page that you live in ABC town.  I am looking for some talent in that city and would love to chat with you, as you would probably know who i am looking for…”

“I noticed on LinkedIn that you also have worked as an <       >  I did as well for several years, and now own my own small business. I would love to connect and chat with you about your experiences as an <            > and talk about marketing…”

“I noticed that you are member of the facebook group <       > So am I.  I would love to hear your thoughts about the group….”

5.  Similar issues, interests, and challenges.

“It sounds like both of us are pretty much focused on similar life strategies…would you agree?”

“I had the same exact challenge about a  year ago that you’re having today. Maybe I can help you…”

“It appears that we both have almost identical, the same philosophy/beliefs about how a future should be…”

These mlm telephone scripts are again what I call “Influence Magnets” and if you use them, or any portion of them, you will find your telephone skills- online or offline- EXPLODE your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social media recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- 6 Reasons WHY You MUST have a Home Business in 2012


mlm network marketing training

home business WHY network marketing


WHY a Home Business.

What are the REAL reasons that Home business entrepreneurs considered network marketing in the first place?

If you are an online marketer, or a funnel marketing specialists, or mobile marketer, what are the reasons that YOU chose a home business?

Would it help you to KNOW WHY most people decide to enroll in a home business?

 That alone would help in your home business recruiting.

Outside of common sense, there are reasons why-  from an economy standpoint -that a home business is a MUST in 2012.

For instance: (here are some facts from the internet news)

  • Fitch: U.S. State and Federal Debt to Hit 94% of GDP
    It is mathematically impossible to pay off the federal debt. (yes that is true.)
    Congress passes record debt hike .
    Obama Signs Law Raising Public Debt Limit from $12.4 Trillion to $14.3 Trillion.
    It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt.
    Two Dozen States’ Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More Within Six Months
    Cash-strapped US running out of unemployment money.
    More and More States on Budget Brink.

Hello? Enough said?

I was in a seminar recently, and was asked WHY a person needs a home business. I thought that was a great question and thought that I might answer this on this post. We also have a CD called The 12 Reasons why YOU MUST have a Home business as well that gives you 12 MORE reasons.

Here are 6 powerful reasons why people start their own home businesses”

1. Flexibility 

This means you want a Business on YOUR own terms.

The #1 benefit for home business owners is flexibility.  They do not have to punch a clock, report to any kind of a boss, or sit in a car during rush-hour traffic and get all stressed out like many do everyday. You can take as many vacations as you want WHEN YOU want and WHERE you want.

And social media, mobile marketing, and internet marketing allow you to be flexible where you work it. With mobile devices you can work your business anywhere there is internet.

2. Money.

The only limit on your earning potential in network marketing is YOU . Almost as powerful as the flexibility, is the income and money.  I would not say it is easy money as home business marketers work hard for every single dollar they make . But the greatest thing is that YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL of what YOU make daily.

When you own an mlm home business you’re in the driver’s seat. If you need to make more money, you just spend more time working your home business. The great thing about driving revenues from a network marketing business is that it can be totally residual.

WHOA BABY!!! Hold your horses!

What do you mean by “residual income”?

 It means that my team and online tools help drive volume even when I do not have the time to work on them.

This is called “LEVERAGED INCOME.” You are leveraging other people’s time and efforts as well as technology to help increase your income.

Leveraging your income frees you up to go out and recruit new prospects, which helps build your business in the future. As you can see this has a total multiplying effect  on your team, your leaders, and prospects for your home business.

You need to recruit some strong leaders that will help you to earn a substantial monthly income. If you recruit the RIGHT people, your network marketing business can be self-sustaining. If you decide to take a week off and go on vacation you are still making money by your team leveraging their efforts.

3. Low Start-Up Costs.

You don’t have to mortgage your house to launch a network marketing business like many franchise opportunities seem to make you want. The startup finances that come with starting up a typical brick and mortar business range from tens of thousands of dollars, to millions of dollars, depending on the business.

 This can present an enormous obstacle for most future entrepreneurs. Even starting part time and having an online store marketing things can be expensive and often frustrating. You can launch a home business that that can start generating instant income for often just a couple hundred dollars, even if you have absolutely no experience in business.

4. No Employees.

Unless you count yourself. One of the biggest challenges facing home based business owners today is finding and managing effective employees, let alone loyal employees. Employees can cost a business a ton of money quickly with one mistake. When you add up  cost of an employee’s salary, benefits, and other requirements, it can add up fast!

There are unfortunately also hidden costs associated with brining aboard employees. Consider the costs of unemployment if you have to lay off an employee. OUCH! Consider your liability if an employee gets hurt on the job working at a place of business. What if an employee sues you for wrongful termination?

AAGGHHHH!  What if an employee goes to work for one of your competitors?

Obviously, it can be quite burdensome to have employees working for your business. With a work at home mlm business you can run the business without having hired help. Not only does this save you a TON of money, but it also eliminates risks associated with having employees on your payroll.

5. No Inventory.

In reality, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection to run a home business.  No need for all that  inventory tyat is required for regular businesses, when you have a network marketing business. The only “goods” you’re selling are SOLUTIONS.

These Solutions are benefits that your products and services offer.

6. No Customer Service.

Let someone else worry about it- like your network marketing company. They provide that for FREE.  Nearly every business on earth has customers so therefore there must be a customer service focus.

Your home business company provides all of that.

These are 6 Powerful reasons that people MUST consider a home business today. If you talk about these in social media, mobile recruiting, and online marketing, you will see an explosion in your recruiting and success in your mlm home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings..doug firebaugh

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Network Marketing Training- The ONE and ONLY THING a Home Business is About

mlm home business work at home

mlm home business network marketing


The ONE MLM Success Secret.

What is a Home Business REALLY all about?

What is the ONE SECRET that most talk about but never “get it?”

What if you could unleash a new power in your network marketing business-online and offline–would that help?

You must, as a home business professional, understand this Platinum Rule of a Home Business team. Many network marketing professionals struggle with their business because of this one powerful secret. And there MUST be a focus on this secret-no matter where you are working.

This includes social media, mobile marketing, internet marketing, or any other kind of marketing that you use to get your message out to your mlm prospects.

If this secret is NOT working for you in your home business, you are not going to HAVE a business soon.

The MLM Rule of ONE THING.

Network Marketing is based on ONE THING –Relationships that LAST- so keep them FIRST- both in Old and New Relationships.

What is a relationship?

It is where 2 people have connected and formed a like mind and emotion towards each other and communicate on a regular basis.

 Network Marketing and a Home Business Team is based on relationships and that is the foundation of your efforts- building relationships with customers and distributors, as well as your Leaders and upline.

 Many people make a HUGE mistake.

 They put results before relationships.

 It will not work.

 Relationships that are put second place, will never put you first in this business. Even with your warm market, we many times take it for granted and assume they will be interested. But they since you are not honoring the relationship first, they become not interested.

 Have you made that mistake ever in any relationship?

 It can be a killer and people do that offline as well as online in social media and mobile media.

 But today, you must also be able to develop relationships quicker with unfettered access in order to succeed in this industry. That is why the internet and the social media /mobile media storm are so powerful. Many people that you talk with in your warm market will not be interested.

Period. That is just the way it is.

 Then many people who have worked an MLM Network Marketing business before become a part of the NFL Club.

WHAT is the “NFL Club?”

 No Friends Left.

 But that should not stop anyone with the power of the world at your fingertips through socail media and mobile recruiting to develop new relationships. The internet and social media has opened up doors for building new relationships more than any other invention within the last 100 years.

And the internet is constantly evolving and maturing into a medium of communication that is moving perfectly towards becoming the greatest mlm prospecting tool that a distributor or consultant could have. And there are other “trainers” out there that have moved into this arena with their information, but have missed the mark in a couple of ways.

 1)   Relationships must eventually be taken off line and voices connected over the telephone. Internet relationships-even social networking relationships– can only be developed up to a certain depth via the internet.

2)   Relationships developed via social sites must be focused on ADDING VALUE and GIVING – NOT taking – as many seem to be focused on doing or teaching.

 If you are putting relationships first, then you must understand that it is what you can POUR INTO the relationship– not just get from. And that is a secret that has helped produce billions in this industry.  Relationships are precious and should be treated as such.

 What would be a reason that YOU would develop a relationship? That is probably the same reason that most would as well.

 Home Business Professionals should focus on not just building the relationship but also HONORING it by adding value into it constantly.

 When you are building a new relationship- especially online, you should focus on 3 questions:

 1)   What is the person looking to gain in life – and can you help them in some way obtain part of that via your friendship?

2)   What does the person truly VALUE in life and how can you ADD to that VALUE?

3)   Where do they want to take their life and why?

 These are questions that you should be considering with everyone that you talk to- offline and online. Most people are not recruited because these questions have not been considered nor thought of.

If you embrace this Powerful Secret of Putting Relationships FIRST, YOU will always be coming in FIRST in your mlm network marketing business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook-Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The 4 Listening Habits When Recruiting Prospects?

mlm network marketing listening training

MLM home business listening training

The MLM 4 Listening Habits.

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why people fail in network marketing is because of their LISTENING Habits?

Are you aware that Listening is one of the most powerful tools you have in building a home business?

Do you know the 4 Listening habits?

What would happen if you could discover your listening is in need of some help?

That is the reason for this post.

Your listening may be the biggest cause of your struggle in mlm.

I have been there. When I first got in this business, I did all the talking, I was in the SALES MODE. That is what I thought you were supposed to do. I wanted to SELL my business to people and get them in my downline. And I did a good job of it.

I talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked to the mlm prospect.

And they all had ONE THING in common:

They would disappear and I would never hear from them again. I could not understand it. I gave them ALL the information they needed to know about the company and even went IN DEPTH with the compensation plan. I was a walking and talking mlm sales GENIUS!

Or…was I?  Smile.

My mentor, who now is closing in on 9 BILLION in this profession with ONE downline, saw what I was doing one day when he was working with me. I wanted to impress him, so when we went to the first appointment, BAMMMOOOOOOO!

I gave it ALL I had. I was OnFIRE! I talked, as Zig Ziglar would say, with gusts up to 100 miles an hour!


A Dose of Home Business Reality.

My mentor stopped me dead cold, and took over. He looked at me, and said that he had a few questions for the prospect…

And I have never been hit so hard with a dose of reality in my life. He asked a question…then shut up.

He listened and then asked another question. And then asked another question. Then he asked ANOTHER question and listened. I was stunned. The prospect was smiling, and actually showed interest in the business.

Then the strangest thing happened.

He signed up on the spot. I sat there with my mouth open. How did that happen? Where did that come from?

After the appointment, we went to lunch – and he started Success School. I was the student and he was the teacher. He said that I needed to know the 4 Listening Habits and learn them. and form that day forward, my whole world changed in this profession as I found out that this is NOT an “information firehose” business.

This was a business of LISTENING and then asking MORE questions.

It is about Listening and Leading– Not Selling and Pushing.

What are the  4 Listening Habits? You need to learn them and then find out where you are, and ge tot the place of where you need to be.

All of our Listening is HABITUAL. We learned how to listen- nor NOT listen- from our parents and influencers in our life. If you are going to be a successful home business recruiter, then I suggest you LEARN these and then change what needs to be changed.

The 4 Listening Habits.

1. Listening to the WRONG People.

Many network marketing professionals listen to the wrong people. They listen to the nay sayers and the negative neds and nellies. They listen to the people who live in the past. They listen to the victims and whiners of the world. They listen to the complainers and get spewed on all over. And then they carry those conversations into their business.

Jettison the negative conversations and move past them.

2. Listening WRONG to people.

This is where you are listening to what YOU can gain form the conversation, not what the ptospect can gain.

It is called “selfish listening.”  You need to practice in mlm recruiting “Selfless Listening.”

Listen to the prospect from THEIR world, not yours. Listen as if YOU were saying these words and how would you feel?  Listen with intensity and and listen to LEARN and LEAD– and to HELP the person with a solution.

Say, “Tell me more about that. I want to know and then see how we together can solve this issue…”

You will be glad you did and so will they.

3. Listening AT people.

This is a habit many people have. I call it “Courtesy Listening.” You listen with your mouth ready to unload after they are finished talking. You are courteous not to interrupt them, but you have not idea what they just said. You were thinking of what YOU were going to say next a out your business or product.

Here is a tip: Find out what they are looking for and then show them how you can help them find it.

But you will never learn what they are looking for, if you are TALKING all the time.

4. Listening FOR people.

This is where you need to be as a network marketing leader.

You are listening FOR the problem and then you are listening FOR a solution they are seeking. This habit of listening is how you listen to your mlm prospect and then seek the problem they want solved, and then you listen further to see if there is any type of solution they are looking for that you can help them with.

Say, “What is the biggest concern do you have moving forward in 2012? Is it financial, family, health, or what?”

Then LISTEN and LEAD them to your Solution.

If you listen FOR people, you will find your mlm recruiting and home business success starting to occur more rapidly and more powerfully. That is how you PULL people towards you.

ASK, LISTEN, and then LEAD them to the Solution you have available with your home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012

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MLM Training- How to Create an “Acceleration Tsunami” in your Business

mlm training network marketing

mlm network marketing training wave


MLM Success Tsunami.

Would you like to create an “Acceleration Tsunami” in your home business mlm?

What would it take for YOU to become an Accelerator that catalyzes people to acceleration?

How would that impact your network marketing business and team?

In a recent post that I wrote yesterday,  I talked about the 4 positions in life that people occupy and how to recruit them as well as understand who they are in your organization. This is important as you will see as your team grows these 4 positions being filled, as well as in the prospects that you talk to.

All mlm prospects fall into one of those 4 categories that you are planning on recruiting. Depending on the category they are positioned, will influence heavily their ability to succeed or fail at your work at home business.

But there is a way that you can create an “Acceleration Tsunami of Success” in your home business, and there is a secret that you must be aware of.

To do that-


If you are going to catalyze Acceleration in your results, volume, team, or anything else, it all starts with who you see in the mirror.

And that Acceleration Switch is called DECISION.

 Acceleration of success starts with a DECISION for YOU to change, and then implement it.

You may have to rescript your thinking and talking, as well as your expectations. You will have to start creating a new, powerful INPUT STREAM into your mind, that will start the change process from where you are, to becoming an ACCELERATOR. You cannot stay the same, and expect things to change. This input comes for listening to CDs, to watching online videos, to reading powerful ebooks, to talking to Successful people and upline about Success and Leadership and what advice they can give you.

I am all the time asking how can I improve, how to get to the next level, and what comes after that. YOU should be doing the same thing. That;s what Acclerators DO.

The New Technology.

Accelerators are all over the new technology on the internet, as well as social media and mobile media in their network marketing business.

Most people that gravitate to the new social networking and mobile marketing processes that are now available on the internet and mobile devices, will see income and even wealth much quicker than the average person that does not use it daily for business. These new social /mobile sites as well as technology and software, accelerate the ability to communicate, prospect, present, follow up, communicate, and close the prospect faster than anything that has ever existed in the network marketing profession.

The new Billion Dollar Producers will come from this social mobile community.


The new Billion Dollar Producers will come from this social mobile community.

The Secret of The Accelerator.

 The Accelerator Position is where the new millionaire are going to come from. THAT is a powerful statement and is the reason YOU need to embrace the new internet social / mobile processes and sites, and let them become a part of your network marketing home business work.

And that means DAILY.

 People who are in the Acclerator position also love taking people with them. They are the bloggers and video heads that educate people on the new things their business offers. They are the internet radio and TV pros and podcasters that educate people on the new ideas that have helped others. They are the wiki and mobile marketing folks that make the community get involved and reach out to them about their products and business. They are the tweeters, texters, SMSers and IMers that make the micro blogging communication  go.

 This is where you need to be headed.

 And I do mean if you truly want to succeed at Network Marketing Home business today. You must at least get into a process that allows you to connect to the acceleration power of the internet and social / mobile sites and start there. Do you want to honestly create the income that sets you free?

Then take a Billion Dollar Trainer’s advice and move in to the Acceleration Position.

 The future of this industry will be with the Accelerators and the Growers. And even the Growers should be moving towards embracing the attitude of the Accelerator.

Here is an “Acceleration Script” you can use daily to KEEP ON TARGET with your Success in network marketing:

 “I will not be stopped, or delayed in moving towards my goals and dreams. I will stay ahead of the curve- and I will set my OWN curve because they do not move as fast as I want. I will not listen to anyone that does not get it, and I will be educated only by those who have already been there and proven themselves to be the real deal. PLEASE – Enough of the hype, and the promises. Give me REAL – Keep it REAL- and nothing else. I am the new upcoming millionaire in this business and that is the ONLY destiny I have. Twitter / facebook / google+ /text me if you want to go with me.”

 These are 3% of the population. And the 17% of the population that are the Growers should grow to become an Accelerator that will be un-denied and unstoppable in any home based direct sales business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessongs…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Recruiting- How to Recruit the 4 Positions in Life No One Will Teach You

mlm recruiting training

mlm home business recruiting


The 4 Positions in Life People Occupy.

Are you familiar with the 4 Positions (NOT personality types) that people occupy in the network marketing profession?

Are you aware that EVERYONE fits within one of these positions?

If you could discover you are in the WRONG position, how would that help you in your home business?

You MUST understand the 4 Positions that People occupy.

 There is a secret to success in any home business effort, as well as life, and it is the secret that is rarely taught, if ever.

 It is the Secret of the Positioning Factor.

 People throughout life have a tendency to accept a position that either is a place to create Success or a place to create mediocrity.

  You must get in a position that can move you forward, and move you to a place that can create the circumstances and contain the ideas and processes that can catalyze Success. That position is determined much from what a person has learned from his or her family and associates.

Most people today are in a position that imprisons them where they are, because they have decided that is where they feel most comfortable. It is familiar.

Wealth creation is catalyzed by being in the right position – often with the UNFAMILIAR. That position is both internal and external. That means being in the right mind set — as well as action set that produces the results desired in life.

 Positioning is a major part of marketing – as well as moving things forward. That is why that you must understand the 4 Positions that people Occupy. I want to cover these and I have never heard anyone else teach theses and i hope they help you in your network marketing mlm business.

The 4 Positions of a Home Business owner.

 A)  The Fall Behind Position.

 This is where many people are today. They do not keep up with the changing progress, and stay locked in a lifestyle that continues to keep them falling behind even further. These folks do not do well at all in the home business arena as they are too focused on what worked yesterday and clinging to traditions that may be working against them. Nothing wrong with that, but there are better ways to live life in my opinion.

 The Fall Behind person resists change for the most part, and does not like to see anything that would upset their understanding and living of life.

Their philosophy is “If it is not broke- why improve it?”

These folks also are the negative people that tend to try and slow progress every step of the way, not realizing that progress has it’s own momentum.

These folks can make good customers, but even that can be questionable sometimes.

 They make up about 50% of the population.

  B)  The Stagnation Position.

 This position is where the person will adapt to change- eventually. And stay there until forced to move to another position because of change that demands it. They like the idea of improving things- and will readily accept it- but on their time and their terms. That is why cell phones took a while to catch on. These folks were eventually forced to embrace the cell phone, but only when they were ready.

 The motto of the Stagnation Nation is: “On my terms, my time, and my track.”

 But they DO eventually get to the progressive ideas- but the bad thing about it is that by the time they do- the ideas are news of yesterday, and newer ideas and products are on the way.

 These folks can make good retailers of products and good distributors if worked with. But they still have a tendency to stick with the old ideas of doing business and creating results. If you are going to earn a huge revenue stream today, you must have a fine tuned “Dual Track” process of working Network Marketing that includes the old traditions as well as the new ones including social media, mobile marketing, and online marketing. This includes NOT being stagnant and in a rut- but being open to new ideas that can move your business further ahead quickly, like embracing the New Social Media sites and technology.

 Recruiting these folks is easy. Simply use what they are comfortable with, with the old methods and language that feels comfortable. You can recruit them, but they will stay where they are for the most part income wise.

 They make up about 30% of the population.

 C)  The Growth Position.

 These folks are the ones that you really want to look for and draw into your sphere of influence. These folks like new ideas, and progress. They are always open to learning about new ideas, and then embracing them to better their life, and their lifestyle.

 These folks LOVE the idea of new ideas that can grow their life and their income. They read a lot, and listen to CDs and listen to mp3s on the internet. Many have Iphones, Droids, as well as Blackberries. They love the web and all the new sites on it. They do gravitate towards the social media communities and most are on twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, and facebook. And they do not mind having to learn new things and instructions on how to operate and use new methods of communication and doing business.

 People that are in the growth position are very open to home businesses and more income. They want MORE out of life, and MORE for their lifestyle. They are open to new ideas when they appear and often embrace them readily.

 It is a myth that you can succeed at life if still in the wrong position. It simply will not work. The growth position is like a magnet for Success. They seem to draw towards them the people and ideas that are current and new, and then take action on them once they have the operations and processes down to move into that Success zone.

 Recruiting them is easy and fun. They are open to new products and new ways of doing business. And they are open to moving into a business arena that is non-traditional as they understand that is where most of the future is headed.

 These are about 17% of the population.

 D)  The Accelerator Position.

 This position is where YOU need to be if you own a home business. The Accelerator Position is exactly what it is- it is a position that thrives on accelerating life and income, and lifestyle. These folks live life in overdrive, and refuse anything except what their dreams call for. And these folks are always on the pursuit of how to live life on a higher level and a more powerful pace.

 Unlike the Growth Position, the Accelerator Position DEMANDS change– and not just accepts change. They were involved in the new Web 2.0 and the Social Media from the very start. They were the first on myspace way back in 2003, and the first to have Iphones and ipads. They were the first to have laptops, and the first to have email. And they are the first now to be on all the social sites and constantly reading about the new owns that are on the way.

 These folks demand much out of life, as well as themselves. They for the most part are Leaders, and they tend to have a lot of followers. They are unbelievable recruiters- not just from who they are- but also the processes they use to do that. They recruit using all the new social tactics, and when all the rest of the industry is catching up, they are light years ahead in business, volume, and income.

They make up about 3% of the population.

 They are the future millionaires of this powerful industry.

They are the NEW wealth acceleration creators in Network Marketing. And YOU can be one of these powerful people- refusing NOTHING but what your heart cries out for concerning your life and lifestyle.

You can put yourself on a Wealth Acceleration Track that cannot be stopped if you decide that is the position that YOU want for your mlm home business!

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power – over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firrebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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