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The MLM 4 Listening Habits.

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why people fail in network marketing is because of their LISTENING Habits?

Are you aware that Listening is one of the most powerful tools you have in building a home business?

Do you know the 4 Listening habits?

What would happen if you could discover your listening is in need of some help?

That is the reason for this post.

Your listening may be the biggest cause of your struggle in mlm.

I have been there. When I first got in this business, I did all the talking, I was in the SALES MODE. That is what I thought you were supposed to do. I wanted to SELL my business to people and get them in my downline. And I did a good job of it.

I talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked to the mlm prospect.

And they all had ONE THING in common:

They would disappear and I would never hear from them again. I could not understand it. I gave them ALL the information they needed to know about the company and even went IN DEPTH with the compensation plan. I was a walking and talking mlm sales GENIUS!

Or…was I?  Smile.

My mentor, who now is closing in on 9 BILLION in this profession with ONE downline, saw what I was doing one day when he was working with me. I wanted to impress him, so when we went to the first appointment, BAMMMOOOOOOO!

I gave it ALL I had. I was OnFIRE! I talked, as Zig Ziglar would say, with gusts up to 100 miles an hour!


A Dose of Home Business Reality.

My mentor stopped me dead cold, and took over. He looked at me, and said that he had a few questions for the prospect…

And I have never been hit so hard with a dose of reality in my life. He asked a question…then shut up.

He listened and then asked another question. And then asked another question. Then he asked ANOTHER question and listened. I was stunned. The prospect was smiling, and actually showed interest in the business.

Then the strangest thing happened.

He signed up on the spot. I sat there with my mouth open. How did that happen? Where did that come from?

After the appointment, we went to lunch – and he started Success School. I was the student and he was the teacher. He said that I needed to know the 4 Listening Habits and learn them. and form that day forward, my whole world changed in this profession as I found out that this is NOT an “information firehose” business.

This was a business of LISTENING and then asking MORE questions.

It is about Listening and Leading– Not Selling and Pushing.

What are the  4 Listening Habits? You need to learn them and then find out where you are, and ge tot the place of where you need to be.

All of our Listening is HABITUAL. We learned how to listen- nor NOT listen- from our parents and influencers in our life. If you are going to be a successful home business recruiter, then I suggest you LEARN these and then change what needs to be changed.

The 4 Listening Habits.

1. Listening to the WRONG People.

Many network marketing professionals listen to the wrong people. They listen to the nay sayers and the negative neds and nellies. They listen to the people who live in the past. They listen to the victims and whiners of the world. They listen to the complainers and get spewed on all over. And then they carry those conversations into their business.

Jettison the negative conversations and move past them.

2. Listening WRONG to people.

This is where you are listening to what YOU can gain form the conversation, not what the ptospect can gain.

It is called “selfish listening.”  You need to practice in mlm recruiting “Selfless Listening.”

Listen to the prospect from THEIR world, not yours. Listen as if YOU were saying these words and how would you feel?  Listen with intensity and and listen to LEARN and LEAD– and to HELP the person with a solution.

Say, “Tell me more about that. I want to know and then see how we together can solve this issue…”

You will be glad you did and so will they.

3. Listening AT people.

This is a habit many people have. I call it “Courtesy Listening.” You listen with your mouth ready to unload after they are finished talking. You are courteous not to interrupt them, but you have not idea what they just said. You were thinking of what YOU were going to say next a out your business or product.

Here is a tip: Find out what they are looking for and then show them how you can help them find it.

But you will never learn what they are looking for, if you are TALKING all the time.

4. Listening FOR people.

This is where you need to be as a network marketing leader.

You are listening FOR the problem and then you are listening FOR a solution they are seeking. This habit of listening is how you listen to your mlm prospect and then seek the problem they want solved, and then you listen further to see if there is any type of solution they are looking for that you can help them with.

Say, “What is the biggest concern do you have moving forward in 2012? Is it financial, family, health, or what?”

Then LISTEN and LEAD them to your Solution.

If you listen FOR people, you will find your mlm recruiting and home business success starting to occur more rapidly and more powerfully. That is how you PULL people towards you.

ASK, LISTEN, and then LEAD them to the Solution you have available with your home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012

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MLM and Network Marketing-The Skill That All Success Depends On

Less is More.

What does that mean?

Less talking is more powerful, as you increase your MLM arsenal to succeed and win in MLM and Network Marketing..

And expand your bullets to hit the MLM Victory bullseye…through the Incredible Power of…


Do you realize Listening is a Power that can be exercised and tapped into and with it, you can change lives…including your own?

My mentor taught me that …

“Doug…Listening is the Million Dollar MLM Skill…..Master it, and you have mastered the Power Core of MLM Communication, Connection, and Caring…found in MLM and the Heart of Success”.

If you study great leaders, most were great listeners, and learned from it. Who do you know that is a great leader in your MLM Business or your Community? If you study them, study their Listening habits…. “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of Listening when you’d preferred to talk.” Doug Larson

When you listen next time with someone…give 100% attention,and don’t let anything distract you…remember…this is their time with you…respect it.

Lock onto not just the Moment, but the Message within the Moment.(CLUE!!!!!) REALLY Listen and you will be surprised what you hear that you’ve missed before…

The 4 MLM Direct Sales Factors.
For this article, let’s engage:

1) An Active MLM Listening… not just with your ears, but also with your eyes and heart…

2) A Powerful MLM Body Language… Look in your folks eyes, and lean their way, to show connection.

3) A Caring Focus… Listening starts with the heart.

4) A Content MLM focus… Listen for the content, not just the intent… in your Home Business.

5) An Empowering Attitude… Encourage and edify all that has been said, show gratitude for them thinking enough of you to share…

When you listen, you are… Leveraging & Increasing Success That Empowers Now.

Your Listening will Leverage the Power found within it to Increase Success in Empowering the Now in MLM. Absolutely nothing can Empower a situation, a moment, or a person, for Success, like Focused, Magnetic listening.

The MLM Million Dollar Skill.

People are not only Attracted to it…

But compelled to be a part of it…and are drawn towards it….

The Power of Listening truly is the “Million Dollar MLM Skill…”

Most People treat it like a 5 dollar attitude…

My Mentor also said…

“The last word in listen is ten… Listening is 10 times more Powerful, and Success Attracting in the long run, than talking….”

Are you Listening?????


Doug Firebaugh

©2011 PassionFire International. All rights reserved.

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