MLM Training- One of the Greatest Opening Questions for MLM Recruiting

mlm training home business

mlm home business training

MLM Recruiting Question.

Have you ever asked the wrong question to a network marketing prospect?

Have you ever ever walked away frustrated because of so many negative responses from your home business prospects?

How would you like to discover an opening line that RARELY if ever gets a negative response?

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There are many ways to start a conversation with people for your direct sales business. I have found that there are 2 different kinds:

1. The kind that sound robotic, agenda driven, and “I am going to get something from you today!” approach that feels pressured and not relaxed.


2. The kind that PULLS people towards you immediately and makes the prospect FEEL comfortable and relaxed.

Now here is a million dollar question:

Which one would YOU prefer to have asked of YOU?


I want to tell you a story.

Her name is Lori. Lori was with a weight loss company, and she was struggling a lot. Her business had stalled and she had no answer for why. Because of that, her upline was putting pressure on her. She wanted her to do more meetings, more presentations, more three ways, and more work. And she did. But it started impacting her family. She was gone more, and she was beginning to  not like her direct marketing business. As a matter of fact her husband was getting to the point that he wanted her to stay home and be a mom.

So she quit.

But she had a lot of weight loss product that she had to get rid of, and called me and asked what she should do. I asked her some questions, and found out that her upline had sabotaged her career unknowingly by forcing her to go into desperate mode, not her normal smiling friendly marketing mode.

I asked her to tell me what she was asking folks when she initially contacted them. She did, and I must admit, it was NOT what it should have been as it was pressured. Her upline gave her the script.

She had turned a warm approach into something that was not relaxed, and not natural for her.

I suggested she ask one simple question and then forget about it.

She said ok, and then we chatted about other things.

3 weeks later, she called me.

What should have taken 3 months to do and get rid of, she had done in 3 weeks.


She got back to being herself, and asked the question we discussed and ONLY that question.

And by the way…

She engaged her business with a new power and today has one of the largest teams in her home business company..


WHAT was the question she asked?

Understand, that this is for a weight loss company,  but the question can be used for anything.

Here is it:

“Hey, you know some people dont you? I am doing some research. How many people do you know that are struggling with their weight? Would you like to help them?”


Here is for skin care:

“Hey, you know some people dont you? I am doing some research. How many people do you know that are not totally happy with how their skin looks? Would you like to help them?”

Here is for travel:

“Hey, you know some people dont you? I am doing some research. How many people do you know that would love to go on a vacation at about 20% of the normal cost? Would you like to help them do that?”

This approach is what we call “The Research Connection.”

Try it. Put your niche and products in there and practice it.

Dont be surprised if you see an explosion in your appointments in your network marketing home business!


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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Success- Your Questions are the ANSWER for MLM Success

mlm network marketing success

mlm success home business


MLM Success.

Have you ever wondered what the REAL secrets to success in a home business are?

What would it be worth if you could discover something that would turn your home based business into a raging success inferno?

Would that make a difference in your network marketing business?

Often, home business professionals never realize there are few secrets to this business of mlm. But the secrets that are out there- YOU NEED TO KNOW! But many have not been revealed in a way that the average network marketer can embrace.

That is the goal of this post.

I want to reveal something that has often been ignored, but yet is a HUGE secret to any and all multi level marketing success. Get your pen out and take some notes. My mentor taught me this, and it really is a billion dollar revelation if you embrace it in your home business.

Here is a quote that I sent out a while back on the social media scene:

“Most people get the WRONG ANSWERS because they are asking the WRONG questions unknowingly.”   Doug Firebaugh

Simple enough, but lets get down to the REAL power in that success quote that will explode your mlm recruiting.

Here is a Billion Dollar Secret:

Questions are the REVEALERS.


 A lot of truth in that statement.

Questions are the tools that Reveal WHO YOU ARE – but also reveal WHERE YOU ARE GOING in your home based business.

Questions can either DRAW people towards you – or asking the wrong questions can push people back.

What are YOU doing with your questions?

But it is NOT the questions you ask the prospect that are the Power hitters.


It is the questions that you ASK YOURSELF that truly will determine much of the success that you DO have- or DO NOT have in network marketing. The questions you ask yourself reveal that you either BELIEVE or DOUBT if you are going to success in your mlm business.

Many home business professionals ask, “Can I really do this business?”


You should be asking, “How big do I want to build it?”

Many network marketers ask, “Why is my business not growing?”


You should be asking “AM I GROWING?”

Many mlm professionals ask, “What are the secrets to this business?”


You should be asking, “Why am I keeping this business a secret?”

Many home based business pros ask, “Why are the majority of the people in network marketing not Successful?”


You should be asking how NOT to be in THAT MAJORITY.

If you have questions about your business- maybe you are asking the WRONG QUESTIONS!

The Questions ARE THE ANSWER in your pursuit with your home business success.

Bottom line: Ask the right question – get the right answer in your mlm network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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