MLM Mobile Recruiting and Marketing- Thursday Night Oct 27th LIVE!



mobile mlm recruiting

mobile mlm recruiting


Have you heard about the Mobile Marketing frenzy getting ready to hit?

Are YOU planning on being a part of that wave?

Did you miss the Internet Marketing and Social Marketing wave?
Do NOT miss the NEXT WAVE:

Mobile Recruiting with MLM Marketing!

We are doing a webinar Thursday October 27th, starting at 8 pm EST called Mobile Recruiting University.”

It will teach you ALL you need to know to start taking your recruiting and list building MOBILE. if you own an MLM home business you do NOT want to miss this.

It will teach you:

  1. MLM List building over your mobile devices.
  2. QR Codes and how to recruit with them.
  3. “Tap to Call” texts.
  4. SMS texting to recruit.
  5. Mobile business cards and how to use them.

Plus Much MORE!

Go to:

This is a GAME CHANGER and there will be some powerful surprises as well!

To register:  Mobile ME!

blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Tips- A $26,712.00 Reason to Talk to Prospects About MLM

home business mlm money

mlm money for home business


Have you ever been looking for a GREAT reason to go out and talk to people about your home business?

Do you ever wonder about the REAL reasons WHY people need -and the power behind that need – of a home business?

I have been doing a lot of research lately, and have found some interesting facts that ONE stood out like a sore thumb.

I do research so that I can better understand trends as well as statistics that paint a picture of the profession that we are in- network marketing.

And a lot of these stats in research are quite boring and a lot simply not what pertains to our profession. But one statistic EXPLODES the reasons why people are needing more money today as well as a home business.

Many people have great reasons to be looking for an alternative income for their home as well as family. I know people that are hurting and laid off here in Michigan. It is s tough time for a lot of folks.

Bur what if I could give you a reason to start a home business that is worth a solid $26,000.00 NOW?

For sure?

Would that be something that would help you in your mlm home business efforts for your network marketing efforts?

Many people when they approach people about their home business seem to focus on what THEY can gain from it, not the prospect. That is a loser of an idea as it is the prospect that should be focused on, understood, and start where the prospect is in their life journey.

Let me give you a how to that I believe can open up a LOT of conversations with people looking for more in their business and life.

I was listening to the radio and ABC news came on, and they were talking about on the show that a little over 50% of the US workers today — makes only a little over $26,000.00 a year.

And the average US government worker makes over $100,000.00 a year! (click to read report)

I nearly drove off the road as I heard that. Ok, I thought, let’s see if that is really true as I believe little I hear in the media.

But WOW!

 It was true.

Sadly true.

The average worker today makes a little over $26,000.00 a year- but that is HUGE for our profession as with that knowledge, we can arm ourselves with this information and hold conversations about it.

Whether online, on social media, mobile conversations, or face to face this is something that has proven to get people’s attention:

“Let me ask you a question: did you hear recently that over half of the US population makes only $26,000.00 a year? And the average government worker makes over $100,000.00 a year? Do YOU work for the government? No? How would you like to get a government sized paycheck with your own business and tell that 26,000.00 that it is just not enough?”

This is HUGE as it truly can focus people on the REALITIES of what is happening today in the US as far as income.

And with the MLM profession you truly can make a difference in their life, as well as lifestyle by comparing their income with the reality of the US government, and then let them know that amount is possible with their own business.

Engage this tactic and see  what kind of response you get. I researched it. I tried it. And the response I received was MORE than positive.

And I know you will get the same response for your MLM home business as well..

How do You Recruit 2 Business Owners a week using LinkedIn? Click here.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training-Mobile Marketing and Mobile Recruiting for MLM

mobile marketing recruiting mlm

mobile mlm marketing and recruiting


For your MLM home business, one of the hottest words right now is ‘MOBILE.”

Add “marketing” to it for “MOBILE MARKETING” and “MOBILE RECRUITING.”

Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Advertising.

Mobile Recruiting.

Mobile Social.

Mobile Networking.

Mobile QR Codes.

Mobile Local.

Mobile Social.

Mobile SKYPE.

You get the picture. Mobile Marketing and Recruiting for MLM home business I believe will be much like the QR Code. It will  be a GAME CHANGER for marketing and recruiting in network marketing. People today have G4 iphones and droid phones, as well as blackberries. They also have ipads, notepads, this pad and that pad. I have taught and coached Mobile Recruiting and marketing to our Private Clients for over 2 years and it has been quite dramatic in seeing our clients obtaining good results. You can too if you choose.

Mobile marketing and mobile mlm recruiting is in it’s INFANCY. It is NOT mature as  a marketing model, and there is much to be learned and put together. But in the overall picture, Mobile marketing and recruiting for your home business could be one of the greatest tools and tactics that has come down the pike in a while.

What makes Mobile MLM marketing and Mobile recruiting so powerful for your home based business?

1. Mobile Home Business Marketing Accelerates TIME and Quickness in the Prospect’s Response.

The new technology will quicken the pace of marketing and recruiting. It will give you power of being able to do business in a way that will speed up your results as well as actions. It will give you leverage that you have not had before on your cell. And it will give you more CONNECTION with the prospect from the very beginning.

2. Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting will MULTIPLY your Presentations.

Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting will MULTIPLY your exposures of your business just off the sheer volume of possible exposures with the “4th screen.” Tt will allow you to do hundreds of exposures at a time but unlike “funnel marketing” or “squeeze pages,” it will be more PERSONAL.

Mobile MLM Marketing and recruiting will allow you also to have “instant presentations” that can also increase the number of exposures dramatically. This happens through the different actions that you take in Mobile MLM Marketing and recruiting.

3. Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting create IMPACT for the prospect.

Impact is critical to home business recruiting and prospecting. Mobile MLM recruiting will create a visual impact as well as EXPERIENTIAL Impact as most prospects will not know or be familiar with this kind of marketing.

Impact will come from your websites that you market to them on their phones. Impact will come from Mobile Local and being able to meet them in person. Impact will come from Mobile social as you create a social network of mobile prospects with Mobile marketing.

Impact will also come from QR Codes that may change everything about mlm mobile recruiting and marketing.

4. Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting can be put on Auto pilot.

This is one of the greatest part. Mobile mlm marketing can be put on auto pilot with software, and you walk away from it and count your leads. This is something that can change your ability to recruit nationwide- in hundreds of places and cities- all at the same time mobile wise.

This is a Game changer time and I do mean game changer.

Soon we will have a very extensive training resource on Mobile MLM recruiting and marketing. It will be out soon as well as the QR Code Recruiting resource as well.

I would suggest you GAME UP on the success tactics of Mobile MLM marketing and recruiting. The impact will be enormous in the next year on your mlm home business.

Social Recruiting in Network marketing? READ THIS!

blessings…..doug firebaugh

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