MLM Training- Are You Working Your Business or is It WORKING YOU?

mlm home business social mobile marketing

mlm home business social media

MLM Mobile and Social Media Recruiting.

Are you using mobile media or social media in your recruiting for your home business?

What are your plans on using mobile marketing for your mlm?

How do you use mobile recruiting in your network marketing efforts?

Sometimes adapting and engaging new tactics and strategies is the most difficult and
challenging requirement for a new or veteran distributor. You can get in “ruts” and patterns of working and thinking that often will work against you. There are many good sites like bridge who can guide for business.

But how would you like to actually have for once, MORE QUALIFIED prospects to talk to
then you could ever contact?

How would you like to have MORE APPOINTMENTS than you could actually attend and they happen with your mobile?

How would you like to have MORE NEW VOLUME and RECRUITS than you ever have had in your business EVERY MONTH?


If you quit working your business…yes, you read that right.


And then…

Let your business START WORKING YOU.


You can and WILL- if you quit working your business…

And let your business START WORKING YOU.

What do I mean?

How would you like for your business to be on auto pilot while you sleep and when you
wake up every morning you have literally 10 – 20 new leads in your email and people wanting to be your friend and wanting to know what you do? It happens to us everyday.

That is your business working you.

How would you like for your business to open up doors to people and leaders that you
could never have met, and they are contacting you and wanting to connect-while you sleep?

Sound too good to be true?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to hold an event in your home and have people from all over the country attend your event- from New York to L. A. to Tampa to San Diego and you sign them up online? Then you have an archived version of that video that people from all over can view daily-while you are doing something else – and they ask to connect with you?

That is your business working you.

How would you like to have your own TV program or radio show talking about your business
and folks from all over the world watch it on their mobile device while you are with your family at dinner in a restaurant?

That is your business — working you.

Either you are working your business or your business is working you. That is really one of the best kept secrets to Success in network marketing…


  1.  It must create leads while you sleep.
  2.  It must create exposures in multiple places while you are with your family.
  3.  It must do your recruiting while you are busy doing something else.

Then, when you come back to your business, it has work for you to do already in motion with
new leads and prospects who want to connect with you.

 That is your business working you.

And if you do not know how to accomplish that, then let us show you how you can, with Home Business Social and Mobile Media FUSED.

It is a Combined Media Marketing Tsunami that is coming and it will be huge in a couple of years in network marketing and home business.

Let me be blunt:

Social and Mobile Media is something that you really need to embrace. Social and Mobile Media is in it’s infancy in Network marketing with the power of technology working for you to be able to recruit 24/7 even when you are asleep.

Combined- it is a JUGGERNAUT for prospecting and recruiting 24/7. Most people do not realize that 70% of ALL social media is now connected to on mobile devices.

You can be on TOP of the social and mobile media wave when it hits- or on the bottom – and get crushed. That is your call.

These are how you can get your business working YOU in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c)  2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Engage the 4 Steps of Mobile Recruiting-Part 2

mlm network marketing mobile marketing

mlm home business mobile recruiting

MLM Mobile Marketing and Mobile Recruiting.

Are you aware how fast how fast mobile marketing is growing for home business?

Are you engaging mobile in your network marketing recruiting?

Are you using your mobile for building your mlm business?

Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Marketing are 2 powerful “still in diapers” marketing tactics that will change the face of home business as we know it. It will transform out profession into a much more laser focused and speedy system, with amazing accuracy. I would suggest you get on the ball and start learning about mobile recruiting if you have not.

Here is Part 2 of a 2 a part Mobile Recruiting article series I did with the # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the Nation for a head hunting firm. He has become a legend with social media and now mobile recruiting. You can Read Part One here.

D:  What do you think is the most important element in Mobile Recruiting?

S:  Oh that is easy. STRATEGY. You must have a cohesive marketing and recruiting strategy behind your mobile recruiting. You must have  PLAN that works and works every time. I have a plan with my mobile recruiting and it is a pretty simple plan.

 1. P stands for PUSH.

I want to push a message out daily to the prospects I have that may be a
candidate in the making for a company I represent.

 2. L stands for LOOK.

I want the prospect to LOOK at my message and there is no better way and no
quicker way then mobile recruiting. Of course I want to have something that
will grab their attention as well.

 3. A stands for ACTIVATE.

I want the prospect to TAKE ACTION on something and that is why I offer a free
ebook to the mobile prospect to get their name and email. I want them to be
activated and already moving towards me when I contact them. I want them to
KNOW who I am and start building a relationship IMMEDIATELY. A free gift of
some kind starts that process.

 4. N stands for NAVIGATE.

I want to Navigate the prospect to a  page, webinar or video of some kind. This will introduce the company I am representing and the position. In a home business scenario I would think this would be an introduction to the business.

 These are what I do daily. Mobile recruiting is much like fishing. But you must have a lot of lines in the market and once you get a strike, you will find they are already in the recruiting process with their mobile device.

D:  Do you think that Mobile Recruiting will be as big as recruiting on social media?

 S : Yes, I do. It will take a couple of years to create a solid marketing and highly productive recruiting model, but once it has been solidified and tested for breakage, it could very well take over the social media recruiting frenzy.

D: Ok, here is an obvious question: why do you think that way?

S: Oh that one is so easy to answer. SPEED. The pace of recruiting with a mobile device is so much faster then social networking. On a mobile, you have the prospect entering into the recruiting process within seconds. With social media it could take a week or 2 or longer. There is certainly a LOT of
recruiting going on in social media, but speed can hinder to some degree.

The pace of mobile recruiting as far as getting them in the recruiting process can be as fast as lightening. The mobile user is use to opening up a text quickly, and if they opt in for a free ebook, then you have them in the recruiting process within seconds. THAT is much more appealing to the younger generation as they operate at that pace.

D: One final question about mobile recruiting before we take a break. What do you believe is THE secret to mobile recruiting success?

S: Hmmm…..good question. Hmmmmm….<thinking>    Doug, I would say if there is one thing that really matters- it is IMPACT. Your message and mobile website must create a visual and actional impact that will get the prospect to DO something and not just click away.

It needs to be visually appealing and full of hope. I think it should ask a question and also LEAD them somewhere. That is the real thing that people are looking for. Often, people want to be lead down a path and if you have an impact-ful mobile site, then you will find them engaging that site right off the bat.

D: What are some of the opening questions you ask when you are in “Fully Engaged Recruiting”…as that is what you call that process?

S: Great Question.  I always ask “Are you looking for a job or for a secure high paying future?”  I would suggest that might be something that your people may use. But say it like…hmmm…”Are you looking for a high paying future of more of the same thing you have now?” These are the type of things that pull people into your website.

 I would also suggest that they ask, “Are you looking for a high paying secure business from home or more of the where you are now?” I know. That is a bit blunt, but you must sometimes be blunt to get their attention.

 And one more would be, “ Are you satisfied with where you are career wise or would you be open to a high paying future that you control and manage?” This is what I believe would work, and I have been recruiting for a while as you know. I hope this will help your readers and folks.

These are massive powerful strategies for mobile recruiting for your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- Mobile Recruiting and WHY It will be a GAME CHANGER-Part 1

mlm mobile recruiting home business

mlm network marketing mobile

MLM Mobile Recruiting and Marketing.

Do you use your mobile device for your home business?

Do you use SMS for texting for your network marketing efforts?

Are you aware how powerful mobile recruiting is for mlm?

I had the great honor of interviewing a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation about recruiting using mobile devices. It can be applied as well with a home business and online marketing.

S stands for Scott, D stands for Doug.

The interview took place at a country club during summer of 2012 This starts in the latter part of the interview and Scott has been talking about social networking.

D  So let’s talk about what you call one of the  most powerful Recruiting phenomenon in Corporate Recruiting- Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Marketing. Think Mobile Marketing has a prayer for success?

S  <laughing> Everything has a prayer. Just some have a bigger return on the prayer and I believe that Mobile Recruiting is changing the face of Corporate
Recruiting as well as your profession-the home business person. I believe that
if done correctly, Mobile Recruiting can accelerate the process of recruiting a tremendous amount. Everywhere I read as well as my industry’s experts, all say that this is the coming wave and they all are saying to get on the band wagon.

It ACCELERATES the Recruiting process and can create a real connection unlike most other paths to recruiting. People look a their mobile at least 15 times a day. How would you like for YOU to be in their phone every time that they look at it? Would that give you an advantage?

D You have been mobile recruiting now for what? 3 years?

S  Yes, 3 years. And it really has made a difference in my ability to stay in touch with my candidates. Connection is so important in recruiting and it helps me stay more connected as it gives me an extra “Power Reach” as I call it.  Let me explain. Mobile recruiting gives me the power to reach my clients in a way that was not available even 4 years ago.

I call it “Mobile Glue” as it really does keep you glued to their mind with a mobile recruiting program. It does what I call “Explodes Your Reach” and that is what I want to happen in my recruiting strategy.

 It allows me to also reach those potential candidates with a channel or technology that they are used to looking at literally up to a hundred times a day.  We use SMS, Mobile Media, and other mobile tactics that allow us to move the prospect forward into the recruiting flow.

 Mobile Recruiting is a more powerful connection power than email or even social networking. It gives me entrance into their daily routine and it is so much more powerful to meet them where they are versus chasing them via the phone.

I have numerous candidates that right now have been doing all of their job searching effort via their mobile devices as it is so much more convenient. Now let’s be real, that is a smaller percentage than those who we have connected with via job boards, monster, hotjobs and those kind of job sites. But we have a growing percentage of those that ask for a text or text them a link or a corporate video  to the company website they might want to consider.

 This once again accelerates the pace and speed of recruiting overall. It really does make an impact as well when you start showing you are in the Mobile
world. Many candidates like that fact as it shows that we are in the up to date
mode and not one of the ol fogey corporate recruitment firms.

 There are many of them out there as well as more traditional home business companies. I am going to make a prediction: If a company within the net 18 months does not embrace mobile recruiting and mobile marketing, they will be left behind in the dust. I promise you that as they will be playing catch up for a long time.

If you want to stay in a more “personal touch” as the prospect carries their mobile on “their person,” and that is much more powerful communication as well as more intimate and personal. It truly is a great way to “get an edge” on your prospect, and set yourself apart.

And all you do is simply say, “Here is my mobile number, please write it down. I would like to lock your mobile number into my phone-what would that be?”

These are wise words of advice from a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation on Mobile Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Get Hundreds of Mobile Leads a day for Pennies a Leads

mlm mobile ads

mlm home business mobile ads

Mobile Lead Prospecting.

Do YOU understand how RADICAL the Mobile Lead Generation Storm coming is going to be for your network marketing home business?

How would you like to have a million eyeballs look at an ad you ran for your home business- for pennies a day?

How would that impact the number of leads you are getting a day for your mlm direct selling business?

There is so much out there about PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPV (Pay Per View) but what will DWARF that in the next couple of years is Mobile Lead Advertising and Generation. It will be bigger than Google and facebook ad impact- COMBINED.

What would THAT do for your network marketing home business?

(By the way there is a webinar Thursday June 28th- 8 pm to 11 pm EST called The Mobile Lead Avalanche with Josh Peak and myself. Josh is the home business profession’s GO TO GUY on Mobile Lead Advertising, and we will be showing you step by step what to do to get your business message out on millions of cell phones and with a million eyeballs looking! DO NOT Miss this. Click here:  Mobile Lead Avalanche

Here is a great post from the Mobile Sniper that I wanted to share with you. It really is applicable to the home business profession. I think that it may just open your eyes to the potential of the incredible Mobile Lead Generation storm coming!

Allow me to be as bold when i are able to be: if you’re running an internet business and also you need leads visiting you daily, cell phone marketing will stun you using what has become possible.

STUN YOU. Shock YOU. Drop your Jaw.

Fifty million people are travelling with this smart phone searching for things to look at, purchase, and often to connect with. Truly this is a game changer.

The greatest brands on the planet (Home Depot, Pepsi, American Express) have experienced the mobile possibilities that are before them and also have engaged mobile in everything they do,  as both Apple and Google have introduced that they’re both “mobile first” companies now. Cell phone marketing for companies of each and every size allows for effective mobile marketing prospecting.

Here’s how.

Whether you decide to pursue all this mobile advertising by yourself, or else you elect to choose a mobile marketing company, now you can buy very inexpensive clicks from mobile marketing platforms and steer that traffic right to your house page. So how exactly does 6 cents a click seem?

But wait, it will get much more impressive than that.

With an excellent mobile advertising services company, you can (and really should) design ways for your visitors to be incentivized into providing you with their emails in return for something of worth just like a free report of the downloadable coupon.

Instead of delivering that traffic to your home page for any look, why don’t you place them right into a “sticky marketing” chance by developing a mobile landing page and providing them with something of great perceived value?

That’s the way the 6 figure per week earners do it.

Like they already know marketing on cell phones is really a process not really a sniper shot. You have to invite people to your message by providing them something of great value after which allows them to learn more and more about how exactly you conduct business. This alone will change everything you knew about prospecting.

Mobile Lead Generation is the biggest thing coming and will dwarf all advertsing in 5 years.

Will YOU be a part of that or will you miss this prospecting gold mine too for your mlm home business?

FREE Social media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Prospecting- The Prospecting TRUTH of Social and Mobile Media

mlm social prospecting home business

mlm social mobile recruiting

MLM Prospecting TRUTH.

The task of talking to people is a big one, as that is how network marketing works. You expose your message and products to people, and then find out if they are going to become a customer or a distributor for them.

But there seems to be a huge mistake made in the home business market today.

Many people chase people away. You heard me correctly. Many people have so little going on in their business that their need for a customer or distributor is so strong that it chases prospects away.

And then- the distributor starts chasing them because they have no choice. They are looking for customers and distributors and that prospect is the only thing they got in the pipeline.

That is NO way to work this business. It is much like dating. If a young man asks a girl out, and she says, “No,” than he can call her again if he chooses. But if after 20 No’s the young man may not be getting the message that the girl is simply not interested.

But what if the young man went to a social, and met 5 young ladies who all let him know they would love to go out to dinner- that makes chasing the first young lady seem a total waste of time and effort.

As well as makes the young man seem blind to the truth of who is out in the world wanting to date him.

Are you blind to who is out there that would love to talk to you about your business?

Or do you have your “prospecting radar” on?

And if not- why not?

People today must see the enormous quantity of quality prospects that are out there- in the social media zone.

Frustration is a major part of being an entrepreneur, as well as a Network Marketer. And that many times leads to discouragement and leaving this business. It does not have to be frustrating or discouraging if you simply shift your paradigm about who is available to talk to in the marketplace.

It is normal to want to tell you your friends and family about your business.

That is what we do.

But most folks that you are close to, will not be that interested, because you probably have not succeeded before like you are presenting to them. This conversation lacks credibility to your friend.

They simply turn you off in the listening room in their mind. 

Ok. Great.

It’s about time we came to the realization that this game of begging for prospects is NOT working.

Let’s quit playing that game.

Let’s start doing something that makes a whole lot more sense, and start talking to people that are looking for us ad want to talk to us. You need to start getting our message out to those who are looking for you. And quit wasting your time on those folks that will never really be interested.

Who are most people looking for?

Anyone that will give them some time. That is the challenge.

That presence you carry with you when you do that- pushes people away as they realize something:

 “They know you want to talk to them a whole lot more than they want to talk to you. ( READ THAT AGAIN-editors note.)

What if it were different?

What if you talked to people that at least as much they wanted to talk to you as you to them?

How would that feel?

THAT is what millionaires in this business do.

They do not waste their time on people that are not worth the conversation as far as business. They are PICKY with whom they talk to, and they expect people to come to them – as that is how Leaders do thus business. They look for those who are searching for them.

How about you?

Are you willing to learn new methods of mobile recruiting, SMS, QR CODES, social networking, mobile marketing and social recruiting strategies that will allow you to discover a whole new world out there that you maybe did not know existed?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn some new tactics that will bring people TO YOU – versus you going to them?

THAT is how home business prospecting is going to be worked he majority of the time in the near future.

But why wait?

Why not be ahead of the curve and learn the mobile-social media tactics today and not worry ever again about chasing people down just to see if they will let you continue pitch them on your deal and business.

If you become a part of this powerful mobile -social Storm, your world is going to shift into a gear that makes overdrive seem slow. I know. And after 26 years, this has me more excited than anything I have seen for prospecting since the cassette tape!

 This business is that simple. Just making a slight shift in your prospecting and finding leads, and adding the social media part to it, can make your recruiting and prospecting efforts 100 times more powerful.

That is why it is called “Co-Traditional Network Marketing”. It is more than just the old ways of doing things.

It is the new, more powerful way that when combined with the traditional way, it can explode your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

FREE mlm mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistkaes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Mobile Recruiting and Marketing- Thursday Night Oct 27th LIVE!



mobile mlm recruiting

mobile mlm recruiting


Have you heard about the Mobile Marketing frenzy getting ready to hit?

Are YOU planning on being a part of that wave?

Did you miss the Internet Marketing and Social Marketing wave?
Do NOT miss the NEXT WAVE:

Mobile Recruiting with MLM Marketing!

We are doing a webinar Thursday October 27th, starting at 8 pm EST called Mobile Recruiting University.”

It will teach you ALL you need to know to start taking your recruiting and list building MOBILE. if you own an MLM home business you do NOT want to miss this.

It will teach you:

  1. MLM List building over your mobile devices.
  2. QR Codes and how to recruit with them.
  3. “Tap to Call” texts.
  4. SMS texting to recruit.
  5. Mobile business cards and how to use them.

Plus Much MORE!

Go to:

This is a GAME CHANGER and there will be some powerful surprises as well!

To register:  Mobile ME!

blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Mobile Recruiting – ACCELERATION: The POWER of Mobile MLM Recruiting

mobile marketing mlm recruiting

mlm mobile recruiting marketing


Do you use a cell phone for your MLM business?

Do you CARRY a cell phone with you in your home business efforts?

Are you aware of Mobile Marketing and Mobile recruiting for your network marketing business?


Mobile MLM Recruiting is getting ready to elevate the profession of network marketing to a level and SPEED that many never thought possible. That is one of the greatest parts of Mobile MLM Recruiting :


This will speed up your ability to recruit as well as build a business that was not possible this way ever 5 years ago.

How would you like to be able to:

  • Recruit twice as many people in half the time?
  • Recruit prospects that rarely answer emails but yet answer your texts?
  • Prospect 24/7 with mobile people that are always on the go?
  • Speed up the recruiting process with the use of your mobile phone and little more?

ACCELERATION is the fruit of Mobile MLM Recruiting.

It is amazing how FAST you can recruit using the Mobile Recruiting strategies. These are all part of a Coming Success Storm in recruiting. Everyone uses their cell phones. And especially for checking in on social media sites, checking email, as well as returning texts.

Texting has overtaken email as far as preferred way of quick communication. How would you like to take the speed of texting and integrate that with your recruiting for your home based business?

YOU CAN and WILL with engaging Mobile MLM Recruiting.

MLM Mobile Recruiting increases the pace and speed of your ability to communicate with prospects. You can literally mass text a group of prospects at will and have them look at your text within 2 minutes. That is amazing and all you do is do what you have been doing for several years- sending out a text message.

The Power of MLM Recruiting Mobile is the Power for ACCELERATION in your Recruiting and results. I am not saying this will replace your online mlm recruiting, or your social media recruiting, or even your offline recruiting. But what I AM saying is that you can integrate the MLM Mobile Recruiting Model with what you are doing online and offline to increase the spped.

Tom Cruise in the movie “Danger Zone” said, “I have a NEED FOR SPEED.”

That is the Power of MLM Mobile Recruiting:


If you would like to learn MORE about MLM Mobile Recruiting, I would encourage you to take a look at:

Mobile Recruiting University webinar!

This webinar will be held on October 27th 2011 and will prove to be amazing training on Mobile Recruiting for MLM. It will blow your mind as the new secrets that will taught there for Accelerating your Results as well as Recruiting! 

If you have missed this webinar, there is a Replay as well available. Just check this link:

This will INCREASE, ACCELERATE, and SPEED UP your recruiting, results, success, and mobility in your mlm home business!

blessings…..doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

How do You Recruit 3 Professionals a day on LinkedIn?

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Mobile MLM Recruiting- Mobile Marketing and MLM FUSION


mobile marketing recruiting

mobile marketing recruiting mlm


Have you ever been with your mlm home business on your phone and looked up something and the screen was way too big for your screen?

Have you ever seen these ads that say “text ##### to this number?”

This is known as Mobile Marketing and is becoming one of the hotttest marketing focuses in the business world. Everyone seems to be at least starting to look at the possibilities that this marketing model offers the customer as well as the marketer.

It it accelerating the ability to market 100 fold.

 It is bringing possibilities to the marketing arena that have never existed before. And it is creating a buzz unlike anything since social media in 2004.

What if YOU could turn Mobile marketing into a Recruiting Power unlike anything you have ever seen?

This is what I am talking about. In your home business, being able to market in a way that literally you can recruit at will- anyplace, anytime, with anyone-over your phone.

Sound too good to be true? READ ON!

Mobile Recruiting I predict will redefine how lead generation is viewed and practiced.

The basics of mlm home business lead generation will always be the same. But the power to do it has dramatically shifted with the FUSION of Mobile Marketing and MLM Home business.

Mobile Marketing + MLM Home Business = Mobile Recruiting.

That is why there are 3 main reasons why you MUST embrace Mobile Recruiting and learn it. It is EASY, SIMPLE, and FUN.

1. It Allows You to Recruit to a More Targeted Prospect.

When you focus in on Mobile Recruiting- you will find that the prospect is more targeted, as they are NOT just surfing the web. They are totally focused on looking for something as well as seeking answers.

2. It Allows You to Get in their PERSONAL Zone.

There is no more personal space then a cell phone screen. It is carried with the prospect, used dozens of times a day, and stays on them. Some people even sleep with their phones next to their bed. THIS is HUGE for recruiting.

3. It is “Microwave Recruiting.”

People are “micro focused.” They want everything NOW. Mobile Recruiting allows them to get the information NOW and then take them to another part of the recruiting process NOW- no waiting.

Mobile Recruiting is Mobile Marketing on STERIODS! And YOU need to be a part of it for your home based business.

THAT is WHAT Mobile Recruiting is and why you MUST be a part of this -or BE LEFT BEHIND in your mlm home business.

Learn How You can Get a FREE “Mobile Recruiting 101″ CD Training Series!”

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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Home Business Training-Mobile Marketing and Mobile Recruiting for MLM

mobile marketing recruiting mlm

mobile mlm marketing and recruiting


For your MLM home business, one of the hottest words right now is ‘MOBILE.”

Add “marketing” to it for “MOBILE MARKETING” and “MOBILE RECRUITING.”

Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Advertising.

Mobile Recruiting.

Mobile Social.

Mobile Networking.

Mobile QR Codes.

Mobile Local.

Mobile Social.

Mobile SKYPE.

You get the picture. Mobile Marketing and Recruiting for MLM home business I believe will be much like the QR Code. It will  be a GAME CHANGER for marketing and recruiting in network marketing. People today have G4 iphones and droid phones, as well as blackberries. They also have ipads, notepads, this pad and that pad. I have taught and coached Mobile Recruiting and marketing to our Private Clients for over 2 years and it has been quite dramatic in seeing our clients obtaining good results. You can too if you choose.

Mobile marketing and mobile mlm recruiting is in it’s INFANCY. It is NOT mature as  a marketing model, and there is much to be learned and put together. But in the overall picture, Mobile marketing and recruiting for your home business could be one of the greatest tools and tactics that has come down the pike in a while.

What makes Mobile MLM marketing and Mobile recruiting so powerful for your home based business?

1. Mobile Home Business Marketing Accelerates TIME and Quickness in the Prospect’s Response.

The new technology will quicken the pace of marketing and recruiting. It will give you power of being able to do business in a way that will speed up your results as well as actions. It will give you leverage that you have not had before on your cell. And it will give you more CONNECTION with the prospect from the very beginning.

2. Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting will MULTIPLY your Presentations.

Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting will MULTIPLY your exposures of your business just off the sheer volume of possible exposures with the “4th screen.” Tt will allow you to do hundreds of exposures at a time but unlike “funnel marketing” or “squeeze pages,” it will be more PERSONAL.

Mobile MLM Marketing and recruiting will allow you also to have “instant presentations” that can also increase the number of exposures dramatically. This happens through the different actions that you take in Mobile MLM Marketing and recruiting.

3. Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting create IMPACT for the prospect.

Impact is critical to home business recruiting and prospecting. Mobile MLM recruiting will create a visual impact as well as EXPERIENTIAL Impact as most prospects will not know or be familiar with this kind of marketing.

Impact will come from your websites that you market to them on their phones. Impact will come from Mobile Local and being able to meet them in person. Impact will come from Mobile social as you create a social network of mobile prospects with Mobile marketing.

Impact will also come from QR Codes that may change everything about mlm mobile recruiting and marketing.

4. Mobile MLM Marketing and Recruiting can be put on Auto pilot.

This is one of the greatest part. Mobile mlm marketing can be put on auto pilot with software, and you walk away from it and count your leads. This is something that can change your ability to recruit nationwide- in hundreds of places and cities- all at the same time mobile wise.

This is a Game changer time and I do mean game changer.

Soon we will have a very extensive training resource on Mobile MLM recruiting and marketing. It will be out soon as well as the QR Code Recruiting resource as well.

I would suggest you GAME UP on the success tactics of Mobile MLM marketing and recruiting. The impact will be enormous in the next year on your mlm home business.

Social Recruiting in Network marketing? READ THIS!

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