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Home Business Training-Who is YOUR Decision of Influencer?

home business influence

home business influence

You may not know it, but MLM and Network Marketing have a certain power to direct YOUR life as well as others. Influence can come from many directions for a home business.

BUT….It can be a GOOD influence or a BAD influence.

It depends on who you are listening to, as well as what you are saying to YOURSELF.

People in general I believe want you to succeed, but some will not. You must understand that you have what I call “The Decision of the Influencer” to make. You must decide WHO is going to have  more influence over the Success of your business. It will determine EVERYTHING.

But we will get to that in a minute.

Influence from the wrong place can be a killer for your MLM business. You work at home business could suffer dramatically in it’s results and it’s momentum. But that is something that you have to step back and take a look at.

But here is something else for you to consider as well. Here is a quote I put out a while back that talks about the “Decision of the Influencer.”

“The Power you have INSIDE OF YOU influencing your Success, is far beyond any and all power OUTSIDE OF YOU – influencing your failure.”

It is called “The Influencer.”  We all have them. But the biggest one is INSIDE of you. The Power you have inside is THE influencer in many respects to your success in your home based business.

What “powers?”

The Power of your Thinking.

The Power of your Decisions.

The Power of your Actions.

The Power of your Vision.

The Power of your Determination.

The Power of your Emotions.

The Power of your Faith.

It ALL works together to form an UNDENIABLE Power of Success that you can live in, walk in, breathe in, stay in and Succeed in on a daily basis. YOU were BUILT for Success, and are HEADED TO Success. You must accept that fact.

And every Prospect will be drawn towards it LIKE A MAGNET! when you make that Decision of the Influencer, people will RESPOND TO YOU more positively. They will FEEL something different from you and like it. It is the Power that is radiating from you.

But that will happen ONLY:

IF the right Influencer is influencing you along the way. There is SO MUCH MORE inside of you that you can give to your destiny and Success. It is someone that you may have forgotten about, or never knew was there. But it is a power for undeniable Success in network marketing.

It is called the Power of the BIG YOU.

There is a small little you on the inside, and a BIG YOU. You must decide which one will run your life and build your home Business. The Big You is waiting for you to step back and say:

“I am bigger than any negatives, nay sayers, any NO I get, any doubter, any assumer, any slacker, any discourager, and any loser that will come against me and try to stop me.”

So the question is, WHO are YOU going to listen to and focus on their advice and influence?

There is ONLY one answer if you are to Succeed- the BIG YOU and all the Power that it brings to this world and to your MLM home business Success.

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 blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Blitz Training- Secrets to Connecting To Your Prospects 5

Home Business Training-Are YOU Tapping into THIS Success Secret?

mlm home business success

mlm choices for home business

Many home business mlm owners make the mistake of not creating a power in their business.

Are YOU making that mistake?

In network marketing, POWER must be there to draw people towards you. But not just ANY power.

The power of making a CHOICE and then TAKING ACTION on that choice, is one of the most powerful things you can do daily. NO ONE can take that power away from you. In your home business, you will find what you CHOOSE will influence your daily Success enormously.

Here is a quote that I sent out a while back in social media and it is SO critical to creating your Success:

“It’s the Choices that you make on an hourly and minute by minute basis that will whiteboard paint and color a picture of your life in the future. Choose the colors wisely as the world will see your Artwork .”

You can choose to succeed with your Home Business or not.

You can choose to hold a LOT of NEW conversations with your home business prospects or not.

You can choose to make your home business work…or not work.

You can choose to listen to the nay sayers …or not.

You can choose to be a MAJOR SUPERSTAR with your direct marketing company and dominate the Success in your company..or not.

Choices are what DRIVE YOUR DAY…and what drives your day, eventually will drive your life.


Choices are like pistons in an engine that make it go, or make it break down. Many people’s lives today are broken down because of their past choices.

But there is always a second chance to choose wisely.

CHOOSE Today for Radical Success with your Home business mlm.

Choose wisely in what you do and who you talk to. Choose today that you WILL be a star in your own right with your company.

Your Choices are the POWER – in your Hours.

“It is the POWER in your HOURS that will DRIVE or DELAY your Home Business Success. YOUR CHOICE.”

Choose Today Success- and quit listening to those who choose differently.

It’s YOUR CHOICE…not theirs.

It is YOUR Home Business, not theirs.

It is YOUR Destiny, not yours.

It is YOUR LIFE that you will love- to create RADICAL Success in your MLM and Home Business.

Endless leads? Everyday? How does THAT Happen?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Secrets of Social Media Recruiting? Where and HOW?

MLM Prospecting-Secrets to Connecting to the Prospect Part 4

MLM Prospecting- The POWER Formula for Finding Endless Leads

mlm prospecting

mlm prospecting for home business

There are many home business tactics and actions that are needed to create success in your MLM business.

There is none more critical- ESPECIALLY if you are a newbie in this great profession, than MLM Prospecting for your home based business. Finding and gathering leads are absolutely a MUST- either online or offline.

There is much debate over “online prospecting, “Social prospecting,” and “Traditional prospecting’ and I get asked a LOT what a home business professional should do and which one.

My answer?


  YOU need to do them ALL and create a BALANCE that will build a tight business, not an exit turnstile business that so many people seem to build. They find a LOT of leads, but yet they LOSE a lot of folks as well. They just do not stick.

But enough about that. Let’s get back to MLM prospecting and the POWER  formula for finding leads.

MLM Power Prospecting can bring in the results you desire for your network marketing home business, and the number of prospects you are looking for. There is NO DOUBT about that fact.

MLM Power Prospecting is a paradigm shift in what you do to prospect. It is a different focus than most. Most people in network marketing, whether online or offline,  do not Power Prospect because there is no real power that they can connect to to energize what they are doing.

Their Power comes from what THEY WANT, and not what the PROSPECT IS LOOKING FOR. And that produces NO power for the prospect to plug into. Many people get fooled into thinking that this new idea is “THE ANSWER” to MLM prospecting. I read about one recently that you are supposed to make it all about you and your Success and make them want what you got. Get them envious…you are a ROCK STAR!!!  Yes if you try hard enough…you can be LIKE ME!

Give me a break. Your goal is to make THE PROSPECT the rock star…not you.

Lot of GREAT social media, funnel marketing, and offline prospecting ideas out there, but if they are NOT TOTALLY FOCUSED ON THE PROSPECT…

Sorry, you are out of commission and out of magnetism….won’t work.

Sure, there are the online  “one site wonders” that promise you the moon,and guarantee all you do is send them money and they will show you the secrets to mlm prospecting. And to be honest, a few do work, and should be considered. But MLM POWER Prospecting comes from another source, not another secret, tool, book, cd, seminar, or even an mlm training article like this one.

MLM Power Prospecting comes from WITHIN YOU and you totally MUST CONNECT to that Inner Power that draws and PULLS people towards you.

And when you connect to these following 5 “Prospect Connectors” you will experience a new MLM Prospecting Power and Surge in your MLM Prospecting that will blow your mind. It has a ton of folks and it WORKS.

What are the 5 “Prospect Connectors” to the Power within?

Let’s us the word POWER and take each letter one at a time:

1) P stands for PASSION.

What are you passionate about in your life? That is the Success Driver behind your MLM Prospecting. Not only to find people that can become a part of your “Passion Walk” but also become a part of their own. Passion attracts people to you like nothing else can, and then weld them to your dream like a blowtorch.Passion is the FIRE that burns in the belly, that drives you to go way beyond what you thought was even possible. People are attracted to that like a magnet on steroids.

What are you truly Passionate about even if you are not currently pursuing it in your life? Start pursuing it, with your mlm business helping to drive it and fund it, and let other people be the doorways that will not only help create that in your life, but also their own passion in theirs.

People will follow PASSION a whole lot quicker than they will a presentation. Passion is a sure MAGNET that will PULL people your way. And your job is to “Transfer the Passion” to the prospect. Get them passionate about THEIR future and destiny. Get them passionate about THEIR POSSIBILITIES with your business. Make sure YOUR passion ignites THEIR dreams and passion for the future.

2) O stands for OPENER.

MLM Power prospecting is about being an “Opener”, not a closer. It is about opening people’s minds, hearts, eyes, and futures to what they can be, not what they are. MLM Power prospecting is focusing the prospect on the power of their own dream, and then show them how to create the Opening in their life with your business. This focus relies on conversation, not just a network marketing presentation.

Opening someone’s mind up to what is truly possible is beyond just power, but now you have tapped into PURPOSE which carries with it a whole different realm of power. Talk to them about what THEY WANT in life. Show them the doorway with your network marketing company,and then open the door as you describe what their life will be like working with you. And then let them discover their purpose through the Power of opening their “CANS” in life, not cant’s.

Two VERY opening magnetic words:  “WHAT IF…?”  Use those often.

3) W stands for WHERE They Are.

Start prospecting from where the PROSPECT IS, not where you are. Most people in MLM try to grab the prospects’ hand, and drag them into Network marketing. Not a good choice.

There is something we have taught for a while:

Start in their world, and then lead them to yours.

Where you start is as important as where you finish.Do not put pressure on the prospect. That is not MLM Power Prospecting, but Poor prospecting. And you will lose the prospect just about every time.

Ask a lot of questions and get to understand where they are in life, and what challenges they are facing. Understand them before you ever try to recruit them. Understanding turns the average prospect in to a willing prospect.

4) E stands for ENGAGE RADAR.

You have what we call “MLM Prospecting Radar” and you need to keep it engaged at all times. You need to ask three questions:

“Who is around me right now and do I know them?”

“If I do not, do I want to?”

“Are they alone or with a group of people?”

Then simply go over and if they are with people, then listen, and comment from time to time on what is said. If they are alone, then simply go up and introduce yourself with this MLM Power Prospecting Phrase:

“Hey I don’t mean to be rude …I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Tom, and if you don’t mind me asking, what would your name be?”

5) R stands for REASSURE.

MLM Power prospectors are masters at REASSURING PEOPLE.. They reassure prospects that they DO have the talent to succeed in life, they DO have the skills that are necessary for Success, they DO have the personality that Success demands, and they WILL succeed at life if they work with you, work hard, and learn the Success trainings of your mlm company.

Reassurance is NOT hype. Hype is all over this industry, and it really is a turn off to most. Reassurance is simply introducing the prospect to a new world that they could be living, and explaining to them that you will be helping them and walking with them as they get their Success Journey started.

Let the prospect know you will be there for them, and will not disappear like others have. Assure them sincerely and with integrity.

That is what Network marketing Power Prospectors do. Everyday, and with everyone. The Power is in the focus. And their focus is simply to open new doors and NEW OPTIONS WITH PEOPLE  that will pour the Power of Success in the prospect’s life and future.

What a difference that would make in your business. The POWER of MLM prospecting for your home business can be found in your INTENTIONS for prospecting. Are you prospecting to HELP YOU or prospecting for how you can HELP THEM?

Are you prospecting for YOUR GAIN or for THEIR GAIN?

Are you prospecting for what YOU CAN GET….or what you CAN GIVE THE PROSPECT?

Your MLM prospecting destiny can be found in your answers to the above questions for your MLM home based business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business MLM- Take Your Place of GREATNESS NOW

home business greatness

home business mlm greatness

In your MLM home business, there is a place that you need to move to and it is waiting for you and your home based business. This place is where the players in network marketing live and stay. it is a place that millionaires are birthed and nutured. It is a place that can only come from experience and wisdom.

And it is a place that is the Place of ELEVATION for life and your home business. It is a TRIPLE THREAT.

It is called the Place of Success, Leadership and GREATNESS.

And it is time to TAKE YOUR PLACE and let the world know that you are ON THE MOVE and on the way with your home business. Success waits on NO ONE. It continues to MOVE seeking the ones that are READY and able to engage it in their life.

Are YOU READY for that place?

I hope so as your business will explode if you are. People are PULLED towards leaders that are in that place. It is a Magnetism unlike any other. It has a suction power that pulls people towards you because they sense something GREAT is about to happen. They want to be a part of it and possibly join it.

People are looking for someone on THAT PLACE to follow and help them get there. THAT is what WE DO. That is WHO WE ARE. We help people UP and beyond what is stopping them so they can enter into THAT PLACE of Greatness.

Take your place on your team and let your upline know that there is a NEW place holder on the team and it is getting ready to IGNITE and ROCK their world.

Take your place in the corporate webinars and conference calls and BE VISIBLE. This is a critical piece to your Success and all Leaders are visible to their team as well as their upline and corporate.

Take your place in the top producer category in your company. It is waiting for you.

There is NO ONE and NO THING that can stop you from this. This place is waiting on you, and waiting on your Power to connect to it.

TAKE YOUR PLACE….in your mind and heart.

Get rid of all the negative thoughts of others you have bought into, and the naysayers poisonous rants. In your mind, TAKE YOUR PLACE of Brilliance as you are a Superstar…as that is what is WAITING ON YOU.

NO ONE else on earth has that place of Success that belongs to YOU.

Step UP and Step OUT and take your business more seriously and more powerfully. This is a life changing business and profession.


Step INTO who you REALLY ARE and leave the weak, the tired, the complainers, the victims,  the excuse makers behind. TAKE YOUR PLACE of Power and Position with the Leaders in this amazing profession.

And notice it says “TAKE” not ask for.

It BELONGS TO YOU and is WAITING on your Action and Decision.


It’s time you were in that Place of Success, Power, Leadership, and Passion.

Your Place….is waiting on your Greatness to be UNLEASHED in your life, network marketing and work at home home based business.

ELEVATE your GREATNESS with this ONE Teaching!

 blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

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MLM Blitz Training- Secrets to Connecting to Your Prospects 3

Social Media MLM- Optimizing Your Home Business Blog for Recruiting

home business blog

mlm blog


Blogs for Home businesses today are critical in the success of a home based business. It is your ‘calling card” as well as on of your most powerful image makers on the web. It will help you be FOUND by search engines, as well as be KNOWN by your readers as well as visitors.

Part of the challenge with many home business mlm blogs, is that there blogs are not “optimized” and fully prepared for the web and online marketing. There are “holes” that need to be filled so they are more “search engine friendly” and have what the search engines require in order to show up in the SERPS. (Search Engine Results)

We have been optimizing our websites (we have a TON of them) for nearly 13 years and have made every mistake in the book. I LOVE SEO and study it all the time. I find it fascinating how to changes almost weekly. We have an SEO person that we work with that has really helped, but for whatever reason, I LOVE SEO and get a kick out of learning and engaging it on the websites when I can.

How do your optimize your blogs for MLM RECRUITING?

In a home business, it is important to have a blog that is totally STOKED, TWEAKED, and OPTIMIZED for recruiting the right people from your blog.

What is REQUIRED for Optimizing a Home business blog For Recruiting? Well, we do not have time to get into that as it would take WEEKS to complete that conversation, but we can get you started if you are not “hip to the facts” as they say.

FIRST OFF….What is the purpose of optimizing blogs for recruiting from search engine traffic?  

A lot of  home business bloggers overlook the importance of optimizing their blogs for recruiting from traffic from search engines. The actual point of home based business blogging is usually to create EXPOSURE, VISIBILITY, AWARENESS, and to GAIN READERS. These are the “potential prospects” that you can engage about your home based business in the future. Or, you can engage them directly with a recruiting post on your blog. Either way, it works.

You want people to “feel” your blog, not just look at it. They need to “sense” that this blog is powerful and CAN HELP THEM. You want to have others read your home business trainings, thoughts, opinions, tips, offers, and marketing ideas on various issues concerning your home business. This includes Success with a home business, WHY they need a home business, New ideas for your prospect to gain from, introduce to them the current possibiltiies for their life in your niche industry, and in many cases just what is on your mind about life.

Some home business bloggers who blog for recruiting reasons, their main goal is to create more SEO traffic. Nothing wrong with that! Both of these home business blogging needs demand  the blog be totally optimized for recruiting and SEO for search engines. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, (smile) you know it is called SEO or search engine optimization. This marketing process is the same that your message normally goes through with a business or personal home business site –only it is a blog (much like a journal)  that your work at home message and your mlm network marketing efforts are now attempting to optimize. A blog is a website-sort of. 

We take it a step FURTHER. We call it “Search Engine Optimization for Recruiting.” This is what you TRULY want, as you can optimize a blog for searches, but it MUST BE OPTIMIZED for recruiting your readers and prospects as well.

The whole process of optimization for recruiting  and SEO is critical to bring in new home based business prospects and traffic to your home business blog. You need to present your work at home message you are promoting to that traffic coming  in from major search engines such as google, bing, and This makes it easy for users or readers to search and find your blog so you can then expose your message to them and to start the recruiting process. If your success message and business want to gain a growing group of loyal readers as well as potential customers, than you must optimize your blog for recruiting and search engines the same way your work at home message and home business would on a personal or business HTML website.  

Blog SEO Optimization for Recruiting is the key to a successful online home business web blog and the traffic your work at home message and home business need. Without the optimizing your blog for SEO and recruiting for search engines, your blog will never be seen or read.

Lets be REAL…What is the purpose of a content rich, AMAZING looking, Easily Navigated, idea soaked,  hooked up powered up jamming down blog with no one to read it and thus- no one to recruit?


The million dollar question is what exactly  has to happen to start the process of optimizing you blog for recruiting as well as the search engines? The process of SEO optimization for recruiting involves the powerful topic of  ONE WORD to BEGIN with and many people teach this for SEO but NOT for Recruiting:


Not only Keywords- but Keywords that are MAGNETIC and PULL the search engines towards you as well as your prospects towards you.

The right and powerful keywords must be placed, written into,  or embedded into the home business blog. The largest portion of  blogs have this handy option called tags -sometimes keywords – at the bottom or side of each blog post or entry on the dashboard of the blog. 

The key words or key phrases that your mlm recruiting message and business message  place into this box is critical. It must be the best possible keywords for optimization of the blog and getting the attention of your prospect. Your home based business messagecan start this process by searching online for a free keyword search engine optimization tool. Google has one. All you have to do is google “free keyword adwords tool” and it will take you to it, and even show you how to use it in 2 easy steps.

Google Adword Keyword Tool. 

There are paid for versions as well such as as WordTracker,  Keywordelite, and

This powerful recruiting word  tool will generate free or paid for keywords that will optimize your keyword search box helping in the process of optimizing your blog for search engines and home business recruiting. Keywords are the major factors to get your blog visited daily by the search bots to obtain a visible rank in most of the major search engines. Without having the proper keywords it is almost impossible to optimize your blog for search engine- let alone mlm recruiting.

Once your work at home message and home business have the proper keywords they should be embedded into your posts, videos, and into EVERY title. This is IMPERATIVE for SEO as well as getting the attention of the prospect for recruiting purposes. The title and keywords in your posts you write should all be the best possible words, phrases, questions, and images to obtain optimization.

What are the benefits of your products?

What are people looking for?

What  SOLUTIONS are people seeking?

Those are powerful key words and phrases that you need to use on your home business blog.

 The next step in the process of optimizing home business blogs for recruiting and search engines, is to make your blog clean and FOCUSED ON ONE MESSAGE for recruiting purposes. Your blog should be clear, concise, highly navigable, and DRIVING THE MESSAGE about your home business possibilities to the prospect and reader. Your blog should have nothing but high quality content, videos, and pictures with a CALL TO ACTION.

Give them some place to visit on the blog, a company presentation to look at, an ebook to download, a video that contains VALUABLE information, and an opt in box to get their name and email. This is critical for FOLLOW UP and to connect with the readers. Also, let people COMMENT on your posts, and them comment back to them.

Start developing a relationship through your blog, and then TAKE IT OFFLINE. Start following them as well on social sites and get them to KNOW YOU and TRUST YOU.  Blogs are GREAT to start the process of TRUST in a home based business.

Once your Recruiting SEO is completed on your blog, simply submit your blog to as many blog directories and search engines as possible.  You can use a great free tool for blog submission:

This is the VERY FIRST step to optimizing your blog for Recruiting and SEO for your home business in network marketing.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM- The 4 Levels of Social CONNECTION?

social media mlm

social media mlm for home business

If you think about it, Home business social media is a fast growing arena in the home based business profession. And we have been training on it for 6 years. There are many GREAT teachers and other trainers out there and we are honored just to be a part of it. we discovered social media around 2004 with myspace (where in the world did THAT go?) and then moved onto facebook, twitter, and now the new google+. It is an amazing time to be in the network marketing profession.

Many folks train on marketing in social media and we do too, but we want for this training, to really focus in on the FOUNDATION of social networking. It is critical that you understand that there is a BASE PLATFORM that social media rests upon as far as actions. And this platform you must master in every area of social media, be it video, blogging, podcasting, texting, posting, etc.

What is the BASE PLATFORM of taking action for home business social media?

The base of Home Business Social Media Marketing is about Conversation.

No Doubt. Conversation RULES as far as being the DRIVING FORCE in the social media experience in MLM. NEW conversations as well are vital to the growth of your home business.

But the platform the base is HOSTED on I believe is:


Conversation does not occurwithout a Connection, and without a reaching out on someones part via a post, video, podcast, comment, tweet,, cinchcast, or whatever you choose for the delivery of your message.

Connection, though is the START of where it all begins to happen in Social Media. It is at the NUCLEAR CORE of social networking.

First comes the Catalyst, then the Connection, then the Conversation.

Whether it is tweets on twitter, friends on facebook, and users on LinkedIn – it still starts with Connection in the Social zone.

Are you Connecting on a regular basis? And if you are, how are you doing it?

Connection, according to the dictionary, is “when 2 things come together and meet.”


That works as far as social media. Connecting with folks that you have something in common with is all part of the home business social media marketing process. But if you think about it, there are different types or levels of Connection, and social media really demands a higher level of connection in mlm marketing.

All Marketing is, (no matter if you are a traditional marketer or a home based marketer,) is the process of exposing your message or product to a prospect in some way. Yes, that is a simple definition, but within it, you must CONNECT your message with someone. There must be a CATALYST to make it happen, like an advertisement, phone call, squeeze page, or an article online. But something MUST start the process of marketing and recruiting.

Here is the process :  < Catalyst >- Attention- Connection- Conversation- Collaboration.

Hence, the 4 levels of Connection in social media.

1) Attention.

This is the weakest form of Connection in home business social media. No matter whether it is on LinkedIn, or Facebook, it is the weakest. This form of Connection many people make the mistake of thinking they have Connected here and immediately start bombarding folks with recruiting and marketing messages. That is a HUGE no no. Attention means that you have Connected their eyes, mind, or curiosity with something, but it is NOT enough to start the home business marketing process effectively. Yes, you can start here, but rarely does it prove to be effective. This Connection is only where someone NOTICES you message.

2 Connection.

This is where a person in the home business marketing process, is “hooked” by something in your message or offer. It could be a phrase, video, free giveaway, download, image, or color. But SOMETHING has not only gotten their attention, but has Connected their mind to a further look. the psychology of this is to switch in their curiosity, and desire for more information. They have “plugged in” enough to Connect to your message and consider it.

3) Conversation.

This is the third level of Connection, This is where the Conversation has moved beyond curiosity, and now has elevated to communication. They may want to know more about the message or product. They may want to know more about you.  They may want to know more about the benefits and value of the product. But Conversation does take place and can take place many times over the course of time before you move to the 4th level of Connection.

4) Collaboration.

This is where you both agree that you will Collaborate in some way and is some fashion to work together. This may come in the form of a recruit, sale or purchase, an appointment, a referral, a new person in your home business, a new mlm customer, or even a referral, partnership or Joint venture. Collaboration is something that has many possibilities.

The ultimate goal in home business marketing is to make something happen that creates a win/win situation for both the marketer and customer.  And these 4 levels of Connection can create a LOT of new recruits and profit if you are consistent and relentless. 

Many network marketers never get past the Attention stage as they are more interested in RESULTS then a Relationship. They have it backwards. Relationship is a much better catalyzer of Results. Since you have taken the time to Connect on a higher level, they have learned to TRUST you, and trust more of what you suggest or say.

Do not make that mistake in home business social media marketing. Take it to the highest level every time, and see your results increase dramatically in your home business social media zone.

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blessings.. doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training-The Secret to “Urgent Patience” in MLM

home business success

home business success urgency

In my home business, in 1989, I remember talking to my mentor, and asking him what is the REAL Secret to Success in a home business. Let’s move past all the hype and rah rah and get to the bottom line.

He was eating breakfast one morning, as we were at a national conference. He had called me and asked me to join him and of course I did. What an honor. I wanted so bad to get to the TRUTH about the MLM profession and then start succeeding at it. I KNEW this was my calling in life, but yet it was not doing what I needed it to do.

So when I asked him this question, he did not even look up from his raisin filled oatmeal. He said something so profound that it still rings in my ears today.

What did he say?

“Patience is the secret to home business success Doug. But it must be Urgent Patience. The single greatest Success trait of all Millionaires in the Home Business Profession is PATIENCE. Most people out-patience themselves right out of this profession as they are urgently working, but not patiently waiting – for their skill set and leadership to grow.”

Wow. I was stunned.

This was pure GOLD as no one had ever said that to me before. Maybe no one cared enough to tell me the truth.

Who knows?

But it really hit me like a 2 by 4 when he said those words.

It is called:

Hurry up and wait.

That is how most entrepreneurs SHOULD feel. They want to have a sense of urgency, but yet they know they need to be patient because all businesses take time and effort. Especially in the MLM home business profession.

Most home business owners are willing to give the effort …for a while.

It is the TIME that it can take many have a challenge with.

Don’t outpatient yourself out of this incredible network marketing profession.

Where your home business is today is nowhere close to where it will be 3 years from now.

Keep focused and talking to NEW people with NEW CONVERSATIONS. Keep sharing your company’s information.

What you are doing today is planting seeds. They may not grow next week. It may be next year.

Seeds of prospecting.

Seeds of social networking.

Seeds of recruiting.

Seeds of presentations.

Seeds of webinars.

Seeds of in home meetings.

Seeds of exposures that will grow at a later time.

All these seeds ARE GOING TO GROW as God has ordained that seeds grow. 


Just make sure you are around and active when the harvest season comes flooding in!

And that season is right around the corner for your network marketing mlm home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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