MLM Prospecting- The POWER Formula for Finding Endless Leads

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There are many home business tactics and actions that are needed to create success in your MLM business.

There is none more critical- ESPECIALLY if you are a newbie in this great profession, than MLM Prospecting for your home based business. Finding and gathering leads are absolutely a MUST- either online or offline.

There is much debate over “online prospecting, “Social prospecting,” and “Traditional prospecting’ and I get asked a LOT what a home business professional should do and which one.

My answer?


  YOU need to do them ALL and create a BALANCE that will build a tight business, not an exit turnstile business that so many people seem to build. They find a LOT of leads, but yet they LOSE a lot of folks as well. They just do not stick.

But enough about that. Let’s get back to MLM prospecting and the POWER  formula for finding leads.

MLM Power Prospecting can bring in the results you desire for your network marketing home business, and the number of prospects you are looking for. There is NO DOUBT about that fact.

MLM Power Prospecting is a paradigm shift in what you do to prospect. It is a different focus than most. Most people in network marketing, whether online or offline,  do not Power Prospect because there is no real power that they can connect to to energize what they are doing.

Their Power comes from what THEY WANT, and not what the PROSPECT IS LOOKING FOR. And that produces NO power for the prospect to plug into. Many people get fooled into thinking that this new idea is “THE ANSWER” to MLM prospecting. I read about one recently that you are supposed to make it all about you and your Success and make them want what you got. Get them envious…you are a ROCK STAR!!!  Yes if you try hard enough…you can be LIKE ME!

Give me a break. Your goal is to make THE PROSPECT the rock star…not you.

Lot of GREAT social media, funnel marketing, and offline prospecting ideas out there, but if they are NOT TOTALLY FOCUSED ON THE PROSPECT…

Sorry, you are out of commission and out of magnetism….won’t work.

Sure, there are the online  “one site wonders” that promise you the moon,and guarantee all you do is send them money and they will show you the secrets to mlm prospecting. And to be honest, a few do work, and should be considered. But MLM POWER Prospecting comes from another source, not another secret, tool, book, cd, seminar, or even an mlm training article like this one.

MLM Power Prospecting comes from WITHIN YOU and you totally MUST CONNECT to that Inner Power that draws and PULLS people towards you.

And when you connect to these following 5 “Prospect Connectors” you will experience a new MLM Prospecting Power and Surge in your MLM Prospecting that will blow your mind. It has a ton of folks and it WORKS.

What are the 5 “Prospect Connectors” to the Power within?

Let’s us the word POWER and take each letter one at a time:

1) P stands for PASSION.

What are you passionate about in your life? That is the Success Driver behind your MLM Prospecting. Not only to find people that can become a part of your “Passion Walk” but also become a part of their own. Passion attracts people to you like nothing else can, and then weld them to your dream like a blowtorch.Passion is the FIRE that burns in the belly, that drives you to go way beyond what you thought was even possible. People are attracted to that like a magnet on steroids.

What are you truly Passionate about even if you are not currently pursuing it in your life? Start pursuing it, with your mlm business helping to drive it and fund it, and let other people be the doorways that will not only help create that in your life, but also their own passion in theirs.

People will follow PASSION a whole lot quicker than they will a presentation. Passion is a sure MAGNET that will PULL people your way. And your job is to “Transfer the Passion” to the prospect. Get them passionate about THEIR future and destiny. Get them passionate about THEIR POSSIBILITIES with your business. Make sure YOUR passion ignites THEIR dreams and passion for the future.

2) O stands for OPENER.

MLM Power prospecting is about being an “Opener”, not a closer. It is about opening people’s minds, hearts, eyes, and futures to what they can be, not what they are. MLM Power prospecting is focusing the prospect on the power of their own dream, and then show them how to create the Opening in their life with your business. This focus relies on conversation, not just a network marketing presentation.

Opening someone’s mind up to what is truly possible is beyond just power, but now you have tapped into PURPOSE which carries with it a whole different realm of power. Talk to them about what THEY WANT in life. Show them the doorway with your network marketing company,and then open the door as you describe what their life will be like working with you. And then let them discover their purpose through the Power of opening their “CANS” in life, not cant’s.

Two VERY opening magnetic words:  “WHAT IF…?”  Use those often.

3) W stands for WHERE They Are.

Start prospecting from where the PROSPECT IS, not where you are. Most people in MLM try to grab the prospects’ hand, and drag them into Network marketing. Not a good choice.

There is something we have taught for a while:

Start in their world, and then lead them to yours.

Where you start is as important as where you finish.Do not put pressure on the prospect. That is not MLM Power Prospecting, but Poor prospecting. And you will lose the prospect just about every time.

Ask a lot of questions and get to understand where they are in life, and what challenges they are facing. Understand them before you ever try to recruit them. Understanding turns the average prospect in to a willing prospect.

4) E stands for ENGAGE RADAR.

You have what we call “MLM Prospecting Radar” and you need to keep it engaged at all times. You need to ask three questions:

“Who is around me right now and do I know them?”

“If I do not, do I want to?”

“Are they alone or with a group of people?”

Then simply go over and if they are with people, then listen, and comment from time to time on what is said. If they are alone, then simply go up and introduce yourself with this MLM Power Prospecting Phrase:

“Hey I don’t mean to be rude …I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Tom, and if you don’t mind me asking, what would your name be?”

5) R stands for REASSURE.

MLM Power prospectors are masters at REASSURING PEOPLE.. They reassure prospects that they DO have the talent to succeed in life, they DO have the skills that are necessary for Success, they DO have the personality that Success demands, and they WILL succeed at life if they work with you, work hard, and learn the Success trainings of your mlm company.

Reassurance is NOT hype. Hype is all over this industry, and it really is a turn off to most. Reassurance is simply introducing the prospect to a new world that they could be living, and explaining to them that you will be helping them and walking with them as they get their Success Journey started.

Let the prospect know you will be there for them, and will not disappear like others have. Assure them sincerely and with integrity.

That is what Network marketing Power Prospectors do. Everyday, and with everyone. The Power is in the focus. And their focus is simply to open new doors and NEW OPTIONS WITH PEOPLE  that will pour the Power of Success in the prospect’s life and future.

What a difference that would make in your business. The POWER of MLM prospecting for your home business can be found in your INTENTIONS for prospecting. Are you prospecting to HELP YOU or prospecting for how you can HELP THEM?

Are you prospecting for YOUR GAIN or for THEIR GAIN?

Are you prospecting for what YOU CAN GET….or what you CAN GIVE THE PROSPECT?

Your MLM prospecting destiny can be found in your answers to the above questions for your MLM home based business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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