One Simple Question You Can Ask to Explode Your Recruiting

One Simple Question that Can PULL a TON of People Towards You and Your Home business.

Have you ever wondered why many people are not willing to follow you or even look at your message you have to offer with your home business? There are many reasons why they do not. It can be quite frustrating and head shaking, but this can be addressed using bid writing services to help you better communicate your organisation’s message.

One of the biggest reasons I believe is people who are looking to build a team not understanding what I call “The Art of Gentle Recruiting.” This is something that I believe can help the average person that is struggling in recruiting and building a team to accelerate their results pretty quick. Most people are way too aggressive in their message and conversation to really get a lot of folks attention. Gentle Recruiting I have taught for years as a tactic and it really has worked for a lot of folks.

It is based on asking a very simple but powerful question to someone that is non-threatening and is a normal part of any conversation, online or offline. We have developed a lot of these “gentle questions” over time, but it only takes one.

And if done right, you can PULL the person towards you like a magnet on steroids. And again, of course it can be done offline as well as online which I do believe you need to be doing business with both strategies.

Ok….what is this simple little question you can ask in social media or face to face?

“Are you in a place in your life right now that you would be open to some additional income? Just curious.”

Simple but powerful. And you are not pressuring them or even trying to get them to do anything. You are simply asking a question and it is either YES or no. And most of the time in our private client coaching, they get a positive response.

There is something in recruiting we teach called “Impact Points” and that question has several which seem to work with most people when asked. We have researched it and it truly brings many times a great response from the prospect.

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