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MLM Network Marketing Training -Starting a Small Business- Going into Business

MLM Network Marketing Training -Starting a Small Business- Going into Business

The MLM Decision

So you are thinking of going into business. This can have advantages and disadvantages. Running a business of your own will bring a sense of independence, and a sense of accomplishment. You will be the boss, and you can’t be fired, though there may be days when you would welcome it. Because you can pay yourself a salary and the profit or return on your investment will also be yours, you anticipate a good income once your business is established. You will experience a pride in ownership – such as you experience if you own your own home or your own automobile. You can derive great satisfaction from offering a product or service which is valued in the market place.

By being boss you can adopt new ideas quickly. Since your MLM enterprise undoubtedly will be a small business – at least in the beginning – you will have no large, unwieldy organization to retrain, no board to get permission from, each time you wish to try something new. If the idea doesn’t work you can drop it just as quickly. This opportunity for flexibility is one of small businesses greatest assets in Network Marketing.

These are some of the advantages and pleasures of operating your own business. Now take a look at the other side. If you have employees, you must meet a SMB payroll week after week. You must always have money to pay creditors – the man who sells you goods or materials, the dealer who furnishes fixtures and equipment, the landlord if you rent, the mortgage holder if you are buying your place of business, the publisher running your advertisements, the tax collector, and many others. All of these must be paid before you can consider the “profits” yours.

The Network Marketing Responsibility

You must accept sole responsibility for all final decisions. A wrong judgment on your part can result in losses not only to yourself but, possibly, to your employees, creditors, and customers as well. Moreover, you must withstand, alone, adverse situations caused by circumstances frequently beyond your control, To overcome these business setbacks and keep your business profitable means long hours of hard work. It could very well not be the work you want to do. As someone else’s employee you developed a skill. Now, starting a business of your own, you may expect to use that skill 40 or more hours a week. Instead, you must perform the management tasks as well. You must keep the books, analyze accounting records, sit back and do long range planning, jump and handle the expediting and, when everyone has gone home and you finally have caught up with the paper work. If you need accounting software for your business, check out sites like

As your business grows and you become more successful, you may not need to do some of these activities if you use a specific software such as TableUp marketing automation to facilitate your business’ management . As an owner-manager, however, you must – at least at first – give up the technical aspects you know and enjoy doing, and focus on the management aspects. To get your business off to a successful start, you must be a manager not an operator.

You will never be entirely your own boss

No matter what you choose – manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing or service business – you must always satisfy your customers. If you don’t give the customers what they want, they’ll go somewhere else and you’ll be out of business. So every customer, or even potential customer, is your boss. Your creditors will also dictate to you, and your competitors’ actions may force you to make decisions you don’t want to make. National and local government agencies will insist that you meet certain standards and follow certain regulations. The one thing you can decide yourself is how you will satisfy all of these bosses.

The MLM Type

Are You the Type?

The first question you should answer after recognizing that there are two sides to the prospect of establishing your own business is “Am I the type?”

You will be your most important employee. It is more important that you rate yourself objectively than how you rate any prospective employee. Appraise your strengths and your weaknesses. As a prospective operator of your own business, acknowledge that you are weak in certain areas and cover the deficiency by either retraining yourself or hiring someone with the necessary skill.

Numerous studies have been made of small business managers over the years. Many look at traits and characteristics that appear common to most people who start their own businesses. Other studies focus on characteristics that seem to appear frequently in successful owner-managers.

First, consider those characteristics that seem to distinguish the person who opens a business from the person who works for someone else. These studies investigated successful and unsuccessful owners, some of whom went bankrupt several times. Some were successful only after the second or third try. The characteristics they share might almost be said to predispose a person into trying to start a business. Of course, not all of these characteristics appear in every small business owner-manager, but the following seem to be most predominate.

Strong MLM Opinions and Attitudes.

People who start their own business may be members of different political parties, feel differently about religion, economics and other issues. They are like everyone else. The difference is they usually feel and express themselves more strongly. This is consistent. If you are going to risk your money and time in your own business you must have a strong feeling that you will be successful. As you will see later, these strong feelings may also cause problems.

If you want to start your own business you probably have mixed feelings about authority. You know the manager must have authority to get things done, but you’re not comfortable working under someone. This may also have been your attitude in a scholastic, family or other authority structure.

If you want to open you own business you are likely to have a strong “Need for Achievement”. This “Need for Achievement” is a psychologist’s term for motivation and is usually measured by tests. It can be an important factor in success.

The person who wouldn’t think of starting a business, might call you a plunger, a gambler, a high risk taker. Yet you probably don’t feel that about yourself. Studies have shown that very often the small business owner doesn’t differ from anyone else in risk avoidance or aversion when measured on tests. At first thought this seems unreasonable since logic tells us that it is risky to open your own business. An Ohio State professor once explained this apparent contradiction very simply. “When a person starts and manages his own business he doesn’t see risks; he sees only factors that he can control to his advantage.”

If you possess these traits to some degree or other it doesn’t mean you will be successful, only that you will very likely start your own business. Some of these characteristics in excess may actually hamper you if you are not careful.

The MLM Success Characteristics.

The characteristics that appear most frequently among “successful” small business managers include drive, thinking ability, competence in human relations, communications skills and technical knowledge.

Drive, as defined in the study, is composed of responsibility, vigor, initiative, persistence and health. Thinking ability consists of original, creative, critical, and analytical thinking. Competency in human relations means emotional stability, sociability, good personal relations, consideration, cheerfulness, cooperation. and tactfulness. Important communications skills include verbal comprehension, and oral and written communications. Technical knowledge is the manager’s comprehension of the physical process of producing goods or services, and the ability to use the information purposefully.

Motivation or drive has long been considered as having an important effect on performance. Psychologists now claim you can increase the motivation and the personal capacities that will improve your effectiveness and increase your chances for success. Much of the development of such achievement motivation depends on setting the right kind of goals for yourself.

What Business Should You Choose?

Many of you have already decided what business to choose. Others may still be seeking answers from counselors. Whether you have decided or not, you will find it helpful to continue your self-evaluation.

Begin by summarizing your background and experience. Include jobs. schooling, and hobbies. Then write down what you think you would like to do. Does what you would like to do match up with what you have done? It is helpful if your experience and training can be put to direct use in your new enterprise.

What are your prospective needs? What are your prospective customers’ needs? You may make money doing something you don’t like if people will pay for it. On the other hand, you will never make money if people don t need your product or service no matter how happy you are doing it. Experts have said more companies fail because they are in the wrong business than because they are “doing business wrong”.

Read, listen to the experts, talk to business people, try to determine where growth will occur. Most new businesses can only get customers by taking them away from someone else, or by attracting new people entering the area. In other words, don’t start a contracting business in a community where the population is decreasing even if you are a good contractor. You can also buy a business for sale if you’d like and that has many obvious advantages, I recently bought a business for sale in Sarasota which has worked brilliantly so it just works.

At this point, try to match your background and interests with what you see the needs to be. If they match, wonderful. Now all you have to do is discover how to offer the customers more for their money than do your competitors.

If the needs and your background don’t match, don’t despair. Get training by working in a company that provides a product or service that is needed. Find a job in a well managed, successful company of the kind you are contemplating. Then absorb as much management know-how as you can while learning the technical skills.

Education can help too. While there may be no educational requirements for starting your own business, the more schooling you have along the right lines the better equipped you should be.

(Some fields require licenses, certificates, even degrees in specific educational areas.) Certainly it is helpful if you have had courses in record keeping, sales and communication. These needn’t be college or even high school courses. They can come from adult education programs and the like.

Is there a need for what you want to sell or do? Are you prepared to fill that need? Are you interested in the area? Can you learn what you need to? Will there be a continuing and growing need for your product or service?

Your Chances of MLM Success

What are your chances of success if you go into business? New businesses are always being started. Almost as many are failing or being discontinued. A year of poor business conditions is likely to be followed by a greater than average number of failures or closings. A year of good business conditions tends to be followed by large increases in the total number of businesses. In general, the number of firms increases with increases in human population, total personal income and per capita income and since these factors have increased regularly, the total number of small businesses usually rises every year.

This growth is not free of growing pains, however. At the same time new businesses are being born other businesses are being discontinued. Some of these discontinuances are legally business failures; other owners give up to avoid or minimize losses and are not failures in the strict sense. Still others discontinue for reasons such as the death or retirement of the proprietor, the dissolution of a partnership, or the sale of the business to a new owner.

Younger businesses tend to discontinue first. Many do not make it through the first year. The discontinuation rate of those that survive this first year “burn-in” declines steadily until at the end of several years the rate has dropped dramatically. So, your chances of success improve the longer you stay in business.

Poor management is the largest single cause of business failure. Year after year, the lack of managerial experience and aptitude has accounted for around 90 percent of all failures analyzed by Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.

Many factors may adversely affect individual firms over which owners have little control. In such cases, the astute manager can often soften the blow or, sometimes, change adversity into an asset. Examples of factors over which the owner has little control are overall poor business conditions, relocations of highways, sudden style changes, the replacement of existing products by new ones, and local labor situations. While these factors may cause some businesses to close, they may represent opportunities for others. A local market place may decline in importance at the same time new shopping centers are developing. Sudden changes in style or the replacement of existing products may bring trouble to certain businesses but open doors for new ones. Adverse employment situations in some areas may be offset by favorable situations in others. Ingenuity in taking advantage of changing consumer desires and technological improvements will always be rewarded.

In the final analysis, it is up to you. Will your management be competent? Will you be able to judge, and then satisfy, your customers’ wants? Can you do this accurately and quickly enough to more than compensate for risks due to factors beyond your control? Such accomplishment requires expert management.

Your Return on Investment in Network Marketing.

Will the rate of return on the money you invest in your business be greater than the rate you could receive if you invested your money elsewhere? While your decision to go into business for yourself may not depend entirely upon this, it is a factor which should interest you. Too frequently people invest money in their own businesses under the misapprehension that the financial return will be far greater than the return from other investments. Investigation of the average annual returns in the line of business in which you are interested may be worthy of your time.

Your decision to go into business may not depend entirely on financial rewards. The size of the potential return on your investment may be overshadowed by your desire for independence, the chance to do the type of work you would like to do, the opportunity to live in the part of the country or city you prefer, or the feeling that you can be more useful to the community than you would be if you continued working for someone else. Do not overlook such intangible considerations. But remember, you cannot keep your own business open unless you receive an adequate financial return on your investment.

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We offer the Managing a Small Business CD-ROM, which is a comprehensive guide and toolkit you need to start, operate and succeed in a business of your own.

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Home Business- 35 Steps to Starting One- Part 2

MLM Network Marketing Training MLM Home Business- 35 Steps to Starting One- Part 2

The Network Marketing Home Business.



A quick way to launch your business is to buy “ready made” QUALITY Network Marketing books and reports that you can use NOW!! Later, add your own creations to your product line. A number of book publishers, mail order dealers and close-out sources often carry overstocked books called remainders at a fraction of the cover price. Check your phone book or contact your local book store for inventory. If you chose to sell used books for which there is a big market, consider yard sales, flea markets, bazaars and schools which are a great source of good used books, Profit margins, for these books are typically less than for your own materials because the publisher had to produce the book, promote it and pay royalties to the author. Margins can run 30 to 1000+% but normally average at about 50-75% range on a book by book basis. Used books, obtained at the sources mentioned can return 1000+% profit.

You can create your own MLM info-products if you have the time and know how to do it. The high profit, approaching 2000%, comes from the low production cost of copying reports, books and booklets for which you have acquired the “rights” from the originator, copyright owner, or “prime source”. Depending on the size ie. number of pages, of the info-product, and the quantity you reproduce, will determine your cost. Usually, your cost is a fraction of the retail price of the material offered to the buyer. For example, a 24 page book on “MAIL ORDER SECRETS” that retails for $25-$35 may cost only $1.20 to produce in small quantities or as little as $0.75 in 2000 lot quantities thereby resulting in enormous profit potential to the dealer. Caution: It is illegal to reproduce copyrighted reports and books without the written permission of the copyright owner. Reprint rights certificates are granted to dealers who have paid for that privilege.

Copyrights provide protection from copying for literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. They can be obtained for $20. The Patent Office does not handle copyright registration, rather, contact the Library of Commerce. To protect, say, your new information product such as a book, report or article, request FORM TX and Circular 1. “Copyright Basics”: from Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20559-6000 or call: (202) 707-9100 [24 hr. Forms Hotline].


People pay for information contained in a report and do not necessarily care what the report actually looks like PROVIDED the information is what they were looking for and not just a rehash of commonly available information merely repackaged. A one page report containing important data useful to the buyer, such as a financial newsletter that may cost $25 for a single page may be worth 10 times the cover price for the value of the information conveyed to the reader, while a single page report, poorly written or containing useless general information is not worth the cost of the paper it’s written on. So, insist on quality, and with your newly acquired computer skills, you should be able to deliver a quality document with little effort. Give your customers what you want.

MLM In Local Newspapers


Avoid placing expensive display ads without first testing your offer with a small, low cost, classified ad. Ads placed in local papers will run quickly, unlike ads placed in magazines which often have closing dates 1-2 months in advance of your actual ad placement date. In other words, you should know whether your ad pulls orders sooner when placed in small newspapers than in magazines. Consider other faster, inexpensive means of test advertising such as E Mail and the Internet as discussed later, where your ad is placed practically instantaneously in those media with world-wide exposure to potentially millions of prospects. Always test your offer before you invest large sums of money on any MLM advertising campaign. It is wise to vary your offer in price and content depending on where you place your ad. If your product appeals to both sports fans and to investors you should put a higher price on your offer targeted to investors who may more readily recognize the value of your offer than a sports fan. Test, test and test again, then repeat ads that out pull another test ad while eliminating or modifying the lesser pulling ad.


Fill orders from a small stock of copies you have on hand or copy as orders are received. Keep a small inventory of books that you acquired from publishers or other sources mentioned and fill orders from stock. Backorder, as needed.


After the sale to your customer, you should be prepared to offer additional related information and products to your customer. That’s why you should strive to expand your line with new materials and money-making offers.


It’s a big world out there!!! You can not, alone, reach all of your best prospects, due to time and money contraints. Sure, you can do a lot of the work yourself, at first, but soon you will discover that there are experienced dealers and distributors who know how and where to market YOUR products and information and make you both more money than you could make alone. The small commission paid to your dealers is well worth it.


For example, don’t buy new office equipment when you can ‘get by’ with some used ones. Go step by step constantly testing the market. Stay with product lines that work and eliminate those that are duds.


Building a business takes time, effort and money. Sure, a lucky few did make lots of money fast, but they don’t tell you how much it really cost them and how many other false leads they followed to achieve success. Realistically, at first, shoot for earning a few hundred dollars a week by inexpensively marketing good products and information having nice profit margins. Fill orders from inventory to control business activity.


You need at least 3 or 4 times your cost to make money because advertising, overhead, postage, product costs, and your salary must be included. Avoid low margin products or you’ll go broke fast!! As mentioned, there are products available that allow 400% profit margins and information products with 1000+% profit margins. If you try to obtain these suggested margins then you are on the road to success. If you try to sell a product that costs $2.00 for $2.75 you will certainly fail to make a profit because the operating expenses will consume your slim profit margin.


Another important key to success is to control your product or information. You become the supplier letting others help you sell your product. You achieve this control by buying products or directly from supplier aka “prime source” at below wholesale prices or by creating your own materials.

The MLM FREE Publicity Factor.


Get FREE Publicity for your Company by writing press “news” releases to area newspapers. Editors will not print releases that are overly commercial. News items will normally be printed. Instead of writing a press release, call the editor, then briefly state why your home business would be of interest to readers. For example, YOUR business helps people…save time, money etc…and, other readers can learn from your experiences to start their own business too. Tell the editor that you are available to be interviewed for a feature story to be written about you. When you “GET FREE PRESS”, send me your clipping and remind me that I told you so!!! Good Luck!!


Always start out small, avoiding big cash outlays. Take one small step at a time but START!! Don’t procrastinate!!

The Directory of Business Development Publications offers publications to help you build and manage your business. FREE counseling for business is offered through several dedicated organizations: the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE); Small Business Institutes (SBI’s); Small Business Development Centers (SBDC’s) and a number of professional associations. Contact: U.S. Small Business Administration Mail Code: 2550, 409 Third Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20416 or call: 1-800-827-5722 to request publications or assistance.


Typical mailing list customer response rate is just 3% (considered to be very good by industry standards). This means that if you mail your offer to 1000 persons you can expect only 30 replies and not all of them contain orders. To mail 1000 pieces of your offer is costly. Postage alone (at current first class rates) is $320, so don’t use direct mail at this time. Later, when you build a customer base, you should mail them additional (back end) offers from time to time and, these customers who already purchased your initial offer are very likely to respond to your other follow-up offers especially if you provided good service and quality products and information they wanted. Expect response rates of 10 to 15% at that time.


Consider marketing via E Mail by offering FREE reports and valuable information, product sources and tips. Subscribe to E Mail Newsletters such as the one you are reading now and place low cost test ads to get world wide exposure for your offers. Perhaps, after you gain experience, you may want to create your own specialty E Newsletter for your interest such as inventing, woodworking, home repairs, energy sufficiency, etc.


Consider Internet advertising, perhaps on your own web page or on a high traffic mall, but remember that you (or the promoter) must publicize your electronic mall usually by print advertising or via E Mail. A low cost classified ad can effectively create “hits” at your web site or “mall”. Your ad may say: ” FREE MONEY MAKING OFFERS TO ALL VISITORS TO…YOUR WEB SITE” or have professionals handle creating, promoting and maintaining your site for you.


Tell everyone you meet what you do and listen to what THEY do. Offer to exchange business cards and refer clients to them. Also, if you see an interesting article that is related to the other person’s business, clip it and mail it to them with a note that says: Thinking of you…here’s an article you may find of interest. This little tip works wonders.

(Joseph R. Birkner is a writer, direct marketing consultant, inventor and President of Star Research Company a prime source supplier for unique high profit products and inventions and How-To Information. Contact him directly at Star Research, S’N S Plaza, POB 2121, Peabody, MA. 01960-7121 or E MAIL to:


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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting

MLM Network Marketing Training Starting an MLM Home Business- 35 Steps- Part 1

MLM Network Marketing Training Starting an MLM Home Business- 35 Steps- Part 1

The MLM Dream of Millions.

Starting a home business is the dream of millions of budding entrepreneurs. Maybe you have also thought of starting a home business but for one reason or another you never got around to it. Now, perhaps you are laid off or ‘down-sized’ and must ‘do something’ to survive. Maybe you are retired or perhaps you need extra money, why not talk and listen to a good cash flow coach? Whatever your motives are for wanting to become more independent financially or mentally, here are some step by step tips on how you can get started in an MLM home business of your own.  Investing in Bitcoin requires nerves of steel, and also keeping an eye on the latest crypto news. Better still, you should have an idea of what is in store for the market. Look at what happened last year. Bitcoin surged in price to an all-time high over the course of a month and then practically halved in value over the course of a week. All because China had banned ICOs and shut down local crypto exchanges. This came at a bad time because U.S. banks had just put an end to buying Bitcoin by credit card. If you are looking for the cryptocurrency news then click here.


It has often been stated that an entrepreneur is a risktaker. Although that is true to some extent, my definition of an entrepreneur follows: “Entrepreneurs are not risktakers, rather, they see opportunities and seize them!” You will have to be a self starter and not depend on others. For example, when you worked at your “regular job” your boss ‘fed you work’ and you had to do whatever job you were given even though you hated it. On payday, you got your reward. As an MLM Entrepreneur, you’ll have to find WHAT you want to do, HOW to do it and WHERE to sell your creation or service. You’ll spend more time than you’d ever imagine but you’ll enjoy it better.


For instance, if you enjoy woodworking, then try to establish a business involving woodworking. Some thoughts that come to mind are making wooden novelties, birdhouses, whirligigs (wind toys), crafts or even building decks and sheds. Start with your hobbies to find a potential business opportunity that you already enjoy. If you do what you enjoy, the money will come, unless there is no market. So, don’t hock the family jewels to start a buggy whip manufacturing business!!


Computers are big now and will be the growth area in the future. Learn a word processing program such as Ami Pro, Microsoft Word, or Word Perfect. You don’t need the fastest, most powerful computer to do a decent job and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a computer or on training either. Used computer stores and mail order suppliers listed in computer magazines have good computers for low cost. Check out your local computer users group or your local adult education programs offered at local high schools and colleges for low cost training. Ask your reference librarian for help or check the “yellow pages “…but do it now!!


The ‘perfect’ business in my view is one that you enjoy and is fun rather than work. For example, I always liked to tinker and build all kinds of contraptions from discarded items. I’d never throw away anything away without first dissecting it and salvaging good parts that I could use for other “thing-a-ma-jigs”. I once built a simple metal detector from electronic parts that I “stole” from a broken radio. I used a few resistors, a capacitor, some lamp cord wire [for the search coil] scrap plywood to mount the components and an old broom handle to hold during searching. Oh yes, the receiver was a cheap working transistor radio tuned to the right frequency and attached to the broom handle with [thick] rubber bands I cut from a bicycle inner tube that had a blow out. Despite the “Rube Goldberg contraption”, it did and still does work and I’ve found several coins with it and lots of bottle caps!!

You too have many hidden untapped talents that you can use to start and build your own business at home. Start by making a list of your hobbies and interests for getting ideas. When you do what you love, it is fun and not work!

The Network Marketing Understanding.


A friend of mine, an accountant, said that someone asked him to ‘get involved’with designing and setting up web pages on the Internet. This sounded like a great opportunity, and when my friend told me that he knew nothing about web page design I told him to either get knowledge from books or seminars and courses or find a business that he understands and enjoys. Not having the time or interest to pursue web page design, he followed my advice and, several months ago, he set up a financial investment service business which was related to his accounting background. So, to get going fast, start the business that is closely related to your interests. Go with what you know!!


A business license costs about $10. Request 2 or 3 extra copies of the license with the official city seal on it, your bank will need an official copy for their files. Before a license is issued, the clerk checks the files to see if the business name you picked is available and is not already used by another. A DBA “doing business as” account is one such as: Mary Jones doing business as (DBA) “ABC Company”.


Usually, a DBA checking account is FREE. You need the business checking account to cash your customer’s checks made payable to your business. If you do not have a business checking account, then you can’t cash or deposit checks. When opening a business checking account, the bank will ask for your business license and some form of ID such as a driver’s license. Start with a small deposit say, $100 and you’ll soon get your printed checks and you are ready for business.


You must have business stationery ie. a printed envelope and letterhead and a business card in order to do business with suppliers. A local print shop such as “Staples”, “Office Max” and others can quickly print a small quantity (500) of each or you can type set your own with your computer and save some money. Don’t get fancy with your printing when you start out. Avoid paying for special logo designs when you can use a stock “:logo cut” at very little extra cost, but a logo alone, does not necessarily sell more of your offers so keep your printed stationery simple.


A business phone and a business answering machine with a professional outgoing message means that you are serious. Avoid using your personal answering machine and home phone as your business one too. Often I have reached ‘businesses’ that were answered by children or that had barking dogs in the background. When you answer the phone, say your company name, such as “ABC COMPANY, John Smith speaking..May I help You?” rather than a personal “hello”. Also, with your business phone you get a free one line yellow (& white page) listing for your business. The cost for a business phone is under $20 a month (basic service) with a one time installation charge of about $100. Buy an answering machine with a speaker phone so you can speak while you read or write. I use Phone Mate #8200 ($39.95) with good results.

An example of how having a business phone listing paid off was when a book publisher called directory assistance under our company name to see if we had a business phone before he agreed to work with us!! So, look professional and act professional and you’ll be treated with respect and opportunities will come to you seemingly out of the blue. I believe that the SMARTER (not the HARDER) you work the LUCKIER you get!!


Starting a mail order business is another popular ‘easy entry’ way to start a home based business with little investment. The big problem is to find a product or information to sell. Reading and responding to classified and display ads in printed opportunity magazines, on-line business magazines and E Newsletters such as this one is an excellent way to gain entry into the mail order or direct marketing business with little money. Note, too, how and why the particular ad you responded to got your attention. Pattern, but do not copy, your own ads the same way. Example: use the word FREE if possible in your ad to get attention fast or use an attention getting ad such as “MAKE 1998% PROFIT SELLING INFORMATION!!”

The MLM Product Possibilities.


Trade shows, magazines, newsletters, on-line publications, manufacturers, and importers are good places to look for products to sell.

For trade shows, contact the Chamber of Commerce in your area. Also, contact local convention or trade centers via the Chamber of Commerce in any large city for a calendar of up-coming trade shows which are typically held annually. To attend these shows, you must be “in the trade” since they are not open to the public. Sometimes you may be able to get a free pass and badge from a sponsor. I’ve attended many trade shows in Chicago, New York City and in Boston just by contacting the sponsor and telling them that I am a direct marketer seeking new products.

You can directly contact manufacturers and suppliers requesting their wholesale prices (remember to use your business stationery). The companies can be found in the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (22 volumes; 1997 cost $240) under 55,000 product & service headings. This valuable resource looks like a big green encyclopedia and is available in any large public or college library.

Contact a local field office of the Department of Commerce for Importing/Exporting information in the blue pages phone book under US Government Listings. Your local library and especially the business library of a College or University is an excellent source of business books, publications and trade magazines where you can get ideas for products that you can sell.


Invent your own MLM products by improving existing products. I taught a creativity seminar and asked the students to find as many uses as possible for a piece of fluorescent property marking tape. In 15 minutes they brainstormed over 167 uses!! Some were: fuel; toilet paper; decoration; a belt;a bikini; a hat, bookmark, fishing lure etc. Try brainstorming on any product that you want to improve. Simply list as many ways that come to mind in say, 20 minutes, of how you can improve the product. The more ideas the better regardless of how seemingly silly or stupid they may seem to be at first. Don’t stop to evaluate any of them now, rather just let your creative juices flow and you will find that you too can invent!!

Avoid responding to late night scam invention marketing companies who promise you the world and fail to deliver anything. Some highly touted companies may be fraudulent. Contact and question the Federal Trade Commission about the reputation of any invention marketing firms that you are considering. You can check out Do this before submitting your ideas and your money to them. Deal with reputable firms. The Patent and Trademark Office provides patent and trademark protection to inventors and businesses. It offers some information on invention marketing companies also that you may want to check out. It grants patents on inventions registers trademarks, publishes patent information and maintains files of U.S. and foreign patents for public use. If you invent a new product ask for information regarding patents and trademarks: Contact: U.S. Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. 20231 or call 703-308-4357.

The MLM Approach for Suppliers.


Using your word processing program or typewriter, write a simple, cordial, yet professional letter to the principal of the company such as the President (for small companies only) or Sales Manager. Avoid sending “dear occupant” letters, rather, look up the key executives names and titles in “Standard & Poors Directory of American Corporations” (available in the library) or call the company directly to get the name of the decision maker you need to contact. Use your business stationery to conduct business with suppliers. Sending requests on postcards or with hand written notes on tablet paper will be ignored. Also, if there is a charge for a catalog and you don’t include the payment, don’t expect to receive a reply. Why should a supplier, mail order dealer or business person mail out product literature and samples to “curiosity seekers?”


Unless you have a good profit margin (preferably, at least 3 to 4 times your cost) you can not make any serious money reselling products, with few exceptions. You can find high profit products from inventors who may have a garage or basement full of products, packaged and ready to be sold. You can place a “Products Wanted” ad in a newspaper and have suppliers contact you. Also, a good source of new products is foreign trade sources. Your librarian can help you find several importing resources. Also, the US Department of Commerce listed in the blue pages of your phone book can help with import/export issues. The yellow pages of your phone directory has listings of importers in the USA who have already imported the type of products you want. By dealing directly with these “import/export brokers” you can save the hassles of paying duty on imports and of currency exchanges and of waiting for slow delivery. Their relatively small service charges outweigh the potential, costly problems that an amateur importer may experience.


Don’t spend a lot of money on display ads until you know that your product will sell at a profit. Using hard hitting, attention getting words in your ad such as:


Test! Test! Test! Try various ads and placement until you find which ones work best, then run the same order pulling ad in other publications.

Key your ads so you will know where the responses are coming from. For example, you can vary the spelling of your company name as a key, or you can use a department number or a suite number. Examples: “My Mail Order Company” can be keyed as “My Mailco”; MMailo” “My Mail Order Comp” etc.


Fill orders from a small stock of inventory you have on hand. This allows you to quickly respond to customers with a product you control without depending on drop shippers to fill your order. This also eliminates errors by third party material handlers. Use drop shipping for large, hard to inventory expensive ($100++) products that are sold in low volume. For high volume fast sellers, it is best, we have found, that it is faster to handle and fill all orders in house or locally, from stock on hand. Later, as sales volume increases, you may want to hire a fulfillment company to pick, pack and ship orders directly to your customer while billing you for their services.


Don’t plan your world cruise on the initial success from your first few product sales. It takes time to build a business. Reinvest profits wisely in new products.


There is only a limited amount of hours in a day. At first, do as much of the work in your business yourself, but know when to ask for and use help such as sales professionals. Sure, you have to pay dealers a commission, but they will reach markets that you can never reach alone.


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM’s – Are They a Viable Online Business?

MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM’s – Are They a Viable Online Business?

by Ann Rusnak

You’ve seen those ads “Make $10,000 instantly with a  Business on the Internet” . Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Ads promising wealth on the Internet usually belong to people participating in Multi-Level Marketing/Networking (MLM/NM) programs.  Trying to fulfill that promise of wealth and financial freedom.  The focus of this series has been on how you can profit from the Internet Revolution. It is only appropriate that we devote an article to Multi-level marketing/Network marketing.

Three Things First before continuing.

  1. We do not endorse or promote any Multi-level marketing opportunity on our site.
  2. I know several l people using these programs with success and will be more than glad to refer you, if you think a MLM opportunity is for you.
  3. There are low-lifes in any industry.  MLM/NM is no acceptation.

MLM’s are being promoted as the best fit for an Internet business.  The two were made for each other.  Multi-level marketing programs are legitimate home business models.  They are under the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission.

People make their money when products are sold.  Sometimes they are confused with pyramid schemes. A pyramid scheme is when money is transferred from a lower level to a higher level.  The people closest the top  benefit from the people on the lower levels contributing money.  The lower levels will never see the full benefits of the money the contributed to join.  Some pyramid schemes will disguise themselves as MLM by selling some type of product or services but the price to join is way and above the actually value of that product.  It’s not the selling of the product that brings in the money, it’s when the people join.

What are the Advantages of an MLM

A properly run MLM system is a win-win for both company and distributor.  When you sign up with a Multi-level marketing company, you are considered an independent contractor.  That makes you your own boss.

First advantage is you’re the boss of your business.  You set the hours you want to work.

Other advantages include.

  • Low entry barriers.   You don’t need a college education or any particular education to begin your business.
    Start-up costs are low.
  • You can work out of your home.
  • You don’t need to quit your current job. You can build your MLM business until it can replace your current income.
  • Residual Income. You keep earning a percentage of your downline sales.  As long as they are selling products.
  • You are rewarded in proportion to your efforts.
  • Multi-level marketing companies have pre-defined business and marketing plans.
  • They also manufacture the product and drop ship it to your customer.
  • Many of them handle the paper work.

What are the Disadvantages.

Alienating your friends and acquaintances.

These are the people your upline will have start marketing to first. Your upline will have you contact these people to try to “recruit” them into the business.  I am sure all of us have been approached by somebody to join their program. The big emphasis is on financial freedom for joining.  Some of these companies want you to use the so-called “Curiosity Approach”.  This approach certainly puts my guard up.

A better approach would be to a call your friends and let them know you looking at MLM company to make some extra money. Ask if you could drop of some products from them to  try and get their opinion on them.  This will be a good indication of how well your products will sell.

You need to be a Self Starter and able to lead and motivate others.

To earn the residual income, you must recruit people.  This is where you make the BIG money. You have to stay on top of your downline to make sure they are actively recruiting. You need train and motivate them.  Your upline should provide you with the training you need.  Don’t count on somebody to motivate you though.

Financial Commitment.

Some programs require you to buy a certain amount of products every month to stay active and eligible for the program.  Make the company is offering products that you are going to use.  If you don’t like the product, look for a company with products you do like.


MLM as an ideal type of Internet Business. 

This is one of the biggest selling points in joining a Multi-level marketing company. You get to have your own Internet business.  Check out the Rules and regulations very carefully. Some companies have very strict restrictions that your business is nothing more than a glorified online ordering form with no way for you build the business online.   Many make it easy for their distributors to run their businesses online.

Some companies provide templates to set up a website.  Others let you create your own web site.  I haven’t come across one company that approves of spamming.  The more flexibility you have to market online, the better the chances you have of someone finding your site and buying.  Especially if you can optimize your  web sites for the search engines

The URL or web address. 

There are companies that make your name a part of their web address. For example.  You can have a little print of this on your business cards as your web address. Some one visiting the site could bookmark and come back easily. You still get the credit for the sale. Others allow you to have your own domain.  There are MLM companies that you just direct people to the main site. They usually require a passcode to enter or to purchase. Even if someone bookmarked the page, without the code they can’t enter. You could easily loose the sale. The Internet is about convenience.

One company I researched actually gave you three options to ensure the right person got credit in case you forgot the passcode number. You searched for their company id number by  their name, email address or their business name.

The System

There are some MLM companies that say the have a proven system for success.  Most of the time it is not the company but the distributors that have developed this system.  A lot of them are nothing more than motivational systems with very little training on growing your business. There is big money in motivational materials.  You may have to spend hundreds of dollars a month on these systems. How much product are you going to have to sell to afford the training system?    Is there any emphasis on selling the products and obtaining customers or is it on recruiting people and getting them on the system.    Does the Multi-level company produce their own business support materials?  If so, why is emphasis on buying distributor produce business support materials?

I compared training programs  of the #1 affiliate program for 1999 The 5 Pillar Program to the # 1 MLM company.  What a shock. Both companies offer quality products.  Joining the 5 Pillar Program is Free.  Hundred for the other.  The #1 MLM company systems cost about $225 a month for the basics including a passcode protect web page. That doesn’t include recruiting or showing the plan supplies.  That is just the training/motivational system. You need to sell about $2000-$4000 in products a month to support the basics.   This system is not put together by the company but by the distributors.  All the training material, software, manuals are free in the 5 Pillar Program.  You also get weekly coaching through a newsletter.  There is also email support. The 5 Pillar program also offers lifetime customers and commissions.  5If you need a website, the 5 Pillar program offers the service to register your own domain name, build a site with unlimited pages and host it for the year for under $100 (US).

Multi-level marketing was once an alternative for people who wanted to start business but didn’t have the capital, knowledge, or time to start one.  Franchises had become too expensive for the average person. Many have been able to obtain financial freedom through network marketing.  You can still achieve this freedom today.

The Internet has opened up many other possibilities to own a business online with a low cost start-up. Multi-level marketing can be the best option for you to have an Internet based business.  You just need to do some investigation. Ask lots of question. Don’t let anybody pressure you to join.  There will be a lot of emphasis on recruiting. The Direct Marketing Association  advises to take a balance approach. It’s important to have customers as well as downline. There must always be a legitimate product being sold and compensation on the sale of that product.

Customers will give you the immediate income and distributors will give you the residual long term income.://

Ann Rusnak helps you achieve a successful business with less effort and time by working smarter not harder. Sign up to receive the FR~EE mini-course “7 Internet Business Mistake to Avoid”

Presented by PassionFire Intl


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire Intl

© 2005 PFI / all rights reserved

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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Network Marketing MLM List of MLM Companies. Copy and paste in a search engine to find the website of the company in this List of MLM Network Marketing Companies.

Network Marketing MLM List of MLM Companies. Copy and paste in a search engine to find the website of the company in this List of MLM Network Marketing Companies. 


Network Marketing MLM List of Companies is not an endorsement from PassionFire, but a possible recommend to check out for your information.

Get ALL the information on a company and it’s owners before you decide to enroll in one.


2Xtreme Performance International
4 the Good Life
4Life Research, LC
8Point Communications
8X8 Company
Acceris Communications Inc.
Achieve Success Team (AST)
Now Goldshield Elite
ACN Int.
AcoMark Concepts Pvt. Ltd.
Act II Jewelry, Inc.
Advanced Health Care Systems
Advantage International
AMS Health Sciences
AdvoCare International
Agent Nation
AIM International
Airlume, Inc.
Alive International
All That’s Natural
AlphaCom, Inc.
Alpine Industries, Inc.
Amazon Herb Company
AMC Corporation
American Bio Labs Inc.
American Communications Network ACN-
American Dream Nutrition
American Longevity
AmeriPlan USA
AmeriSciences, Inc.
Arbonne International, Inc.
Art Finds International
Artistic Impressions, Inc.
Assured Nutrition Plus, Inc.
AtHome America, Inc.
Avalar Real Estate & Mortgage Network
Avalar Real Estate Alliance
Avon Products, Inc.
Awareness Corporation
Aztech Financial
Basic Energy & Affiliated Resources, Inc.
Beat The System
Big Bang Infonetwork Pvt. Ltd.
Big Book Direct
Big Planet/ Nu Skin/ Phamrmex
Bimini Essentials
Binney & Smith At Home, LLC
BioCrave Health Products
Biometics International, Inc.
Blue Strawberry Bath
Bodies Best International
Body Wise Intl.
Bodyguard Technologies
Books and Beyond, Inc.
Brain Garden
Cabouchon International
Cajun Country Candies
Cell Wireless Corp.
Carico International, Inc.
Cell Tech
CenterSource Life Systems
Cera Bella

Charitable Partners
Chef Selections, Inc.
Chesapeake Bay Company
Clear Your Credit, Inc.
Concorde Group
Conklin Company, Inc.
Consumer 1st
Country Bunny Bath & Body
Creative Memories
Creative Network International
Creative Photo Concepts
Credit Development International
Custom Corner
Daisy Blue Naturals, LLC
Data Life Associates
Data Process Marketing (DP Marketing)
Delfin International
Demarle At Home, Inc.
Destinations By Mava D.
Destiny Telecomm International
DeTech, Inc.
Diotek India Limited
Discovery Toys
Discovery Toys Inc.
Dr. Glass Window Washing
DS-MAX U.S.A. Inc.
DWG International
Dynamic Essentials
Dynamic Freedom, Inc.
Dynamite Marketing
Earth Essence
Easy Way
EcoQuest International
Eden River
Electrolux LLC
Empower Net
Enliven International Inc.
Eniva Corporation
Enrich Intl/ Unicity
Enviro-Tech International
E’OLA International
EonDeck.Com, Inc.
Equinox International / Trek Alliance / Advanced
Marketing Systems / BG Management
Espial USA
Essante Corporation
Essentially Yours Industries Inc.
Euphony Communications
F.A.I.T.H. Company
Family Health Network
Family of Eagles
Fifth Avenue Collection, Ltd.
First Fitness
First Marketing Group
Five Star Auto Club
Flying Frog Intl
For More International
Forever Living Intl
ForMor International
Fortuna Alliance
Fortune High Tech
ForYou, Inc.
Free Network
Freedom One Services
FreeLife International
Freeway 100
Frozen Lease
FutureNet, Inc.
GemCap Equity Management, Inc.
GetGasFree Marketing Group
Giving You Credit, Inc.
Global Assistance Network for Charities
Global Communications Solutions Inc.
Global Community
Global Health Trax
Global Interactive Investment Club
Global Network Marketing, Inc.
Global Prelaunch
Global Prosperity Group /
Global Prosperity Marketing Group
Global Travel trends
Global Wellness Club
Going Platinum, Inc.
Gold Entertainment / Quality of Life Marketing, Inc – Closed MLM operations 3/25/2005
Gold Unlimited
Golden Neo-Life Diamite International (GNLD)
Goldshield Elite
Good Books & Company, LLC
Good to Grow Garden Outfitters, LLC
Great Life Products
Hawaii HerbalTech Corporation
HB Products
Health Dyamics Research Company
Health Voyage
Healthy Outlook
Healthy Steps
Henn Workshops
Heritage Health Products Company
H.I.D. International
High Opportunity Petroleum Enterprise (HOPE)
High-Tech Safety
Higher Ideals
Highlights-Jigsaw Toy Factory, Ltd.
Holbrook Cottage, Inc.
Home & Garden Party
Home Business Group
Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc.
Home Owners Network Club
Homemade Gourmet, Inc.
Hsin Ten Enterprises USA, Inc.
Hy Cite Corporation
ICR Services, Inc
Ideal Health
iKobo, Inc.
Immunotech Research, Ltd.
Imn Dot Com Pvt. Ltd.
In Touch Communications and Networking Inc.
Incredible Products
Infinity In’l Health & Beauty
InnerLight Inc.
Integris Global, LP
International Heritage
International Metals & Trade
International Teamworks Inc.
IONYX International
Iron Curtain Labs
Jafra Cosmetics Intl
Jeunique International, Inc.
Jewelry at Home
Jewels by Park Lane
Joielle LLC
Joy Enterprises
JS Homestyle, LLC
Jurak Corporation Worldwide
Just Add Guests
Kaire, Lexxus Intl
KareMore International
Kirby Vacuum
Kitchen Fair
Lady Remington Jewelry, Inc.
Ladybug Garden Parties, Inc.
Lametco Int.
Latasia & Company
L’Athene, Inc.
L’Bri Puren Natural
Le Club Privé
Le Gourmet Gift Baskets Inc.
Le Natural Int’l
Legacy for Life
Legacy USA

Lia Sophia
Liberty Financial of North America Inc.
Life Dynamics
Life Force International
Life Plus International
Life Prints
Life Sciences Products, Inc.
Life Sciences Technologies
Lifestyles International
LifeTrends International
Links Worldwide Inc.
Living Scriptures, Inc.
Longevity Network, Ltd.
LR International
Luxelle International Inc.
Lyon Legacy
Magic Learning Systems
Magnus Enterprises
Mannatech Inc.
Market America, Inc.
Marpé International
Mary Kay, Inc.
Matol Botanical International
MAXXIS Group, Inc. / MAXXIS 2000
Metabolife International
Metrin Life USA, Inc.
Momentum Nutrition & Health
Morinda, Inc
MPAD Technology Group, Inc.
MIS/Multiple Income Soluitons
Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems
Muscle Dynamics Fitness Network, Inc.
Musical Magnets
National Companies, Inc.
National Safety Associates (Juice Plus+)
Natural Bodylines
Natural Connections

Natural World
Nature’s Aromatherapy
Nature’s Gold
Nature’s of Scandinavia
Nature’s Own
Nature’s Sunshine Products
Nature’s Wealth
Nebullis Network
Nefful U.S.A., Inc.
Netrix Limited
Networker 2000
NeuroGenesis, Inc
New Image International, Inc.
New Sun Health
New Vision International, Inc.
New Vision USA, Inc.
Newsways Intl, Inc. –

Nexx, LLC
Nikken Global, Inc.
Noevir USA, Inc.
Northern Lights at Home
Nouveau Riche
Nove Chrome
Nu Creations, Inc.
Nubotanic Int. Commerce, Inc.
Nu-Life International
Nu-Med, Inc.
Nu Skin
NutriCare International
NutriHealth USA
Nutrimetics By Avalla
Nutrimetrics North America
NutriSystem Direct
Nutrition For Life
Nutronics International / The Coral Connection
Oasis Wellness
Omnitrition International
Open Invitation From House of Lloyd
Oragen International
Orbit the Talking Computer
Organics Made Easy
Oriflame U.S.A.
Oro Club
Outback Secrets
Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.
P.M. International
Pangea Ltd.
Paradigm Health International
Paramount Technologies
Partners in Vision International, Inc.
PartyLite Gifts, Inc.
Passion Parties, Inc.
Performance Plus Nutritionals
Petra Fashions, Inc.
PHD Products
Physicians Research Laboratories
Pinnacle Plus
Pola USA, Inc.
Popular Club, Inc.
Power 2 Marketing LLC
Premier Designs, Inc.
Premier Health Link
Pre-Paid Legal
Primequest International
Primerica Financial Services (PFS) / AL Williams
Princess House, Inc.
Pro Monde Travel
Pro-Ma Systems
PRT travel
PS I Love You
Purchase Plus Buyer’s Group
Purely Gourmet LLC
Qi Technologies
Quality of Life Marketing, Inc / Gold Entertainment – Closed MLM operations 3/25/2005
Quantum Leap
Quest Group International
Quest IV Health Products
Quiet Places
R-Garden Internationale
RDAY, Inc.
Rainbow Enzymes Inc.
Regal Ware, Inc.
Relive Intl
Rena Ware International, Inc.
Retire Quickly Corp.
Rexaire, Inc. (Rainbow Vacuums)
Rexall showcase
R-Garden Internationale
Richmont Direct
Rocky Mountain International Silver and Gold, Inc.
Royal BodyCare, Inc.
Saladmaster, Inc.
Scentura Creations
Seaborne, LLC
Seasilver USA
Sea Energy
Self Indulgence
Send Out
SeneGence International
Sensaria Natural Bodycare, Inc.
Shape Your Future
Share the Wealth
Silpada Designs
Six Figure Income / SFI Marketing Group

Smart-Mart, Inc.
Soaring Eagle Ventures
Soteria Corporation
Southern Living at Home
Sparks International
Sportron International
Stampin’ Up!
Stanley Home Products
Starlight International
Strategies for Success
Streamline International
Sunrider International
SupraLife International
Sureal International
Symmetry Corporation
Symmetry Direct
Symmetry International
Synergy WorldWide
TARRAH Cosmetics, Inc.
Taste of Gourmet
Tastefully Simple, Inc.
Telephone Information Systems (Pleasure Time)
TeleWrx / Converge Global, Inc.
The Art of Better Living
The Body Shop At Home
The Brain Garden
The Claudia Jean Collection
The Comforts of Home, Inc.
The Country Peddlers & Company of America, Inc.
The Fuller Brush Company
The Furnished Garden
The Glass Bracelet
The Good Nature Company
The Homemaker’s Idea Company
The Kirby Company
The Longaberger Company
The Mentor Network, Inc.
The National Companies
The Pampered Chef, Ltd.
The Peoples Network
The Right Solution
The Southwestern Company
The Story Teller
The Topline
The Traveling Vineyard
The West Bend Company
Tianshi Health Products, Inc.
Tidal Wave
Tomorrow’s Treasures / Memory Bank
Totally Tropical Interiors, Ltd.
Toward Ultimate Financial Freedom
Transform America
TravelOne International
TrendMark International, Inc.
TriLokin International, Inc.
TriStar Enterprises, LLC
TriStar Online Sales Corporation / Suble Energy Solutions
True Wealth Creations
Tupperware Corporation
Turning Point
Two Sisters Gourmet
Ultra Corp
Unique Solutions
Universal Direct
Usana Health Sciences, Inc
Usborne Books At Home
Vantel Pearls in the Oyster
Vaxa International
Vector Marketing / Cutco
Viamore Corporation
Vibrant Performance
Vision For Life International
Visions Group of America
Vita Craft Corporation
Vitality Corporation / LifeChoice Corp.
Viva America
Viva Life Science, Inc.
Viviane Woodard Skincare
VM Direct
Vorwerk USA Company, LP
Voyager Group Inc.
Wallstreet Prophet
Wardson International
Warm Spirit, Inc.
Watkins Incorporated
Waves International
Webs to Multilevel
Weekender USA, Inc.
Wellness Associates
Wellness International
Wellness Premium Plus
West Bend Cookware
Wicker Plus, Ltd.
Wildtree Herbs, Inc.
World Book, Inc.
World Class Network
World Games – WGI
World Marketing Alliance (WMA) / World Financial Group (WFG) / National Lending Corp. (NLC) / Aegon Financial Group World
World Perfume
WorldxChange Corporation
Xango LLC
Young Living Essential Oils
Youngevity, Inc.
YourNetPlus.Com, Inc.
Youthflow Corporation
YTB Intl
Yves Rocher Direct Selling
ZeBlooms, Inc.



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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / MLM Recruiting