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MLM Training- 5 Ways to Explode your Personal Production in 2013

mlm home business new years

mlm network marketing 2013

MLM Personal Production 2013.

Are you looking to DOUBLE your business in 2013 for your home business?

Want to increase your network marketing business dramatically?

What do you do for that to happen in your work at home mlm?

Simple.  It’s 2013 and you need to make some changes in how you do things. We at PassioniFire have met with our team and decided to do some things differently in 2013.

What about YOU?

Should you be doing  the same type of thing for your home based business? Should you be thinking FORWARD to this summer and fall and making plans on what your business is going to look like? I think it may be a great idea for that if you have not decided to do it. It will increase your volume a lot during the year.

What things can you do NOW to increase your personal production in 2013?

First off…WHY Personal Production and nor team volume? Great question!  You need to stop depending on your team and start depending on YOU and what you are going to do in 2013. You may not have a big team. THAT is the reason you need to increase what you are doing to maximize your production!

We have found there are 5 things you can do in 2013 to help with your personal production:

1. Become MORE AWARE of WHO.

Are you AWARE of all the prospects online and offline that you have access to? Are you AWARE of the potential prospects around you that can help you and your network marketing business?  Awareness is a MAGNET and POWER for multiplying your volume and personal production.

Be more aware of where you are. Be more aware of who is around you or is online. Be more aware of the conversations that are around you, and the conversation threads on social media. Look for the “openings” that you can introduce yourself and oin the conversation. Look for the conversations that are about your niche and benefits of your products.

2. Use the Social Media Search Tools.

If you arr using social media for your mlm business, then you should KNOW what is being talked about, and what is being ignored. You do this with social search engines. One of the greatest ways to do this is with Twitter. They have what i called Twitter Search. This will help you find the conversations in your niche. Just use has tags (#) before the search terms and you will find a world that can help you connect to people you never new existed.

Also, there are Whose Talkin, Social Mention, Same Point,  Kurrently, and of course the King of search and social search:

Google. If you are signed into Google you can search for a term (just like normal) and click on More search tools off to the left-hand side of the screen. When more options appear just select Social and your results will be filtered to include only those found in your social circle.

3. Automate your Social Media.

if you have not automated your social media, then shame on you! You can do this easily. Why> It allows you to be in a dozen places at once and at the same time connect with new people. Your personal production can skyrocket just off of automating this.

Here are some cool tools for you to do this:  Social OOMPH,  Hootsuite,  Twitterfeed, and  Tweetbeep,  

These WORK in helping you maximize your conversations on social media.

4. Send Out Post Cards Asking for Referrals in 2013.

Yes, you read that right. Post cards are now back in vogue and WORK. If you do this a couple of times a week with a HANDWRITTEN request, you will find more leads coming your way then you can handle. I did this for years.

“Dear —-,  I need your help. I am looking for some people to help <lose weight, look younger, feel better, have better skin etc> and would like to chat with you for a minute about 2 people that you know  that I could simply send some free information to about what they are struggling with. I am thanking you in advance and will call you this week to chat briefly. Thank you!”

Come up with your own script, but THIS WORKS for increasing personal production.

5. Use the 3-2-1  Daily PLAN.

What is THAT? A powerful Personal production PLAN that will help you increase your production!

here it is:

Talk to 3 people a day, and 2 will listen to you, and 1 will be willing to help you with either referrals or in some other way. (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening)

“Hey!  I could use your help on something. I am looking for some people to help in 2013 <lose some weight and slim down, look younger,  earn an extra 1000.00 a month etc>  and was wondering who comes to mind that I could give them some free information that would help them.”

That is 30 people a month willing to help you in some way! That ALONE will increase production in your home business.

These are 5 powerful ways that you can increase personal production in all that you do in 2013 with your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 Audio Download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets” with over 25 recruiting secrets form Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman!

blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – The Psychology of Recruiting Small Business Owners in 2013

mlm network marketing home business recruiting

mlm recruitiing small business.  for home business

MLM Recruiting Small Business Owners.

Do you recruit business owners and professionals in your home business?
Does it not make sense to recruit small business owners for 2013 into your network marketing business?
How would one small business owner in your downline change your mlm? Take a look into Shravan Gupta videos and learn how you can hired real professionals.
The secret to starting to recruit professionals and small business owners is to understand what makes them tick. In 2013, I would suggest that you really start to focus on small business owners and professionals. To develop your  business you need a best marketing tips, At Cofe Winchester you will get different blogs.
Because many small business owners are going to be looking for additional revenues to be making up for all the additional taxes that will be facing small business owners in 2013. Many businesses are getting help from tijuana for better manufacturing in a less cost. And I would suggest that you focus part of your time in giving small business owners something we have call the Small Business Income Mutiplier and it DOES work with a network marketing business attached to their small business. If you need business marketing technique then just visit to Abrc website, here you get all the information about business marketing.
That Income Multiplier is a secondary revenue stream from a network marketing business that connects the professional’s contacts.
We teach what we call the  “Recruiting Professionals Academy” and we train on how to recruit just about any professional and small business owner that exists. We train how to recruit particular niches, and professions using very focused scripts and conversations in 2013
But it ALL starts with the understanding of one thing:

The Psychology of the Professional and Business Owner.

You MUST understand what the small business owner and professional is looking for and wants for their life.
It starts with how small business owners and professionals THINK. But the one thing that has proven to be true about recruiting small business professionals is their thinking:usiness Professionals and Small Business owners are mainly TRADITIONAL Thinkers and marketers.
Most have gone through a lot to build their business so they are protective of it. They know what it took to get to where they are, and they are very focused on not messing it up. They remember the hard times, and many are still going through some hard times with the way the economy is today.
Most Online business owners and professionals are focused on building their business and want no distractions. Anything that distracts them, they resist. But if you show them how you can help them increase their revenues with NO distractions, you will recruit them.
Here are some points to help you understand the Psychology of the Small Business Owner and Professionals and how to prepare to recruit them:
1) Small Business Owners bring A DIFFERENT Perspective to the marketplace and MLM. They understand business, and also how to run one, and have a business attitude when working in the marketplace, not just an employee attitude. They GET the fact that a business must be profitable to continue.
2) Business professionals bring EXPERIENCE to the marketplace and MLM that the average person does not have. Experience in running a business, networking, making things happen, marketing, selling, leadership, communication, crisis management, and succeeding.
 3) Business Professionals bring DETERMINATION and RESOLVEto the marketplace and Network Marketing. They MUST be determined to succeed in their business, and bring the same determination to MLM. often they can get done in a day what takes most distributors a week.

Most small business owner and professionals are very FOCUSED on what they are doing, and determined on where they are going.
4) Small Business professionals bring CONTACTS and NETWORKS to the marketplace and MLM. Most business owners belong to regional, state and national associations with other business owners, and thus, have formed relationships with many other small business owners and professionals, a Gold Mine in MLM.
5) They bring a CREDIBILITY that the average person does not have to the marketplace and MLM. Credibility as an owner, and a professional in the marketplace. This alone is a Gold Mine in Network Marketing.
Their local, statewide, and national Professional Organizations they belong to are a GOLD MINE alone for prospecting and recruiting.
business owners and professionals are incredible prospects for MLM, but unfortunately, can be quite difficult to approach, at least from the normal approach of most Network Marketers. we will cover that in a later post.
This is the Psychology of the Small business owner to recruit them into your home business network marketing mlm.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2o12 all rights reserved
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MLM Training – How to Rate MLM Leads in Your Recruiting Funnel

mlm home business funnel marketing

mlm home business marketing funnel

MLM Leads and How to Score them in  Your Funnel.

Do you use a “funnel”in your marketing efforts for your home business?

What is a funnel to you in a network marketing business?

Are you open to learning about the funnel process in mlm?

Here is a grreat article on how to define if you have a good lead or not from Hub Spot:


By now, most marketers understand the importance of mending the traditional rift between sales and marketing. The mistrust and miscommunication that’s so often found between the two teams can act like an  anchor on your company’s growth rate. In fact, organizations with good  alignment between sales and marketing teams achieved 20% annual revenue growth in 2010, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group By contrast, companies with poor alignment saw revenues decline by 4%. You can have a guide from cherryscustomframing for multilevel marketing.

Often, one of the biggest blockers for sales and marketing alignment is the very different views each team has of the funnel. For example, they might disagree about the number of stages a lead passes through before becoming a customer. Furthermore, they often use different terminology to describe those stages.

But in order to adopt an effective SMarketing (get it?) strategy, sales
and marketing must have a unified picture of the funnel and standard definitions of each stage in the process.

What does your funnel look like? And how  exactly can you make sure both teams are aligned in their definition of the  funnel? Follow these steps to help define the stages of your funnel that both  Sales and Marketing can agree upon and collaborate around.

Step 1: Understand Lead Quality

Focus on the definition of a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). This is the crucial handoff point between marketing and sales, so it’s essential that the teams agree on the terminology. Every company’s definition of an MQL will vary, but it should reflect a combination of traits and actions that indicate a lead is both a good fit for your company and ready to talk to a salesperson. Here’s one way to examine your funnel to assess lead quality and determine whether a lead is ready for sales follow-up:

Aspects of Lead Qualification

Is the lead a good fit?

Your company might target financial services companies with 5,000 or more employees, or small service businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Or, you may be only interested in manufacturing companies of a certain size or just for a home business.

Within  those categories, you also might identify individual lead profiles, such as title or job description and role in the decision-making process — e.g.,  economic buyer, end user, influencer. How closely a lead aligns with your ideal  customer profile will determine whether and when you hand it over to the sales team.

Is the lead interested?

A lead’s activity can reveal how close they are to a buying decision. For
example, if a lead has only visited your website once, or has just begun  following you on Twitter, they may be aware of your company but aren’t  particularly engaged yet. A lead that requests a demo or views pricing  information is showing a lot more interest.

Where a lead falls within the four quadrants of this matrix dictates the next
step your marketing or sales team should take. For example:

  • Good Fit & Interested: Leads in the upper right quadrant are a good fit for your company and are highly engaged with your marketing. These are hot leads that require immediate follow-up from your sales
    team — usually in fewer than 24 hours.
  • Good Fit But Less Interested: Leads in the upper left quadrant are a good fit for your company but don’t show a lot of interest yet. Perhaps they’ve only signed up for an email newsletter or downloaded one piece of educational content. These are leads that the marketing team needs to nurture.
  • Lots of Interest, But Not a Good Fit: Leads in the lower right don’t necessarily fit your ideal customer profile, but are highly engaged with your brand. They might have subscribed to your blog and email newsletter, downloaded your ebooks, and attended your webinars. It’s worth having a sales rep do a low-cost follow-up with these fans to see if there’s an easy sale to make from a non-traditional customer. Sometimes leads that don’t seem like a fit have a good reason to buy your product.
  • They can also turn into great  evangelists for your products or services, thus providing you with indirect support as non-customers. That’s why you can’t automate the entire sales and marketing process. At some point, a good marketer or sales rep can spot an opportunity that your systems might overlook.
  • Little Interest & No Fit: Leads in the lower left quadrant aren’t a good fit for your company and haven’t shown much interest in your marketing content. They’re definitely not worth a sales rep’s time. Don’t be afraid to take them out of your communication stream.

Step 2: Develop Your Definition of an MQL

Using this matrix as your guide, develop an MQL definition based on the combination of fit and interest that’s right for your company. Some marketers may focus more on fit because they have a tightly defined market; other marketers may have a broad customer base and focus more on interest level. That decision depends on your business model. This Tailwind review does a good job of explaining how to properly use social media marketing tools.

MQL definitions in those two cases might look like this:

  1. A Focus on Fit: A contact with XYZ title or role who has
    filled out a landing page form and works at a financial services company in the U.S. with more than 5,000 employees.
  2. A Focus on Interest Level: A contact with the ABC title or
    role who has requested a product demonstration from a sales rep and works at any U.S.-based company.

Whichever approach you chose, base your definitions on data — not on gut
instinct. Even experienced marketers and salespeople can be way off base in their assumptions about what makes a good lead.

Step 3: Implement Lead Scoring

Using a lead scoring or lead grading program that relies on data from your closed-loop analysis can help you determine the importance of different activities. Here is an example of what lead scoring can look like for you:

Here’s how to implement a lead scoring system:

Examine Behavioral History

Examine the activity history of recent customers and analyze how many actions they took before becoming a customer — i.e., the number of page views or number of conversions, such as downloading a report or registering for a webinar, etc.

Identify Patterns

Look for patters that indicate a lead’s likelihood of closing. For example, if a lead that downloads ten pieces of content from your website or visits your site more than 15 times in one month, she is more likely to close. Consider incorporating frequency measures into your MQL definition.

List Activities

Also, list all the activities that a lead can take before becoming a customer, and analyze the close rate for each one. For example, to determine the close rate for a webinar, look at all customers that had watched a webinar, then divide that number by the total number of leads that originally registered for the webinar. That gives you the close rate for leads from that particular event.

Calculate Average Close Rates

Using the close rates for individual actions, calculate the average close rate for all your marketing activities. Then look for actions that have a significantly higher close rate. For example, if your average close rate is around 1%, you might find a handful of actions that have a 3%-5% close rate.

Add these top-closing events to your definition of an MQL. Any lead that engages in at least one of these activities, and is a good fit for your company, would be considered an MQL. Use those close rates to decide what score to give different activities in your lead scoring or lead grading system.

Step 4: Optimize the Stages of Your Sales Funnel

Now that you’ve identified the different stages of your sales funnel, it’s
important to optimize each of those stages on an ongoing basis. And that means continual analysis of key metrics at each stage of the funnel, such as:

  • Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate
  • Lead-to-MQL Conversion Rate
  • % Sales Accepted Leads
  • Lead Work Rates
  • MQL-to-Opportunity Conversion Rate
  • Opportunity-to-Customer Conversion Rate
  • Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate
  • Sales Cycle Length
  • Average Cost Per Sale

You should be looking at these metrics all the time so you can assess whether you’re slipping in any one area … because you don’t want to suffer a blip in your funnel. If your funnel develops a clog or hole somewhere along the way — and it will, it’s only natural — you need to be able to identify it and fix it to keep your sales and marketing machine efficient. 

And if you are working with multiple different types of leads, these metrics should be considered for each segment of lead, too, so you know if some segments are more valuable to your business than others (or, even better, if some segments have more potential than you once realized)!

This is a great article on funnel marketing in your network marketing mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- FREE mp3 Download -“2013 Recruiting Secrets” from Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman

mlm free mp3 download

mlm home business free mp3

MLM Free mp3 Download from Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman!

What are your plans for 2013 concerning recruiting for your home business?

Are you planning a successful year with recruiting in your network marketing business?

How do you think you will improve in 2013 with your mlm recruiting?

Recruiting in network marketing is critical and if you do not do it, your business will never multiply.

Million Dollar Secret: Duplication is important, but Multiplication is IMPERATIVE.

Many distributors do not practice a lot of the skills that are really necessary for Success. they may get one, two, or maybe three ways to recruit, but often those are old and tired ways that simply do not work like they used to. I know. I battled with that for a couple of years when I first got in and found out that you need to really hone your skills in a variety of ways for a more powerful impact in the recruiting zone.

Diane and Hochman and myself decided to do an hour long mp3 on a specific topic and give it away. It is called “2013 Recruiting Secrets” and this is how you recruit for 2013 and IN 2013. It has over 25 powerful recruiting tips that NO ONE else will tell you, as they are unique but powerful tips. And it is a free gift to you for new years and all through the year 2013.

And we have unleashed it upon the world and you can find this on the Home business Radio Network or just click the link below to access:

“2013 MLM Recruiting Secrets FREE mp3 audio by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman.”

Recruiting is simply HELPING.

And I believe that you are meant to help people solve problems, create solutions, and BE A SOLUTION for your mlm home business prospect. This free mp3 training audio will help you in a lot of ways and ever teach you multiple ways to start up a conversation as well as move the prospect from online to offline and start a long term relationship.

So do yourself a favor and download the mp3 here:

“2013 MLM Recruiting Secrets FREE mp3 download by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman.”

Happy New Year and the best of the best for you in 2013 for you and your mlm network marketing home business!

happy New year!

blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – 5 Prospect PULLING MLM Recruiting Resolutions

mlm network marketing new years

mlm home business new years resolutions

MLM New Year Resolutions.

Are you making new years resolutions for your home business?

Are you planning on changing up some things for your network marketing recruiting?

Are you wanting to know some secrets that will help you for 2013 in your mlm?

The power of  new year mlm resolution is what a lot of folks do not understand for their home business. It can change your future if you allow it to.

Most new year resolutions never last, and that is a fact. Most gym clubs explode in membership during the first of every year, and 60 days later, most of the new attendees are no longer coming.

This is common and so predictable fro many home business owners.

Does this happen every year with your network marketing business? Direct sales is a powerful profession but it still requires the RIGHT work, not just the work that keeps one busy. Is that you? Do you stay busy but not productive? Do you keep the same actions going and not producing the right results when recruiting?

I would suggest that you make some new year resolutions that WORK and not just another promise broken to yourself.

Here are 5 new year resolutions for mlm recruiting for your home based business:

1. I resolve to focus this year on PERSONAL PRODUCTION.

It is ALL about Personal Recruiting and production. Everything revolves around Production and this year you are going to quit depending on others on your team to recruit and you shall become a recruiting machine. DOUBLE your production this year and next year will be an amazing year.

2. I resolve this year to become EFFECTIVE- not just Efficient.

Effective is the KEY word n 2013. You must become effective in all that you do, and this means you must MASTER some skills that you have not yet. Mastering recruiting is easy. Quit recruiting and start SOLVING issues. Start HELPING with the prospect’s dreams and not drama. Efficient is doing the right things. Effective is doing things RIGHT.

3. I resolve this year to work daily with a DPOA.

You MUST have a DOPA. What is that?  A Daily Plan Of Action. You MUST have a daily plan that you work relentlessly. You cannot “shoot from the hip” and expect to succeed in your home business. A daily plan gives your day STRUCTURE and a blueprint to follow. If you just “wing it” then all you will ever have is a low producing business.

4. I resolve this year to call my “Chicken List.”

We have everyone that we would LOVE to recruit but there is no way we can call them as it scare us to paralysis. But here is how you do it:  Call them and take them out to lunch and interview them about Success or Leadership. What is Success to them? What is the secret to Leadership? What is their secret to Success? Then ask them for input on your business and then ask them for a referral of who could benefit for your products.

5. I resolve this year to learn 5 NEW Prospecting Skills or Tactics.

Constant education is critical. You MUST get up to date with some of the latest skills and tactics and software available. Get on social media and learn it. Start using Mobile Recruiting for your home business. Start doing things that will PRODUCE more and LEVERAGE your time and recruiting efforts.

These are 5 Powerful MLM recruiting new years resolutions that you need to engage for your network marketing home based business.

FREE mp3 download “2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets with Doug and Diane Hochman!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Follow Up & Start the Closing Process Step by Step

mlm home business closing

ml, network marketing follow up

MLM Presentation / Follow Up How To Training.

Do you have a step by step system for presenting and following up for your home based business?

Are there secrets to present and follow up for network marketing?

Are you using any of them for your mlm?

Doing a presentation and following up are critical to the success of your home business. There are many ways to do it, and if yours is working,then keep doing what you are  doing. But if you are looking for some secrets that work-step by step- here are some ideas for your mlm business.

Let’s take a quick look at some ways to do this…

Now… you’re in their houses, and looking at them… what tools do you need with you, and what do you say?

Be Prepared to do Business!

On a One on One Retail Appointment, you need:

  • Your company NETWORK MARKETING Presentation Brochure
  • Your company NETWORK MARKETING Product Catalogue and PRODUCT.
  • Yor company NETWORK MARKETING CDs, DVDs.

A One on One Presentation should follow the Presentation Brochure or Online one..

We advise you to take a mac ipad or droid notebook  if you have one, and show the online video presentation or Power Point. Or let them view the 24/7 webinar presentation at their leisure.

If you are simply going to tell the prospect about your home business Network Marketing company, which occasionally you will be in a situation that requires that strategy, then follow the your Network Marketing company Presentation brochure. It was created to do brief One on One Presentations and show the MLM Hybrid Marketing Concept.

THEN, you must see where they are and if they are ready to sign up.

 “What’s Next?” —You need to eventually move the prospect into the path of moving towards making a Decision. There are “Directing Phrases or Questions” you can use:

Is this making sense to you?”

 “What did you like best about what you’ve heard so far?”

 “Can you see yourself becoming successful in something like this?”

 “On scale of 1-10, with one being no interest, and ten being ”This Rocks”, where do you see yourself?”

 “Is there any reason why we cannot partner up with this and start building an amazing business?”


 “Based on what you have heard, do you see yourself more as a customer or a Reseller?”

 “Would you like to partner with me and host a gathering for your friends to share this? Let me explain how that works…”

If they want to be a NETWORK MARKETING customer:

“Great! Let’s get your name in the computer, and place an order for your NETWORK MARKETING membership.  We need to know whether you see yourself as a Preferred Customer (wholesale prices), or a Retailer (if you’d like to know how to get your Network Marketing products for free by sharing them with your friends, and earning enough money to cover them)… OK!  Let’s get the paper work done…”

Fill out their application online and ask if they can suggest a referral for you.

Once the Customer paperwork is completed and they are an official customer, you still need to address how they can help you for referrals in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets” over 25 secrets from Doug and Diane Hochman-to access click this link

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 5 Reasons Why Santa Wants You to Have a Home Business

mlm home business santa

mlm network marketing home business

MLM 5 Reasons Why Santa Endorses a Home business.

Are YOU ready for Christmas for your home based business?

Do you have a Christmas Tree as Today is Christmas eve?

How about a Christmas Decorations for your network marketing business?

Here is a note to the world:

Santa OWN A HOME BUSINESS in a multitude of ways and he wants you to own one as well. He works from home, and also works to be in everyone else’s home as well. He BELIEVES in home businesses, and is an advocate for it as well. You can find more info at fundingwaschools.


There are 5 reasons why Santa wants you to have a home business this Christmas eve. We are going to go over the acronym “SANTA” and the 5 reasons why business plan consultants want you to have a home business.

1. S stands for SECURITY.

There is NO real security when you have a job, as you are always 2 words from losing it. “You’re FIRED! as Donald Trump so aptly says. Many people, because of the bad economy, will lose their job with no way to earn a living except find another job. That is NOT security, and not a way to live a secure life. Yes, keep your job and pay your bills. But start a home business and start working on your wealth.

2. A stands for ASSURED.

The single greatest reason many people stumble through life is lack of assurity about their future. A home business will  give you that assuredness as YOU start to build a destiny. There is NO assurance that you will have a destiny with a job alone.

3.  N stands for  NORMAL.

Santa knows that it is normal to have your own home business, as that is how the majority of businesses today started. And it also will give you a normal path to an extraordinary life. Normal is the way most peop;le try to live, never realizing the US was built on small business owners.

4.. T stands for THINKING.

Your thinking will change when you have your own business in retail merchandising or in any other industry, as it forces you to think BIGGER and more BOLDER, and more Powerful. Most people do not think for themselves, as they let others do their thinking. A home business will allow you think more for yourself. Studying the business strategies of accomplished CEOs such as Andrew Defrancesco can also help you create a better home business.

5.  A stands for ALTERNATIVES.

Most people do not have alternatives or options for their life. A home business gives you alternative paths and options most do not have. Santa wants you to have alternatives for 2013 and a home business will give that to you.

These are 5 reasons why Santa wants you to have an mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- 3 Little Known Ways to Make Sales through Social Media

mlm training sales network marketing

mlm home business network marketing

MLM Social Media Marketing.

Would you like to know 3 ways that you can make sales using social media for your home business?

Are you using social media for your network marketing business?

Are you building a list of customers for your mlm business?

I read a LOT and one of the things I read is Smartbriefs, and I LOVE their newsletter. Here is an article from their newsletter, and from Duct Tape Marketing.

Smart salespeople have learned to tap the power of social media, but sadly, many companies still see social media tools and networks as a pointless and even scary place for their sales teams to focus.

social sellingIt’s amazing to me that this mentality remains. I realize that there is potential for confusion if sales reps are left “out in the wild” to create their own messages and brand assets, but the downside of restraining this powerful approach is far greater.

Today’s qualified prospect is often far easier to find and reach using social channels.

Today’s prospect often shares invaluable buying signals and data via social channels.

My first job out of college was a sales job and I recall one of my mentors coaching me on the ways to scan a prospect’s office for clues to information that might provide conversation starters and common ground. Things like diplomas, photos and awards were data points for relationship building.

Today this data, as well as information about buying patterns, challenges, company culture and news that may impact purchasing needs, is often shared freely in social networks.

There’s a famous saying that’s often applied to the world of business –

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

The influx of social behavior in the sales environment has transformed this equation to – It’s not who you know, it’s what you know about who you know.

And it’s never been easier to know a great deal more about who you know.

While the process of sales may always involve face to face education and persuasion, many elements of prospecting, relationship building and adding value can be greatly aided through the consistent use of social media.


Blending social media data into CRM systems is becoming commonplace, but smart salespeople are taking it much deeper by mining networks like Twitter to develop and save searches related to their products and services.

When someone complains about or asks about something related to their search they may find an open invitation to start a conversation with a prospect.

Your lead mining toolbox might include:

  • Twilerts – a service that sends you alerts via email when your search terms are used on Twitter.
  • Google Alerts – a free service that sends alerts for your chosen search terms when they are found in Google.
  • TweetDeck – a free app that allows you to monitor Twitter for search terms and follow selected lists of Twitter users.
  • Google Reader – a free tool that allows you subscribe to and read RSS feeds. By subscribing the blogs and news feeds of prospect companies you can scan for important nuggets. I also use the Reeder app on my iPhone to make it easier to scan and share content I find.


Mining social networks is only part of the equation. Social networks are all about connecting and, in many cases, discovering who is connected to whom. Using research tools such as InsideView or SalesLoft can open unlock potential opportunities for connection.

A particularly useful tool for following job changes, a tremendous network connecting practice, is This tool mines LinkedIn and alerts you to profile changes in your network.


A great deal of relationship building energy is focused on getting and closing the deal, but as most sales professionals know, the long term money is in continuing to grow the relationship after the sale. This is where loyalty, repeat purchases and referrals happen.

This is where socially enabled tools for content sharing, filtering and curating shine. One of the best ways to establish increased value is to provide value in ways that may be, or at least seem to be, unrelated to the products and services you offer.

I believe that some service providers are being chosen these days based on their ability to find and share the good stuff in addition to making sense of the changing stuff.

Your Engaging toolbox might include:

  • Using your Google Reader play to create industry specific feeds.
  • Using tools such as Storify or to create custom pages.
  • Using Q and A sites like Quora to hone in on key industry challenges.

The changing world of sales has in some ways become more complex and in others more open, but one thing will likely never change – the sales professional that consistently finds ways to offer more value will win for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Training – 8 Different Ways to Share Your Home Business Story

mlm home business sales

mlm network marketing home business

MLM Sharing Your Presentation.

Have you developed a story for your success or efforts for your home business?

What kind of story do you have for your network marketing business?

Are you willing to develop a story that will create success in your work at home mlm?

Your personal story is critical as it will point the people to you, and also develop credibility for you as you grow in this business. Tadam black stock will definitely guide you in a more better way.

How can you share your story in a way that will be meaningful and work for you?

So let’s take a look at how else you can SHARE your NETWORK MARKETING story:

TYPES OF SHARE Exposure events:    


This is an online video or webinar that tells the story online and is personal.

2. One on One Appointments.

This is a face to face or voice to voice LIVE appointment with your prospects.

3. In Home NETWORK MARKETING Business Reception.

This is a powerful way to tell your story to a group of people in a home setting. Follow oceannenvironment for more tips.

4. Brief Personal Overviews via Conference Calls  & Web Casts.

Webinars as well as Skype presentati0ns are a powerful way to share your story and products.

5. Executive Luncheons/ Dinners for Professionals.

These are a POWER MAGNET  meetings. A professional luncheon done correctly, can recruit many professionals into your business.

6. Local Events (Hotel)

These are coming back into vogue, and work well when done correctly.

7. Regional NETWORK MARKETING Events

These are great for corporate exposure.

8. National NETWORK MARKETING Events

These are the BIG MAMA meetings, as they are the BEST to expose and tell your story from the big stage.


In building your NETWORK MARKETING dream business, your goal in the first week is to get at least one appointment. Share the line of products and the value of your Network Marketing with friends.  They should have already had some form of exposure to NETWORK  MARKETING and your company by you.  If your friend has been on a conference call, or three way, that is even better!

BOTTOM LINE MESSAGE FROM YOUR HEART! The Four things you need are: 

  • The NETWORK MARKETING System works!  It’s exciting! (Energy & Enthusiasm)
  • What if it works for YOU? (Hope)
  • Try it now!       (Create Sense of Urgency).
  • Who else can you think of? (Referrals)

There are some people who will want to meet with you first before they agree to an appointment. There are many ways to do an appointment. These are some suggestions for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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