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MLM Sharing Your Presentation.

Have you developed a story for your success or efforts for your home business?

What kind of story do you have for your network marketing business?

Are you willing to develop a story that will create success in your work at home mlm?

Your personal story is critical as it will point the people to you, and also develop credibility for you as you grow in this business. Tadam black stock will definitely guide you in a more better way.

How can you share your story in a way that will be meaningful and work for you?

So let’s take a look at how else you can SHARE your NETWORK MARKETING story:

TYPES OF SHARE Exposure events:    


This is an online video or webinar that tells the story online and is personal.

2. One on One Appointments.

This is a face to face or voice to voice LIVE appointment with your prospects.

3. In Home NETWORK MARKETING Business Reception.

This is a powerful way to tell your story to a group of people in a home setting. Follow oceannenvironment for more tips.

4. Brief Personal Overviews via Conference Calls  & Web Casts.

Webinars as well as Skype presentati0ns are a powerful way to share your story and products.

5. Executive Luncheons/ Dinners for Professionals.

These are a POWER MAGNET  meetings. A professional luncheon done correctly, can recruit many professionals into your business.

6. Local Events (Hotel)

These are coming back into vogue, and work well when done correctly.

7. Regional NETWORK MARKETING Events

These are great for corporate exposure.

8. National NETWORK MARKETING Events

These are the BIG MAMA meetings, as they are the BEST to expose and tell your story from the big stage.


In building your NETWORK MARKETING dream business, your goal in the first week is to get at least one appointment. Share the line of products and the value of your Network Marketing with friends.  They should have already had some form of exposure to NETWORK  MARKETING and your company by you.  If your friend has been on a conference call, or three way, that is even better!

BOTTOM LINE MESSAGE FROM YOUR HEART! The Four things you need are: 

  • The NETWORK MARKETING System works!  It’s exciting! (Energy & Enthusiasm)
  • What if it works for YOU? (Hope)
  • Try it now!       (Create Sense of Urgency).
  • Who else can you think of? (Referrals)

There are some people who will want to meet with you first before they agree to an appointment. There are many ways to do an appointment. These are some suggestions for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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