MLM Training- 5 Ways to Explode your Personal Production in 2013

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MLM Personal Production 2013.

Are you looking to DOUBLE your business in 2013 for your home business?

Want to increase your network marketing business dramatically?

What do you do for that to happen in your work at home mlm?

Simple.  It’s 2013 and you need to make some changes in how you do things. We at PassioniFire have met with our team and decided to do some things differently in 2013.

What about YOU?

Should you be doing  the same type of thing for your home based business? Should you be thinking FORWARD to this summer and fall and making plans on what your business is going to look like? I think it may be a great idea for that if you have not decided to do it. It will increase your volume a lot during the year.

What things can you do NOW to increase your personal production in 2013?

First off…WHY Personal Production and nor team volume? Great question!  You need to stop depending on your team and start depending on YOU and what you are going to do in 2013. You may not have a big team. THAT is the reason you need to increase what you are doing to maximize your production!

We have found there are 5 things you can do in 2013 to help with your personal production:

1. Become MORE AWARE of WHO.

Are you AWARE of all the prospects online and offline that you have access to? Are you AWARE of the potential prospects around you that can help you and your network marketing business?  Awareness is a MAGNET and POWER for multiplying your volume and personal production.

Be more aware of where you are. Be more aware of who is around you or is online. Be more aware of the conversations that are around you, and the conversation threads on social media. Look for the “openings” that you can introduce yourself and oin the conversation. Look for the conversations that are about your niche and benefits of your products.

2. Use the Social Media Search Tools.

If you arr using social media for your mlm business, then you should KNOW what is being talked about, and what is being ignored. You do this with social search engines. One of the greatest ways to do this is with Twitter. They have what i called Twitter Search. This will help you find the conversations in your niche. Just use has tags (#) before the search terms and you will find a world that can help you connect to people you never new existed.

Also, there are Whose Talkin, Social Mention, Same Point,  Kurrently, and of course the King of search and social search:

Google. If you are signed into Google you can search for a term (just like normal) and click on More search tools off to the left-hand side of the screen. When more options appear just select Social and your results will be filtered to include only those found in your social circle.

3. Automate your Social Media.

if you have not automated your social media, then shame on you! You can do this easily. Why> It allows you to be in a dozen places at once and at the same time connect with new people. Your personal production can skyrocket just off of automating this.

Here are some cool tools for you to do this:  Social OOMPH,  Hootsuite,  Twitterfeed, and  Tweetbeep,  

These WORK in helping you maximize your conversations on social media.

4. Send Out Post Cards Asking for Referrals in 2013.

Yes, you read that right. Post cards are now back in vogue and WORK. If you do this a couple of times a week with a HANDWRITTEN request, you will find more leads coming your way then you can handle. I did this for years.

“Dear —-,  I need your help. I am looking for some people to help <lose weight, look younger, feel better, have better skin etc> and would like to chat with you for a minute about 2 people that you know  that I could simply send some free information to about what they are struggling with. I am thanking you in advance and will call you this week to chat briefly. Thank you!”

Come up with your own script, but THIS WORKS for increasing personal production.

5. Use the 3-2-1  Daily PLAN.

What is THAT? A powerful Personal production PLAN that will help you increase your production!

here it is:

Talk to 3 people a day, and 2 will listen to you, and 1 will be willing to help you with either referrals or in some other way. (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening)

“Hey!  I could use your help on something. I am looking for some people to help in 2013 <lose some weight and slim down, look younger,  earn an extra 1000.00 a month etc>  and was wondering who comes to mind that I could give them some free information that would help them.”

That is 30 people a month willing to help you in some way! That ALONE will increase production in your home business.

These are 5 powerful ways that you can increase personal production in all that you do in 2013 with your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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