MLM Training- 5 Reasons Why Santa Wants You to Have a Home Business

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MLM 5 Reasons Why Santa Endorses a Home business.

Are YOU ready for Christmas for your home based business?

Do you have a Christmas Tree as Today is Christmas eve?

How about a Christmas Decorations for your network marketing business?

Here is a note to the world:

Santa OWN A HOME BUSINESS in a multitude of ways and he wants you to own one as well. He works from home, and also works to be in everyone else’s home as well. He BELIEVES in home businesses, and is an advocate for it as well.


There are 5 reasons why Santa wants you to have a home business this Christmas eve. We are going to go over the acronym “SANTA” and the 5 reasons why he wants you to have a home  business.

1. S stands for SECURITY.

There is NO real security when you have a job, as you are always 2 words from losing it. “You’re FIRED! as Donald Trump so aptly says. Many people, because of the bad economy, will lose their job with no way to earn a living except find another job. That is NOT security, and not a way to live a secure life. Yes, keep your job and pay your bills. But start a home business and start working on your wealth.

2. A stands for ASSURED.

The single greatest reason many people stumble through life is lack of assurity about their future. A home business will  give you that assuredness as YOU start to build a destiny. There is NO assurance that you will have a destiny with a job alone.

3.  N stands for  NORMAL.

Santa knows that it is normal to have your own home business, as that is how the majority of businesses today started. And it also will give you a normal path to an extraordinary life. Normal is the way most peop;le try to live, never realizing the US was built on small business owners.

4.. T stands for THINKING.

Your thinking will change when you have your own business, as it forces you to think BIGGER and more BOLDER, and more Powerful.  Most people do not think for themselves, as they let others do their thinking. A home business will allow you think more for yourself.

5.  A stands for ALTERNATIVES.

Most people do not have alternatives or options for their life. A home business gives you alternative paths and options most do not have. Santa wants you to have alternatives for 2013 and a home business will give that to you.

These are 5 reasons why Santa wants you to have an mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training – 5 Recruiting Lessons We can Learn from Santa’s Elves

mlm home business recruiting

mlm network marketing santa recruiting

MLM Recruiting from Santa’s Elves.

Are you aware that Santa had to recruit his elves for his home based business?

Do you know that there are thousands of elves that work for Santa’s Networking business?

Do you want to know some lessons we can learn from the elve’s about mlm recruiting?


Those are the sounds we hear from Santa every year during this time, and the holiday season. But there are things that we can learn from Santa and the elves concerning recruiting! LOTS of secrets to how Santa recruits his elves every year to continue building his North Pole home business. He has many elves that work with him, and they are all RECRUITED by Santa.


What are some of the lessons we can learn from the elves about the art of recruiting elves? We have researched this diligently, and talked to Santa as well.

After our interview with the Old Guy, and interviewing over 100 elves while we were at the North Pole, we have come up with 5 secrets of recruiting we can learn from  the elves. Santa’s secrets of recruiting will be next post.

Here are 5 MLM Recruiting lessons we can learn from Santa’s elves:

1. It’s Not about what the Elf/Prospect Looks Like.

Elves are short, chunky, fat, skinny, smart, dumb, and cranky. And those sometimes are the good traits. To look at an elf, you would not even think they would ever be able to build or craft anything. But yet….Santa saw beneath the exterior and knew there was a gold mine inside of them.

Whatever a prospect looks like, there is a potential gold mine inside of them. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Or the funny costumes they may wear. Or the height of them either.

Talk to the unlikely prospect and do not be surprised if they are different then you first thought. You may be talking to a future million dollar earner.

2. It does not matter if they have never built a toy before. It’s about the Desire to DO IT.

Most elves, according to Santa, have never built a toy before. They have to learn. But he did say that it’s more about the DESIRE to build and do a great job, then just craft a toy.

So experience is not that important, but DESIRE to excel is. Santa said he looks for AMBITIOUS elves, not ambiguous. Santa has one question he asks the elves:

“How important is it to you to help little kids have a great Christmas morning?”

Ok…‘How important is is to you Ms. Prospect to help people you know have a great 2013?’

3. Listen to HOW they say it, not just WHAT they say.

Santa says that when he is recruiting elves, he listens to the ENERGY in an elve’s words, not just meaning. Energy, according to Santa, displays a real excitement and focus on moving the elve’s life forward, and the toys they are going to build forward as well.

Santa told us that if an elf displays any kind of lack of energy or lack of connection to his conversation, he then turns the conversation into a different conversation. “I start asking them who they know that would fit the requirements and then I talk to them about keeping in touch with them and maybe even buying a few toys for their family if they have an elf family.”

Check the prospect’s ENERGY about what you are saying. According to Santa, that is a CORE element of a successful toy builder prospect.

4. Never talk DOWN to an elf, no matter how short.

Santa says that talking down to an elf will make them quit listening and you will lose them as a future toy builder. Santa says that he finds out where the elf is in life and then starts THERE to recruit them.

“Some elves have had a hard time the last couple of years and I am not going to put them down for that. I want to show them that they have lots of potential and they can make a huge difference in a child’s life if they simply apply themselves. It works out for most. Some it does not, but that is part of recruiting for toy builders.”

No matter where a prospect is in life- START THERE and empathize with them. Encourage them and lift them up. Find something GOOD about their potential  they may not be aware of. What would they LOVE to be doing with their life? Then share with them how you can help make that happen – by working with you and building a life by helping people and getting paid for it.

5. An Elf may not be able to Reach the Reindeer’s Antlers, but he can Feed it.

Santa says that no matter the giftings of an elf, they must ALL be preparing for the Christmas Eve extravaganza. This requires the ability do what you can, with what you got, to get the job DONE.

Santa says that he asks them what the elf feels is their strongest point about their abilities and personality, Then  he ask them what one thing should they improve on. That question shows me where I have to start the education process for toy building, or feeding the reindeer, or taking care of the toy inventory. But all elves understand the GOAL we all are working towards, and if one task is not possible, there is always another one waiting they CAN do.

If a prospect is not good at talking with people face to face, but is savvy on the web- then show them them how they can build a business via social media and mobile recruiting.  If a prospect is not good at speaking in public but could kill a webinar – that is the path you share with them.  Discuss with what they CAN DO- and then teach them along the way once they have enrolled, what they MUST do to Succeed.

These are 5 recruiting lessons we can learn from Santa’s elves for your mlm  network marketing home based business.

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MLM Success- Your T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G. Success Formula

MLM Success for the holidays

MLM Success Holiday


MLM Holiday Success.

Today is Thanksgiving and Jodi and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

How would you like to learn an MLM Success Formula especially designed for THANKSGIVING that works ONLINE as well as OFFLINE?

Would that help your mlm home based business?

Thanksgiving is THE START of the Holiday Season, and 2011 is going to be an incredible season. We are going to use the word “Thanksgiving” and use it as an acronym. This will focus you on MLM Success maybe in a way that you have not focused before and give you some nuggets that will help you during the holiday season.

I plan on doing a series of posts that will focus on Holiday Business Building and consider this the beginning of those posts.

Let’s take the work “Thanksgiving” and use each letter as a Secret of Holiday MLM Success.

T stands for “THANK YOU.”

Always thank the person for their time and willingness to chat with you. Make sure they know you appreciate their time and interest in what you are doing.

H stands for “HELP.”

Your goal is simple. It is TO HELP PEOPLE solve a problem. Focus in on helping someone with an issue they may have financially, health wise, skin wise, or whatever your products benefits bring to the table.

HELP stands for  “Holiday Energy Lifting People (UP!)”  Make sure your energy and attitude is always powerful and success soaked.

A stands for “ASK.”

You get 100% of what you do not ask for.  And that would be NOTHING.

Always ask people during the holidays about next year, family, and plans for the holidays. It works and draws them towards you. Ask for their help in locating talent or customers for your business.

N stands for “NON- THREATENING.”

Always be non-threatening. This will insure that people will listen to you. If people feel you are too pushy, too much pressure, or too focused on what YOU GET, not what you can GIVE-people may feel somewhat threatened by you. Be relaxed, easy going, and enjoying life while you are working your business. It will make things go a whole lot better-online or offline.

K stands for “KEEP IT FOCUSED.”

On them. It is NOT about you. It is about the mlm prospect. Keep it focused on THEM and their dreams and goals, and you will always achieve yours.

S stands for “SOLUTION.”

That is what recruiting is about-solving a problem and someone wanting to help others solve a problem and get paid for it. Focus on SOLUTIONS to people’s problems and you will find you will not have many problems in your own home based business. It will be rocking.

G stands for “GIVE.”

GIVE stands for “Gain Influence Very Easily.” Give something for FREE. Give something away. Give a kind word. Give SOMETHING and plant a seed. There will never be any fruit, if there has not been a seed planted.  Hello.

I stands for “IMAGINE.”

You MUST get the prospect to IMAGINE what their life could be like, working with you. Paint a powerful picture in their mind of a lifestyle they could only dream of, and then make it possible with your business. Imagination is one of the most powerful mlm recruiting tools that exists.

V stands for “VALUE.”

It is ALL about Value. It is ALL about VALUE. It is ALL about Value. If you have any doubt what this business is about, read the last 3 sentences again. Value reigns SUPREME with a home business prospect and if they do not sense VALUE in what you offer, you are not going to recruit them.

I stands for “INCREASE.”

In some way, show them how their life and income is going to increase dramatically working with you. Increase the possibilities in their life and the potential of their future. Increase ENLARGES everything.

N stands for “NEGATIVES.”

If someone is negative with you, then thank them. You read that right – thank them.“I appreciate your input, but I do not think that way. I thank you for your willing to give me your opinion. I personally believe that we have an amazing Greatness inside of us, and I want to unleash mine into the world. What’s your plan for unleashing yours?”

G stands for “GREATNESS.”

Help others realize the Greatness that is inside of them. Focus on their gifts and talents. Focus on what they have to offer the world. And focus on Destiny- not just the future. “I wish you could see you through my eyes. You would see a greatness that would blow your mind.”

This is the Thanksgiving MLM Success Formula. Take these points and adapt them into your business. They will make a HUGE difference in your holiday mlm home business success.


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MLM Training- The ONE THING Slowing Down Business during the Holidays?

mlm prospecting for the holidays Christmas

home business seasonal holdiday success


Do you believe that it is THANKSGIVING in 2 weeks and your network marketing business will be in another season?

What are your plans for your network marketing business? Do you have any that will help EXPLODE your business?

Oh…I forgot.

Your home based business takes a back seat to the holidays. It is family time and not work time. It is the time to enjoy life not to work. And that is just the way it is. everyone knows that your home business suffers during the holidays.


Who in the world SOLD YOU ON THAT?

This is the typical thinking of most networkers in our profession. They have done something that has really hurt their business when they did not have to.

They have created a false ideal during the holidays and of course, it more than likely came from their upline or a friend.

Do you know what the word S.L.O.W. stands for?

“Someone Laying Off Working.”

Read that again!

If your business is slow during the holidays, then it is because you have decided to Lay Off Working and yourself from this business.

This brings me to the ONE THING that slows down all home business during the holidays. It slows down volume, paychecks, as well as activity. It is a major hindrance to Success during the holiday- and it is a MYTH.

What is the ONE THING?

Believing that people are NOT OPEN to talking about 2012 and what 2012 could hold in store if they owned their own business.

That is simple- but the truth.  It is a myth.


Because the reality is, is that people during the holidays are more open to talking about CHANGE and INCREASE then any other time of the year. They are looking to make New Years Resolutions and ENLARGE their life and income.  

This is their FOCUS:  How can I IMPROVE 2012 over this previous year?

if you can help them answer that question- your Holiday Business will be GOLDEN!

This is critical you understand that. The holidays have a tremendous pull on people’s time and focus, so why not talk to the about what is on their mind? IMPROVING next year.

During Thankgiving and during the Christmas Holidays, as well as New years!  Simply ask this:

“What are you planning on changing next year that will improve your life and lifestyle? What is your PLAN to do that?”


They Will tell you all you need to know to start a conversation of possibilities with them about 2012 and the possibility of owning their own business.

Do NOT fall prey to those that say that business slows down during the holidays. Here is a truth:

Business slows down because PEOPLE slow down working their business. Either you accept that or you do not. But it IS the truth.

Look to those that you will see during the holidays and PLAN on talking to them about 2011. This wll help increase and accelerate your business dramatically with your MLM Home Business during the holidays.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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