MLM Training- 5 Reasons Why Santa Wants You to Have a Home Business

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MLM 5 Reasons Why Santa Endorses a Home business.

Are YOU ready for Christmas for your home based business?

Do you have a Christmas Tree as Today is Christmas eve?

How about a Christmas Decorations for your network marketing business?

Here is a note to the world:

Santa OWN A HOME BUSINESS in a multitude of ways and he wants you to own one as well. He works from home, and also works to be in everyone else’s home as well. He BELIEVES in home businesses, and is an advocate for it as well.


There are 5 reasons why Santa wants you to have a home business this Christmas eve. We are going to go over the acronym “SANTA” and the 5 reasons why he wants you to have a home  business.

1. S stands for SECURITY.

There is NO real security when you have a job, as you are always 2 words from losing it. “You’re FIRED! as Donald Trump so aptly says. Many people, because of the bad economy, will lose their job with no way to earn a living except find another job. That is NOT security, and not a way to live a secure life. Yes, keep your job and pay your bills. But start a home business and start working on your wealth.

2. A stands for ASSURED.

The single greatest reason many people stumble through life is lack of assurity about their future. A home business will  give you that assuredness as YOU start to build a destiny. There is NO assurance that you will have a destiny with a job alone.

3.  N stands for  NORMAL.

Santa knows that it is normal to have your own home business, as that is how the majority of businesses today started. And it also will give you a normal path to an extraordinary life. Normal is the way most peop;le try to live, never realizing the US was built on small business owners.

4.. T stands for THINKING.

Your thinking will change when you have your own business, as it forces you to think BIGGER and more BOLDER, and more Powerful.  Most people do not think for themselves, as they let others do their thinking. A home business will allow you think more for yourself.

5.  A stands for ALTERNATIVES.

Most people do not have alternatives or options for their life. A home business gives you alternative paths and options most do not have. Santa wants you to have alternatives for 2013 and a home business will give that to you.

These are 5 reasons why Santa wants you to have an mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- One of the Greatest Opening Questions for MLM Recruiting

mlm training home business

mlm home business training

MLM Recruiting Question.

Have you ever asked the wrong question to a network marketing prospect?

Have you ever ever walked away frustrated because of so many negative responses from your home business prospects?

How would you like to discover an opening line that RARELY if ever gets a negative response?

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There are many ways to start a conversation with people for your direct sales business. I have found that there are 2 different kinds:

1. The kind that sound robotic, agenda driven, and “I am going to get something from you today!” approach that feels pressured and not relaxed.


2. The kind that PULLS people towards you immediately and makes the prospect FEEL comfortable and relaxed.

Now here is a million dollar question:

Which one would YOU prefer to have asked of YOU?


I want to tell you a story.

Her name is Lori. Lori was with a weight loss company, and she was struggling a lot. Her business had stalled and she had no answer for why. Because of that, her upline was putting pressure on her. She wanted her to do more meetings, more presentations, more three ways, and more work. And she did. But it started impacting her family. She was gone more, and she was beginning to  not like her direct marketing business. As a matter of fact her husband was getting to the point that he wanted her to stay home and be a mom.

So she quit.

But she had a lot of weight loss product that she had to get rid of, and called me and asked what she should do. I asked her some questions, and found out that her upline had sabotaged her career unknowingly by forcing her to go into desperate mode, not her normal smiling friendly marketing mode.

I asked her to tell me what she was asking folks when she initially contacted them. She did, and I must admit, it was NOT what it should have been as it was pressured. Her upline gave her the script.

She had turned a warm approach into something that was not relaxed, and not natural for her.

I suggested she ask one simple question and then forget about it.

She said ok, and then we chatted about other things.

3 weeks later, she called me.

What should have taken 3 months to do and get rid of, she had done in 3 weeks.


She got back to being herself, and asked the question we discussed and ONLY that question.

And by the way…

She engaged her business with a new power and today has one of the largest teams in her home business company..


WHAT was the question she asked?

Understand, that this is for a weight loss company,  but the question can be used for anything.

Here is it:

“Hey, you know some people dont you? I am doing some research. How many people do you know that are struggling with their weight? Would you like to help them?”


Here is for skin care:

“Hey, you know some people dont you? I am doing some research. How many people do you know that are not totally happy with how their skin looks? Would you like to help them?”

Here is for travel:

“Hey, you know some people dont you? I am doing some research. How many people do you know that would love to go on a vacation at about 20% of the normal cost? Would you like to help them do that?”

This approach is what we call “The Research Connection.”

Try it. Put your niche and products in there and practice it.

Dont be surprised if you see an explosion in your appointments in your network marketing home business!


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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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