Social Media MLM – Will it be VALUE or VOLUME for your Social MLM Business?

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Social Media MLM Marketing.

Lets be real….We know the drill about social media for your home business.

Or DO YOU REALLY? Do you KNOW what needs to be done in social media for your mlm home business?


Or maybe we may think we do.

Here is an example of hat is being taught about social network marketing:

Get as many followers as you can on as many social sites as you can.

Befriend as many people as you can on facebook, google+, twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, and the like.

Let people know how many view your videos – or supposed to have viewed. ahem.

And get the word out and let people know that you are personally on over 400 social networking sites.

The Social Media Gurus?  Ahem.

Oh- of course- cannot forget this: Get as many people on your group as you can- and then email them daily. Get the numbers up-up-up! And then focus on BIGGER and MORE Powerful numbers- and do not worry about any Value that you need to bring to the table. Everything is all about NUMBERS and if you have the numbers that are supposed to be in your groups-you will do fine. THAT is how you market in social media- and you MUST follow the gurus, experts, and leaders that propose that- THEY know best!!!

Million Dollar MLM Question.

Here is a Million Dollar Question:  ok…Where is the Kool Aid?

 Just read an unbelievable article about someone that was saying that twitter is getting as many people as you can to follow you, and THEN you send them advertisements everyday. and DO NOT let up- until they unfollow you. THEN you direct message them.

Yes…I actually read that on a blog. A very stupid blog.


Can you say Certified crd carrying could care less about you —SPAMMER?


Who in the world sold you on that idiotic concept?

NOTE:  Marketing is and always has been  a delicate balance in the socialsphere– no doubt. But that balance many times can be pushed and pulled way out of balance.

Many people that are online and on social media focus on Volume and Numbers and not Value and Names.  DID YOU GET THAT?

Social Media MLM Marketing is about VALUE FIRST– as long term Volume in any corporate of home business will be a result of that. Yes, you need to get some people to follow you on twitter- but here is a nice thought: how about bringing REAL Value to them- instead of trying to pump out a Volume of sales to them first?

This Social Media MLM Marketing Model we call “Connection Marketing”- not “Conjob marketing” as so many people seem to attempt on the social networking scene. Get over it- as people see through that. You MUST grasp the reality that mlm marketing in the social media arena is VALUE Driven- and VALUE focused.

THEN you can start the Volume Conversation that MUST happen if you are going to market in the social media arena.

Get the FACTS.

YOU MUST GET THE FACT that Social Media MLM Marketing is based first on foremost on what level of Value you bring to the conversation. What NEW and Powerful ideas and potent possibilities are you sharing? HOW can you help them move past and above where they are?

What is it that you can do to make sure their experience with you in social media is UNFORGETTABLE? Once people then start to build enduring trust in you and your message- then the Volume Conversation can be brought in- at the right time.

Ok….the bottom line questions is: 

Will it be Value or Volume in your Social Media MLM Marketing?

It is a delicate but powerful balance- and between the two, Value is the REAL catalyst for Success with Volume in Social Media MLM marketing for your home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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