MLM Training- The ONE THING Slowing Down Business during the Holidays?

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Do you believe that it is THANKSGIVING in 2 weeks and your network marketing business will be in another season?

What are your plans for your network marketing business? Do you have any that will help EXPLODE your business?

Oh…I forgot.

Your home based business takes a back seat to the holidays. It is family time and not work time. It is the time to enjoy life not to work. And that is just the way it is. everyone knows that your home business suffers during the holidays.


Who in the world SOLD YOU ON THAT?

This is the typical thinking of most networkers in our profession. They have done something that has really hurt their business when they did not have to.

They have created a false ideal during the holidays and of course, it more than likely came from their upline or a friend.

Do you know what the word S.L.O.W. stands for?

“Someone Laying Off Working.”

Read that again!

If your business is slow during the holidays, then it is because you have decided to Lay Off Working and yourself from this business.

This brings me to the ONE THING that slows down all home business during the holidays. It slows down volume, paychecks, as well as activity. It is a major hindrance to Success during the holiday- and it is a MYTH.

What is the ONE THING?

Believing that people are NOT OPEN to talking about 2012 and what 2012 could hold in store if they owned their own business.

That is simple- but the truth.  It is a myth.


Because the reality is, is that people during the holidays are more open to talking about CHANGE and INCREASE then any other time of the year. They are looking to make New Years Resolutions and ENLARGE their life and income.  

This is their FOCUS:  How can I IMPROVE 2012 over this previous year?

if you can help them answer that question- your Holiday Business will be GOLDEN!

This is critical you understand that. The holidays have a tremendous pull on people’s time and focus, so why not talk to the about what is on their mind? IMPROVING next year.

During Thankgiving and during the Christmas Holidays, as well as New years!  Simply ask this:

“What are you planning on changing next year that will improve your life and lifestyle? What is your PLAN to do that?”


They Will tell you all you need to know to start a conversation of possibilities with them about 2012 and the possibility of owning their own business.

Do NOT fall prey to those that say that business slows down during the holidays. Here is a truth:

Business slows down because PEOPLE slow down working their business. Either you accept that or you do not. But it IS the truth.

Look to those that you will see during the holidays and PLAN on talking to them about 2011. This wll help increase and accelerate your business dramatically with your MLM Home Business during the holidays.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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