MLM Training Blog- 5 Things an MLM Training Blog MUST HAVE to Succeed

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mlm training blog

An MLM Training Blog is one of the most powerful things you can have today in your home business mlm. No one will ever argue that point.

An mlm training blog is a great calling card, a great way to build relationships online, as well as build trust and credibility. Many network marketing professionals have blogs they write on daily. Many have several blogs, like we do.

We right now I believe have 5 blogs that we work. I believe that an MLM training Blog is one of the most powerful tools for getting your message out there is.

But many home business professionals do not get much bang for their effort with their blog.


There are many reasons, but one of the most powerful reasons is that they are not using it correctly and do not have it structured correctly. There are many different free blog softwares out there, from to We use wordpress, but we use the templates from We have found that it suits our needs better and also is more flexible with themes, and SEO purposes.

Are you using a FREE version of a blog? There are limitations if you have an MLM training blog, companies like WordPress hosting UK give you the necessary information to begin with your business. I would suggest if you do not know how to install a wordpress theme from LEARN. There are many videos that can train you on youtube as well as site. It will mean more traffic to you in the long run as well as the short term if you structure it right.

There are 5 things an MLM Training Blog should have if you are ever going to go above the radar on google, bing, or yahoo. And I would suggest that you consider these when you are looking to either develop or change your mlm training blog.

Here are 5 Criticcal Elements of an MLM training Blog:

1. Powerful and UNIQUE Content that teaches WHAT and HOW.

An mlm training blog should contain posts that teach WHAT to do. This is imperative. But there needs to be a ‘One Two Punch.” You need to show the HOW as well– step by step. Prospects for your mlm training blog are not looking to be informed of news – but TAUGHT HOW to do something. Teach them what they are looking for and your traffic will increase dramatically.

2. Eye Appealing IMAGES and PICTURES.

I call it “Eyeball PULLING Eye Candy.” This alone will gret people to take notice of your blog. If you go to our PassionFire site, you will find a LOT of Eyeball Pulling Images that force you to look at it. Get some powerful eye catching images on your blog.

3. Accessible Content via Text and Videos.

Any mlm training blog should have writing but it is IMPERATIVE to have VIDEOS. People LOVE to watch training, not just read it. Make sure that you have video training and lots of it. Get a small computer video camera, and then start training on your laptop. Windows has a built in software for that.

4. Good Search Engine Optimization.

I have to admit- I LOVE SEO. I am not sure why- but i just love to learn it  and engage it. Our tech I have learned a lot from, but also reading and researching on the internet. You want the search engines to find your mlm training blog- make sure you have keywords in your title and article, as well as links that are pointing back to it from article directory sites and blog directories. Also make sure that you have submitted your blog to all the search engines. Use for that.


One of the things google loves is NEW content DAILY. Write a post everyday on your MLM training blog. If you do you will ge tthe search engines attention as well as their love.

An MLM training blog has many uses, but I believe that it can ENLARGE your home business quickly. I would suggest that if you do not have an MLM training blog, GET ONE for your mlm network marketing home business.

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