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mlm network marketing blogging

MLM Blogging Marketing Tips.

Do you use your blog to market for your products for your home based business?

Are you writing daily blog posts for your mlm business?

How do you market your products on your blog for your network marketing business?

Marketing your home business products on your blog needs to be done with a professional tone and focus. The Local viking  are constantly optimizing the GeoGrid experience, so if you have any suggestions, bug reports, or anything in between, please hit up one of our engineers that hang out in the Local Viking live chat.

What are some tips to market your home business products on your blog?

Well…let’s answer this question:

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What Content Do You Put on a Website or Blog?

You need to put your own thoughts on your website and especially your blog. It needs to be
friendly, and informative as well as YOU. Do not make the same mistakes so many
network marketers do and start selling your business on your blog. It drives people away. Tania clay blog can guide you more better.

Talk about what benefits are with what you do, as well as the benefits of Social Media, home businesses, and the advantage of working with you and what you can do to help, sometimes it just take Picking the right business signage.

At PassionFire, we cover a LOT about Home Business and Social Media Blogging, and how
to market a blog to get a TON of traffic. But there is a minimum type of content that you may want to consider as an affiliate marketer:

Outside of what you want to write about and publishing other people’s posts, here are some

Product Endorsements and reviews.

 The best conversion to sales rates in your hoe based business are achieved when you
write product endorsements and reviews for your own home business network marketing products. To help your visitors decide whether a visit to the blog site is worth their while, you could include a list of product features on your blog post page.

The benefit for providing more information is that if the visitor decides that it’s not what they are looking for, they will stay on your site and look for another product or service that does. The secret is to give your visitors just enough information to pique their interest and curiosity without overwhelming them with text. Make your review compelling as possible.

How to Write a Compelling Product Endorsement.

 You probably dislike being on the receiving end of a sales pitch. That’s why the best way to
promote your products is to endorse them, honestly and sincerely.

In order for your endorsement to be influential, you should you’re your own experience
with the product and be excited about it. Given those two factors, writing endorsements
should be easy.

Writing the recommendation takes time and thought. You need to consider all you want to say and anticipate your visitor’s response. When you anticipate your visitor’s concerns, you are able to address them before they become unanswered questions that can cause them to click away.

The best part of compelling personal testimonial is an explanation of how you benefited from use of the product or service. The product feature list is really secondary. People want to know how the product will improve their lives and how it improved yours as well as your business.

This is how that you can market your products through a blog for the mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training Blog- 5 Things an MLM Training Blog MUST HAVE to Succeed

mlm training blog network marketing

mlm training blog

An MLM Training Blog is one of the most powerful things you can have today in your home business mlm. No one will ever argue that point.

An mlm training blog is a great calling card, a great way to build relationships online, as well as build trust and credibility. Many network marketing professionals have blogs they write on daily. Many have several blogs, like we do.

We right now I believe have 5 blogs that we work. I believe that an MLM training Blog is one of the most powerful tools for getting your message out there is.

But many home business professionals do not get much bang for their effort with their blog.


There are many reasons, but one of the most powerful reasons is that they are not using it correctly and do not have it structured correctly. There are many different free blog softwares out there, from to We use wordpress, but we use the templates from We have found that it suits our needs better and also is more flexible with themes, and SEO purposes.

Are you using a FREE version of a blog? There are limitations if you have an MLM training blog, companies like WordPress hosting UK give you the necessary information to begin with your business. I would suggest if you do not know how to install a wordpress theme from LEARN. There are many videos that can train you on youtube as well as site. It will mean more traffic to you in the long run as well as the short term if you structure it right.

There are 5 things an MLM Training Blog should have if you are ever going to go above the radar on google, bing, or yahoo. And I would suggest that you consider these when you are looking to either develop or change your mlm training blog.

Here are 5 Criticcal Elements of an MLM training Blog:

1. Powerful and UNIQUE Content that teaches WHAT and HOW.

An mlm training blog should contain posts that teach WHAT to do. This is imperative. But there needs to be a ‘One Two Punch.” You need to show the HOW as well– step by step. Prospects for your mlm training blog are not looking to be informed of news – but TAUGHT HOW to do something. Teach them what they are looking for and your traffic will increase dramatically.

2. Eye Appealing IMAGES and PICTURES.

I call it “Eyeball PULLING Eye Candy.” This alone will gret people to take notice of your blog. If you go to our PassionFire site, you will find a LOT of Eyeball Pulling Images that force you to look at it. Get some powerful eye catching images on your blog.

3. Accessible Content via Text and Videos.

Any mlm training blog should have writing but it is IMPERATIVE to have VIDEOS. People LOVE to watch training, not just read it. Make sure that you have video training and lots of it. Get a small computer video camera, and then start training on your laptop. Windows has a built in software for that.

4. Good Search Engine Optimization.

I have to admit- I LOVE SEO. I am not sure why- but i just love to learn it  and engage it. Our tech I have learned a lot from, but also reading and researching on the internet. You want the search engines to find your mlm training blog- make sure you have keywords in your title and article, as well as links that are pointing back to it from article directory sites and blog directories. Also make sure that you have submitted your blog to all the search engines. Use for that.


One of the things google loves is NEW content DAILY. Write a post everyday on your MLM training blog. If you do you will ge tthe search engines attention as well as their love.

An MLM training blog has many uses, but I believe that it can ENLARGE your home business quickly. I would suggest that if you do not have an MLM training blog, GET ONE for your mlm network marketing home business.

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Recruit 2 people a day on LinkedIN! How?

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Social Media MLM- Optimizing Your Home Business Blog for Recruiting

home business blog
mlm blog

Blogs for Home businesses today are critical in the success of a home based business. It is your ‘calling card” as well as on of your most powerful image makers on the web. It will help you be FOUND by search engines, as well as be KNOWN by your readers as well as visitors.

Part of the challenge with many home business mlm blogs, is that there blogs are not “optimized” and fully prepared for the web and online marketing. There are “holes” that need to be filled so they are more “search engine friendly” and have what the search engines require in order to show up in the SERPS. (Search Engine Results)

We have been optimizing our websites (we have a TON of them) for nearly 13 years and have made every mistake in the book. I LOVE SEO and study it all the time. I find it fascinating how to changes almost weekly. We have an SEO person that we work with that has really helped, but for whatever reason, I LOVE SEO and get a kick out of learning and engaging it on the websites when I can.

How do your optimize your blogs for MLM RECRUITING?

In a home business, it is important to make money blogging that is totally STOKED, TWEAKED, and OPTIMIZED for recruiting the right people from your blog.

What is REQUIRED for Optimizing a Home business blog For Recruiting? Well, we do not have time to get into that as it would take WEEKS to complete that conversation, but we can get you started if you are not “hip to the facts” as they say. This is where conversion rate optimisation agency can improve your entire ecommerce business. Much of the research that goes into CRO has to do with who your customer is and testing is a big part of making sure your store is effective and helps you get to know exactly who you’re dealing with and what they prefer. If you’re about to start some CRO initiatives within your company, CRO experts recommend you start with some conversion research in order to understand how visitors are interacting with your online store and what type of friction is causing bottlenecks within your sales funnel.  I’ve done this research myself on a client’s website and I must say, I was surprised of the type of data we gathered.  You tend to  learn more about who you customers are and their challenges.

FIRST OFF….What is the purpose of optimizing blogs for recruiting from search engine traffic?

A lot of  home business bloggers overlook the importance of optimizing their blogs for recruiting from traffic from search engines. The actual point of home based business blogging is usually to create EXPOSURE, VISIBILITY, AWARENESS, and to GAIN READERS. These are the “potential prospects” that you can engage about your home based business in the future. Or, you can engage them directly with a recruiting post on your blog. Either way, it works.

You want people to “feel” your blog, not just look at it. They need to “sense” that this blog is powerful and CAN HELP THEM. You want to have others read your home business trainings, thoughts, opinions, tips, offers, and marketing ideas on various issues concerning your home business. This includes Success with a home business, WHY they need a home business, New ideas for your prospect to gain from, introduce to them the current possibiltiies for their life in your niche industry, and in many cases just what is on your mind about life.

Some home business bloggers who blog for recruiting reasons, their main goal is to create more SEO traffic. Nothing wrong with that! Both of these home business blogging needs demand  the blog be totally optimized for recruiting and SEO for search engines.

Unless you have been living under a rock, (smile) you know it is called SEO or search engine optimization. This marketing process is the same that your message normally goes through with a business or personal home business site –only it is a blog (much like a journal)  that your work at home message and your mlm network marketing efforts are now attempting to optimize. A blog is a website-sort of.

We take it a step FURTHER. We call it “Search Engine Optimization for Recruiting.” This is what you TRULY want, as you can optimize a blog for searches, but it MUST BE OPTIMIZED for recruiting your readers and prospects as well.

The whole process of optimization for recruiting  and SEO is critical to bring in new home based business prospects and traffic to your home business blog. You need to present your work at home message you are promoting to that traffic coming  in from major search engines such as google, bing, and This makes it easy for users or readers to search and find your blog so you can then expose your message to them and to start the recruiting process. If your success message and business want to gain a growing group of loyal readers as well as potential customers, than you must optimize your blog for recruiting and search engines the same way your work at home message and home business would on a personal or business HTML website.

Blog SEO Optimization for Recruiting is the key to a successful online home business web blog and the traffic your work at home message and home business need. Without the optimizing your blog for SEO and recruiting for search engines, your blog will never be seen or read.

Lets be REAL…What is the purpose of a content rich, AMAZING looking, Easily Navigated, idea soaked,  hooked up powered up jamming down blog with no one to read it and thus- no one to recruit?


The million dollar question is what exactly  has to happen to start the process of optimizing you blog for recruiting as well as the search engines? The process of SEO optimization for recruiting involves the powerful topic of  ONE WORD to BEGIN with and many people teach this for SEO but NOT for Recruiting:


Not only Keywords- but Keywords that are MAGNETIC and PULL the search engines towards you as well as your prospects towards you.

The right and powerful keywords must be placed, written into,  or embedded into the home business blog. The largest portion of  blogs have this handy option called tags -sometimes keywords – at the bottom or side of each blog post or entry on the dashboard of the blog.

The key words or key phrases that your mlm recruiting message and business message  place into this box is critical. It must be the best possible keywords for optimization of the blog and getting the attention of your prospect. Your home based business messagecan start this process by searching online for a free keyword search engine optimization tool. Google has one. All you have to do is google “free keyword adwords tool” and it will take you to it, and even show you how to use it in 2 easy steps.

Google Adword Keyword Tool. 

There are paid for versions as well such as as WordTracker,  Keywordelite, and

This powerful recruiting word  tool will generate free or paid for keywords that will optimize your keyword search box helping in the process of optimizing your blog for search engines and home business recruiting. Keywords are the major factors to get your blog visited daily by the search bots to obtain a visible rank in most of the major search engines. Without having the proper keywords it is almost impossible to optimize your blog for search engine- let alone mlm recruiting.

Once your work at home message and home business have the proper keywords they should be embedded into your posts, videos, and into EVERY title. This is IMPERATIVE for SEO as well as getting the attention of the prospect for recruiting purposes. The title and keywords in your posts you write should all be the best possible words, phrases, questions, and images to obtain optimization.

What are the benefits of your products?

What are people looking for?

What  SOLUTIONS are people seeking?

Those are powerful key words and phrases that you need to use on your home business blog.

The next step in the process of optimizing home business blogs for recruiting and search engines, is to make your blog clean and FOCUSED ON ONE MESSAGE for recruiting purposes. Your blog should be clear, concise, highly navigable, and DRIVING THE MESSAGE about your home business possibilities to the prospect and reader. Your blog should have nothing but high quality content, videos, and pictures with a CALL TO ACTION.

Give them some place to visit on the blog, a company presentation to look at, an ebook to download, a video that contains VALUABLE information, and an opt in box to get their name and email. This is critical for FOLLOW UP and to connect with the readers. Also, let people COMMENT on your posts, and them comment back to them.

Start developing a relationship through your blog, and then TAKE IT OFFLINE. Start following them as well on social sites and get them to KNOW YOU and TRUST YOU.  Blogs are GREAT to start the process of TRUST in a home based business.

Once your Recruiting SEO is completed on your blog, simply submit your blog to as many blog directories and search engines as possible.  You can use a great free tool for blog submission:

This is the VERY FIRST step to optimizing your blog for Recruiting and SEO for your home business in network marketing.

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