MLM Recruiting- The 2 Things you NEVER SAY When Recruiting Prospects

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Is your MLM recruiting efforts paralyzing your Success in network marketing?

Are you tired of prospects that just disappear and it seems for no reason?

MLM Recruiting is highly popular as network marketing and  is all about Team Building, as you know. And mlm recruiting is geting to be a focus of many online marketers today.

And to build a home business team, you need to understand WHAT to SAY to your prospect whether online or offline.

Social media conversation today is critical, as well as online marketing. But what happens, no matter the strategy you are following, if you say the WRONG THING to the prospect?

You will repel them, and they pretty much will find another possibility to look at and consider.

But what if…

What if you KNEW 2 things that you should NEVER say in your recruiting efforts?

And you are SAYING THEM unknowingly?

Here are 2 things that you NEVER say to any kind of a home business prospect- online or offline:

1. You are going to GET RICH- I promise.

People today, especially in social media, are way too savvy to buy into that line. It will not only brand you as someone who does not know what she is doing, but also does not seem to care.

No one knows who will become rich in network marketing. That is up to the person, and the very ones you think never willl, DO. And the ones you think absolutley WILL…end up struggling big time.

Say this instead,“Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy? I have too. And I have run across what I believe is a vehicle that can help the right person get there. Let me take a second and tell you a little bit about it, and you may see what I saw immediately the wealth potential.”

2. “You would be PERFECT for this…”

Well, this is another turn off, as the majority of folks know that you do not know them that well. Saying someone would be perfect for this is a gamble at best. You do not KNOW if they would be. You HOPE they would be, but you do not KNOW.

Operate in Integrity.

Here is what you need to say, “Your personality is amazing, and I believe could be worth a fortune with the right company. Let me share something with you and see if this would be something right for you…”

Words Rule MLM.

Online as well as offline. Even in videos, and webinars.

Make sure that your words are insuring Success in all you say in your home business mlm business.

22 Secrets of Endless leads!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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