Network Marketing Training- The Power of DELAY in MLM Recruiting





Have you ever been in a hurry and because of that you totally blew a great mlm  prospect because of your pressure?

Did you ever see a network marketing prospect totally turn off because you were a little too anxious?

Have you had someone in your online funnel and they disappeared because you came across as too eager?

I have seen this in mlm online recruiting so much and well as offline.

In many networking venues, I have seen people ATTACK the mlm prospect right out of the gate. I have seen this online as well on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and it goes on and on.

THAT will destroy your online and offline mlm recruiting and prospecting. You come across as desperate and amateurish. A home business professional is just that:

A Professional to his or her prospect that they are talking to whether online or offline. What has that cost you in the past-coming across like you are NEEDY?

Prospects in network marketing are NOT looking for the NEEDY.

How do you come across like you are NEEDY?

1. You pressure because you NEED to qualify for your paycheck.

2. You NEED a sale to make your quota.

3. You NEED to recruit someone because you need the commissions.

4. You NEED to feel like you are working and not playing at the business.

OUCH- that hurt. But it is the truth. Many people come across like they are playing with the business, not working it.

Are YOU?

Here is a strategy that works online and offline. It is something that has proven to be a MAGNET and a RELAXER for the prospect. I have watched with our Private Clients this work and work powerfully. This little mlm secret is a gem.

Ok, what is this mlm training secret called “Delay and Disintegrate?”

Simple. You DELAY talking about your products and home business, and in doing so, you disintegrate any and all objections because of the time you have taken to CONNECT with the mlm prospect and learn what they are looking for.

THEN you show them how you can help them FIND IT.

Wait 20 minutes before you ever start your marketing or recruiting efforts.

Ask 20 questions before you mention your business.

Find out what is important to them and then ask them 20 more questions about it.

THEN after you Delayed the business part, transition them into a Recruiting Conversation-whether in social media, or skype, or a cell phone.


“I am sorry. I have spent so much time learning about you, that I forgot to mention that you may know who I am looking for in your city…let me explain…”

Simple and yet profound.

Powerful but yet gentle for your home business.

DELAY the talking about your products and mlm network marketing business, and see if that does not radically EXPLODE your home business success in an mlm conversation.

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MLM Recruiting- The 2 Things you NEVER SAY When Recruiting Prospects

mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting online and offline


Is your MLM recruiting efforts paralyzing your Success in network marketing?

Are you tired of prospects that just disappear and it seems for no reason?

MLM Recruiting is highly popular as network marketing and  is all about Team Building, as you know. And mlm recruiting is geting to be a focus of many online marketers today.

And to build a home business team, you need to understand WHAT to SAY to your prospect whether online or offline.

Social media conversation today is critical, as well as online marketing. But what happens, no matter the strategy you are following, if you say the WRONG THING to the prospect?

You will repel them, and they pretty much will find another possibility to look at and consider.

But what if…

What if you KNEW 2 things that you should NEVER say in your recruiting efforts?

And you are SAYING THEM unknowingly?

Here are 2 things that you NEVER say to any kind of a home business prospect- online or offline:

1. You are going to GET RICH- I promise.

People today, especially in social media, are way too savvy to buy into that line. It will not only brand you as someone who does not know what she is doing, but also does not seem to care.

No one knows who will become rich in network marketing. That is up to the person, and the very ones you think never willl, DO. And the ones you think absolutley WILL…end up struggling big time.

Say this instead,“Have you ever dreamed of becoming wealthy? I have too. And I have run across what I believe is a vehicle that can help the right person get there. Let me take a second and tell you a little bit about it, and you may see what I saw immediately the wealth potential.”

2. “You would be PERFECT for this…”

Well, this is another turn off, as the majority of folks know that you do not know them that well. Saying someone would be perfect for this is a gamble at best. You do not KNOW if they would be. You HOPE they would be, but you do not KNOW.

Operate in Integrity.

Here is what you need to say, “Your personality is amazing, and I believe could be worth a fortune with the right company. Let me share something with you and see if this would be something right for you…”

Words Rule MLM.

Online as well as offline. Even in videos, and webinars.

Make sure that your words are insuring Success in all you say in your home business mlm business.

22 Secrets of Endless leads!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

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