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Are you the MASTER of your destiny or someone else in your home business?

What direction are you moving or are you moving in the WRONG direction in your network marketing business?

How do you work in your mlm business?

FREEDOM is what it is all about. It is what America is about. And it is what a home business is about. But many for whatever reason do not get that.


There is something that was written and I have had it for a while, and wanted to share it with you as IT MAKES YOU THINK.

And it also will clarify some things that maybe you were missing in your mlm business. It truly is something that caught my attention and I know it will catch yours. And not let go.

Here is a post from an unknown author that I believe will help you in your success efforts and understanding WHY we all have a home based business!

FREEDOM (author unknown)

In the United States of America lies a large industrial city which is the sight of one of the
world’s largest slave labor camps.

Located in and around the center of this city are community settlements where the slaves live.

Each morning the slaves move herd-like from their quarters into the slave labor camps.

Each one is at his or her station by 7:30 AM. Here they report to their master for the day’s
duties. And here they remain chained until 5:00 PM when they’re released to go home.

The slaves have no choice as to how many hours they must labor. Sometimes they are required to work overtime until their master tells them they may leave and go home.

Each year the slaves are told when to take their vacations, for how long, and when they
must return.

They have little choice as to how much money they earn as they are paid not what they are worth, but what the job is worth.

They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee breaks during the labor hours.

The slaves will remain in their chains in great fear because the master can punish them with the “firing” or “layoff” whip.

It is said that even some of the older slaves who have been good and faithful have felt the sting
of the whip.

Day by day, year-by-year, the slaves toil and grow older until the master decides it is time to
release them to the retirement camps where they’re forced to sit idle and wait for death.

It’s a well-known fact that the old slaves who try to keep working are sometimes whipped with a “stop-their-pension” whip.

I know these slave camps exist for I once was a slave.

But now I am a free man who lives among the slaves.

The reason I am free is because I am in business for myself as a Home Business  Professional whether Network Marketing, Direct sales, MLM, Party Plan, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, or a traditional in home business.

Yes, I am truly free. I arise in the morning called for by my schedule.

I decide my own hours. I can even sleep in late while the slaves are at work.

I can vacation when, where, and for how long I please.

I’m free to take my coffee break and lunch when I decide.

And of course, I can decide my own paycheck because I am not a slave.

I can choose to work when and where I please and with whom I please.

I’m free to stay in the city for as long as I want, or to move on to greener pastures if I
decide to.

I’ve seen many slaves sadly pack their belongings to leave their city in search of a new master,
but it is always the same.

There is however, a ray of hope for the slave.

He or she can buy their own freedom.

The cost is not high, yet it seems high to those who do not have the courage to pay the price.

What is the price?

One must be willing to be their own master.


This is a great post for FREEDOM for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – The 7 Secrets of FREEDOM in a Home Business

home business july 4th

network marketing july 4th

MLM July 4th Feedom training.

What is FREEDOM to you in your network marketing home business?

What does July 4th REALLY mean as far as success in mlm and direct sales?

A professional in our wonderful profession understands that FREEDOM is what we all want. Our forefathers faught and died for it. They literally gave their lives so we could be free today. And your home business is worth giving it all you got like they did is it not?

There are 7 secrets to FREEDOM in MLM and Network marketing, And I want to briefly cover them in celebration of out July 4th holiday.

We are going to take the word FREEDOM and break it down.

“F”  stands for FAITH.

If you do not have faith in what you are doing with your home business, you never will be free. You must have faith in the system your company has provided as well as the training and the vision. Faith must also be in YOU. You must have faith in your God given abilties to CRUSH IT and rock with the good times as well as the not so good.

Have faith that you WILL create financial freedom.

“R” stands for REACH.

Simply, a weak approach and REACH to tbis business is going to yield you weak results. Most of the time, a less then aggressive approach to this business shows a lack of belief in what you are doing and will shorten your reach a lot.

BELIEVE in what you are doing and let the force of belief ignite an agressive mindset to GO OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

REACH for what you want and what it takes to succeed in business. This will result in much more success then you could ever imagine. I am not talking about being pushy, but REACHING to help people help themselves. Don’t worry about your Reach being too powerful. That is not going to happen. REACH for your Freedom by reaching out to others and helping them obtain their freedom in life.

“E” stands for ENGAGE.

You must ENGAGE this business, not just try it. Trying it is going through the motions. ENGAGING is going through the EMOTIONS to put your business IN MOTION. Get PUMPED and ENGAGE the prospecting, the recruiting, the online social efforts, and all that is required for success.

Engage your HEART in all you do. that will create more FREEDOM in your life then you ever could imagine.

“E” stands for EXCELLENCE.

There is NO true FREEDOM without Excellence in everything you do. Your business must be built on a foundation of FREEDOM as well as as EXCELLENCE is your vision and approach.

Excellence is a lifestyle and a decision. It is a POWER that can transform the ordinary into the EXTRAORDINARY. Focus on Excellence and watch your business SOAR.

“D” stands for DEMAND.


You have a powerful success force inside of you. Demand from it. PULL from it. DEMAND the Big You to show up. DEMAND the results you want. DEMAND the skill set that is needed and then acquire it. DEMAND from your team the BEST each has to offer. DEMAND that winning be the only focus and the only result. If you demand the best from you, then you will see FEEEDOM coming towards you like a freight trin.

“O” stands for OPEN.

FREEDOM in network marketing is based on you OPENING new conversations, new doors and new possibilties.  Opening your mind to BIGGER results is a beginning to FREEDOM. Opening your eyes to a higher success and more powerful result is a beginning to FREEDOM. Opening up the mind of your team to being number one on the company is the beginning to FREEDOM.

Open up your mind, heart, and eyes to the HUGE Success that lies before you, that leads straight to FREEDOM in life.

“M” stands for MORE.

There is MORE inside of you. Give it.

There is MORE that can come from you. Give it.

There is MORE thinking that you can do. Give it.

There is MORE belief in yourself inside of you. Give it.

There is MORE Success waiting to be unleashed from you. DO IT.

If you take these 7 secrets of FREEDOM and apply them to your business, as our forefathers took to to the battle field, your success and freedom will always be there in your network marketing home business in mlm.

Happy July 4th!!!!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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