MLM Training- One of the Greatest Recruiting Words You can Use

mlm home business secrets

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MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Are you open to seeing your home business accelerate dramatically?

What is there is a phrase or a word you can use that many people can relate to and even know many that can as well for your work at home business??

What if you could use it online, in social media, skype, mobile recruiting, as well as offline networking?

In the marketplace today, unemployment is at nearly 9% and some say by may 2012 it could be at 10%.

What can we do about it that will HELP people survive a layoff? Is there a way that people can move past it and rise above it?

There is a RULE that we have been teaching for quite sometime that has made a huge difference in people’s mlm businesses. it has opened up possibilities in prospect’s minds that were not quite sure of the message being shared.

What is a Word that you can use that everyone can realte to somehow?


And the Rule of Layoffs for MLM recruiting is:

There are NO LAY OFFS when you own your own business from home.

There are only PAY OFFS.
Many people do not realize just how many layoffs have occurred from September 2009 to December 2011. According to the US Government- there were nearly 7 million layoffs during that period,  more than any other period -and the last 3 decades combined.

 There is an estimate that there will be  more jobs lost coming in summer 2012. Possible Layoffs still are over the news and all over the internet.

Lets say you are on facebook or twiter and talking to someone or you may be on a conversation on LinkedIn.

Here is a question that you can ask your prospect:

“Just curious…in your circle of friends and family- do you know anyone that has been laid off?”

This question gets to the VERY CORE of much of the economic challenges that people have today, and you can help them in a way that a job never could.

Yes, a new job would TEMPORARILY take care of their issue…but..

They are putting themselves in the same position that got them there to begin with!

Here is a little mlm recruiting secret that you can use:

Do not talk just layoffs.

Talk Payoffs.

Your own business will never let you be laid off. It will let you be paid off- over and over and over- in PROFITS that Multiply.
With over 7 more million jobs being lost the last 3 years, layoffs will still be a hot topic for all of 2012 and probably longer. Yes there is an election coming, and something positive actually may happen in 2012, but don’t count on it according to most economists. Just focus on PRVENTING the prospect from going through a layoff.

When someone gets laid off, most panic. They have no “safety net.” You can give them a safety net with your home business.

Tell them you can help them prepare economically for ANYTHING that would possibly happen in their career- or lack of one. Focus on the LOSS OF REVENUES and INCOME does NOT have to happen if they get laid off.

They can still pay their bills and enjoy life even during a layoff with their OWN HOME BUSINESS.
Talk about it. Focus on it. Look at it. But then- have a solution for it.
Talk Layoffs. Talk about their own work at home business.
But focus on PAYOFFS with a network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The Most Powerful Word Today in Recruiting You MUST USE!

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MLM Recruiting Tips.

What word right now is all over the news and needs to be used in your home business?

Would you like to discover a word that can REVOLUTIONIZE your mlm recruiting over the holidays?

What would that do for your mlm home based business?

There is one word that is about as powerful as a word you can use in holiday recruiting as well as recruiting in 2012. It is a word that will PULL people towards you like a magnet.

What word is that?

Use the Word “Economy” to point to the Change that needs to occur in a person’s life and financial life.
One of the most viewed words, talked about words, discussed word and hear words today in the media is ‘economy.” You must connect your business with the concept of the economy, because your home business is an alternative to what the economy is offering the average person.
There is a HUGE CONCERN over the economy today in every aspect. People are concerned today over the economy because of what that does to their income and pocketbooks.

That works in your favor, as what most people are focused on as a challenge- are looking for an answer. You must be connected to that focus- and have an answer for focus. Refocus the prospect to the conversation you want to hold. Today, people are working in fear of losing their job and even losing their pensions.

YOU can be like a knight in shining armor and show them a better way. You cna show them a more secure way. You can show them a more powerful way to live life and to earn an income THEY CONTROL- not someone else.

Here is what you can say to a potential prospect:
‘We all are concerned about the economy. But there are 2 types of people- ones that accept it and think they can do nothing about it, -and ones that want to change it in their life and look for ways to do that. Which one are you?”


“Most people are concerned over the economy would you not agree? I am not. I have taken steps to insure that I have more control over my own economy and can increase my income anytime I want. How does that sound to be able to do that in your life?”
When you start talking about what everyone seemingly is focused on-you will be:

Focused on.

THAT is where you want to be in your mlm home business network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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