Social Network Marketing- The Law of EXPERIENCE?

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For your home business– there is a NEW KID in town in network marketing.

Social Network Marketing is a FUSION Marketing model that fuses together Social Media and Network Marketing in your home business..

 It is a powerful concept in lead generation as well as building a home based business.

Social Network Marketing has an incredible POWER to it of:


And with those 2 powerful things, you can become a Recruiting Magnet with Social Media in your work at home business.

There are what I call “Social Network Marketing Laws” and I want to introduce some more to you on some future posts and I hope that they will give you some insight as well as ideas that will help you with your Social Media and Home Business Success.

What is Social Network Marketing Law One?

 1. The Law of EXPERIENCE.

 What people experience with you in the social media arena determines much of what they do or DO NOT DO in the future. They MUST experience an emotion or idea that will MOVE THEM to DO SOMETHING that will work in your favor. 

If they experience a conversation with you that makes them feel good and is focused on them, then they probably would consider a conversation with you, something they would like to do again.

You now are starting to build a relationship of TRUST with them.

 Most people in social media focus on EXPECTATIONS – not Experience.

 That is a mistake.

 Often, it is what YOU expect to happen with a prospect is more important to them then what the prospect Experiences with YOU in Social Networking.

 Make them glad they talked with you.

 Make them glad they connected with you.

 Make them want to talk to you again.

 Give them something to look forward to the NEXT conversation.

 That will insure you that the Experience of talking with you they will want to do again and build more Trust in what you have to say and RECOMMEND.

When you engage someone in social media, you need to understand this rule”

First people FEEL…THEN they hear. Feeling is a HUGE part of what they Experience is your Social Network Marketing and Home Business.

A Powerful Resource to Learn Step by Step Social Network Marketing?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training-Is Your Business a YES or NO Business?

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A home business is built many ways and with many tools.

One of the 2 tools that a network marketing business is built with is YES and NO. Many MLM distributors do not realize that their home based business is being built by someone else.



Many a home business is being built by someone else the distributor knows through powerful Influence,and they are using the NO tool to do it.

Many a work at home distributor in a home based business has left the profession because someone else was building their business-with negative words and actions that influence the distributor over time to give up and simply walk away.

I almost walked away my first 4 years -5 times- due to negative comments and people’s influence over my life.

Thank God I was able to GROW BIGGER than their negatives.

Isn’t it TIME that you moved  you and your work at home business into the YES ZONE?

Isn’t it time that you simply took CONTROL of your MLM destiny and quit letting someone else “build” -or in this case destroy- your business.

I do a lot of private one on one consultation and I am amazed at how many people let others dictate and build their business with their negative and poisonous “not going to happen” focus. And eventually the distributor gives in to the verbal and emotional assault of others -and quits.

And they could have gone on to build a dream business that would have given them an amazing life. But yet they built their business on the foundation of someone else’s NO.

Here is a quote that I sent out a while back over twitter  as well as facebook and LinkedIn hat got a lot of feedback:

“It is those that say a resounding YES to Home Business Success as well as Life that live a Larger then normal life, have a Larger than normal business, and have a more Powerful than normal income. Say YES- and QUIT LISTENING to the NOs that are trying to STOP YOU. “

The word YES.


It is a FOCUS.

It is an ACTON.

It is a BELIEF.

It is a MIND SET.




Yes is one of the most powerful words in all language and MLM. It simply says “I will move forward with that.”

But a DECIDED YES also includes a silent- “And I will NOT BE STOPPED.”

Many people build a home business as well as live a life of NO because they were taught that and grew up in that NO culture. But you can change that in a heartbeat.

Change your DECIDED DESTINY from NO to YES.

Yes I am succeeding with my Home Business.

Yes I am the top earner for my Company.

Yes I am the most powerful Leader on my Home Business Team.

Yes I am building a team of 50,000 people in my Home Business.

Yes I am living a lifestyle that most only dream of with my Home Business.

YES I am doing it NOW and No Thing, No Lie, No Person, No Result, No Insult, No Lack of Understanding, No or No Crisis will STOP ME and my Home business..


THAT is a mind set well abovethe norm in the crowd of mediocrity, and you will RISE above everyone and everything that tries to stop you.

Say “YES” to being Invincible and Unstoppable!

Say YES to the Greatness inside of you and the great destiny that lies before you.

If you do that, people will RESPOND MORE POSITIVELY to you, and are drawn more powerfully towards you.

God put a YES LIFE there and does NOT want it wasted.

Neither DO YOU! 

Today…Say “YES!” to a Million Dollar Home Business!

This is something you MUST KNOW about for Succeeding in a Home business!

LEAVE A COMMENT Below about what kind of YES home business you are building!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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