Social Network Marketing- The Law of EXPERIENCE?

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social network marketing


For your home business– there is a NEW KID in town in network marketing.

Social Network Marketing is a FUSION Marketing model that fuses together Social Media and Network Marketing in your home business..

 It is a powerful concept in lead generation as well as building a home based business.

Social Network Marketing has an incredible POWER to it of:


And with those 2 powerful things, you can become a Recruiting Magnet with Social Media in your work at home business.

There are what I call “Social Network Marketing Laws” and I want to introduce some more to you on some future posts and I hope that they will give you some insight as well as ideas that will help you with your Social Media and Home Business Success.

What is Social Network Marketing Law One?

 1. The Law of EXPERIENCE.

 What people experience with you in the social media arena determines much of what they do or DO NOT DO in the future. They MUST experience an emotion or idea that will MOVE THEM to DO SOMETHING that will work in your favor. 

If they experience a conversation with you that makes them feel good and is focused on them, then they probably would consider a conversation with you, something they would like to do again.

You now are starting to build a relationship of TRUST with them.

 Most people in social media focus on EXPECTATIONS – not Experience.

 That is a mistake.

 Often, it is what YOU expect to happen with a prospect is more important to them then what the prospect Experiences with YOU in Social Networking.

 Make them glad they talked with you.

 Make them glad they connected with you.

 Make them want to talk to you again.

 Give them something to look forward to the NEXT conversation.

 That will insure you that the Experience of talking with you they will want to do again and build more Trust in what you have to say and RECOMMEND.

When you engage someone in social media, you need to understand this rule”

First people FEEL…THEN they hear. Feeling is a HUGE part of what they Experience is your Social Network Marketing and Home Business.

A Powerful Resource to Learn Step by Step Social Network Marketing?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Social Media- Social Network Marketing …What IS IT?

home business social media

home business social media

In a home business today, you MUST be online.

If you are not, then you are operating your home business at a tremendous disadvantage.

And coming soon, you MUST BECOME MOBILE.

As everything is getting ready to be transferred to the “4th Screen” in marketing and social media.

if you are not ONLINE then you off course in your home based business.

That is s truism and have been teaching that for over 10 years. We have been in internet marketing for over 12 years and have been blessed to build a solid business online and worldwide, by marketing our MLM training resources.

But there is a NEW style of home business tactics I call “Social Network Marketing.”

 This is a poweful FUSION of social media, social networking, and network marketing blended together to create a social focused marketing of a home business.

There are MANY internet marketing types out that train on how to market a home business. And they are all good.

I highly recommend many of them if you are looking to find leads and work your business online and with what is called “Funnel marketing.”

Social Network Marketing is a little different as it is more SOCIAL focused than Funnel focused. It requires that a distributor/consultant join social networking sites, learn the ropes of how to work them, and then connect with like minded people that are looking for a change or MORE out of life.

THEN you need to move them through a system to find out if they are a MATCH for your home business. This requires knowing the process and how to move people through the process.

Whether facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn,  you must be what I call the “2 V’s of Social Network Marketing:


You must be on the social sites daily at least 15 minutes to comment on updates, build new relationships, and to add new content, videos, and photographs that you deem worthy. Visibility is what is going to guarantee CONNECTABILITY.

The more visible you are in social networking, then more credibility you are going to have as a social networker.


How are you VALUABLE to people that friend you or follow you? What can you ADD to their life that will IMPROVE, ENHANCE, EDUCATE, or ENLARGE what they are doing with their life?

Social Network Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to not only find home business leads on social sites, but also to build a business that spans the country and globe.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you take a minute and check out a powerful training resource that teaches you not only WHAT you need to do…but HOW to do it  in Social Network Marketing.

You can get a lifetime membership to this course and any new videos added for a ONE TIME tuition for ONLY $37.00 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! This special is ENDING SOON.

That is a little over a dollar a day for 30 days. And that is IT. And this training course SOLD OUT in April when it was first offered. I would encourage you to check it out and see if this is something that could take your social media lead generation and home business fusion to a whole new level.

And remember:  VISIBLE and VALUABLE are 2 keys to creating a powerful presence in social media. And that is what it takes to get the attention and KEEP the attention of potential prospects in your social media home business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

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