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Have you ever thought how powerful DREAMS ARE in a home business?

Did you know that DREAMS are the kerosene to light the fire of new distributors in their business?

How do you get someone focused ON THEIR DREAMS and turn them into a POWER for Success in MLM home business?

I have done thousands of posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and the like, and have done much with cutting edge training like social network marketing, mobile recruiting, social media recruiting, and more.

But there are times you MUST get back to the basics, and in this post, that is what I have done- The basics of MLM and network marketing, and how to get a new person DREAMING again.

 The foundation of your Home Business NETWORK MARKETING Success is the dreams that you want to bring to life in your future. 

Most people, even many of your friends, and family, do not dream like they used to, because we have all been programmed that “dreamers are not realists.”

 Oh yeah? Who sold you on THAT?

 We encourage you to dream again.  Why?  Do you know what happens when you DREAM?

 You “Dare (to) Reach Extraordinary Altitudes (&) Milestones.”  That is what NETWORK MARKETING is about… helping people to do.

 Dreaming also is the basis for the WHY!  WHY are you doing MLM NETWORK MARKETING anyway?

 “WHY” stands for “What Has You?”

 Whatever has your heart, focus, passion, dreams, and desires, is your WHY. It could be your children, your family, yourself, your church or faith, or even making a difference in other’s lives, or all of the above. Your “WHY” is the driving force behind your business, and your dreams.

 What Dream has your heart for your family and future?

 Dreaming is simply the Art of Painting a VIVID Picture on the canvas in your mind, and letting that become the MASTERPIECE of Change in your life.

 “If money were not an object…what would your life be like?” Describe it!  Think about this, and complete it. What would your PERFECT DAY be like???


 The Ten Things I would like NETWORK MARKETING to bring into my life that currently don’t exist: (New House, New Cars, Vacations, College Money, New Wardrobe, Charity and Church Giving, Private Schools, Boats, Lake Place, etc).


2) ____________________________________________

3) ____________________________________________

4) ____________________________________________

5) ____________________________________________


7) ____________________________________________

8) ____________________________________________

9) ____________________________________________

10) ____________________________________________

 WHY?  The Reason I desire these things is simple:


 Turn your “DreamLight” on with NETWORK MARKETING.  Dust off your dream machine, and crank it up, and let that Dream Light shine on your future once more.  Your Dreams CAN and WILL come true. But first the Light of Hope and Possibility must shine in your heart!  Then you shine that NETWORK MARKETING light on your friends and family and get them dreaming with you!

 Stop! Take a few minutes now and make those lists!

 Let’s talk about Attitude and Thinking.

 What do your friends think?  How do they think?  Odds are you are thinking that way too.  Most people think like their peers and families.  There is nothing wrong with that, but is that serving you well in NETWORK MARKETING?  Or is it simply stifling your progress? As Dr. Phil says, “Is that working for ya?”

 As a NETWORK MARKETING Reseller, if you look at the word “THINKING,” you will see that the first word in Thinking is THIN!  Do you have skinny thinking?  Do you have poverty thought patterns?  That type of thinking will devastate your NETWORK MARKETING attitude!  And your Business!  Fatten up your Thinking and Fatten up your bank account with NETWORK MARKETING!  Think BIG!

 The last word in THINKING is KING! (Or Queen!) Do you have Royalty Thinking?  Are your thoughts larger than the average person’s?  Royalty Thinking is focused on Abundance and Fullness, not Scarcity.  It is focused on being Extraordinary in NETWORK MARKETING, not Ordinary.

 Let us ask you this question again. What has your thinking, up until this point in your life, cost you in dollars?  It’s time to change that and create a Shift in your Thinking that keeps your mind on track and focused!!!  And THAT will help people feel a more positive you, and more magnetic you!


 Make sure that you complete the lists before you move forward from this post, and share copies with your supportive spouse and NETWORK MARKETING sponsor.  This is a critical task commonly overlooked by new Resellers and it can literally set you six to twelve months ahead of those who don’t do it.  Remember, you are establishing a pattern your team will follow. TURN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING DREAMLIGHT ON!  And keep it burning!

 Put together a NETWORK MARKETING “Dream FOCUS Board: pictures of your dream house, dream car, dream vacation, and dream lifestyle, and paste them on a poster board. View them everyday and KNOW that is where your life is headed. It is amazing how powerful and fun this can be in your network marketing mlm home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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