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In a home based business, there is NO more powerful Success secret than THE START.

Many people are stopped by the Start in MLM.They let their fears and old emotions get in the way and never really START the process of Success. Oh…they may start to INTEND to do something, but yet never get around to it.

Is that YOU?

 Do you have a challenge of simply getting the key in the ignition and starting your Success Engine? You may think you are not ENOUGH, or do not HAVE ENOUGH, or maybe simply are not SMART ENOUGH.

Does NOT matter. I love this quote from one of our Presidents:

“Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are…”
Theodore Roosevelt


Just start.

Nike says it — “Just Do It!(tm)”

We say “Just Start!”

Doesn’t matter if you do not have all the education, training, tools or Success manuals for a Successful home business.

Doesn’t matter if timing isn’t perfect for a home business. Many times it will not be.

Doesn’t matter if you are not in the perfect place to do what your heart burns for, and has dream for, whether massive success, or massive lifestyle.

Start. Now.

The least known people in the world who got started years ago, now are millionaires/billionaires.

Steve Jobs.

He started Apple Computer — totally underfunded, understaffed, misunderstood.

But he got underway.

He Started.

Bill Gates.

He started. Well, you know, that Seattle company. He started in a dorm room, with no money, and only one gear:

Success OverDrive. And his drive is what got him over the tough spots.

He Started.

Michael Jordan.He started. And was stopped several times, but he kept starting over, and over. And well, you know. He did pretty good.

Boy did He Start!

And the list is endless.

All great Successes have one thing in common:

A Starting point. An Ignition. A Spark. A first step.

What are you not starting? And why aren’t you? Isn’t it TIME you STARTED heading towards a massive home business and quit playing around with it?

What is holding you back?

Fear? Doubt? Lack of Self Esteem? Lack of Knowledge? Bad Parents? Bad Childhood? Bad hair Day?

No Money? No Time? No Credit? No help? No education? No Way?

All the “Pat” excuses that everyone accepts as a “reasonable” factor not to do anything?


The average say, “Come on! Let’s be REASONABLE and not live in a fantasy world! Success is for others! Not in our family!”

There is no “Reasonable” with Creating Massive Success. Successful people are some of the most unreasonable people on earth. They refuse to listen to other’s reason for mediocrity and giving up.

Only the “Unreasonable” create new destinies for their life, and for thousands of others, and change becomes their mantra.

Reasonable is staying put. Unreasonable is Starting Power.

There are No excuses for not starting.

You wanna know what Start stands for?

“Success Taking Action (that) Removes Timidity.”

That’s why you need to Start.

The timid will never RULE in the marketplace.

What’s the VERY FIRST THING you need to do to create your Success Dream and Passion in your Life with your network marketing company?

Write it down.

Break it down into the 3-4 tasks required to complete it.

See it on the Movie Screen in your Mind as Successful.

Review it and Rehearse it on your “Screen”, over and over.

Get 2 pieces of paper.

On one, write all the reasons you cannot do this and succeed.

On the the other piece, write all the reasons you MUST do this and succeed.

NOW– Tear one of them up.

And if you chose the reasons you MUST Succeed:

Start. Just Start.

There’s where the Success Magnet is:

Being Totally, Radically, Absolutely Unreasonable in your Achievement and Success pursuit in your home business. Your STARTING will make such a powerful difference in your mind set and attitude it will blow you away.

GET SERIOUS and just START and watch your Success explode in your mlm home business!

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Doug Firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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