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MLM Training- How to Ask a Prospect to Attend an Event- Online or Offline

mlm home business webinars

mlm home business events

MLM Prospect Attending an Event.

Do you have any trouble getting prospects to attend a webinar event for your home business?

How do you get them to your network marketing recruiting webinar?

How do you invite them to your mlm webinar?

There is so much information out there and it can get confusing. We suggest to keep it very easy to do and duplicate.

This is training on a 4 Step Recruiting System that we recommend you follow and focuses on inviting people to look attend an event for a presentation after they have had an intitial exposure.

The actual process of working this business and making money is:

1) FIND   (people you know)

2) ASK  (with CD/DVD/Video/Mobile Video/Sizzle call/Audio)

3) SHARE  (Invite them then to the daily Recruiting Webinar / Conf call or do a Three Way with your sponsor.)


 You need to reach out and SHARE some education and information with them. Getting them to see the message of your home business company is a must. To do this, you must turn their dreams into possibilities and beyond.

The SHARE step is the Presentation about your NETWORK MARKETING. company There are many different ways to create a Presentation, including using tools and events. But the NUMBER ONE SHARE Tool is the weekly Webinar / Conference call .

Invite your prospects to a special presentation of only 30 minutes, and even available 24/7 online at:

What are you doing at 12 noon today? Do you have 15 minutes that you can spare to attend online a webinar about what you saw on the DVD?”

Here are some other ways to use your tools to create a SHARE experience:

 NETWORK MARKETING DVDS: Hand them out for viewing.

NETWORK MARKETING CDs telling the story: Hand them
out for listening.

NETWORK MARKETING Brochures: Show them to inform of
available Products.


NETWORK MARKETING business cards: Hand them out for
contacting you.

(Also use online videos, landing pages, and other online marketing tools.)

The SHARE Presentation:  INVITING People to see the Online Recruiting Webinar.

The Single Greatest Wayto SHARE your Network Marketing company is to let your prospect listen to the National Webinar / Teleconference. INVITE them to this and let them hear a presentation that is guaranteed to be professional and powerful. You will LISTEN and LEARN the  presentation as well.  It doubles as a training tool for the new Reseller/distributor.

 1.“I am so glad that you enjoyed the video/audio/CD! Having a home business is one of the true ways to create a better life today. Let me ask you a question. Do you have 15 minutes at noon today or tonight at 9 pm? We are having a national Online Success Presentation that says it better than I can, and I would love for you to be my guest. Will you be my guest?”

 2. “Donna, I am so glad that you liked the DVD I gave you. It has changed my life Here is what we need to do next. Are you busy tonight for about 15 minutes at 9 pm? I would love for you to hear one of our top Leaders in the company who is going to do an incredible presentation on how to Succeed long term with Network Marketing.  Can I count on you to be on the call with me as my guest?”

 3. “Frank, this excites me. I am excited that you liked the DVD. Tell you what–why don’t you join me as my guest on a special webinar tonight that will present in-depth information on how to succeed with Network Marketing? It will last about 15-20 minutes. Can I count on you to be my guest?”

These are 3 powerful ways to ask a prospect to view a meeting/event for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training – 10 Tips on How to Hold a Power Team Meeting

mlm meetings home business

mlm network marketing tips

MLM How to Hold Power Team Meetings.

Have you ever held a meeting for your home based business team?

What did you do for your network marketing team meeting?

Are you wanting to know how to do a CRUSHINGLY Powerful meeting?

I recently read in Salesbriefs Training letter a GREAT article on how to hold Power Meetings – Online and Offline–and 10 tips to guide you along. I thought this worthy of sending out and letting you enjoy as I did. These tips can be also for a webinar meeting or skype meeting, or any other type of online meeting.

RCKING HOT Success tips for you!


The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses via live video chats, an expert content library and email lessons.

Here are 10 Tips for holding a Power Team Meeting:

No. 1: Keep the Excitement Up

Sales and team meetings are all about creating excitement. Never let them become gripe sessions or chances to drone on about boring procedures. Play pump-up music before you start. Give away prizes. Talk about big plans. Get everyone revved up, then break! Keep the meeting short, sweet, and 100% positive!

No. 2: Get an Outside Perspective

We utilize sales coaching to bring outside opinions or approaches to our sales. The team can get exhausted with the same old “song and dance” from the sales manager; an outside presence tends to spur new life. They can vent frustration, bounce ideas, and ask for help, getting a different response than they’re used to.

No. 3: Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep it short and sweet. Come with an agenda and stick to it. If you open the door for additional ideas, you end up not being effective at what you meant to accomplish.

No. 4: Flip the Format.

Let the sales or marketing team run the meeting and present to you. Give them the data that they need such as past performance and let them create the charts and presentations. They will then see where they are and be forced to come up with their own plans and give you all the reasons for the decline or increase. Use that as an opportunity to thank them, show them you trust them and then fire them up.

No. 5: Analyze Up-to-Date Reports

My best tip for running a productive sales or marketing team meeting is to ensure the reports are accurate and up-to-date before the meeting is scheduled. These reports should be available to analyze during the meeting, which will lead the meeting in the correct fashion.

No. 6: Have Weekly One-on-Ones

Group meetings are important so that everyone can share lessons learned, and strategize to offer better value to customers. But weekly — or even daily –one-on-one meetings are critical to making sure that you catch any issues. Not only will your sales or leadership team feel encouraged because the manager is interested in their work, but you will be able to make quick changes to optimize 2013.

No. 7: Come Prepared

There is a major difference between running a “meeting” and a “status check-in.” In meetings, we set an agenda, have people prepared ahead of time, and discuss more strategic planning, leaving with action items. “Check-ins” are limited in time and more tactical; we discuss current deals, roadblocks, and reconnect on projections.

No. 8: Stand Up — Literally

Instead of sitting around a conference room table and trudging through an agenda, have everyone stand. Not only does standing retain attention, it also encourages everyone to get to the point and end the meeting quickly.

No. 9: Establish Preset Goals & Metrics

I believe in shorter meetings that focus on pre-established metrics and goals that are clearly tied to the compensation of the sales or home business marleting team. That way, each member of the team has a vested interest in the outcome, and can know what to expect and how to best prepare.

No. 10: Interact!

The best way to run an effective sales meeting is to make it interactive. New distributors attending a meeting where top-down information is disbursed with no dialogue will lose interest fast. Plus, your team members may have creative and innovative suggestions to improve sales. Make sure you give them a meeting agenda beforehand so they know what kinds of feedback you’re looking for.

These are 10 power tips for a Rocking Meeting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- How to Answer “I Am Not Interested in Anything Like That”

mlm network marketing home business

mlm home business not interested

MLM “I am Not Interested in That” Answer.

Have you ever gotten someone telling you something that stopped you in your tracks in your home based business?

What did you say to that in your network marketing efforts?

Do you KNOW what to say?

In a home business, you are going to get a LOT of questions from time to time, and you will need to know how to address them. I get a LOT of questions every week and if you can flow with the answers, you will find your confidence SOARING!

Here are some questions and statements you will hear from time to time and WHAT TO SAY:

1. “I am not interested in anything like that…”

“I agree!  I would not be interested either if I did not know what I know about this. But are you interested at least in finding out how you can help me? As a friend I really need your help.”

“I am glad you said that. You don’t have enough information to be interested. Let me share some free information with you and you can take it with you.”

“Thank you for being honest. Now let me be honest with you. I said the same thing until I understood what was going on. take 30 seconds and listen and then you can tell me you are not interested.”

2. “I don’t have time for anything like this…”

“That is the exact reason you need to take a look at this!  You hold conversations everyday, don’t you?  Couldn’t you take a mere 30 seconds a couple times a day to ask a question, and put that person in touch with me. This act alone could put you in a position to start earning money?”

“Thank you for saying that! Many people do not think they have time as they do not know it takes a mere 30 seconds a day! Let me explain!”

“I can relate! I did not think I had time either until I figured out that it wa something that i did as I lived life. I call it Lifestyle Marketing. Let me explain….”

3. “I don’t have the money…”

“I understand, and I totally appreciate that. What if I could show you a way to put yourself in a position where you didn’t  have to worry about income anymore? You could help people that you know, and you could actually earn money in the process.”

“Thank you for your honesty. I can appreciate that and I am so sorry. Let me ask you a question: What is your plan to change that?”

“Thank you for sharing that with me. Let me ask you a question…if I could share an idea with you that could change that and money would no longer be a worry, how would that FEEL?”

These are suggested responses to questions you may hear when recruiting with your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- The Power of Leadership vs. Motiivation for Your Team?

mlm leadership home business

mlm home business network marketing

MLM Leadership Motivation Training.

Do you know the difference between Motivation and Leadership in your home based business?

How do you motivate your people in your network marketing team?

Do you motivate through Leadership in your mlm?

Many leaders today can get Leadership and Motivation confused, or at least not clear. This is a powerful post from Smartbriefs that I believe will help you in your home business efforts.

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The Difference between Leadership and Motication.

Here’s something that might surprise you:

The best leaders do not attempt to motivate their employees, athletes, students or children.

In fact, those people in leadership positions who try to light fires for others tend to not keep their jobs for long. It may be different with teams that are part of a Success Culture as say, direct selling, but it still can apply. However, those who know the difference between leadership and motivation create a different legacy; their impact on others endures.

The difference between leadership and motivation, to me, is summed up like this:

  • Leadership: A consistent example of rising above any and all circumstances. Leadership is external.
  • Motivation: The inner knowledge or insight that makes rising above circumstances possible. Motivation comes from within.

So, in my opinion, leadership is not about encouraging, pushing or cheering on; it’s about pointing others inward so they recognize that the ability to be motivated rests with them. If you are a parent, for instance, you know that it is virtually impossible to motivate your children to work hard at their studies.

But you can lead.

You can show your children, by example, that no matter how sick you might get or how difficult your circumstances might appear, you can passionately apply yourself to your own job or projects. Thereby pointing your children inward to their innate ability to rise above any circumstance (and excuse) and crack the books with pride and vigor.

My message about leadership is simple: Great leaders serve to bring out the inner wisdom and free will of those they serve.

Instead of inducing people to view life situations a certain way (or their way), great leaders demonstrate that there are an infinite number of ways to view any life situation.

To illustrate, one of my mentors, Sydney Banks, must have given hundreds of seminars and lectures during his lifetime. Like clockwork before each talk, the audience would file in with notebooks in hand.

While Syd was incredibly generous with his wisdom, he would always instruct those in attendance not to take one single note. His words were his alone — his interpretation of “truth,” he would say. He wanted the audience to develop their own feelings and ideas, and draw their own conclusions, not follow in his footsteps.

I believe, then, that great leaders are those individuals who, like Sydney Banks, set great examples.

Why can’t we simply leave leadership right there?

Who came up with the belief that leaders must be motivators of others anyway?

We must recognize the difference between leadership and motivation, because if we don’t, our companies, teams, schools and even families will be overrun by followers incapable of lending an imaginative hand, let alone coming through when the chips are down.

Motivation is personal; leadership brings out personal potential for the benefit of the greater good.

Take note of the difference.

The business, sports and political worlds — actually the world, in general — can use more of both in the mlm home business network marketing business.

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MLM Training – 6 Ways to Answer the “What are You Selling?” Question

mlm home business selling

mlm home business

MLM “What are You Selling?” Training.

Have you ever been asked a question by a prospect that you could not answer for your home based business?

What did you do to connect your network marketing business to it?

Do you have a desire to learn what to say concerning those questions regarding a work at home mlm?

Questions from prospects are important as they show some growing interest, and possibly a buying signal. But if you cannot answer these questions, you will lose the sale or the prospect.

Many leaders do  not train on specific questions – but I believe that is a mistake. Whether you are on social media, online, offline, or any other place, you really need some ammunition to answer a prospect’s questions.

Here is a question that is often asked by new distributors:

What if they ask questions or give me an objection?

When you start using marketing tools your company has, you will get questions, and maybe even objections.   Again, keep in mind, the less you say the better off you will be.  Use the
following suggestions to develop your own brief (one or two sentence) response that shows you are comfortable with NETWORK MARKETING.

Don’t become defensive. 

Be confident, positive, and  brief in your responses.

Here are some  Suggested Responses to “What are you selling?”

1.  “I actually am not looking to sell you anything, as this may not be for you.  I only would like to get your input on something in the < industry> that I think is amazing and has helped me!  It helps <product benefits> . You will definitely learn something and you might know someone who could benefit from these types of programs to purchase products for their car!”

2. “Thanks for asking me that. I am not selling anything. I am letting people know about something I have run across that has really made a difference in my life. It will help a lot of people, and and I believe it could help,you.”

3. “Great question! I am not selling anything. I am sharing an idea with people to let them know about something that I believe will help people <benefit> and I think you would agree that would help people. Let me explain….”

4. “Selling something? Nope. Not at all. I am simply sharing something that really helped me and I think can help others with <  benefit >  let me explain…”

5. “Me sell something? Thats funny. I am not much of a sales person. I am sharing something that I ran across recently that I believe can help people. It helped me, and if I did  not know about this,  knowing what I know, I would want to.”

6. “Do you know anyone that suffers from/would like to improve <topic>? I have run across something  that has helped me with that and I want to help others with the same thing.”

These are 4 powerful ways to answer the question “what are you selling?” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training – 4 Ways to Answer the “What Is It?” Question

mlm home business

mlm home business network marketing

MLM Answering”What Is It?” Training.

Have you ever gotten the response, “What is it?” for your home business?

What did you say when someone asked that question regarding your network marketing business?

Would you like to know some ways to handle that questions for your mlm?

Many questions will stump distributors and one of the biggest is “What is it?” There are other questions as well, but this one looms large in many team members minds. It often shuts down the distributor from moving forward, as they simply do not know how to answer it.

Even on social media and mobile media, many people ask this question and have no idea how to answer it. Some say things that totally work against them. And it frustrates the new distributor and eventually even discourages that person.

I can remember when I first heard that question. I was stumped and had no clue of what to say. I tried to stumble through it, but found out that does not work. ever. I asked my upline, and they had no clue either. One told me in 1990, “Whatever you do- don’t tell them it is network marketing!”

“Good grief” as Charlie Brown would say. If you are that ashamed of being in this great profession- GET OUT and STAY OUT of it. You give the profession a black eye, just like Realtors who try and scam people as well as Insurance sales people. it does not good to try and hide the truth as the fact that it IS direct selling and a home business- is INCREDIBLE.

So what can you say about this question….?

Here are some suggested Responses to the question “What Is It?”

 1. “That is a great question!  It would take me about five minutes to tell you about it.  All I can tell you is that it’s a business that has changed my life. I would like for you to listen to a brief conference call/CD/DVD  -or- View a short online video or webinar– featuring one of our top people who is very successful. She’s an expert and says it better than I ever could! (Give them the number and time.).”

2.  “You know, that is a great question… but I would rather you see it through your own eyes than mine.  That is what I am looking for… an honest, unbiased opinion.  We’ll talk after the (conference call, Luncheon, appointment, viewing the online video etc). Is that fair?”

 3. “It is the most amazing thing- a product that <Biggest BENEFITS>  that I can actually market out of my home. Have you ever considered owning your own business- working out of your home–or run across a business model called NETWORK MARKETING?”

4.  “I’ll let you decide that… here… listen to/look at this CD/DVD  or watch this online video on my mobile- it is only 2 minutes long”

These are 4 powerful responses to the question “What Is It?” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Recruiting- How to Avoid Recruiting DISTRACTIONS

mlm home business distractions

mlm home business distractions

MLM Recruiting Distractions.

Do you struggle with distractions in your leadership recruiting for your home business?

How you handle distractions with your network marketing recruiting?

What is your biggest distraction for your mlm business?

Distractions are all part of Leadership, as you must learn to manage and control them.

In building a downline for your home based business, you MUST gert rid of distractions that are slowing you down and stopping you.

This is a GREAT article from Smartbriefs on How to manage Distractions in your Leadership..


One of the greatest challenges of leadership is managing time, a limited resource that has to be used with the utmost care and consideration. Especially in the buolding of a home business that seems to always attract distractions. if you are woking from home, there can be many.

As the saying goes, there are only so many hours in a day“, and the leader must be able to stay focused on those tasks and activities that truly matter.

That task is complicated by the daily presence of many distractions that the leader must avoid, lest putting themselves (and their company) in jeopardy.

There are three distractions that are particularly dangerous for your home based business:

The “Bright Shiny Object.”

It’s a new product, a new project, or a new partner, a new training or concept that catches your eye.  It’s sounds really cool, and there’s probably a lot of buzz going on about it in the corridors and the field, and probably even in the business pages.

The problem is, it’s not really right for you or the company, or it’s a very long shot for success.  But it’s really cool!  So you devote a lot of time on it, at the expense of other, more viable and profitable things. WASTING TIME!

The “Black Hole.”

You have committed a lot of effort and money to a particular project or new idea and you are trying to guide it to a successful conclusion.  Trouble is, about 25% of the way in it becomes pretty clear that things aren’t going well (and you are going overboard), and you face a decision – pull the plug now (with all the resulting hand wringing and blame from your downline), or, ask for more money and trudge on.

You choose the latter, and enter the black hole – pressing dangerously on in the hope that somehow, someway it will get pulled out in the end. But it rarely does.

The “Fire Drill.”

The phone rings, and it’s your sponsor or upline or corporate.  He saw a blog post yesterday from an unhappy team member or customer – it was a pretty ugly one, but when you dug into it the day before it appeared to be an isolated case that could be routinely handled by you no sweat, since you had set up a protocol for cases exactly like this one.

Your upline looks at it differently – it’s a complete breakdown of customer service or accessibility that needs an extensive review and discussion.   You then start the fire drill – two days of phone calls, e-mails, and meetings involving many members of your team, devoted to that single blog post.

These kind of distractions CAN be avoided.    It’s all a matter of leadership perspective – that ability to take a step back, and “see” the bigger picture.   It also requires something else that is even more essential –


The courage to put down a bright shiny object in the face of all that “coolness”.

The courage to stop a black hole project dead in its tracks and take the heat.

And, the courage to tell your boss you will not conduct a fire drill because of a single and isolated incident.

Perspective and courage are your best tools for time management – use them well, and wisely.

And one more thing – beware of that smartphone too; lots of bright shiny objects there.  Believe me, I know….  :-)

These are some powerful ideas for your mlm home business network marketing success.

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MLM Training- 8 MUST KNOW Tips on Hiring a Ghost Writer for Your Ebook

mlm training network marketing

mlm network marketing home business

MLM Hiring a Ghostwriter for ebooks.

Have you ever considered writing an ebook for your home business?

What steps would that require for a network marketing digital ebook?

What about your mlm- would that help you market more effectively?

The power of the written ebook does three things:

1. It establishes you as an EXPERT.

2. It builds your Credibility.

3. It can be virally sent out all over the web.

Those are three things that would help your home business tremendously and would impact your bottom line. And it would help get you talked about a LOT!

Ok…you do not know anything about writing and do not want to write an ebook.

COOL!  Then you can hire someone to ghostwrite your ebook that will rock people’s minds and world!

You can find them on:




HOW do you hire one and what do you do to make sure you find the RIGHT writer for your ebook?

Here are some tips to help you accomplish that (Someone emailed me these and love them:)

Tips on working with a freelance ghostwriter – If you decide to work with a freelance ghostwriter, here are a few guidelines to make sure you follow:

1. Be clear and detailed in your job posting.

You’ll have a better chance of getting a ghostwriter that is capable of meeting your job requirements if you are crystal clear in what you need. Be very clear in what your time
requirements are. There is no use hiring someone only to find out they can’t get your ebook done in 3 weeks, if that is when you need it done.

2. Ask for samples.

Make sure that their writing style compliments your tone. If you want a conversational tone, but all of their samples are very formal, they’re probably not a good fit.

3. Don’t be afraid to narrow down and ask for an interview.

Remember, you’ll be working closely with this person and they will be your voice. Narrow it down to 3 people and ask for a brief conversation on the phone or via Skype. See which one best suits your tone.

4. Set clear milestones.

Let your ghostwriter know what you expect in the way of milestones. Be flexible enough to allow for changes, but set clear milestones in the beginning that you are both shooting for.

5. It’s as important that you meet your milestones as you expect them to meet theirs.

It’s a two-way street here. Make sure you get edits back in a timely fashion so your ghostwriter can do their job.

6. Start with an outline.

Send your ghostwriter an overall outline to start. Include your overall concept and ideas for the major chapters that you want, and other ideas that you want to cover in the chapters.

7. Ongoing communication.

Decide together how you will work together for ongoing communication. Will it be email, phone, text or Skype? Set clear guidelines on how soon you will return any communication.

8. Decide on the fill-in with your ghostwriter.

This next part really depends on your topic, your knowledge, and the job posting requirements. Have you stated that the ghostwriter will have to do research themselves? Or will you be giving them the information? Here are some of your choices:

  • Have your ghostwriter do  the research and writing
  • Send your ghostwriter  the info you have gathered and have them polish it
  • Dictate the information  to your ghostwriter and have them put it in to a polished format

I have found dictation to be an increasingly effective way for authors to work with their ghostwriters. Most business owners have the knowledge in their head and don’t mind speaking it; they just don’t know how to make sense of it on paper. That is what a good ghostwriter will do well. Let them to do what they’re good at!

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a great way for a business owner to get their ebook written without taking too much time away from their normal day to day business needs with your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- Mobile Recruiting Basic Tools and Strategies

mlm home business recruiting mobile

mlm mobile recruiting network marketing

MLM Mobile Recruiting Basic Tools.

Do you understand the tools that are available for recruiting via mobile for your home based business?

Are you using mobile recruiting strategies for your network marketing business?

How do you view mobile today- potential or useless for your mlm?

Many people view mobile recruiting as not quite ready yet and will be 2 years from now. To some degree they are correct, but Mobile Recruiting today is making HUGE strides in gaining acceptance in the home business profession for recruiting. ViSalus and Vemma both use mobile technology today for recruiting and marketing their products, and your company should as well if they are not.

Here are some Mobile Recruiting Tools that will help you form a home business recruiting perspective that also work for corporate recruiting. This was written partly by a good friend who is the # 1 corporate recruiter for a national firm and myself.

Another top tip is to use cloud based employee monitoring to keep an eye on what your staff are doing as you can imagine that some are not doing what they should be…..

Here is the article:

There are great tools available for mobile recruiting on the web and lets take a quick peek a them and see what they are about:

Mobile Web.

One of the first mobile internet options was that of the mobile web. Mobile started out as a simple text form of the internet using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technology and has evolved into a tool that challenges regular web browsing in effectiveness. With
more than half of all cell phone users hooked up to the mobile net, this option seems to be one to look at for recruiting.

There are many vendors who offer mobile web services for clients. These vendors take a client’s .com web page and translate the content into a .mobi or format so that mobile web browsers are better able to navigate the pages.

Looking out on the web today, only a small number of organizations are using .mobi. A couple of job boards have taken a stab at .mobi. and are the two easiest to find sites.

There does not seem to be any US or European recruiters using .mobi yet. However, South African recruitment consultancy, Trudy Q has a nice mobile site. allows job seekers to search and view the consultancies open vacancies. Stalwart of social media recruitment innovation, KPMG New Zealand also has a great .mobi option.

Many home business owners are starting to also get their own mobile website by “mobilizing” their current website and it truly make a difference as even Google gives you preference to SERPs if you have a mobile version of your site.

SMS / Text Messaging.

SMS offers recruiters a couple of great options to find talent. SMS is most often used to
drive direct response to recruitment advertising. HR consulting firm, Hewitt, made the biggest splash in 2009 for SMS recruitment. The firm partnered with Recruit2Mobile to host a direct response SMS campaign.

Job seekers who saw one of several recruitment advertisements were encouraged to text HEWITT2 to 88000 from their mobile devices. They were then sent a text message with a link to a mobile optimized page with a list of the current Hewitt job openings.

On the other side of SMS is the ability to apply to jobs using text. As a CEO Shravan Gupta said that Indian job board Naukri gives job seekers who search vacancies on their mobile devices the chance to instantly apply for openings via a text command.

Applicants first register a resume on the .com version of the site. Then when they see a job they like on the mobile portal, they select to apply to the job using the resume they have stored. For jobs that are highly competitive, being able to apply instantly from wherever you are gives mobile job seekers an advantage by being first in the application queue.

SMS is also great for using for home business as it can get a person engaged in the recruiting process within SECONDS versus days or weeks. An SMS text can take them with a link, to a video about your company and also about YOU. This is a QUICK way to get someone to view your information.

Click to Call.

This is a link or an image that when you click on it,you can make a call. Usually for mlm recruiting, you link the click to call number to a voice mail and on the message is a short message about a free sample or invite them to a webinar. You can leave a longer message about your business on the click to call message, but it will have a lot of hang ups as we have found in the usage of it.

Click to call or “tap to call” images and links are used in SMS as well as mobile website images and can get a LOT of folks listening to your message about your home business quickly.

Barcodes /QR codes

One technology a little slower to take off is that of barcodes or more accurately QR codes. QR stands for “quick response” and is akin to SMS when it comes to marketing or recruiting. A QR code is a square, black and white image that when photographed using a mobile
phone camera and reviewed by a QR program, sends a mobile user a predefined
response…usually a URL, phone number or opens the mobile browser to a webpage.

It has only been recently that QR has started gaining steam. The first iterations of the technology didn’t ever get backed by a big user base. QR though has been propped up by Google, so it looks like this type of barcode will become mobile standard.

To integrate QR into a recruitment strategy, companies can create campaigns similar to what Hewitt did with SMS. However instead of using SMS, the campaign would encourage mobile
users to scan the QR for more information.

Home Business owners can integrate QR codes on their business cards, brochures, flyers, invites, trainings, and other printed material as well as your website for obtaining more info about YOU and your opportunity.

These are some Mobile Recruiting Tools that are basic but yet a MUST to use in mobile recruiting for your home business mlm network marketing efforts.

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MLM Social Media- Social Media PLUS Mobile Recruiting Secrets?

mlm home business recruiting app

mlm network marketing home business

In Social Media Recruiting…Don’t Forget AboutMobile.

Do you use your mobile for social media for your home business?

Are you planning on using your mobile device for network marketing recruiting?

How does social media and mobile work if you combine them for your mlm?

Here is an article that was sent to me about Social Media and Mobile Recruiting that I believe will open your eyes about the recruiting possibilities.

Here it is…


One topic that does not get a lot of attention within the social recruiting landscape is that of

I think mobile recruiting gets looked over for several reasons.

1. There is a perception that it is expensive and you don’t get much return.

2. Some think it gives job seekers nd prospects a less-than-favorable impression of the company using this method in the application or enrollment process.

3. Others just don’t know where to begin or what mobile can do for their recruitment efforts.

Why is mobile important in your social media strategy? For one thing, it’s everywhere…literally.

Here are a few stats:

• By 2020 mobile will be the primary means of connection to the internet

• The use of mobile extends the reach of the largest websites by up to 13%

• 87 million Americans have internet services on their mobile phone

• 53% (or more) of U.S. cell phone users text from their devices

• Lastly, there are more mobile devices than there are computers*.

Mobile can give organizations a way to separate their career opportunities from the rest of the pack. It extends a company’s recruitment message outside of traditional (and non-traditional) recruiting means. Mobile also gives you reach into the world of the ever elusive passive job seekers as well as the tech-savvy entry level job seeker.

How To

Mobile recruitment is not one tool or trick. There are many ways to use mobile in your recruitment efforts. Just like in choosing the right social media site, choosing the right
mobile tool is also vital to your success. Recruiters can recruit using apps, the .mobi domain platform, barcodes and scanning, SMS services or a mixture of these options. Let’s look at APPS.


The most recognized tool in mobile advertising / productivity today is that of the app. Once only an option on the iPhone, apps have become the go-to for pretty much all of the
smartphone platforms.

Today, users of Windows Mobile and Google Android phones have access to apps for their particular phones via apps markets powered by their respective phone platform. As you would imagine, there are a handful of job seeker tools offered at no cost on the iPhone platform. With over 8 million iPhone users in the U.S., it makes sense that all the attention for recruiting apps is for this phone.

Three of the most popular iPhone job seeker tools come from CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Snag-a-Job, and Craigslist who offer regular site functionality to users through the app portal.

However, due to the perceived cost of developing an app, only a couple of employers themselves have fielded recruitment apps. Three that come up in a simple apps search are from AT&T, Raytheon, and Deloitte. What we see is that these are all three very large companies that do a high volume of recruiting.

(You can develop your own home business recruiting system and app if you choose to featuring your recruiting videos and also your blog and website. Check with your company about what they suggest.)

Above I mentioned that there is a perceived high cost to develop an app. The question is probably more accurate that of an ROI argument. Does it take sense for a small or medium sized company to invest a lot of money to create a recruitment app if they only plan to hire / recruit 20 people in a given year? (Multiply that with a downline.)

Does your company have enough brand recognition that smartphone users are going to be compelled to download your app? These are better questions to ask when looking at an app strategy.

These are some powerful secrets for social media mobile recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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