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The Right Person in MLM.

Have you ever looked for that illusive RIGHT PERSON for your network marketing home business?
have you found them yet for your mlm business?
Are you looking for HOW to find those right people that everyone talks about for your home based business?
Ahhhh…..The Right Person.
Everyone wants to find that person, and wants to recruit that person for their mlm business. But most never really find the right person as they do not know what to look for. Many people end up looking for the “Wrong Person” and recruit them into their group.
Now that is smart.  NOT.
The Right person for MLM is out there for sure. But they are NOT going to walk up to you and tell you that they are the right person. They may not even talk to you.
Many people BELIEVE they have found the right person but in reality, they have fond an EXCITED person that has no clue of where they are going in life. Many people do NOT have a clue of where they are going, but they are excited to start the journey.
Those people usually fail in this business. Bummer.
Ok…then how do you identify them?
We have found there are 7 powerful traits that the Right Person has, and you must start to identify those traits in people.
What are the 7 traits that you look for?
1. Dissatisfied.

The Right Person MUST be dissatisfied with SOMETHING in their life. That is critical. It could be with their job, or their income, or their place in life or lifestyle. It can be many things, but there still must be Dissatisfaction with SOMETHING in their life.

2. People person.
The Right Person likes people. They like to be around people. They like to be talking to people, or at least listening. And they like to be connected to people as that is what makes them who they are. Hermits do NOT do very well with a home business.
3. Desires for MORE.

It does little good to be Dissatisfied with something and not have a DESIRE to do something about it, and move PAST IT and ABOVE IT. A Desire for MORE in life with your home business prospect is critical and a MUST HAVE for success in a home business.

4. Open to New ideas.
The Right Person s OPEN to NEW IDEAS. Many people in the world are not open. They MUST be open to listening and learning about them, and show interest in what they are. If they are NOT open, then odds are, they will not come into your business.
5. Timing is Good.

TIMING is EVERYTHING. We all have heard that before. But it is IMPERATIVE for the right person to have the right timing- NOW — and not later. NOW is the key element as far as the right person’s ability to DO SOMETHING NOW.

6. Leader.

This goes without saying. The Right Person is a LEADER and practices Leadership in their life. And if they are displaying Leadership traits, and not in a position for Leadership, then show them you can help activate their Leadership in their life with your home based business.

7. Looking for Solutions.

The Right Person is a “Solutions Seeker” and is seeking solution for a BETTER life, a BIGGER life, a BOLDER life, and a more ABUNDANT life. They read, they attend webinars, and they ask questions looking to find the key to MORE in life and powerful solutions to a BIGGER life.

These are the 7 Traits for the right Person that you want to recruit into your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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