MLM Prospecting- 3 HUGE Mistakes that will KILL Your Prospecting

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MLM Prospecting Secrets.

How would you respond if someone was using the wrong language with you in your network marketing home business?

What would you say to someone if they were more concerned about what THEY get from you, then offer to you?

Would you like to learn 3 Powerful Little known MLM prospecting secrets for your network marketing business?

Here are 3 powerful quick mlm prospecting secrets NO ONE will tell you:

MLM Prospecting Secret 1)

 “Prospect looking through the Prospect’s eyes, and not yours. THEIR Dreams are focused in THEIR eyes, not yours.”              

Looking and Seeing are 2 different things. 

Prospecting requires BOTH.

 It requires you looking at what the prospect wants to do with their life, and CONNECTING to that Dream and destiny and you SEEING the fruition of it with your business and products in their life.

 It requires you to START where they are, and LOOK at where they are, and SEE where they can go with your business.

 Look through their eyes as far as where they currently are, financially, emotionally, family, socially, and career wise.

Start in their world, and then lead them to your world of home business success.

MLM Prospecting Secret 2)

 Use words that they understand, NOT Network Marketing-ease.”

 Many distributors talk themselves right out of a potential prospect because they use all the wrong words and all the wrong questions.

I have seen this so many times.

 Someone starts talking about “downlines” and a puzzled look comes across the prospect’s face and they start glazing over.

 Someone mentions “upline” and by then the prospect is starting to look for an exit.

 THEN someone mentions “multi level” and you look around…where did they go?

 NOT with you.

 You cannot expect to talk Chinese to a Greek and expect each other to understand each other. It is the same with Network Marketing.

You must use the language that will get them COMFORTABLE and not require them to SORT THROUGH the babble to try and figure it out.

 Don’t use the words like “downline” or “upline”.

 A prospect probably will have no clue of what that is.

 Use words they can understand, and feel comfortable with, like “Team”, “Support system,” and “Leaders.”

 MLM Prospecting Secret 3)

 “Let off the pressure. You are sending a silent signal to your prospect that you are DESPERATE and that alone will kill your business.”

 The last word in Pressure is “SURE.”

 It is the SUREST way to lose a prospect and to make you look amateurish and unprofessional.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are pressured to do this business.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are pressured to make some money.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are NEEDING a sale and a recruit.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are NOT that successful in what you are doing.

 Come on folks….


 When a distributor starts putting pressure on someone, it shows there is pressure built up inside of them.

 Back it off, or it will turn them off.

 Here are “Pressure Valve” phrases to release the pressure when prospecting”

 “I am not sure if this is something that would be right for you or not…”

  “I am not sure this would be a fit for you…”

 “This may not be for you, but you may know who I am looking for…” 

All great phrases to let off the pressure when you are prospecting for your home business.

 Use these three powerful mlm prospecting secrets for your mlm home business.

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