MLM Training- 8 Things You Should NEVER Say During an Appointment

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MLM Training on Sales language.

Do you ever say the wrong thing at the wrong time in your home based business?

Have you ever said something that was taken wrong in your network marketing business?

Have you ever rolled your eyes when someone was trying to sell you something from what they said?

I read something recently and really connectdd to it, and wanted to share it with you. I read it on SmartBriefs letter. 

(I included a couple of my thoughts with the titles.)

Here is it:  ENJOY!


The 8 things You NEVER Say during An Appointment.  by Matt Heinz

I’m sure you’ve heard all of these before, and I also bet you haven’t done much if any business with those who uttered them.

Of all the crappy sales pitches we hear daily, these phrases tend to be heard the most. And sometimes, even good salespeople will fall into their trap and wonder why their deal went dead.

This isn’t exhaustive, but these phrases you should clearly avoid:

1. “I think you’re making a mistake (If you do not enroll)”
A couple weeks ago I literally had a sales rep tell me I was “misallocating budget”  by working with their competitor. Nobody wants to think they are wrong, and if you’re explicit about that at the front of the sales process, you’re not doing much to build trust & credibility.

2. “Let me talk to my manager (or Sponsor.)”
Really? Am I buying a car now? Clearly some reps and lead qualification specialists don’t have complete authority to make certain decisions. But I’ve heard this phrase far too often when asking basic questions about a product, its features or flexibility. If you need to go to your manager too often, why am I talking to you?

3. “When can I speak with your manager? (or spouse) ”
Most salespeople want to speak with the most senior person possible. But if they make that clear to you, they’re basically telling you that you don’t matter, that they don’t think they can do business with you. Not very respectful.

4. “Tell me more about your company (or the J-O-B you have-rrrrrrrrr)”
Gone are the days when this information wasn’t readily available online, with 2-3 minutes of research time. Few of us have time to do the salesperson’s work for them. It implies that you’re lazy, haven’t done your homework, and probably don’t even know if what you’re selling is even relevant to me.

5. “What do you want to hear? (meaning I have not done my research with you)”
Who’s driving this sales call anyway? The sales rep should know enough about my company and situation to direct the conversation somewhere that can help me, provide me some insights, teach me something that will help me be more successful. Leave the conversation too open ended and I’ll have no idea where it should go, get frustrated, and move on.

6. “How can I help you?” (This is ok for recruiting openings in our profession)
Different question, similar problem. If you don’t know what problem of mine you think you can solve, you’ve already lost.

7. “Is this a good time?” (or…Got one minute? Won’t take any longer.)
Unless we’ve set an appointment, it’s never a good time. Plus, this is a great opening for the prospect to take back control of the conversation, say no, and shut you off before you even got started.

8. “You should…” (Or…”Here is an Idea that has proven over and over to work)
Later in the sales process, when you’ve already established a deep understanding of the prospect’s business, you may have the respect and authority to use these words. But up front, without that credibility, it makes you sound pompous. You don’t know my business, you don’t know my challenges, and I don’t appreciate you assuming that you do. Good bye.

These are 8 things that you should NEVER say when you are working your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…..doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – #1 Reason Why People Struggle with Lack Of Leads

mlm home business prospecting

mlm home business netowrk marketing prospecting

MLM Prospecting Tips and training.

Do you know what prospecting REALLY IS for your home based business– online or offline?

Are you aware that your perception of prospecting will affect your Success in your network marketing lead generation?

Is there a definition that you like to use for your work at home mlm business?

After a long time in this profession, I have come to the conclusion that there is a thing what I call your “Prospecting Lens.”

And this “lens” will determine what kind of prospecting success you have or DO NOT HAVE. The Lens of Prospecting is a very powerful “filter” that you use that will impact your prospecting paradigm and perspective tremendously.

Many folks do NOT have a “Prospecting Lens” but a “prospecting blindfold” that blinds them to all the possibilities of leads that they have available. Social sites often are the worst “blindfolds” because of the distractions and social culture on the net.

This is NOT how prospecting really needs to conducted. If you are prospecting ONLINE you must be aware that there are MILLIONS of people out looking for you. You MUST then “put yourself in front of that traffic.”

And you do that with the AWARENESS of WHERE your prospects are, and how they need to be connected to. You can use PPC, or Facebook ads, PPV, or a host of other different kind of traffic generation methods, but here is the secret from as psychological view:

If you “Prospecting Lens” is not FOCUSED on those places where your prospects are, then it does  not matter. You may as well be whistling “Dixie” as we say down south. The Lens of Prospecting must make it CLEAR where you look and what you do to find your prospects and most do not have that clarity nor the focus to engage that. And many if they even do, do it from a place of “hope this works” vs “this is going to be HUGE.”

There are 4 parts to the “Prospecting Lens:”


If prospecting is NOT a high priority in your business, you will always struggle with lead generation.


You MUST be aware of who is online, the software available to you online, who is AROUND YOU, and how many prospects you have in the recruiting funnel.


Consistent engagement is the key. If you engage consistently in prospecting, you will make a fortune.


You MUST have a support system that will keep you accountable in your prospecting efforts. Often putting a “Sniper Team” together works really well. What is THAT?

“Supporting Next Initiative (for) Prospecting Exploding Results.” 

So….If you decide to put on your “Prospecting Lens” then you FIRST must know WHAT prospecting REALLY IS.

Prospecting is simply locating suspects for your business and then turning them into prospects by finding out if they are right for your business and products- or not.

It has been taught,  a person is a SUSPECT first, then a Prospect if they are who you are looking for, and you and your products are who/what they are looking for.

Prospecting according to Webster’s Dictionary is “looking for GOLD.” SWEET!

Here is a “Lens of Leadership” Secret to Prospecting:

“It is NOT who you know…it is who THEY know, and then who they know, and then who they know…”
It is called “The LINKING Principle of Prospecting.”
If you do prospecting correctly, it can be an endless “chain of links” to thousands of people for your business and products. This is called also “Referral Recruiting.”
<If you would like to access unlimited FREE Leads that are high converting, check out
Referral Recruiting. It will rock your world.>
These are some thoughts about the Lens of Prospecting for your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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mlm network marketing referrals

mlm home business referrals

MLM Getting Referrals Tips.

Do you work referrals on a daily basis for your home business?

Do you even take the time to put a Referral Blueprint together for your network marketing business?

Have you ever GOTTEN a referral before for your work at home mlm?

Most people struggle needlessly in this profession because they lack the proper prospect and waste their time on chasing those prospects that are NOT who they should be talking to. I did that for a couple of years until my mentor opened my eyes to the truth about the matter.

I discovered that talking to the wrong prospect will always give you the wrong results and the wrong motion in your business.

WHAT IF you could get all the FREE Leads that are GREAT prospects and easy to connect to, as well as easy to recruit and market your products to? Would that make a difference in your home business?

I want to share with you before we go on a webinar/video course called “Referral Recruiting” that is happening Thursday March 28th and starts at 8 pm EST and is a THREE HOUR webinar teaching you Referral mastery with myself and Jackie Ulmer! You will learn the secrets of Mastering the Referral process and literally get dozens of new leads a DAY- highly converting FREE leads. For more info:

MLM Referral Recruiting

Why do people not ask for referrals? What is stopping them? These high converting leads are the most powerful leads you can get, and yet only 15% of the population ever asks for a referral. That means there is 85% that DO NOT EVER ASK!

What is THAT costing them in future business and future growth? You do NOT want to know as it would leave your head shaking.

WHY do people NOT ask for leads? From a psychological standpoint it is an interesting study. but there are three main reasons why that most do not ask for referrals. And you may recognize these reasons as most suffer from lack of referrals because of one of these three reasons:

1. Referrals SCARE people- but not the reason why you think.

Yes, you read that right.. Most people do NOT ask out of fear. And what they are afraid of is that the prospect will NOT give them any referrals. They WILL if you know how to ask for them. That is the reason why you MUST learn how to ask for them and NEVER get a NO!

2. Referrals are “Cold” and they will not want to talk to me- Fear of Rejection.

Again, Fear plays a part as the team member fears that the referral will tell them NO! BUT! You are borrowing the credibility of the REFERROR! And that makes the referral a “Luke warm” prospect and NOT cold.

3. Referrals are the LAST THING on your mind.

Sad but true. Referrals are not the most important thing in the world to people, and they simply forget to ask. They are more excited about getting a new customer that they do not ask. Most do not even ask friends for referrals! But your friends WILL help you with them if you KNOW how to ask.

That is why I encourage you to check out MLM Referral Recruiting! it will rock your world!

These are 3 reasons why you are not easily getting Referrals for your mlm network marketing home based business!

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MLM Training – The 5-4-3-2-1 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing

mlm words network marketing

mlm words network marketing home business

MLM Most Powerful Words for Communication.

Do you know what TRUE Success Power is in a home based business?

Do you know what words are the most powerful in a network marketing business?

How do you communicate with people in your mlm?

Power in a business can come from many things. In a home business, it stems much from the words that you say, write, and communicate in trainings and meetings. The words that you choose to use in what you articulate can make or break a business. Most do not pay as much attention to their words as they should.

Words themselves carry a power that can impact a crowd or leave them flat. I have seen this so much as people struggle to say what they desire, but yet they lose the power in their recruiting and prospecting.

And even team building. Leaders have a language all their own. Leaders say things differently then the average as they have a different view of life and business. Leaders come from a more powerful communication base then most, and they often say a lot- by saying a little.

The guidelines set forth by Australia-based agency Edge Marketing show that, the volume of words sometimes is not needed. Often it is the words themselves that carry a wallop with a Leader. I have seen some leaders say more in one minute then some can say in an hour. it is quite amazing. And I have seen other leaders say less in a speech then others say in a single question.

Yes, words can drive or derail your home business and often they do.

Are words that you choose important? Absolutely. I am a “wordsmith.” I love to write and read. And I try and communicate in ways that impact, not just inform. There are better writers out there, and we all learn from them. But I have learned that the less you say, often the more the impact and sway you have in a speech or training.

There are a series of “Most Powerful Words” that I learned quite a while ago that has served me well over the years, and I wanted to share them with you. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

Here are the “5-4-3-2-1 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing:”

1. The 5 Most important words in Network Marketing:

“You did a great job!”

2. The 4 Most Powerful  words in Network Marketing:

“I Believe In You.”

3. The 3 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing:

“You are Amazing.”

4. The 2 Most Powerful Words in Network Marketing:

“You Can.”

The Most Powerful Word in Network Marketing:


5. The LEAST Powerful word in Network Marketing:


The most Powerful Sentence in Network Marketing:

“You have everything you need to Succeed massively in life-let me help you unleash that on the world.”

The Most Powerful Question in Network Marketing:

“Are you ready to start living the life that you have always wanted to – but never have been able to?”

These are some words that I have found to be extremely powerful in mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – How to Get a Phone Appointment via Email Recruiting

mlm home business email recruiting

mlm recruiting email home based business

How to Get a Phone Appointment via EMAIL Recruiting.

Do you use email in your prospecting efforts for your home business?

Are you using it the way you MUST be using it to recruit for your network marketing efforts?

How are you using email in mlm?

I love sharing posts that I think rock, and this is one from Daniel Maclellan that is major HOT! Take notes as this is a great way to close on cold calling emails to prospects.



How to Ask for a Phone Appointment in an Email.


I explain to my sales team that asking people to call you back is a bit obnoxious–even if there is value and reason. When you do that your prospects  are left thinking, “Wait, you want me to call you? so you can pitch me? You want  me to stop doing my job and search for time in my calendar to give you so that you can sell me? Are you kidding?”

Using your strategy increases response rates for sure, but even great emails will sometimes fail. This is why I take a different approach.

I try to put as much of the onus on me as possible to connect.
Here are some ways that I do that.

Example 1: “I have time free on Friday, July 6th at 2:00pm. I’ll reach out to you then to discuss. I hope you’re able to take my call.”

With this closing statement, you’re:

  • Showing that you are not asking anything from them.
  • Carrying the labor of the continued conversation.
  • Passively trying to connect, not aggressively.

Example 2: “I’ll reach out to Mary to see if you have some time free to discuss next week.”

By suggesting that you’ll reach out to their executive assistant, you’re:

  • Showing that you’ve done your homework.
  • Following the correct protocol for the continued conversation.
  • Not asking anything from them and their busy schedule.

Example 3: “I have time free on Friday, July 6th at 2:00pm. Are you free at that time to talk?”

By closing this way, you’re:

  • Still asking them to do something, although it’s minimal. They just need to
    check one date/time in their cal.
  • Giving them enough time (at least a week out) to ensure that they’ll have a
    free spot on their calendar.

Sometimes I’ll offer two times a week out for them to choose from and then say, “Which date/time works best?”

By taking this approach, I’m applying a successful passive/aggressive strategy. I’m able to send 3 to 5 emails and make 3 calls without annoying the prospect…which isn’t easy.

Here are a few suggestion to increase your email cold calling success rate using this approach:

  • If I don’t reach them, I leave a voice mail and send an email stating, “I
    guess this didn’t turn out to be a good time. Let’s try again for Wednesday at
  • On the morning of my proposed meeting I’ll send an email stating, “As per my
    message, I’ll be calling you today at…I hope that we’re able to connect.
    Please let me know if that time doesn’t work.”
  • I’ll continue this for 3x per prospect, then back away. After the 3rd
    attempt, I usually say, “I guess this time frame is way too busy for us to
    connect. I’ll try again in the future. In the meantime, feel free to contact
  • I then move on to someone else in the company after the 3x.
  • I try to splice the attempts with value. Before the scheduled call attempt,
    I may forward them an article stating, “This company looks like they are going
    through the same thing as you…check out their approach”. Or on a VM, stating,
    “By the way, I am sending you an article that has some great marketing / success/leadership tips that  I know that will be a big help for you.”

This is a great mlm email training for your mlm network marketing home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Leadership- How to Accelerate DUPLICATION on your Team

mlm home business duplication

mlm network marketing duplication


Do you know how to duplicate your success efforts in your home business?

Are you struggling with building your network marketing mlm business?

Could you use some help in your leadership strategies for duplication?

There is nothing more important in Leadership in your home business then Duplication. Nothing happens until something is duplicated and the results are locked in.

But many in network marketing struggle because they do not know how to duplicate and drive depth in their team nor how to teach it.

We are going to go over the secrets to duplication and making it happen in your team with a 4 step process.

And if you learn this process and master it, you will see your business grow in a manner that most never will. Duplication is the secret to building Leaders and building your business.

This 4 step process is a simple but powerful success process. It has been taught before, but it still works- online or offline.

1. TELL.

2. SHOW.

3. TRY.

4. DO.

Lets start with:

1) TELL.

TELL the new team member what they are supposed to know and do, and make sure that they learn it, and get it done. This is called education. Tell them step by step and action by action how to do it. Here is also where you want to ROLE PLAY! ROLE PLAY! ROLE PLAY! Practice with them what you have told them to do. And practice, drill, and rehearse even more. Let them get a feel for what they are going to be doing.

2) SHOW.

SHOW the person how to do it LIVE and do it RIGHT-online or offline. Show them step by step.  And if you are marketing online, get them to the site or a goto meeting for LIVE  “this is how you do it” training with them . Whether offline or online, let them SEE YOU DO IT. Take them on an appointment. Get them on some calls or webinar with you so they can listen amd learn. Let them hear you talk to a prospect. Let them see you do a presentation online and offline. Let them hear you close someone. Let them SEE what you do and how to do it.

3) TRY.

You need to “ACTIVATE” them. You need to get them IN ACTION and let them start the engagement process themselves. They may make mistakes at first, but do not scold them. Encourage them, and compliment them for the attempt if they are not very good at first. Most people bring skill sets to this business that are ill prepared for Success. You must help them develop the skill sets that are necessary and let them learn and get better with each attempt at the actions and process of doing this business.

Let them TRY what they have learned, have seen, and have heard with you watching. After they have tried what they saw you do and heard you do, then you need to COACH them to Success. Coaching requires you to be watching for the mistakes and then gently telling them about those mistakes, and then encourage them to engage again until they do it correctly. Discuss with them what they did that was great- and again, what needs to be improved. And then let them try it again and again and again, until they have the process and actions down successfully.

4) DO.

And then they eventually will be DOING it by themselves- and ready to teach and EQUIP others with this simple philosophy of training.

You may be asking, “How long does this take?”

Simple. No more than a week or 2 of effort. People are smarter than you think if you do training RIGHT.

Even in social media- if people are not engaged in talking with people, connecting, doing events, going local, and all there is to do, they will be wasting their time. YOU have to get them on the computer and SHOW them how to set up a facebook profile or twitter account. This is SHOWING- not just learning.

There are many educated people with a home business that never get started. Do NOT make that mistake. Use and teach this 4 step process and you will find that duplication is taking place all through your team for success in mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 “2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane Hochman

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – The 4 Pillars of Leadership- # 1 Communication

MLM Leadership 4 Pillars Training.

Have you ever thought about YOUR leadership in your network marketing business?

What does Leadership mean to YOU in your home based business?

Do you know what the 4 Pillars of Leadership are in MLM?

The 4 Pillars of Network Marketing Leadership.

There are 4 “Pillars” of Network Marketing Leadership and you must know them if you are
going to truly succeed with a successful team. These 4 Pillars can truly help you master the Leadership and Team Building skills needed for Network Marketing success and to duplicate your home based business.

What are the 4 “Leadership Pillars?”





We will cover the NUMBER ONE of these 4 Pillars briefly with this post, and tell you how they work in building a team and leading it. The 3 others will be covered in future posts.


All great Leaders that have built large downlines have mastered the Art of Communication.
They understand the power of their words and the power of their Influence.

You must understand the power and influence behind your words.

Weak leaders have a weakness in their communication and in their approach to Leadership. They are not passionate and they do not have the ZEAL for their Vision they need. Zeal is a common element in Leadership that many people do lack as they are too focused on what is NOT happening in their business versus Leading your team to MAKE something happen.

Communication Rule: You must communicate DAILY with your leaders and weekly with your team.

This is critical as THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. Now do not over do it either!  Too much communication can work against you. But if you communicate within those parameters, and do it consistently, it will work well for you.

Communicate to the group who is doing what and out the “Leadership Spotlight” on the ones
that deserve it. You see, you do not spotlight those that NEED the spotlight but the ones that DESERVE the spotlight.

Put a newsletter out and recognize the people that are making it happen!  Focus on the efforts and praise their results! And do NOT keep the same people in the Leadership spotlight. Mix it
up, and make sure that your people that are truly getting even small results, are focused on and encouraged publicly. The more that they feel APPRECIATED the more they will continue to stretch themselves and work. That is one of the biggest elements for Communication- APPRECIATION.

 Communication soaked with Appreciation always equals LOYALTY.

And the Number One Rule for Communication with your team is “KTFOTD!”

“Keep Them Focused On The Dream!”

Communicate all the time “I can see you with that new house! I can see you in that new car! I can see you walking across the stage collecting a ten thousand dollar check!”

This will keep them focused on their dreams for their mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE 90  minute training mp3 – “2013 Business Building Secrets”- over 100 secrets- from Doug and host of others!

blessings…doug firebaugh’

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MLM Training – How to Turn an Objection into a Referral

mlm home business objections

mlm home business network marketing

MLM Handling Objections Tips.

Do you ever get objections in your home based business when you are working?

Have you ever been stumped with an objection in your network marketing efforts?

How did you handle it?

Many people do  NOT like to talk about objections as they simply are something that people fear, but yet do not know what to do. And of course people do not like to talk about what makes them uncomfortable.

But unless you GET COMFORTABLE with objections, then you probably will not like to even acknowledge they exist. (smile) But I believe that you MUST be able to handle what stops most people in network marketing and mlm.

Here is a secret: if you can master objections, you have mastered the hardest part of this business.

So…Let’s talk about Objections.

Objections are simply smoke and mirrors with most people. They are ways that people have learned to respond from people they know and like. They have been “programmed” to respond in a particular fashion without even thinking. They are words that they have heard over and over and learned to respond in that fashion to ideas and concepts they are not familiar with.

When it comes to objections, many people make 2 very big mistakes:

 1) They argue with the prospect.  (This will get you NOWHERE.)

2) They make the prospect resistant towards talking further by trying to overcome the objection. Dumb.

When someone starts disagreeing with you- that is normal. It happens almost daily in normal conversation in life. Here, I will prove it:

Dinner.   Have you ever suggested a place to eat and someone said they did not like that restaurant or food? Did you quit eating after that?

Movies.   Have you ever wanted to see a movie but your date wanted to see something else? Did you give up movies after that?

Store. Has anyone ever wanted to go to a particular store but someone wanted some other store because they liked their selection better? Did you give up shopping?

Of course not.

IN ALL 3 cases, their were objections,  but yet we just took them in stride and moved on with our life.

You got to admit, it happens everyday. It can happen in every other conversation and people are going to disagree with you with some TOUGH objections dealing with life. But yet, we don’t give up. We get up the next day and face some form of objections again.

That is what we need to do with business objections from people- what we do with every other objection in life we get.

Here is a HUGE Objections Tip:  When someone disagrees with you – Make them glad they brought the objection up. Make them feel good about your response. Make them feel like that it was ok to disagree with you. THANK THEM for their objection.

Yes- you read that right.


Because you are taking back the power in the conversation and neutralizing the power in the objection.

Here is what you say and even turning an objection into a referral:

“I want to thank you for bringing that up. That really shows me that you have been thinking and I appreciate that kind of thought process.”

 “I think you would agree that decisions are tough to make without all the correct info-right?”

 “This very well may not be for you-but I would encourage you to listen only for a couple of minutes- and after that…

“If it is not, then I will thank you for your time. But you still may be able to help me. You know who I am looking for, and maybe you can point me in the right direction as far as someone you know. Would that be ok?”

This is known as “setting up a referral” from an objection.  Works really well and works most of the time!

Learn how to set up a referral from an objection and watch your recruiting explode in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane Hochman

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Social Media- 5 Ways to Get the ATTENTION of Anyone in Social Media

social media home business

social media home business mlm

MLM Social Media Recruiting Tips.

How do you get someone’s ATTENTION with a social media prospect for your home business?

Do you have any way in particular you use for your network marketing social media efforts?

Are there any questions that you like to ask?

Social Media is unique and powerful and I have been training on this for 8 years. But the basics of Social Media in mlm never change. The sites may, the software may change, but the basics do not.

And getting the social media prospect’s attention of you do not know how can be quite, well, frustrating.

Let’s ask this question:

Why do people initially get into Social Media Marketing?

Think about it. WHY do they get into social media and now mobile media? Why do they market on social media?

Here is the HUGE Secret:  ;  )

It’s to get people’s ATTENTION.

That is human nature and part of who we are. We want to be SEEN, APPRECIATED, and APPROVED OF. Among other things as well.

But there are certain things you can do to insure you get the RIGHT attention of the people. And the RIGHT attention is getting them CURIOUS to who you are and what you are doing.

Here is what we call “The Social Media Attention Process:”

Awareness ? Connection ? Conversation? Attention.

This 4 step Attention Process can create a lot of exposure for you. It also can move you into a space on social media to open up doors for you and your business. Your network marketing business can become a golden nugget that people FIND if you do the attention phase correctly.

The ONE THING that will get people’s attention on social media:


Make sure your conversation is VALUABLE- and leaves people saying “Wow!” Leave their jaw dropping and totally amazed. That alone will get people’s attention.

Here are 5 ways to get people’s attention on social media:

1) Be Consistent and VISIBLE in everything you do and say on social media.

In your Message be consistent so it will brand.
In your Profile be consistent across the social sphere.
In your Value be consistent to make people want to hear from you.
In your Presence be consistent so they do not forget about you.
In your Tweets be consistent and regularly sent.
In your Efforts be consistent and focused.
In your Posts be consistent in great content and answers that will help people.

2) Ask open ended questions and seek answers and solutions with those that have content.

This can be a great attention getter on social sites. Put the other person in the role as an expert- and seek their advice initially. Direct message people with a question to personalize the communication. This will get their attention and also you WILL connect with them.

3) Share information with people that most do not know about and you can be seen as the “Revealer.”

There is so much great content out on the web. Find the little known information on obscure blogs and posts, and videos and especially in NICHES. Get to know the  bloggers and writers. Do not send out the same information that has been out there. Be fresh-and new and unique. Be seen as the ‘go to person” when new information in your niche is added. Take the time to do this-it pays off.

4) Recognize the contribution and conversation of others and make sure you PARTICIPATE.

Attention is a hook. It is what hooks people to take a further look.  What is YOUR hook?
Make it that you appreciate and recognize the efforts of all in the conversation. Don’t placate, but admire. Don’t kiss up, but step up and say what is of Value and what has HELPED YOU personally.

5) Come up with a phrase, hook, logo, icon, or avatar that is magnetic.

Many people have a phrase that they repeat over and over. Or a hook that works- copyblogger. Or a logo that is unforgettable. Or an avatar of you that makes people take a second look.
That will not only get their attention- but also keep you remembered.


These are 5 things that will help you get the attention of folks on social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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MLM Social Media- 7 Opening Lines for Connecting on Social Media

mlm home business network marketing

mlm network marketing social media

MLM Social Media Opening Lines.

Do you ever struggle with contacting people in social media for your home business?

Do you ever have to think of something rto say and not look foolish when contacting people for your network marketing business?

Is there a favorite line that you use in social media to open up conversation?

Many people make some mistakes in their quest for opening up conversations with people in the social sites. They often say and do things that turn people off. What are some of the reasons that people do say things that do NOT work?

They are 1 of 3 things:

a. Too anxious.
b. Too cocky.
c. Too timid.

There must be a balance between the three. You cannot come across as you are talking to them as if you WANT something from them. Thye will sense that. It is even that way on mobile devices as well. You CANNOT be focused on getting something from them. You must be focused on GIVING something to them.

People want to know you are not “after” something but are putting your own interests after them.
Many folks are way too aggressive in their approach and in their communication. RELAX. Take the pressure off.

Opening Lines in social media should be friendly, encouraging, and magnetic. And they should FEEL friendly, and be cordial.

Here are three rules for opening Lines that we have found that works and works well:

1) Focus 100% on something the prospect has done or said.
2) Seek friendship -NOT a distributorship.
3) Be brief and warm and take pains to RELAX the person you are reaching out to.

Oh- and don’t come across like you have “agenda” on your forehead. That is NOT a good thing as you probably have found out already.

Here are 7 ways to reach out to people and relax them as well as draw them to you:

1) “Glad to see you here-how long have you been on this social site?”

This is a generic opening line that will work with almost anyone. Keep it focused on finding out about them-not selling them. Ask questions and then ask more.

2) “I recently ran across a post of yours and loved it.”

You create in influence that way. You are seen as someone “who gets it.” You are seen as a learner.
You are seen as “the next generation.” Than others will be promoting you as a way of saying thanks. BE ENCOURAGING- no matter what.

3) “Here is a post that I thought you would appreciate on ——”

This is a great way to open up a conversation. Go to their profile. Research it. Find a post in their interest. Then share it with them.

4) “ I see you know about ——may I ask you a question-maybe you can help me.”

People love being asked about their authority niche. Make it a sincere question. Let it be a simple one to answer. Thank them for any and all comments..

5) “You and I are friends with —-and thought that we should connect…”

Find people that you both have in common. Tap into other people’s friends or followers. Share a commonality from the very start. Let the common connection birth another one

6) “WOW! You have a great looking blog! Love the look. Did you design it yourself?”

People with blogs- visit them. Comment on them. Promote their content. Share the link on other sites. Ask their input on their blog about a post they wrote. They will do the same for you.

7) “I see we have <             >  in common as an interest. Would love to learn from you.”

People love to be seen as a teacher. This elevates their image. It also elevates their interest in you.
It also elevates your communication IMPACT with them.

These are 7 ways to approach people for your social medis efforts in your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE mp3 download -“2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets-with Doug and Diane Hochman

blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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