MLM Recruiting- The Recruiting Realities of a Very Negative Prospect

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Have you ever run across a negative person when you were prospecting for your home based business?

Have you ever let tht prospect upset you or get you down while working in network marketing?

What do you DO when someone is negative and what are the realities of a negative prospect concerning a work at home mlm?

Here is a Reality of Negative prospects when prospecting or recruiting in a home business:

If a Candidate, for whatever reason, does NOT work out, and even is VERY Negative, DO NOT let that WORK YOU OVER. Candidates are UNLIMITED in Social Media.

Let the negative people go.

I call them “Neg-heads.”

Let their words and accusations go.

Do NOT hold onto the “one that got away” emotionally.

Get busy and take another one on your “Large List” and jump in and help them.

Not everyone will be a recruit.

Not everyone will treat you fairly.

Some folks will be just downright mean.

Others will just “disappear” and un-friend you and un-follow you.

We call that candidate the “ADP” –The Amazing Disappearing Prospect.

Where did THEY GO?  POOF!

But that does not mean that you did something WRONG. It just means that they are NOT who you want to work with.

 YOU MUST see yourself as THE BEST there is in your profession.

If they cannot see or sense that about you, then they are not who you want to spend your valuable time with recruiting. Yes, you may need some skill development and experience, but you are STILL THE BEST at Social Recruiting and growing stronger in it everyday!

Social Recruiting is SEEKING, SIFTING and FINDING. Just like searching for GOLD, you must SEEK diligently, SIFT relentlessly, and FIND easily.

Social Recruiting is SIFTING and SORTING out the “fools gold” and focusing on the REAL GOLD! These are the Golden candidates that you work with and help them with their future.

THAT is WHAT you do.

If someone cannot see that and your message is not for them- so be it. There are SO MANY
other social candidates looking for a career change or even their own business that one person will carry no weight for your future as a recruiter.

The # 1 Corporate Recruiter for a nationwide search firm says, “This is what my legendary mentor told me who has been a corporate recruiter for over 40 years:

“Every NO, Walk Away, No Show, Job Turn Down, or Jerk is ONLY PRACTICE. Life forces you to PRACTICE to get BETTER at what you do. That is what the Negative responses are for. To help you PRACTICE to sharpen your skills beyond the average and to build your determination to become the BEST.”

If you have a negative prospect, then you know that they are only PRACTICE for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media -The Recruiting Power of Multiplied Visibility


mlm social media

mlm social media network marketing


Social Media MLM Visibility.

How important is Visibility to your overall social media home business strategy?

Do you understand that it must MOVE PAST the traditional perception of Visibility in an mlm network marketing business?

How does a Multiplied Visibility work for your networking marketing business?

Here is a Social Media Law of Recruiting that MUST be adhered to:

You MUST have a Presence and Visibility today in a Multitude of Places – with Multiple Possibilities.

Today- what worked 8 years ago- does NOT have the impact that it once did. The days of just the warm market and people you know, and nothing else- is pretty much considered passe. Most wealth today in network marketing is created by a multiple of channels of leads coming in from various places online and offline.

Yes, you can build a business on your warm market exclusively, but it will be harder than it was even 10 years ago to build a business, let alone create wealth on warm market alone.

Don’t get me wrong- warm market is the Nuclear Core of a new home business prospect list!

But concerning social media being a MUST, some people may disagree, but we have seen the changes coming for quite sometime and new prospecting tactics need to be at least in the wings.

There are new market and recruiting dynamics that were not in play 10 years ago in the marketplace, including social media marketing, mobile recruiting, social recruiting, and SMS marketing.

And more and more people are now tired of being “hit up” by their friends about Network marketing. Many have a wall that seems to have been built because of that, and a lesser percentage of warm market seem to be responding in a positive way.

How do you have a presence in a multitude of places to day?

Let’s listen to part of a training I did in 2011:

“Having a presence today in multiple places is not a need to do- but a MUST do, as things have changed the last 10 years in this industry. You must have that kind of presence and be visible just to be competitive in the ever expanding home business marketplace. People used to use large cell phones almost the size of a small suitcase, but they evolved and today they are smaller than a palm of a hand or even 2 fingers.

It’s the same with computers as they used to be the size of a small desk. Today, they are the size of the palm of your hand with mobile devices, smart phones, and other new technology. And that is the same with network marketing, as it has evolved and changed, and grown. And you CANNOT afford to stagnate your reach into the marketplace.

What I am about to say is worth millions of dollars:

“If you are not EXTENDING YOUR REACH into the marketplace daily, you are falling behind. You MUST extend your reach in a multitude of ways and be in a multitude of places.

“We all know Network Marketing, or MLM better known as Multi level Marketing.

I call what I am talking about ‘Multitude Marketing’.

It’s being in a multitude of places all at the same time.

The first place you can look to expand is the traditional media. Run neighborhood classified ads and get some visibility locally. You need to do that. Get some post cards out in the snail mail and let that work for you. They will lay around and remind the prospect of you. Give some CDs and DVDs out and let them do the talking for you.

Be in 10 places at once doing a presentation with a prospect through duplicated media. Do a weekly webinar, google hang out, or an old fashioned conference call. This will extend your reach dramatically, as a webinar also will. People from all over the country will be in attendance.

And get into social media and mobile media as well as mobile marketing and recruiting. Be on the social sites on your mobile, set some landing pages and facebook fan pages up, and create a presence that people will see and start to know. Make new friends through the sites and get to know them.

Social Bookmark a lot of sites and articles that you like, and get them out on the social book marking sites. And also get into blogging, tweeting, posting, do videos, PDFs, and put things on pinterest. You can be in a multitude of places all at once if you put the effort in and understand:

Today it is NOW about people moving TOWARDS YOU – not just you – moving towards them.

People today in Network Marketing, that only move towards people they know and then wait on those friends to move- will not only fall behind in the process, but will get buried in the wave of the new social media and mobile recruiting phenomena.”

That about says it all. And the smart thing to do is create a real understanding of what was just said and see how you integrate it into your business of network marketing and direct selling.

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