MLM Recruiting LinkedIn-3 Un-Breakable Rules of Recruiting on LinkedIn


mlm linkedin recruiting home business

mlm linkedin home business recruiting


In any MLM or Home Business using LinkedIn, there are many powerful secrets that can be discovered for sponsoring great candidates for your home based business. LinkedIn is a GOLD MINE of Professionals and ALL are looking to Network in some form.

 A #1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a recruitment company, who is a friend of mine, has 7 Rules that he adheres to that has allowed him to recruit more candidates in a year for his company through LinkedIn than the next 3 recruiters in his firm combined.

 He discovered social media in 2005 and has been a master at it, it seems, from day one. His “Rules” he uses for recruiting are powerful and has allowed him to even require $750.00 an hour for consulting and people and companies pay him gladly.

 These Rules are what he calls the “The 7 Un-Breakables” in his recruiting business and he does NOT break them for any reason.

 He has helped me put a webinar together which we will be doing on September 22, at 8 pm EST. It is called “LinekdIn Recruiting Secrets 101” and is a 3 hour webinar PACKED with how to become a Master Recruiter on LinkediIn with MORE additional videos in the Replay Room after the webinar as well. I would advise you to check it out LEARN for a master recruiter who has adapted his trainings especially for the home based business profession!

 Here are 3 of the Rules that Scott (my buddy) say that are Un-Breakable concerning LinkiedIn Recruiting:

  1. The Rule of ATTACK.

 NEVER attack people with your offer of placement or business. So may people do on Linkedin. People do NOT want to feel like they are being pressured or USED for their contacts or their desire to network. But many network marketers make the prospect FEEL that they have an agenda and only that agenda matters:

 To Recruit the Prospect.

 Attacking someone is when you immediately start talking about your offer before you even get to know the person and see if they are who you think they would be a good fit for your business or a good candidate.

 Scoot says, “Give them some breathing room and let them come to you. I have always connected with people, but then keep what I call ‘Distantly Close’ and when they showed signs of moving towards me, I moved towards them more. Yes, I told them I was interested in talking, but keep a little distance to see how they respond.”

 Never attack your prospect. CONNECT and then start constructing abridgeofTRUSTthrough your LinkedIn conversations and also taking it offline. Talk about what THEY DO for a living and let them ask you more about what you do. Send them a link for a free marketing ebook or video to add value to their business and to their job and life. Add Value from the very beginning with little known  information and then you can follow up asking if they like the gift. You will be amazed at how this works.

  3. The Rule of the LOCAL NETWORK.

 On Linkedin, there is a local network you belong to. I belong to the Greater Detroit network with over 30,000 professionals on LinkedIn.

 Scott says that alone is a GAME CHANGER as you can meet them face to face and personally get to know them. Candidates are easier to recruit if you connect with them face to face and they see you are REAL.

 PLUS you have that in common with them- you are a “neighbor” and can immediately talk about that fact. Talk about the local sports scene or upcoming events that you plan to attend, or anything that pertains to the local area.

 The more LOCAL FEEL you have to your conversations the more comfortable the prospect will be and want to meet you.

 All you need to do is communicate with them about their profile and tell them you are in their network and would love to invite them to a social meetup or even just meet them at starbucks.. tell them this:

 “I am looking to meet and network with professionals in our local area as I am learning so much from them about local business. Would you like to meet up and grab lunch or a tea?”

 Scott obviously talks to them about their future plans and placement options for a better job. You can talk to them about possible “Cash Flow Options” or “Revenue Ideas” that gives them life options for their future they may not currently have.

 Find out what network you are in and start looking for prospects to link to and then possibly meet up locally.

 3. The Rule of OPENING.

 Scott discovered they people on LinkedIn HATED to feel like they were being CLOSED on a deal or sale. They preferred to feel like they were being OPENED.

 Scott always pointed to the fact that a new job was an “Opening” to a whole new future and destiny. He was always focused on talking about how this would open future doors, open possibilities, open new connections, open new windows of networking.

 If you come across too strong in the “closing” part you will lose these professionals. Here is how Scott always “opened their minds and eyes:”

 “And what this will offer you is it will open up doors that you could never knock on and open up a whole new direction in your life that will give you more money, more security and more options in the future you do not have now. Isn’t your family worth that kind of security and door opening in your life?’

 LInkedIn is NOT about attacking, ambushing, pressure, or closing.

 It is a about Constructing Relationships that will lead to doors being opened with new contacts and also new business and REFERRALS for you. Follow these simple Rules and see if your business does not dramatically improve on Linkedin for your MLM Home business.

 These are 3 of the 7 Rules that Scott follows concerning his recruiting on LinkedIn.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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