Network Marketing Training- 5 Tips on Getting Started RIGHT in MLM

Getting off to a fast start in mlm network marketing

Getting off to a fast start in network marketing


What would happen if your new team members would suddenly EXPLODE out of the gates with their new network marketing business??

How would THAT change your mlm business?

Have you ever wondered what are the VERY FIRST THINGS you DO?

That is the reason for this article.

I want to give you 5 quick tips on Getting Started in MLM that most will not teach you, and you NEED to know what those things are. If you embrace these actions and philosophy in your home business you will find much better and quicker Success in your efforts than you could dream of.

Getting someone OFF TO A FAST START rarely happens in today’s profession.The sponsor does not take the time to do a few basic and elemental things that should happen. It does not matter whether the new team member is recruited online or offline or in social media. The basics of this business do NOT change in getting s new distributor started right.

Here are 5 mlm tips on getting someone started right in network marketing:

1) “Any and ALL Network Marketing Success starts with a DECISION that is Unalterable.”

Success in Network Marketing MLM all starts and ends with a DECISION that you WILL NOT BE DENIED no matter what the nay sayers may say.. The sad truth is, most never new distributors in mlm do NOT make a decision to succeed.. They instead, make a CHOICE. They make a choice to TRY the business and just see what happens. Choice has little success power. That is how the average in network marketing think and engage their home business. IT ALL STARTS with Making a Decison to Succeed. If you make that Decision, YOU MUST Succeed as your success is already assured.

DECIDE and do NOT listen to those that tell you that you cannot do it. THEY ARE WRONG. Go and CRUSH IT!

2) “Your Mind can SEE the vision you want, but your Heart MUST be Connected to the Vision you have. “

Here is a little secret of success in Network Marketing: Your HEART is and contains the REAL POWER in ALL MLM Home Business Success. Your heart must be connected to the Vision and  Dream that you carry for your home business. You can do anything you desire in network marketing that you set your mind to,as long as it is Powered by the HEART! Here is a Million Dollar Secret: People will hear your words, but they will FEEL your heart. Connect it to the Dream and watch your business SOAR.

3) “No matter what you think or have been told, you MUST understand what Network Marketing online and offline TRULY is.”

Here is the bottom line: All MLM and Network Marketing can ever be and will ever be are CHANGE VEHICLES. They are Powerful and transforming Vehicles for Life Change.  They can bring a powerful Success transformation to people’s lives and incomes. Network Marketing and MLM both are a LIFE CHANGING and Life ENLARGING Agent, that can change lives in many ways that nothing else can! Be a Change Agent and carry the power of change everywhere you go and touch and change people’s lives with your FOCUS of Enlarging lives and lifestyles. People will FEEL that change and be PULLED towards it and  IGNITED by it.

4) “This is a basic tip but critical: You MUST make sure that you have filled out all the proper online or offline documents and placed your order to your company and all information FILLED OUT PROPERLY and ACCURATELY.”

You would be surprised how many companies get incomplete submissions. They get them daily. Make sure that when you fill out  new distributor agreement online or offlein , it is ALL FILLED OUT PROPERLY and ACCURATELY. The truth is, iIf it is not done that way, it could possibly cost you a month or two in getting your paycheck, and create even more problems or delays you were not counting on. Get it right the FIRS TIME and get busy building your wealth vehicle.

5) “The Power of getting Started Right can be ignited in Scheduling a Kick Off Meeting with Your Sponsor IMMEDIATELY after Enrolling..

Here is another powerful getting started CRITICAL tip. :A Kick Off Meeting. This is where you “kick off” your new network marketing business. You do this powerfully by meeting your sponsor- online or offline, does not matter. Then you engage getting an initial business plan done, warm market list to contact done, a daily plan done, and a training scheduled to go over all the details of their new business. etc. This Kick Off Meeting psychologically is a MUST, as it creates for the new distributor an official “Doors Opened for Business” mindset as well as FOCUS , as well as an official START to bulding their network marketing business.

If you use these 5 Getting Started in Network marketing tips, you will find your new people will get off to a FASTER and more SUCCESSFUL start in their new network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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