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MLM Recruiting Tips NO ONE will Tell YOU.

Have you ever really thought about your “Recruiting IQ?”

Are you looking for some great phrases a d questions that can accelerate your mlm recruiting?

How do you flow with your words in your network marketing recruiting?

I have written literally over 2000 articles the last 11 years. That is a LOT of writing. But sometimes there are those “classic” articles and posts that really still shine and help a lot of folks.

I have been doing a series on MLM Recruiting and what it takes to succeed in this, and ran across some notes that i had written down, and thought that they might be of interest. When you are in the recruiting mode, it is amazing to see how you can adapt and become a magnet in the process with the right words.

I have seen many distributors over the years start using the right verbiage and have watched their business explode. And you can too, if you allow it to.

The Art of MLM Recruiting.

The art of mlm recruiting is a great art, as well as a great process. And the words you use are the tools that people perceive you as, as well as your business. Many people make so many mistakes in recruiting, and unfortunately it destroys their results. But you do not have to put up with that as the tips below will help you become a recruiting powerhouse.

Here are  14 MORE MLM Recruiting Tips that I found in my notes that I have for writing  posts and articles and nuggets.

Hope these help you!

1) “Make sure that there are NO distractions when you are talking to the prospect about your Network Marketing Home Business.”

Remember this: If the prospect is distracted, they are not focused on your message. “Would you like to wait a couple of minutes before I go on?” If the distractions continue, make
another appointment.

2) “Use several testimonials during your MLM Recruiting talk. They bring life to your message.”

If you do not yet have a testimonial, borrow your sponsor’s. Find out three really HOT testimonials as far as the business, and share them with your prospect to emotionally connect to your message.

3) “Use the phrase ‘If this is right for you’ during your talk. It will draw them towards you psychologically.”

“And this company has such a great track record to set a new person as well as you at ease when they come into the business…of course, only if this is right for you.”

4) “Trash the word OPPORTUNITY. It is a Red Flag word today.”

Use the word Vehicle, or Business. Our society looks at the word “opportunity'” today as “Uh oh…not another one of those”.

5) “The first thing you MUST do is get the prospect COMFORTABLE. Talk about THEM.”

If the prospect is not comfortable with you, they will NOT be comfortable with your message. Talk ONLY about them the first 5 minutes.

6) “Find out what is the MOST valuable thing in a person’s life, then wrap the presentation around it.”

Family usually is. “How this will impact your family is…..How this will increase the time you have with your family is… This business will help you bring that dream into reality in your

7) “Always be FORWARD FOCUSED in your MLM Recruiting. That is where most people are interested in…moving forward in a more powerful life.”

People want to KNOW there is a real chance in life, to live the life they dream of. Don’t dwell on how things are in a person’s life. Focus on how things SHOULD be, and WILL be. Be the Knight in Shining Armor.

8) ” ALWAYS set the Next Move while you are talking to them. LEAD them, give them the next step in the process, be the pied piper.”

“At this point, what a lot of folks like to do is….get on a three way…attend a conference call….look at some tools…I have an idea…let’s do THIS….” Then explain the Next Move.

9) “It’s NOT what you say, but what people are FEELING when you say it.”

Words are important in MLM Recruiting, but emotions are more important. How can anyone get excited over something you are not? How can anyone believe in something that you don’t? How can anybody follow you, if you are not strong enough in faith to follow? How can anyone be touched by your message, if you are not?

10) “MLM Recruiting is a Follow Me game.”

You are asking someone to follow your lead about an unknown product, an unknown company, and into an unknown future. That requires some SERIOUS Leadership. Be serious about YOUR Leadership in Recruiting.

11) “People don’t follow what you say, or what you do, but WHO YOU ARE.”

MLM Recruiting is about WHO YOU ARE, and who the prospect wants to be. Be REAL, and be Yourself. Don’t morph into your upline. Your warm market will be turned off by that. Yes, you should be BECOMING who you are planning on being…but still be REAL.

12) “Remember the Golden Rule of the Presentation. It is NOT about the Presentation, but about Transformation- how your business will transform the prospect’s life!”

MLM Recruiting is about being a Walking, Talking Transformer. You are a CHANGE Agent, just like people who sell houses are Real Estate agents.

13) “ALWAYS thank the prospect for their time. no matter what. This is just professionalism.”

Gratitude can play a long way into creating Success in your life. “I want to truly thank you for your time…. I have enjoyed talking to you so much.”

BONUS TIP: The Last word they should hear as you finish the conversation, is THEIR NAME.

“I have enjoyed this, and I will talk to you next Thursday. Bye Shirley.” “This has been wonderful. I look forward to talking again with you Mary.” “You truly are a great
person to chat with. I have enjoyed this. I look forward to chatting again Tim.”

Their name is the sweetest sound to them. make sure it is the last thing they hear in your MLM Network Marketing Recruiting.

These are some of the  ore powerful recruiting tips that I believe will help you in what to say when recruiting as well as what to do. I encourage you to learn which ones make the most sense and use them n your mlm home business recruiting.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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