MLM Training – How to Transition Anyone into a Recruiting Conversation

MLM Recruiting Conversation Phrases.

Do you know how to move a regular online or offline conversation into a recruiting conversation in your home business?

Are you talking to cold market or warm market for your mlm business?

How would you like to know some powerful phrases to change a regular conversation into an mlm recruiting conversation?

Many people do not understand how to transition a regular conversation into a Recruiting conversation. And even more powerful how to “soften” the recruiting communication for the prospect.

What IS a Transition Phrase?

It is where you transition what you are talking about in a conversation into a conversation about your business and possibilities.


Transition Phrases are powerful if USED CORRECTLY.

There is a “point” that there is an “opening” in every conversation that can be transitioned and transformed into a conversation about your business. But knowing what to say and how to say it is critical in order to be able to move into that what I call the “Transition Zone.”

The “Transition Zone” is where you move very softly into the conversation about your business and lead the prospect into it.

It is much like opening a door and walking the prospect through it. The “Transition Phrase” is the door opening, and then moving into the conversation is the walking the prospect through the door.

This is why many people mess up in their recruiting efforts. They try to FORCE the conversation versus transitioning into it.

You use “Transition Phrases” for that process.

Here are some powerful Transition Phrases as well as Softening Phrases to soften the prospect’s emotions:

1. Tran-sition Phrase:

 “I am glad you mentioned that.” This is where you take something the prospect has said, and turn into a “door” to open the conversation into a recruiting conversation.

This could be about losing weight, skin problems, or income problems.

“Tom, I am so glad you mentioned that. Because there is something that I have found that really helps with that. Let me explain.”

2. Transition Phrase:

 “That reminds me- let me share something with you that  I have been meaning to –that I have run across.”

This Transition Phrase can be used anywhere in a conversation. The secret is to play “Columbo” when you are talking to the prospect. Columbo was a detective that often as he was leaving a place, turn around and drop a “bomb” on the person that often lead to a conviction. It is the same here as you simply say the phrase and open the door to a different direction in the conversation.

Here are three “Softening Phrases” that can help in your conversation that will help “soften” the conversation moving in another direction:

“Softner” Phrases  – “I am not sure if this is something that would be right for you.”
“Softner” Phrases – “This may or may not be a fit for you.”
“Softner” Phrases – “I only want what is best for you and your family.”

I would suggest that you practice these phrases, as these will help tremendously in your recruiting and prospecting conversations in your mlm network marketing home business efforts.

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