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MLM Recruiting Tips NO ONE Will tell You.

Does it ever cross your mind that you may be missing some mlm recruiting secrets for your home business?

What kind of words and phrases do you use for your network marketing recruiting?

Would you like 11 quick mlm recruiting tips for your mlm business?

Here are 11 Quick MLM recruiting tips no one will tell you:

1) “Let the prospect ask the questions, but only at the right time.”

So many prospects have so many questions, and they all will pull you off track of your home business presentation. When a prospect has a question, simply say, “Thank you for asking that….I would love to answer it, and will answer all your questions in a just a second…and
it goes to show you are thinking!”

2)”Be focused. Be THERE, and not somewhere else in your mind.”

People can actually tell when you are going through the motions, and not really into what you are saying. Three rules in MLM Recruiting: BeThere. Be Present. Be With the Person. Not with your thoughts of something else.

3)) “Ask a question every minute or so. Keep drawing them into your MLM recruiting conversation.”

Questions are the magnet. Keep asking them. “Are you with me?” “Am I making sense?” “Do you see what I am talking about?” “What would happen to your life if that happens?” “How would this impact your family?

4) “Use their name at least 3 times the first 3 minutes.”

Don’t over do it, but the sweetest sound you can say to a prospect is their name. Say it 3 times in 3 minutes a a rule, and you will keep their attention 3 times as log as you normally would. Use it throughout the conversation. “Does that make sense Mary?

5) “When on the telephone, use words that paint a picture, and are emotional.”

Use words that paint a vivid picture. Use action oriented words. Use words and phrases that are emotional. “Family. Freedom. Breakthrough. Wealth. Vacation Property. Joy. Deserve. Worth it. In Control. Total Success. Enlarged Lifestyle.”

6) “Never understimate the Power of the Three Golden Words in MLM Recruiting.”

There are three words that are GOLDEN in Recruiting, and life. They carry a Connection Magnet with them. “I Totally Understand”. Those words are powerful when talking about any life situation that comes up, and use them often, as they will create a MAGNETISM in
your personality.

7) “Use the word TRUTH when Recruiting, as that will anchor in their heart, and understanding.”

“When I was first looking at Network¬†¬† I was looking for only the truth of the matter, as it was important to me…and I would think it would be for you?” The word “truth” is a powerful word, as you bring the reality of the matter right out in the open and lay it out, dispelling any doubts in their mind from the very beginning.

8) “Never play “Verbal Judo” in MLM Recruiting. If someone disagrees with you, thank them for it. It is their right to disagree.”

“Thank you for bringing that up. I appreciate your insight. Help me understand why you said that…. tell me more.” This will do more to draw the real objection out then arguing with
them. Verbal Judo alway has one winner. And it is never you.

9) “Never CHASE a prospect. You are not a dog. You MUST develop the leadership mindset in network marketing recruiting. People do not follow companies, products, or compensation

People follow PEOPLE with STRENGTH. If you are chasing the prospect, you are displaying weakness. MLM Leaders give the prospect enough time to start moving towards them– usually 10-14 days- and after that, they keep in touch regularly, but move on.

10) “When using the telephone, make sure that you are more animated than normal. It will display energy, and magnetism.”

The telephone is a great communication tool, but it will never replace face to face interaction. Let people FEEL your words, and make sure that you come across as confident and someone that is going places, and taking people with you.

11) “The prospect is thinking one thing: How will this ENLARGE my Lifestyle?”

Most people in life, are looking to Enlarge their income. ALL people are looking to Enlarge their lifestyle. Find out what kind they want. “Tell me about the kind of lifestyle you have often dreamed of…”

These are some powerful MLM recruiting tips for your mlm home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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