MLM Social Media- 7 Biggest Mistakes Made while Recruiting on Facebook

MLM Facebook Recruiting.

Do YOU recruit on facebook for your home business mlm?

Are YOU active on facebook with your network marketing business?

Would you like to know the 7 biggest mistakes made in facebook recruiting?

I believe that facebook is a GREAT recruiting space. But you MUST know that there are things you DO NOT DO.

What are the 7 Biggest Mistakes made while recruiting on facebook?

1) Being TOO Aggressive in getting your message out to people.

Many folks on facebook are way too pushy in their recruiting efforts. The reason are many. They are excited, they are new, and they don’t know. But many times, you will find that even though someone tries to help, they still will not listen.

If you are too aggressive and too pushy, that will spell one word:


That is what amateurs do on facebook when recruiting. They are looking for what the prospect can give them, versus what the leader can give the prospect.

2) Not giving the relationship time to grow before you start the recruiting process.

Relationships are the nuclear fuel to this profession and social media. But yet, many people JUMP IN and do not give the relationship time to gel or form. That is a mistake.

Relationships take time. Even if you connect with the person- give the relationship time to gel and settle so you can find out where your business can help them and solve a problem. If you do not do this and continue to push the prospect- you will push the prospect away and they will not be coming back.

3) Inconsistent Visibility.

You cannot spend all your time on facebook, come on. But yet, you MUST be consistent in when people SEE YOU and hear FROM YOU. If you are not, they will not take you seriously in your social media efforts.

If you spend only 20 minutes a day on facebook, the amount of recruiting you can do, IF done correctly, is staggering.

4) Broadcasting and NOT Conversing.

There are 2 ways to communicate on social media: Broadcast and Conversation.

Many facebook folks recruiting prospects ONLY broadcast updates with links and “take a look at my business.” THAT is a mistake. CONVERSATION is the MAGNET.

It will PULL the prospect into the thread of communication, and give you a better opportunity to get your message out but yet in a more personal way. Broadcasting is good, but Conversation is better.

5) Not establishing yourself as THE AUTHORITY.

Many people talk about becoming THE EXPERT. But I beg to differ. There are many experts out there that carry NO influence nor make any difference. Many are ONLY fact filled geeks.

If you are SERIOUS about recruiting on facebook- start using the word “Authority” and establish yourself as THE GO TO PERSON, and then when you speak, it will carry more clout and magnetism.

6) Not promoting what your friends and followers do.

It is NOT ABOUT YOU, nor your home based business. It is about what YOUR FRIENDS are doing. Re-post what your friends are doing, and do it OFTEN. Tag them in the post. And make sure they see YOU are promoting them a LOT.


Because they will promote YOU and your message. That is human nature. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. So if you are recruiting on facebook- make the OTHER PERSON the STAR! And they will return the favor.

7) Not hooking up facebook to LinkedIn, twitter, slideshare, wordpress, youtube, pinterest, and all the other social sites that will send your efforts to facebook.

I really do not think I need to explain this.

It is called a “social web.”

Weave a social web and you will find your recruiting on facebook exploding your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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