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MLM Training- The 5 Secrets of SCORCHING MLM Training

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MLM Secrets of Scorching Home Business Training

MLM Network Marketing Training-MLM Training- The 5 Secrets of SCORCHING MLM Training

Network Marketing Reality.

Network marketing training is imperative. You must have good training on many subjects, including Recruiting, Retailing, Prospecting, Contacting, Presenting, Getting the Decision, and Building a group. Those are just the start of a solid MLM Training program. You don’t need to be a marketing major but you will need elbow grease and the willingness to get out there.

But I have found after 22 years in this industry, that there are 5 main things that a great MLM Training program needs. Many folks who could have been superstars in the Direct Marketing industry never were, because of weak training.

There is a difference between Training and education. Education is classroom instruction. Training is in the trenches. It SHOWS the distributor what needs to be done, not just tell what needs to be done. So FIRST comes the education in a classroom style teaching,then comes the trenches and showing them how it is done. All great mlm training is done in this way, and it is a powerful way to empower your business.

What are the 5 things a KILLER mlm training should have?

1) A Duplicable Process.

This is common sense, and we have all heard it before. You need to have a step by step process that is easy to follow, and is a PATTERN that new folks can follow, and learn. we live in a sequenced based world, and we follow a sequence in everything we do. That is why that the process needs to be duplicable. If you cannot duplicate what you are doing, then you will have a hard time building any kind of a long term business.

2) Tools to Teach.

Every KILLER Training has Tools that the new person can use and master. These include cds, dvds, brochures, training manuals, online training, flash trainings, conference calls training, Saturday Training events, and one on one teachings.

There is a saying that I love- “It’s not just about Talent, but TOOLS.” MLM Training Tools are necessary to bridge the gap between inexperience, and experience with the new distributor. And one of the most powerful tools you can have at the start is a CD that you can listen to while in the car. This is a great way to learn the business, and ge the information inside your soul.

3) Complete Content.

Many companies I have been blessed to work with lacked COMPLETE training in their programs. They had some format of mlm training, but not covering ALL aspects of what a new distributor needs. This could include training even on what to do on a daily basis, product training, corporate training, compensation training, and even the start of Leadership training.

The question all trainig should answer is “What do I do next?” If that question is answered, then you can pretty much bet that the training program is close to complete if not complete.

4) A Success Path.

Every distributor needs a Success path. This is a Path that they travel, to hit the first goal or promotion in the Compensation plan. It has daily goals, daily activities, timelines, how many calls a day, how many sales a week, how many recruits a month, and how much volume a month. This Success Path will be a day by day, call by call, action by action plan that will actually steer the new peson to Success over a period of time.

A Success Path is only a Path, and not a magic bullet. It is up to the new person to walk it. Most new distributors will, if given the opportunity, and the road to travel.

Take MLM Training LIVE.

5) Role Playing.

There is NOTHING as powerful as Role Playing with the new distibutor. It gives them “Artifical Experience” that psychologically will prepare them for the real thing. It will help develop a “feeling” or “Pattern” of what to do and say, and handle any situations that come up. There is no feeling like when a new person “gets it” and understands what they are supposed to do, and how to do it, THEN doing it. It is imperative to Role Play with your new person. It gets them ready for the real thing, in a quick and powerful fashion.

These are the 5 Secrets of KILLER MLM Training, and what great training should have in Network Marketing training.


Doug Firebaugh

© 2011 PassionFire International. All rights reserved.

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

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MLM Training -The 3 Work Zones by Doug Firebaugh

MLM Network Marketing Training-The Failure Factor in Success in a Home Business

“Success is the ability to go from one Failure to another without the loss of Enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill.


The word failure turns most people’s stomach. It is an image that most do not want to have, nor even get close to.

If you want to really see who your friends are, massively fail at something like MLM…you’ll find out.

Most people’s paradigm of failure is a loser, and someone who “just can’t cut the mustard”.

Especially in Network Marketing.

Most people view failure as a disease and something to totally stay away from. Most folks think of MLM failure as for the weak, and for the “giving up crowd.”





Failure is the ONLY WAY you will ever become successful in Network Marketing…

Because it is the setbacks and adversities in your life that create the person inside of you that ATTRACTS MLM Success…

The MLM Paradox.

You don’t Persue MLM Success…It Persues You.

You don’t Become Successful…Success Becomes You.(CLUE!!!!!)

You don’t Create MLM Success…It Creates You…through the storms, setbacks,and failures that all are a part of the Success Formula.

Who are you to think that Failure is for Losers? Who are you to say that Failure attracts Losers?

With one sentence I can radically change your paradigm of failure and you will never view it the same…

And it will allow you to tap into the Incredible Power that remains hidden within the word …..

And you will see the REAL SECRET of attracting MLM Success in your life…what would that sentence be? here it is:

The Last Word in Failure for MLM.
The last word in Failure is Lure….

And that is the most Powerful way to Lure and Attract Success in MLM and your life that lasts….period. There is no such thing as Powerless Failure….Either it has Attraction Power or Repelling Power…

You can only allow yourself to is NOT something that happens to you,or against you…but IN YOU.

All Failure comes from within..

It is something you ALLOW to happen…when you don’t tap into it’s teaching and building Power.People only fail when they give up, and they give up because they are focused on…

the first word in Failure….

Not the Last…..


doug Firebaugh / PassionFire International

copyright 2005. All rights reserved

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Home Business Success – MLM Network Marketing Training Article

MLM Success Training / MLM Leadership Training / Network Marketing Recruiting

MLM -How Do You Build an MLM Organization?

Your MLM Business Plan of Action

Your MLM Business Plan of Action

The 4 Phases of Building Your MLM Organization.

You will build your MLM group in Phases.

That is one of the best kept secrets in Network Marketing…it is a business of phases and growth…

What is a phase?

It is a period of time in your life that you go through and through those times you experience many things…one being growth…

Your MLM organization is no exception….it will go through 4 phases of growth…if you let it…


Most downlines never go through all 4 phases, as they get stuck in one and stay there…


You will stick with it and continue building your group till it reaches the phase you want it to be at…


What are the 4 Phases of MLM organizational growth?


This Phase is the first period of time that you and your fledgling downline will go through….and it can be a rough one…

This period of time is where you are new, and really don’t know the business, your skin is not 2 inches thick, you have no prior experience in MLM, and you are on a major learning curve, and you will make mistakes….

This is where you are actually developing your belief and trust in the industry, and many things can shake your focus and belief….





Set Backs.

People telling you NO.

And the list goes on…
You really are fragile in this business, because you have not developed your “Success Muscles” to help you go on in face of adversity…and your group is as well…

This is where a lot of people quit…they never “get it” that you must grow beyond the Fragile Phase to build a business….They got their feelings hurt constantly by their negative prospects….because they were in the Fragile phase and never grew beyond it….

In the Fragile stage is where most people quit, as they cannot take the Negatives and Disappointments that are innate to MLM and entrepeneurism…but their problem was NOT the negatives…but their lack of understanding how to take them and what was REALLY happening with that kind of response….PAssionFire has a module on that…called “Inoculation”….read it again if you already have…
This second phase is where you have grown beyond the Fragile phase, and now your group is starting to grow more solid and be more consistent in Volume and paychecks…In the Solidifying phase, you start to see some Leaders emerge, and volume becomes solid and steady….as well as paychecks start to get steady and consistent…

When your group moves into this phase, you will know it and sense it as well….your leaders will start to experience success as well as you and it is consistent…and you will see some leaders start to create their own identity in this business…

And you will sense some beginnings of momentum as well….

You will start to see some growth in your group that you had absolutely nothing to do with, and it will continue….

And you will see some new faces starting to show up in your group that you don’t know who they are, or their names….

THAT is when you will FEEL your group starting to Solidify….and that is where the majority of people quit…

80-90% of people who leave this business leave during the first 2 stages….and most leave during the first….


This phase is where the big money starts showing up. You can make a living in the solidifying phase…a nice one…but this phase is where the big checks start showing up, and show up they do…not only for you, but also your leaders as well…

This phase is where you start to have “Layered Leadership” and that simply means you have Leaders in layers in your downline in many legs…and they now start to have Leaders showing up in their group as well….and the numbers in your group now number in the thousands, and many are active Leaders….

The Mature Phase also shows that your leaders have taught and duplicated how to build leaders in their group, and the dynamics of your group here become exciting as “Mature Pockets” start showing up and they no longer need you, as they have “splintered” into their own leadership organization…

This phase, $100,000 a year is commonplace…
And Millionaires to be start showing up….


This is the “WEALTH CREATION” Phase….this phase is where Wealth is created and accumulated and Millionaires roll up in this business….

This phase is where no matter what you do, you cannot mess up your business…and it will continue on in the event of your death…

The Rock Solid Phase is where also you have many Mature “Pockets” of distributors in your group, and now you have Mature Leaders that have big groups and many layers of Leadership…

Many people get close to this phase but never achieve it as they lack the Leadership skills to take it to this level…and many are close to it, but yet don’t understand it is that last 10% effort that most never give that determine the Rock Solid phase.

So those are the 4 phases of Organizational Growth in MLM….

Fragile, Solidifying, Mature, and Rock Solid.

Where do you see your group heading?

The answer to that will determine your future in MLM…..

blessings…doug firebaugh (c) 2005 PFI

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MLM Network Marketing Training Article for Home Business Success

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