What is the Right Marketing That Works?

www.KristenDarkenwald.com PPC, Facebook, Video Marketing, Home Parties… confused as to what marketing method is the RIGHT One? Here I share [Read more…]

MLM Network Marketing Training- What Your Upline Isn’t Telling You!

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How Can Social Media Hurt Or Help Your Business?

www.KristenDarkenwald.com Let’s face it, Social Media is part of our everyday lives and is where people go. What businesses are [Read more…]

It is Crucial To Have At Least 3-5 Marketing Methods Going At Once

www.KristenDarkenwald.com When setting up your marketing plan, and implementing marketing methods, it is crucial to have at minimum 3-5 methods [Read more…]

New Facebook Page Feature- Feature Liked People (a neat little strategy)

www.KristenDarkenwald.com Since Facebook rolled out the new Pages functions, there is a neat little trick that you can use to [Read more…]

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