MLM Training- The 4 Life Changing Lessons Zig Ziglar Taught Me

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MLM Zig Ziglar.

Do you know who Zig Ziglar is and he was the king of home business training?

Have you ever read one of Zig Ziglar’s books for your network marketing business?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “See you at the Top?’

It was Zig’s classic line that is now world famous and said daily by a ton of people.

I know. Zig may not be of your generation.

You may have heard his name, maybe. But Zig’s trainings were time transcending and classic in all aspects. He helped birth the personal development industry in the 60’s along with Earl Nightingale, Paul J Meyer, Jim Rohn, Charlie Tremendous Jones, and the like. Zig was in a class all by himself.

Zig Ziglar passed away this morning at 7 AM EST in a hospital.

He had pneumonia and had been in the hospital for a week and fighting it off, but the fight finally gave in to the inevitable passing to his reward.

Zig was an amazing mentor, and in 1994 we became friends and even did some seminars together on the big stage. He was quite the teacher and a friend. His son Tom is a dear friend and we talk often an have done a lot of business together.

In the wake of this tsunami of emotions I was feeling this morning, i got to thinking about what I had learned from this legend, and there were things that stood otu- among all the other things that he poured into my life…

And I will miss him as the world will. And just as Jim Rohn passing a couple of years ago, the world will now have another void in the training world that will never be filled. You cannot copy what cannot be copiedĀ as both were totally originals. God himself is probably letting the angels get motivated by Zig now.

What were those 4 things?

1. “It is NOT ABOUT YOU. Never will be.”

At dinner one night, Zig and I were talking and he looked at me and said that one of the greatest lessons he had ever learned was that it was not about Zig. Never was, never will be. it was about helping others getting along in life, and making it all about them.

“Your star is rising Doug, but it is not your star, nor your success. It belongs to the people that will help you get to where you want to go- and you will always owe the for your Success.”

2. “Character and Integrity is the Secret Sauce.”

Zig taught me that there are often “secret sauces” to recipes, and often that made the difference between good food and extraordinary food..

“Take Colonel Sanders of KFC. There was something in that recipe that made all the difference in the world. Not one piece of chicken would have tasted like his food, had it not been for that secrets ingredient. It is the same with life. if you have character and integrity, everything else will work out. There will be people that will offer you things that you need to walk away from and you will know when that happens. The secret sauce will keep you marketable and in business.”

3. “It is not just about hard work- but about smart work. Lot of people that are working hard are dead broke.”

That is so true. Working smart only makes sense if you are an entrepreneur or even an employee. Smarter work always dominates harder work. Yes, you need to work hard, and everyday. But if you combine that with smart work, you will be amazed at how less hard you will have to work to accomplish more in life. Working smart always leads to your OWN business somehow.

Automate, outsource, and delegate. That is the what Zig saw for the future even in the year 2000.

4. Never take yourself too seriously Doug, otherwise, no one else will.

Zig has a genius for making the complicated simple and the drudgery of business fun. he often made fun of himself on stage, and even laughed at himself often. So many times we are SO SERIOUS that we can turn people off and even turn them away.

Get some lightness to your focus and mindset, and have some FUN. Yes, you need to be serious when it is required- but it is not required all the time. And if you are achieving success in your life, do not take that as YOUR success either.

No one succeeds without help.

It is always some kind of team effort. Thank the team, and never pat yourself on the back. Always pat the team on the back and have some fun at your expense.

Here is a BONUS Lesson:

It is the person standing behind the spotlight aiming it on others that has the True Leadership Power.

Enough said. “The Power is in THE SHINE that you bring to others.”- Zig.

If you do these 4 things, you will find your success soaring in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  2. […] The 4 Life Lessons Zig Ziglar taught me that Changed my Life […]

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