MLM Training- 9 Success Signals for a Powerful First Impression



Sending Success Signals for a GREAT First Impression.

Are you aware that there are “Success Signals” that you can display that PULL people towards you and your home business?

Are you sending the WRONG signals when you are networking for your network marketing business?

How can you display these signals for your mlm business?

Learn them.

If you take the time to learn these Success Signals, you will find that they will work for you in any and all situations.

There are three Success Signal Rules:

a. It is ALL about the perception of Leadership and Power in your Presence.

b. It is about the Signals that you are SENDING – not just talking.

c. Signals must be CONSISTENT- and not timid or hesitant.

Prospects when Networking will “size you up” when you walk over, so make a GREAT first impression by the right Success Signals that they will see from you.

What are the Nine Success Signals for networking for your home based business?

The Nine Signals for Success

So far we have focused primarily on the pitfalls to avoid; but what messages should be sent, and how?
Here are nine general suggestions on good body language for any networking situation or conversation.

1. Walk slowly, deliberately, and tall upon entering the room.

2. On greeting the interviewer, give (and, hopefully, receive) a friendly “eyebrow flash”:

That brief, slight raising of the brows that calls  attention to the face, encourages eye contact, and (when accompanied by a  natural smile) sends the strong positive signal that the conversation has  gotten off to a good start.

3. Use mirroring techniques. In other words, make an effort — subtly!

To reproduce the positive signals your prospect sends. (Of course,  you should never mirror negative body signals.) Say the prospect leans   forward to make a point; a few moments later, you lean forward slightly in  order to hear better.

Say the prospect leans back and laughs; you  “laugh beneath” the prospects’ laughter, taking care not to overwhelm  your partner by using an inappropriate volume level. This technique may  seem contrived at first, but you will learn that it is far from that, if only you experiment a little.

4. Maintain a naturally alert head position; keep your head up and  your eyes front at all times.

5. Remember to avert your gaze from time to time so as to avoid the  impression that you are staring;

when you do so, look confidently and  calmly to the right or left; never look down.

6. Do not hurry any movement.

7. Relax with every breath.

8. Keep a Pace when Speaking and talk with Authority.

9. When leaving, leave with a smile and thank everyone for their time and then disappear.

These are Nine Success Signals that you can send to increase the power of your first impression in your mlm home business.

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  3. […] 9 Success Signals for a Powerful First Impression […]

  4. […] 9 Success Signals for a Powerful First Impression […]

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