Social Media MLM – Do YOU know the 5 CRUCIAL Social Recruiting Questions?

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Do YOU know the 5 Social Recruiting Questions for your home business?

Do you USE social media to recruit in your network marketing business?

How would it help your mlm business and social recruiting to know them?

In Social Recruiting, it is not enough to understand about the 4 personality types as far  as where they are in social media. You must understand what we call “The 5 Social Recruiting Questions.”


Defining a starting point is critical. In anything you do. That means whether it is a book, movie, song, business, or recruit. This will give you a point that you can look at and know where you are going from there.

NOTE: You cannot change what you are not aware of. And you cannot be aware of what has no defined starting point. And if you have a starting point in Social Recruiting, and then that place points to more powerful and magnetic questions, you can become a social recruiting magnet.

So many people are on social media trying to recruit candidates but yet do not know the
questions that need to be asked.

Yes, there are the typical questions that everyone seems to ask on social media. We all know
what they are.

But we are talking about is something different. What we are talking about are basic FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS that MUST BE ASKED before you EVEN BEGIN Social Recruiting.

 These are the questions that will determine pretty much everything else that is said and
done in your Social Recruiting.

I call this “prep work.”

  You are PREPARING for Success and engaging the candidate so their response is more positive than most, so your results are more powerful than most.

The Number One Corporate Recruiter for a National Firm  says, “These 5 questions are what we asked on a weekly basis. They could almost be considered a social blueprint consisting of questions. These questions put a real powerful Social Recruiting blueprint together right before your eyes in what you need to focus on. Of course that is just the basic starting point, but they do get to the CORE of what Social Recruiting is truly all about. If a person
who is recruiting in social media is honest with these questions, you can
recruit almost anywhere you go in social media.”

The biggest mistake that is made at the very beginning in Social Recruiting is that most
people are “Recruiting Blind.”

They do not SEE what is in front of them as they do not know what to look for and because they do not know what to look for they try and recruit anyone that is willing to talk to them. But that creates a frustrating and discouraging situation.

The person you are talking to and looking to recruit may just be a friendly person who really
has not interest in changing jobs. They may be a socializer who likes to use social media for social reasons and enjoys the social atmosphere. And of course, they may be friendly because they may be trying to recruit you!

You cannot be blind when recruiting.

You must see what is out in front of you and be aware of who is a REAL candidate and who is only a social participant.

What are the 5 Social Recruiting Questions?


It al starts with who YOU are looking for. If you cannot define that person or candidate, then you will never find them.

The odds of finding who you are looking for in Social Recruiting go up exponentially if you
KNOW who are looking for, the traits they need to have, the skill set required, and have all of that written down for total clarity.

  • Are you looking for a mom?
  • Are you looking for a Leader?
  • Are you looking for someone who is unemployed?
  • Are you looking for someone dissatisfied?
  • Are you looking for a good communicator?
  • Are you looking for an energetic person?
  • Are you looking for someone who is knowledgeable
    already about network marketing?
  • Are you looking for someone already that  a business?

Define the Targets.

What traits do you want them to have? LIST THEM.

What would the DREAM Candidate look like if you could find them?  Write it DOWN-DESCRIBE the person.

What would be considered unacceptable? Who would you have to walk away from?

What would be the ONE THING that would make a candidate PERFECT?

What can you see you and the candidate doing together, successfully? What would that Success look like?

Would they have what we call the “First PLACE Traits” of a True Winner?




Consistent Communicator.

Energetic and Encourager.

This is the first Question that you must ask in social media recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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